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Genre: Platformer
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Feb 16, 2015 @ 6:19am
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:48pm

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Eron is now on Steam!
Updated Trailer Video
Release date: 1 March 2015

Eron is a 2D platform game that allows the player to actively switch between two parallel realms. The player will have to depend upon this power to finish each level.

In a distant galaxy, on an uncharted planet code-named, Eron, a special power is hidden. The planet is in constant danger as many seek this power hidden in the planets core.

You play as a native tribesman on this planet, who one day discovers that uninvited guests have destroyed your village. It is up to you to find and stop whoever is responsible.

Available on Windows and Linux. Mac coming soon.

Get it on Steam now for only $1.99:


I saw this on the asset store, no?
The graphics and basic character behavior is from an asset on the unity store(UniArt). Eron, however, is a unique game simply built upon this asset.

Is there a demo?
Yes, it's free, check it out:

Only English?
Eron is not a game about reading, it's a game about playing ;)

A game of this nature can only be tamed by a Xbox controller. It also works with a keyboard...

Move - Left Stick
Run - Right Trigger (Hold)
Switch to Spirit Realm - Left Trigger (Hold)
Jump - A
Pause/Menu - Start
Restart - Back

Move - Arrow Keys
Run - X / Left Ctrl (Hold)
Switch to Spirit Realm - Left Shift (Hold)
Jump - Space
Pause/Menu - Esc
Restart - Backspace
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Mar 2, 2015 @ 10:49am
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Mar 9, 2015 @ 7:24am
What do you think of the new preview image?
David Mulder
Mar 10, 2015 @ 4:44am
как игра ???
Monkey d(O_O)b
< >
Грандмастер бит May 7, 2015 @ 9:29am 
David Mulder  [author] May 7, 2015 @ 12:43am 
u should have gotten a key with your groupees bundle.. Maybe ask them.
Painless Entertainment LLC May 3, 2015 @ 10:16pm Steam key? :DLskull:
David Mulder  [author] Mar 18, 2015 @ 4:05am 
</kUltraBoy™> Mar 17, 2015 @ 1:53am 
Looks nice.
monkeydancetime Mar 15, 2015 @ 6:52am 
David Mulder  [author] Mar 15, 2015 @ 6:52am 
Should be available on Steam within less than a month :)
monkeydancetime Mar 15, 2015 @ 6:37am 
i hope it does it looks really good
monkeydancetime Mar 15, 2015 @ 6:37am 
well im buying it if it comes out
David Mulder  [author] Mar 15, 2015 @ 12:45am 
It's $1.99 :)