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Genre: Action
Platforms: PC
Players: Multi-player
Apr 3, 2015 @ 9:00am
Oct 12, 2015 @ 4:08pm
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A Kieru Update
Hey Everybody!

It's been a minute but Kieru is still in development and going strong.
If you want to be in the know and up to date, please go like us on Facebook[] and follow our Twitter.

We keep those updated as much as possible and use those platforms to release blogs, gifs and screenshots.

Kieru has been in development for almost two years now and has seen some changes. The biggest change being we switched engines! Everything you see on our current Greenlight layout was built and shown in Unity; we are now using Unreal Engine 4.

The art has gone under quite a large overhaul with the primary example of that being the ninjas themselves!

The core features and elements of the game remain intact, however we have fleshed out some ideas and really pushed the fact that in Kieru, you play as a NINJA with a high level of polish going into the character controller.

The way combat works has been improved with all swordplay reliant on a hit or miss formula. Combat in Kieru is all about scoring quick kills and slipping away unseen.

We really hope that the way we’re approaching combat and movement really make it fun for players to hide and take out their enemy as STEALTH is such a pillar of gameplay in Kieru.

Just a short update letting all of you know that yes, that rad black and white ninja game is still being made, and yes it will be released at some point.

Thank you for the support once again.


Pine Fire Studios.

We've been Greenlit!
Release date: 2017

Kieru - きえる
( kee · eh · roo : v. to vanish, go out, be extinguished . )

Kieru is a unique first person multiplayer stealth game, set in a stark, high contrast world where life and death is literally black and white.

Kieru's world is monochrome, as are the two teams of stealthy Ninjas who occupy it. A black Ninja in shadow or a white Ninja in the light are completely invisible to their oblivious opponents. Stealth, deception and sudden, surprise aggression will win the day.

The single splash of colour in this severe and uncompromising world are the blood trails left by wounded opponents. But do they lead to an easy kill or an ambush?

Great aesthetics, pure gameplay
The monochrome world strips the stealth genre to its essence while providing a clean, clear, graphical distinction between sitting ducks and lurking assassins.

Reward tactical excellence
True Ninja tactics of subtlety and subterfuge are required for success. Death should be unseen.

Multiplayer mayhem
Different multiplayer maps and modes create a variety of team play challenges where only true ninjas will emerge victorious.

Pine Fire Studios is an independent games developer located in Canberra, Australia. We have learned, laughed, developed and cried together, because nothing consolidates a working relationship like tears.

Press Kit[]
Pine Fire Studios Website[]
IndieDB - Kieru
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This game is SO fun! I played it at Pax and omg you guys better put this on the store asap! I WANT I WANT!!!
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This game will have online? I remember when I first hear about it but only haved local multiplayer.
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The hype I got from this at PAX!!! I can't wait untill next year!