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Third Odyssey: Back to the Motherland
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Feb 6, 2015 @ 2:10am
Mar 15 @ 4:16am
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Third Odyssey: Back to the Motherland

This mod is a sequel to the "Third Odyssey" made by "Lichtkang".

Mod Version 0.17.8 - compatible with EUIV 1.28.3

WARNING: This mod does not work with pretty much any mod that changes the checksum!

Join our Discord [], where you can talk to devs, submit suggestions and post those awesome screenshots of your glorious empire!
And while you are at it check EU4 Discord channel [] as well.

Music has been moved to separate mod: Third Odyssey: Music

This mod wouldn't be possible without my "comodders" adoss7, Geminus, RedInc and Legionary Guard.

NOTE: Those dlcs are not required to play the mod, your units will just use generic models.
-Elysia/Elysian Empire require "The Cossacks Content Pack" and "Trade Nations Unit Pack"
-Markland/Helluland/Vinland require "Trade Nations Unit Pack"
-Spartania requires "El Dorado Unit Pack"

Chinese Translation (v0.17.5)
Changelog - includes full list of content and direct download link[]
-When updating the mod manually you will have to delete the old version first.
Paradox Forums[]

To report bugs/mistakes and give suggestions feel free to use the "bugs" and "suggestions" section of the workshop file!

The mod is currently WIP (Work in Progress)

Revelant developer diaries:
Persians part 1 [WIP][]
Plague [WIP][]

-Fixes to the old mod
-New nation in Mesoamerica, Spartakon, now with much more flavor
-Event chain for Elysian return to Europe
-New Herald mechanic for Hellenic religion
-Development events for American provinces
-Unique estates for new nations
-New unique idea groups
-New songs for the Exiled Nations
-Elysian Orthodoxy

Special thanks to:
Steam user "Blarghalt" and "Jan" for allowing me and my crew the use of their "Vikings of Vinland" and "Hellenic Polytheism" files.
"Lord Elderberry" for "First Nations of Canada" and "mahna mahna" for "Expanded Eastern Natives" mod files.
"MilkAndLettuce" for "Expanded Greece & Albania" files.
"Blarghalt" for "Vikings of Vinland" mod files
"Quintus Aquila" for bug reporting
"Crushric" on Paradox Forums for screenshots
"Coragamy" for help with Greek history
"Attalus" for new elysian culture names
"XenoWarrior" for bugtesting
"Arakhor" for Elysian province names

The mod is NOT compatible with original Third Odyssey mod saves, although I would advise starting a new game.


Original Description:
This mod started out as a desire to colonise the new world as a faltering Byzantium and has grown out to be a much larger project than originally expected.

Discover a new experience as a young, technologically and philosophically advanced nation in a New World, with all its wonders and perils. The new Nation of Elysia has great potential to grow and become a local superpower. A ton of events and decisions give allot of context and flavor to the nation and shapes its growth and feel. There's allot of events to discover, and depending on the choices you make your experience could change completely!

Will you remain a loyal orthodox christian, or denounce the God that refused to help at times of great peril in favor of the old gods? Will you take along every possible artifact that may be of great boon, or will you take as much supplies and people as possible to avoid collapsing your economy and being overrun by natives? Consider your actions carefully, you can never know what future trouble may arise out of seemingly easy choices...

Suggestions are of course very welcome, constructive comments have always helped in improving this mod!

Special thanks to:
steam user 'Dorimi' and associates of the 'Purple Phoenix Rises' mod for some of the event images and the basis of the Elysian flag.
steam user 'Jords' for kindly helping to create an event that undiscovers the european homelands.
Paradox forum user 'marmot01' for the helpful guides.


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Military reforms
Kaptain Kappa
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King Mike1707 14 hours ago 
best mod that i have ever laid seen and played
GhostRider 15 hours ago 
Oh. that makes sense. Thanks.
Nomadalien 15 hours ago 
It does pay to note however that the 'Byzantines' never referred to themselves as such, they considered themselves thoroughly Roman and referred to themselves as 'Basileia ton Rhomaion' translated rather directly to 'Empire of the Romans' in English. (Basileia is pronounced Vasileia or something similar though)

The term Byzantine seems to have come to existence in HRE texts post fall of the eastern empire by several centuries, (using the name of the tiny city-state/fishing-village called Byzantion that inhabited the same area as Konstantinoupoli centuries prior) seemingly attempting to downplay the Eastern Empires legitimacy when compared to the HRE.

Honestly the HRE needed all the legitimacy it could get and considering the fact that the HRE is a blasted meme nowadays i'm not sure they succeeded.

TL;DR : Don't listen to Teutonic propaganda, and Praise the Old Empire. Ave Morituri Te Salutant! :diplomacy:
DeathShade Apr 24 @ 1:15am 
Yeah. The first Odyssey is the source of the word, being the tale of Odysseus on his return from the trojan war to his wife in Ithaca, and the various events that occured along the way that prevented him from doing so. It is from this tale that the word Odyssey came to mean long and ardous or eventful journey.
The second Odyssey is the Aeniad, the tale of Aeneas, the first cousin of King Priam of Troy, who supposedly lead the survivors of Troy from the city and to the Italian peninsula, after a brief stint in Dido's Carthage (That itself is the Roman's romanticised source of the Roman-Carthaginian rivalry.), they eventually were welcomed by and married into the local Latins, eventually leading to the birth of Romulus and Remus from Aeneas' direct line.

Appropriate that the Third Odyssey is for the Byzantines, a people recognised as both Roman and Greek depending on who you asked.
Legionary Guard  [author] Apr 23 @ 11:55pm 
It's the "Third" Odyssey because the first was the... well, the actual Odyssey; and the second was the Aeneid, which was similar to the Odyssey in structure and was an important piece of Imperial Roman propaganda; thus, the flight to the New World in the winter of 1444-45 becomes the 'third' Odyssey.
GhostRider Apr 23 @ 4:46pm 
I was wondering why you called the mod “Third Odyssey”, what were the First and Second Odyssey? Is it similar to how Nazi Germany was called “Third Reich” the First and Second Reich being the Holy Roman Empire and the German Empire respectively?
Modest6432 Apr 14 @ 10:39pm 
Can you annex Millitary orders?
Nomadalien Apr 14 @ 2:52pm 
@iadd95 You acted like an Onion online, despite any potential outside effects on your judgement (which we are unaware of) it does not change the fact that you accused someone of lying.

If you find yourself of the inclination to make silly decisions on the internet while under any kind of influence (whatever it may be) you should either work to ensure you can not do it, Or you should be willing to live with and own up to the consequences.

As constructive advice your reply comment should have been along the lines of
"I apologise for my comment, I was on 2 edibles at the time." because despite how you say we cant blame you, we can. After all you did still do it.

I'm not trying to be unreasonable here, but your comment and reply were somewhat out of line.
After all you did make a mistake, therefore take responsibility and learn. :diplomacy:
iadd95 Apr 14 @ 2:29pm 
hey i was on 2 edibles. you cant blame me!
Nomadalien Apr 14 @ 10:27am 
iadd95... second to last picture in the slideshow you garlic waffle.
By the gods the amount of brainpower on display...