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How to import a heightmap in unturned map editor
By Bluecd
This guide will tell you how to use a heightmap for your own map, this is my frist guide so go easy on me.
Frist, Get or make a heightmap
Frist step is to find a heightmap on a website or if you're lazy to do that then use these - http://cesiumcomics.com/sc4terrain/

An heightmap gen. ex.
Second, make a new level in the unturned editor
After that, open unturned 3.0, then go to workshop, editor and make a map. Then exit unturned 3.0.

Third, Resize
Resize your heightmap in a program like paintshop pro, paint, etc. Make sure it's in pixels.

  • Tiny is not in the game any more.

  • Small - 129 X 129

  • Medium - 257 X 257

  • Huge - 513 X 513

  • Extreme is not in the game any more.
Four, putting it in your map
Now go to your steam library, right click on unturned [Preview], properties, local files, browse local files, maps, choose your map that you created, terrain, and place the picture in the folder. If you have NOT name your heightmap, heightmap, then rename it heightmap.
Last, Map ediitor
Now, open unturned 3.0, workshop, editor, than pick your map and press edit. Now you have a landscape generated for you, make sure you go to materials then bake global.

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