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Subconscious (formerly Retrograde)
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Feb 15, 2015 @ 9:16am
Sep 16, 2015 @ 8:47am
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New Demo Available! 10/8/16
Name Change
Why the name change?
There is currently another indie game on Steam called Retro/Grade, and after listening to all of your comments, we felt the need to change it. We wanted to thank everyone for letting us know about the conflicting names and in the future please feel free to continue giving us feedback.

What’s the progress?
One of our main focuses over the last few months was on improving the graphics for Subconscious and turning it into a more polished game. Since this is our first game, and we still have a lot to learn, we expect some future improvements to be made and we would love to hear any suggestions that people have. Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for some update to date screenshots.

What’s the next step?
We’re going to be working on designing and building the rest of the puzzles for the game, as well as getting more voice acting and sounds in for a more immersive experience. We are also going to be looking for beta testers in the near future so see below for more information!

When will the game be released?
As of right now, we’re hoping to release the game in early 2016. Follow us on social media for more updates.

Can I beta test for Subconscious?
Yes! We love feedback. If you want to beta test, follow us on Facebook and leave us a reply or send us an email directly through our new website: Subconscious Game []. Depending on our progress and need for testers, we’ll try to get you on board as soon as possible.

Release date: Early 2016

Defy the laws of physics and gravity to recover lost memories!

Subconscious is a first-person puzzle game set in the minds of amnesia patients. Every puzzle you solve will help these patients remember a small keystone from their past which will aid in their memory retrieval process. As you go deeper into the subconscious, their minds may begin resisting treatment and things could get a little freaky. Just keep in mind that you are making a real difference in someone’s life.


Current Features:
  • First person puzzles in which the laws of gravity do not apply!
  • Navigate through potentially hazardous environments as you travel into a person’s subconscious.
  • A variety of assets that allow for many challenges and interactive environments.
  • Created with Unity® engine in Real-time 3D.
  • Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • An overly enthusiastic guide to help you through your volunteer experience.
  • Fulfillment of all your hopes, dreams, and aspirations!

Upcoming Features:
  • Timed mode: Challenge your friends!
  • Several more levels and puzzle environments!
  • Even more secret areas and minigames!
  • Controller and Oculus Rift Support!
  • Steam Achievements!
  • Further fulfillment of all your hopes, dreams, and aspirations!

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This project died, didn't it? Shame.
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Cephaelopod  [author] Oct 1, 2016 @ 11:29am 
Hi cooljammer00, Subconscious is still very much alive and we will be posting a new update here within the next few days!
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So is this game delayed? Dead?
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Don't know if on purpose, but you can hold alt to no-clip in demo. Not sure if intended or no:steamhappy:
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Hey ccrawford19, you can still play the most recent demo by visitng our website at
Thanks for taking an interest in Retrograde!
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i like this can i beta test please?
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This is just a shitty version of portal...