Mass Effect (2007)

Mass Effect (2007)

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Pinnacle Station DLC GET
By [ Ø ] PS/2 > USB
Want to play Pinnacle Station DLC? Whatever your reason for doing so this guide will help you in that. For free. UPDATED
This guide is going to have you copying a folder from one location to another and making an .ini file
It's not rocket science so figure that out on your own time. Please don't ask and instead google it or ask someone on your friends list. This guide also requires you to "read first then do".
Illuminati Confirmed, installing Origin
You need to install EA's origin service.
With that out of the way you're also going to need to sign up for an EA account or sign in if you already have an EA account.

EA, voted most evil corporation of 2012 and 2013. [Consumerist]

"Why not just use the origin version?" ~Some EA shill.
Good question. Because I the Origin installed version comes with more glitches and frame rate issues. In most instances the difference between Steam and Origin is Steam's version has a higher framer ate because most of the DRM from EA is not installed with the game. And the difference can be measured in double digits. I don't know about you but I wouldn't want to play with a lower frame rate because EA wants to make sure I bought the game every 5 seconds.
Sorry but not sorry EA, we're only borrowing the install
SPOILER ALERT: You need to temporarily install ME1 in Origin(And we wonder how they won two years in a row). Steams version of ME1 doesn't have any of the DLC, which is why we need to borrow EA's Origin.

Now that you have EA installed and you're signed in. We need to tell EA that you own a copy on steam.

As the image above shows, get your CD key and bring it over to the origin client.

Now you know where to redeem that key.

Now install and go play some games on steam while you wait.
Transplant the DLC
Finished that install? Awesome. Now we're going to liberate the DLC from the Heresy EA's Origin.

The Origin client will tell you where it installed ME1, you're going to that location and find a folder named "DLC". Slow down, you're going to take the folder "DLC_Vegas" and bring it to the DLC folder of your steam copy of ME1. DLC_UNC is the Bringing Down the Sky DLC, which has an actual legit installer and a guide for where to get that.

Now that you've copied the DLC you going uninstall the Origin copy and then revisit the location of your steam copy of ME1. There's a folder called binaries and in it a program called "MassEffectConfig.exe" run it and then click the word repair. Now you're going to click the button that reads "Delete Local Shader Cache Files". But we're not done yet.

Go back to where your steam copy of ME1 and go into "DLC\DLC_Vegas\" and create an .ini file named "autoload.ini"(see disclaimer). You're going to paste the following into the file.

[Packages] 2DA1=BIOG_2DA_Vegas_GalaxyMap_X 2DA2=BIOG_2DA_Vegas_Merge_X 2DA3=BIOG_2DA_Vegas_AreaMap_X 2DA4=BIOG_2DA_Vegas_UI_X 2DA5=BIOG_2DA_Vegas_TreasureTables_X DotU1=PlotManagerDLC_Vegas PlotManagerConditionals1=PlotManagerDLC_Vegas.BioAutoConditionals PlotManagerStateTransitionMap1=PlotManagerAutoDLC_Vegas.StateTransitionMap PlotManagerConsequenceMap1=PlotManagerAutoDLC_Vegas.ConsequenceMap PlotManagerOutcomeMap1=PlotManagerAutoDLC_Vegas.OutcomeMap PlotManagerQuestMap1=PlotManagerAutoDLC_Vegas.QuestMap PlotManagerCodexMap1=PlotManagerAutoDLC_Vegas.DataCodexMap GlobalTalkTable1=DLC_Vegas_GlobalTlk.GlobalTlk_tlk GlobalTalkTable1_ES=DLC_Vegas_GlobalTlk_ES.GlobalTlk_tlk GlobalTalkTable1_PL=DLC_Vegas_GlobalTlk_PL.GlobalTlk_tlk GlobalTalkTable1_DE=DLC_Vegas_GlobalTlk_DE.GlobalTlk_tlk GlobalTalkTable1_IT=DLC_Vegas_GlobalTlk_IT.GlobalTlk_tlk GlobalTalkTable1_FR=DLC_Vegas_GlobalTlk_FR.GlobalTlk_tlk GlobalTalkTable1_CS=DLC_Vegas_GlobalTlk_CS.GlobalTlk_tlk GlobalTalkTable1_HU=DLC_Vegas_GlobalTlk_HU.GlobalTlk_tlk GlobalTalkTable1_PLPC=DLC_Vegas_GlobalTlk_PLPC.GlobalTlk_tlk GlobalTalkTable1_RU=DLC_Vegas_GlobalTlk_RU.GlobalTlk_tlk GlobalTalkTable1_RA=DLC_Vegas_GlobalTlk_RA.GlobalTlk_tlk [GUI] NameStrRef=182170 DescriptionStrRef=182209 ImagePackage="GUI_SF_PRC2_SaveLoad.Images_PRC2" ImageFrame="shotOne" CreditsFile="BIOCredits_DLC_Vegas.ini"

Now you can launch Mass Effect and enjoy your DLC.

This is what you'll see in the steam version if you followed the guide.

With all this done you can now uninstall the Origin version as well as the Origin client.
Credits due
Some praise for the following users.
Telmo "Trooper" for the guide on installing the BDtS DLC
GrimAquatic for his posts in the community discussions that did most of the legwork of this guide.
And you the reader for taking the time to read this novel of a guide that must have taken years to read.
Thank you.
Bad keys? Blame EA(politely)
Some users on steam have stated they have an issue redeeming keys through origin and from what I've found, EA is giving out bad keys to Valve which hands those keys off to users automatically. I haven't found a perfect fix for this yet as there isn't a way to buy pinnacle station through EA anymore. And EA's support is giving users mixed results for keys.

TL;DR If you cannot redeem it in Origin contact EA's support and be very polite. They may have a portion of your game hostage, but that doesn't mean they won't pull the trigger so to speak. Results may vary so don't worsen your odds.
I used mods LOL
Then read the directions and notes for the mod or mods you used. This guide is for a non-modded install of ME1. If you do the things outlined by this guide and are having issues, it may very well be the mod(s) causing you to have those issues. Asking here for support on a mod is the same as going to the wrong forum.
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Metallica93 Oct 25, 2022 @ 5:31pm 
Why should it be stated in the guide? "Everyone" should be smart enough to realize a 7-year-old guide doesn't apply to a 1-year-old remaster. There was even news of the original files (on the back end) being corrupt, hence not getting it in Legendary Edition .
Idiopathic Confabulations Oct 24, 2022 @ 6:02pm 
Hate to say this but
This DLC will ONLY work on the old original ME1 NOT the legendary
I think this should be in the guides
Everyone thinks you can install the DLC for pinnacle in the legendary ed, which you cannot.
hugs and hopes
Tomajev Aug 17, 2019 @ 3:14pm 
I don;t know how long this exists, but from this site you can download installers for both DLC:

Just scroll down to Mass Effect and there are two .exe files to download. Just run them and voila! Works for Steam without downloading Origin.
Tactical Lettuce May 10, 2018 @ 7:18am 
Wow! Thank you so much, :steamhappy: [] Puns!!
[ Ø ] PS/2 > USB  [author] Feb 13, 2017 @ 8:59pm 
@LPAP Bluetwo26-sama That wasn't avaialable when I made this guide more than two years ago. But thank you for providing the information.
Bluetwo26 Feb 3, 2017 @ 2:08am
EA is giving both Mass Effect dlcs for free for PC users.
For Pinnacle Station they give you a universal key (as in this is the same key that will work for everyone ever) right there on the website, "5GUCXRFPQNBMTJBD3L5J".
Y'all don't really need to go to origin or do any of these crazy work arounds.
OH Jan 18, 2017 @ 11:13am 
What did you say to get that result speedy?
Speedy Dec 23, 2016 @ 6:51am 
Sooo... I called EA customer support to get my Steam CD Key verified...

They're response?

They gave me the entire Mass Effect trilogy free of charge.

I hated EA just about as much as you did until that happened... so yeah... I"m happy.
[ Ø ] PS/2 > USB  [author] Dec 20, 2016 @ 1:57pm 
Pssst. Hey @Gui2142, make a guide!
Gui2142 Dec 20, 2016 @ 8:09am 
There is now a installer for this dlc. You can find it here: