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Simple Energy Shield V2
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Feb 11, 2015 @ 11:21am
Aug 9, 2015 @ 11:44am
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Simple Energy Shield V2

A simple serverside script that gives players slowly regenerating health and faster regenerating armor. This addon has very nice effects when you are hit along with clientside sounds to increase immersion and let the user know the status of their shield integrity. This script is also very useful for improving overall combat and making fights longer!

Functionality has changed: you no longer take health damage until your shield is down
New effects have been added, such as halo effects around players (disable with shieldhalo 0)
viewmodels flash when you are damaged (causes fps issues with some players, turn on with shieldhalo_vm 1)
sound files have been changed (no more annoying titanfall voice anymore)
new spark effects when damaging players
players dont bleed until their shield is down

What to know:
-When your shield gets hit, regeneration is disabled for 8 seconds
-Damage is reduced by 50% when the shield is active
-This script limits armor to 50, if you extract the addon you can change this easily

These are all the console commands along with their default values:

ses_enable 1 (anything above 0 means the addon is enabled)
ses_health_regen 1 (how much health is recovered per tick)
ses_armor_regen 5 (how much armor is recovered per tick)
ses_max_armor 50 (the max armor)
ses_max_health 100 (the max health)
ses_damageresistance 0.5 (the damage resistance, lower is more resistance, higher is less do not make this at or below 0 or you wont take damage!)

If you would like to consider donating to me, send them here[]!

Contact me via email at if you would like to commission small scripts from me :)
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MJRAHOLE Jun 24 @ 8:39am 
Seris, I found that Simple Energy Shield V2 has a glaring issue: The player spawns without their playermodel when they first join the server and it seems to be suffering a bug with its code.

[Simple Energy Shield V2] lua/autorun/server/shield.lua:145: attempt to compare number with nil
1. v - lua/autorun/server/shield.lua:145
2. unknown - lua/includes/modules/hook.lua:96 (x31)

With regards,
A Concerned Subscriber.
Jumping Hunter Apr 15 @ 7:55am 
Hi, can you tell me, what is this turret? What is the addon that adds such effects and sounds to a turret? I really want it, can someboyd tell me this?
Bushy Mar 8 @ 12:51pm 
Can this be specified to only a certain job on for example Dark RP?
Baby Jesus Feb 23 @ 9:26am 
is there a way to turn of the effects and sounds that trigger when you are hit?
seamuskills Jan 18 @ 9:26pm 
@Jboy9786 not in this version but if you check my profile, I modded it so it saves!
Jboy9786 Jan 18 @ 8:06pm 
Is there a way to save the settings so you don't have to enter console commands everytime ?
seamuskills Nov 24, 2021 @ 5:26pm 
@TIKO the metrocop
If you decompile the mod, the voices are still there, just unused. If you want you can rename the files to be the used ones and just load the local mod.
TIKO the metrocop Nov 24, 2021 @ 9:10am 
where is the voices?
masterzoroark666 Oct 27, 2021 @ 6:17am 
Hai. I need some help.
I used to play this mod along side the addon that made the HEV shield stop all the damage before breaking (Basically secondary HP bar). I can no longer find it.
Used to play with it last year, so It's not some prehistoric Gmod addon
seamuskills Oct 17, 2021 @ 8:40pm 
@DED It is passed my skill level to give players separate settings for energy shielding (in other words everyone is subject to the same max and regen etc) if thats what your asking