Total War: ATTILA

Total War: ATTILA

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Radious Total War Mod
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Feb 20, 2015 @ 1:52pm
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Radious Total War Mod

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Radious Total War - Attila
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Radious Total War Attila Mod


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Our mods take hundreds of hours, and with your precious feedback and support, Team Radious will continue to bring you some of the highest quality mods on Steam Workshop.

Overview - Complete game overhaul mod, which offers to players big changes in campaign AI, diplomacy, land and naval battles, adds new abilities, changes buildings, re-balances all unit stats and costs, reworks experience system and much more.

Hello everyone. Attila arrived with his horde and so did Radious with his team and good friends to present you brand new Radious Total War Mod for newly released game from Creative Assembly - Total War: Attila. I continue the way i started in Shogun 2 and after it with Rome 2, so people who played my mods before surely know what to expect and what will come in future updates.

Rome 2 version is the most subscribed mod on Steam Workshop and all mods got over 1 milion downloads on mediafire. Based on the success of the previous mods this will be in no way smaller task. With Attila we have huge plans and now its time to present you - Radious Total War Mod! - Its a complete game overhaul which is changing most things in the game, rebalancing every part of it, making it the way Radious Mods are known and will be adding massive amount of high quality made custom units.


Mod Details - IMPORTANT: Please read everything here carefully

Multi-Language Support

This mod shows the names of all the Custom Units only if its played on English version of the game (language can be switched on Steam).

However, the other languages will need the UPC Project to be installed in order to show the names of the Custom Units properly.

Details, download, and install instructions for Total War Attila Unit Pack Compatibility Project (UPC)[]


Resources and Social Media

Special Thanks

To CA for the game Total War: Warhammer, to Valve for the Steam Workshop, and to the community for its help in our efforts to make this mod a reality!

Also to other modders for their beautiful work and dedication, many great YouTubers, our donating Patrons, our team members, and kind words from so many people that keep us going every day!

And to The Radious Modding Team Members[]

Attila Steam Contributions
Attila Custom Battle Crash Fix
Radious Custom Battle Faction Unlocker
Radious Total War Mod – Attila
Additional Units Mod – Attila 2.5 – Radious Version[]
Additional Units Mod – Attila 2.5 – Vanilla Version[]
Radious Total Units Mod – Attila
Radious Total Units 2 Mod – Age of Charlemagne
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Oct 12 @ 7:39am
the mod is not working
Jul 16, 2017 @ 11:19am
Unable to download mod , help
Jan 8, 2019 @ 10:10am
Unable to stop allies attacking my tributary states via diplomatic actions
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MänGusTi 6 hours ago 
*''Unsubscribe from all of your mods. Then, go to your Steam\Steamapps\Workshop\Content folder and delete folders in. Resubscribe to your mods and start the launcher to let it download everything again. Try launching the game.

Make sure you have none of our mod files in games data directory where mods were previously stored - C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Total War Attila\data''*

You dont have to delete all of your mods just attila mods from the workshop content, i also deleted the mods from C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Total War Attila\data and it works now.
bodmergygax Oct 27 @ 4:20am 
Thank you, great mod.
Radious  [author] Oct 26 @ 9:32pm 
Bodmergygax: Load order does not matter good Sir.
bodmergygax Oct 26 @ 2:21pm 
Hello, in the load order, this mod must be above or below Radious total units mods? same question for the two units mods, which one is the first, radious total units mods or units mods for AOC?
Radious  [author] Oct 26 @ 9:32am 
SilenterS: It crashes only if you do not read and follow our steps how to get rid of old build you have on your PC.
XTOLL Oct 25 @ 3:56am 
ignore me followed the above advice works fine now :)
Radious  [author] Oct 25 @ 2:11am 
Greq7: How it an be broken when last update was more then 4 months ago and mod is daily palyed by hundrets of people without single issue? I can load everything fine, no crashes at all. If yo ucant, visit our discord support section, post your issues and full mods list you are using.
Radious  [author] Oct 23 @ 10:55pm 
nannerb12: No crashes here, follow the steps posted or visit our discord support section.
nannerb12 Oct 23 @ 3:48pm 
Hey this is crashing on startup for me too. Tried everything you said, no luck. No rush guys I appreciate the mod just want to let you know!
Maximus Oct 23 @ 7:33am 
Great! thanks Radious.