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Hyrule Warriors/Project M: Ocarina of Time Link
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Feb 6, 2015 @ 8:16am
Oct 2, 2018 @ 1:04am
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Hyrule Warriors/Project M: Ocarina of Time Link

In 1 collection by Taco
those zelda models you keep seeing
17 items
Model overrides for TF2 and similarly scaled maps, since procedural bones can't be scaled:

Control groups, IK rigs, particles, and any other extra files that won't download through workshop:

All of my models now use the same control groups file, just use the one from whatever my latest release is.


This is a fusion between Project M's custom OoT Link and Hyrule Warrior's Fierce Deity assets, to create a high quality Link model based on his appearance in Ocarina of Time.

The model has been heavily improved upon from the version present in Project M.
Many parts of the model have been given an increased polycount, rigging has been improved, texture seams patched, and normal maps created. The head and hands have been replaced with Fierce Deity's high definition assets, retextured to represent Link.

Additionally, the model has undergone proportion changes to allow it to be rigged to Link's Hyrule Warriors skeleton, so it supports animation/pose compatibility with the Link and Fierce Deity submissions.

The same general features are present as standard Hyrule Warriors Link:

-Skingroups for Kokiri, Goron, and Zora tunics, a paintable tunic, and Dark Link
-Intergrated Power Gloves with bonemergable attach points for the Ball and Chain weapons
-Wide range of HWM-ish (no dominators) flexes and optional facial bones
-Extensive jiggles for the hair and cap that react naturally to gravity
-Preset hand poses and phonemes
-IK rig (same as Deity and HW Link) and Control Groups file (also the same)
-Dark skin for all weapons and items

Alongside the main model, I've included custom high definition Ocarina of Time item models for use with the model. Included are the following:

-Modified versions of the Hylian Shield, and Master Sword Scabbard from Hyrule Warriors. They have been altered to look closer to the way they appeared in Ocarina of Time.

-A custom made OoT Master Sword

-Biggoron's Sword, remodeled and retextured Soul Calibur II model combined with assets from a Skyrim model by quechus13.

-Megaton Hammer, remodeled and retextured Soul Calibur II model.

-Great Fairy's Sword, remodeled and retextured Soul Calibur II model.

-Mirror Shield, Skyrim model made by DMagnus. Skingroups for the original Islamic symbol and the updated Gerudo symbol.

IK Rigs for all of my Hyrule Warriors releases can be found in the extra files download, as well as a control groups file to allow SFM to identify all the unique controllers.

Here's the color script for painting if you don't already have it:



Taco: SFM Porting/Remodeling/Retexturing
Pik: Modeler/Texturer, Created original OoT Costume for Project M
Nanobuds: Rigged original OoT Costume for Project M

quechus13: Created some of the Biggoron's Sword assets that were used
DMagnus: Created the Mirror Shield model
SediSocks: Eye textures base
.Madness: Provided an excellent base script for building the jigglebones

Team Ninja/Omega Force: Original Models/Textures

Special thanks to Chrrox, Twili, and RTB, who all contributed to making Hyrule Warriors porting possible.


Hyrule Warriors render: JBoehmGames
Master Sword/Pedestal: Etienne Jaquier[]
All other promos: cfowler7[]

The Legend of Zelda is ©Nintendo, donut sue plz

R.I.P. Project M


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Alright- I know a guy who's pretty talented with modelling, Says he can do the gauntlets, And the boots for the model.
Taco  [author] Feb 7, 2020 @ 4:38pm 
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immortalized. Feb 7, 2020 @ 4:28pm 
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