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[GUIDE] How to obtain the "House Party of the Dead" & "Team Sonic" Achievements with 1 Controller
By 美紀
This guide will show you on how to obtain the 2 local controller achievements: "House Party of the Dead" & "Team Sonic" with 1 controller
Guide Information
This guide will show you how to get the 2 achievements:
- House Party of the Dead
- Team Sonic

What you will need to get this achievements:
- A copy of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
- 1 Gaming Controller
- 2 or more friends with the game (only for the "Team Sonic" achievement)

Other controller alternatives you could use:
- Any other Plug-&-Play devices for your computer. (might cause impropper functionality)
- External USB keyboard. (yet to be confirmed working)
STEP 1: Creating a clean document for modification
First of all, goto your "My Documents" and open the "SART" folder.
- C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\SART

In this folder, you will find the file "controllers.txt" delete this.
If this file isn't anywhere, then you shoudn't have to worry about this.

Next, go into your steam library and search for "Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed", click on play.
You will now get 2 options to choose from.
Choose for the option "Configure"

Now you will be in the configuration menu.
In this menu click on the blue button: "Controls"
Click on "Select Controller" for Player 1.
In this menu you can see all the devices that are hooked up to your computer.
Choose for your controller, in wich most cases would be the "Microsoft XBOX360" controller.
Once you choose your controller, click on "OK" and afterwards again on "OK" followed by "Quit"
STEP 2: Setting up the Configuration
Now that your new "controllers.txt" has been generated, open this text document.
In the second line it says the following line: "<num_devices>1</num_devices>"
Change the number 1 to 4.

Under "menuController_0" on line 4 there is a line called "<menuDevice_instance>...", copy this whole line and paste it for "menuController_1", "menuController_2" & "menuController_3".

For the next step, copy everything between "<vgp_0>...</vgp_0>" and paste it to "<vgp_1>...</vgp_1>", "<vgp_2>...</vgp_2>" & "<vgp_3>...</vgp_3>"

Now go back into your steam library and search for "Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed", click on play.
Once you are in the game, press Start and all the other 3 players will join under the same controller.

<setup> <num_devices>4</num_devices> <menuController_0> <menuDevice_instance>1bf18500-1fcc-11e4-8001-444553540000</menuDevice_instance> </menuController_0> <menuController_1> <menuDevice_instance>1bf18500-1fcc-11e4-8001-444553540000</menuDevice_instance> </menuController_1> <menuController_2> <menuDevice_instance>1bf18500-1fcc-11e4-8001-444553540000</menuDevice_instance> </menuController_2> <menuController_3> <menuDevice_instance>1bf18500-1fcc-11e4-8001-444553540000</menuDevice_instance> </menuController_3> <OriSensor>00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000</OriSensor> <Inclinometer>00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000</Inclinometer>
Obtaining the "House Party of the Dead" achievement
Simply start the game up normally, press "Start" to get the other 3 players.
Now go to "CAREER" followed by "WORLD TOUR".
The dificulty of the race does NOT matter for this achievement, however expert mode will go the fastest.
When you are in the "Character Select" screen, Simply go for "RANDOM".

Once the race starts you have to do nothing, the CPU does its laps and eventually reach the finish.
Once the first CPU finishes the event, a countdown timer will start and once it hits 0, the event will be over.

Afterwards you will be rewarded with the "House Party of the Dead" achievement.
Obtaining the "Team Sonic" achievement
Used Map: Shibuya Downtown
Used Difficulty: Hard/Expert

Simply start the game up normally, press "Start" to get the other 3 players.
The dificulty of the race does NOT matter for this achievement, however expert mode will go the fastest.
When you are in the "Character Select" screen, Simply go for "RANDOM".
Get 2 or more friends online to fill up your joinlist and start a map with the above details.

Once the reace starts noboddy els should move, you are the only one to hold down gass in order to have your 4 drivers go forward.
Because the stage is curved and is all road, this stage will get you at the finish if you only hold down the GAS PADDEL, you can steer a little to get your drivers more propperly aimed.
It does NOT matter how you finish, as long as your 4 drivers finish in the top 4.

Afterwards you will be rewarded with the "Team Sonic" achievement.
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3SemiN8 Mar 15 @ 11:25pm 
Why am I all this more details fill? Personally, I did not immediately understand this, I had to only guess what exactly is required of me. If you do not refer to other resources, this guide is clearly weak in terms of accessibility of understanding for those who first play the game. This needs to be corrected, I believe. A more detailed description of the action. In particular, I'm talking about Team Sonic , how this should all happen. In the leadership itself, this is only touched in passed distantly. Say, not everyone has a desire and time to read the comments, they only need the contents of the guide.
3SemiN8 Mar 15 @ 11:10pm 
I also noticed something wrong here. About of the keyboard. Necessary would be long ago time to erase even the mention of this. It is necessary to recognize, in any way it does not work, even though you connect three more individual keyboards. The game will perceive them as "keyboard 1". With configuration files it is absolutely the same. If you do not have a joystick, these two achievements pass you by. Perhaps there is a joystick emulator on the keyboard, but it's still necessary to dig into the network. I think I will do this someday and find a working method for those who even have an ordinary gamepad not available.
3SemiN8 Mar 15 @ 10:34pm 
If anything, time over does not matter. You can calmly immediately take the first place. After all, your local players will in any case have three laps, because you are moving forward. Even if you crash, you are still respawn closer to the first local player. And the other four fake and two your friends-online will not even have one circle, because they are inactive.
3SemiN8 Mar 15 @ 10:24pm 
It is necessary to write directly in this guide that at least three online players need for Teem Sonic , but two of them (you among them) must have 4 local players, and the third one should have two. Your friends stand in the spawn, and you rush to the first place with all four local players. All this is done so that the moving bots do not interfere with the achievement of the finish in such conditions. For example, just one bot prevented my fourth local player from reaching second place. If at least three local players come to the finish line, then the achievement will not be counted. With House Party of the Dead , I think everything about this achievement is clear.
3SemiN8 Mar 15 @ 10:21pm 
Now the information of this guide is considered obsolete, because instead of the .txt format, the .xml format began to be used. This in turn somewhat complicates the editing process, since of as many as twenty tried editors, only one managed to read the contents of this file. And I could not edit, I had to use the second program, which could only create commands .xml , but I could not open this controllers.xml in it second program. In this connection, I would like to ask the respected author to add updated information. And take into account those regimes that listed Triangly . For all this information I vouch. I await your response, as well a ready, to lay out the links and explain in more detail the principle of those two programs. Because even in Microsoft Visual Studio it did not open.
3SemiN8 Mar 15 @ 10:19pm 
@₭-9MK V(DrWho)™ , I've had this many times, but it obviously did happen not because of what you described. This is manifested mainly when entering the game without a connected controller. I saved my configuration file for myself and inserted it every time I lost it. But the joystick controls again got lost and it had to be set up again. Speaking of files and settings, it is worth noting that personally I have such Configure (located in the library Steam on the right button of the mouse) which was really very unstable and soon stopped working at all. This is fixed by entering the game files and opening " Launcher.exe " in compatibility mode. What to say about the file, so it is supposedly January 25, 2018 changed at all.
The Doctor (Who)™ Sep 6, 2017 @ 12:32am 
Unfortunately that doesn't work. As 4 players doesn't load. As you have to press start to confirm or start a race. Which unchecks 2 other players (Player 2 & 3).
The Doctor (Who)™ Sep 6, 2017 @ 12:08am 
Hi I just noticed a bug with this guide. If you open up Steam interface. It causes you to lose the changed controller config notes, that you explained in this guide. Since you interacted with the keyboard. Which means you have to redo those controller note changes again.
美紀  [author] Aug 6, 2017 @ 6:42am 
Thanks allot, been too long since i played this game, ill modify it in the guide :)
ru_Triangly Aug 6, 2017 @ 2:19am 
@美紀 If you are talking about "Team Sonic" achievement you need to choose a Custom game -> Online to create a lobby.
If you are about "HOTD" achievement it was World Tour