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Re-Tune World
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Jan 23, 2015 @ 10:16am
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Re-Tune World

1000 health! 1000 sanity! 1000 hunger! Re-tune everything from walking speed to max stack size, tool uses, wall health, player max health, player max sanity, player hunger rate, and so much more! Yes, you can configure stack limits up to 10,000! This appears to be about as high as I can go, as limits above 10,000 cause glitches and item loss.

IMPORTANT: You have to configure this mod before you will notice any changes! By default, this mod leaves all values at their default. This is so you don't change anything you don't want changed. The stack size is split up into three different types: small items, medium items, and large items, and all three of the types can go up to 10,000.

This mod is obviously not compatible with other mods that increase stack size limits. Please disable those mods for this one to work.

If you like this mod, please give it a good rating! Ratings help other people see this mod; mods rated highly will be made more visible to everyone.

Note on insulation values: insulation doesn't work like it does in the real world. Instead of keeping you warm, it merely lengthens the amount of time it takes for you to freeze to death. This implies the characters are cold-blooded which is absurd. Unfortunately I can't fix this in this mod, but I am considering making another mod that does more in-depth modifications than just retuning everything.

The following tune values are available:

(not listed: Wolfgang's health and hunger, Wathgrithr's health, sanity, and hunger, insulation durations, sewing kit uses, camp fire duration, player sanity, and player hunger, but they're in there and they do work)

WILSON_HEALTH - Max health Wilson (and most other playable characters) have
WX78_MAX_HEALTH - Max health WX78 has
WILSON_HUNGER - The size of Wilson (and most other playable characters) stomachs
WILSON_ATTACK_SPEED - Time taken during an average attack
WILSON_WALK_SPEED - Default walking speed for playable characters
WILSON_RUN_SPEED - Default running speed for playable characters
STACK_SIZE_LARGEITEM - Stack size for "large" items, 10 by default
STACK_SIZE_MEDITEM - Stack size for "medium" items, 20 by default
STACK_SIZE_SMALLITEM - Stack size for "small" items, 40 by default
LIGHTNING_DAMAGE - Damage done by lightning, 10 by default
AXE_USES - Number of uses an axe has
PICKAXE_USES - Number of uses a pickaxe has
BUGNET_USES - Number of uses a bug net has
SHOVEL_USES - Number of uses a shovel has
HAMMER_USES - Number of uses a hammer has
PITCHFORK_USES - Number of uses a pitchfork has
MULTITOOL_AXE_PICKAXE_USES - Number of uses a Pick/Axe has
PERISH_GLOBAL_MULT - How fast items perish or go stale in containers (multiplier)
PERISH_GROUND_MULT - How fast items perish or go stale on the ground (multiplier)
PERISH_WINTER_MULT - How fast items perish or go stale while on the ground in winter (multiplier)
PERISH_SUMMER_MULT - How fast items perish or go stale while on the ground in summer (multiplier)
OVERHEAT_TEMP - Temperature at which your character overheats (RoG)
GLOMMERBELL_USES - Number of uses an Old Bell has, 3 by default (RoG)
HAYWALL_HEALTH - Health a hay wall has
WOODWALL_HEALTH - Health a wooden wall has
STONEWALL_HEALTH - Health a stone wall has
RUINSWALL_HEALTH - Health a Thulecite wall has
EVERGREEN_CHOPS_SMALL - Number of chops to chop down a small evergreen, 5 by default
EVERGREEN_CHOPS_NORMAL - Number of chops to chop down a medium evergreen, 15 by default
EVERGREEN_CHOPS_TALL - Number of chops to chop down a large evergreen, 15 by default
DECIDUOUS_CHOPS_SMALL - Number of chops to chop down a small deciduous tree, 5 by default (RoG)
DECIDUOUS_CHOPS_NORMAL - Number of chops to chop down a medium deciduous tree, 10 by default (RoG)
DECIDUOUS_CHOPS_TALL - Number of chops to chop down a large deciduous tree, 15 by default (RoG)
DECIDUOUS_CHOPS_MONSTER - Number of chops to chop down a deciduous tree monster, 12 by default (RoG)
ICE_MINE - Number of hits needed to mine a mini glacier (RoG)
ROCKS_MINE - Number of hits needed to mine rocks
ROCKS_MINE_MED - Number of hits needed to mine medium rocks
ROCKS_MINE_LOW - Number of hits needed to mine small rocks
LEIF_PERCENT_CHANCE - Chance that Leif will spawn after chopping down an evergreen
TORCH_FUEL - How much fuel a torch has
MINERHAT_LIGHTTIME - How much fuel a miner hat has
LANTERN_LIGHTTIME - How much fuel a lantern has
SEEDS_GROW_TIME - Time taken for seeds to grow
GRASS_REGROW_TIME - Time required for cut grass to regrow
SAPLING_REGROW_TIME - Time required for saplings to regrow
CACTUS_REGROW_TIME - Time required for cacti to regrow (RoG)
REEDS_REGROW_TIME - Time required for reeds to regrow

Version 2.3.0 change-log:

I added options to configure the max and starting fuel of a campfire. I also added configuration for sanity values. Be careful when setting them to 1000 (the max), as 150/1000 means the character is going insane. You'll want to stockpile sanity-replenishing things before you increase the value that far. Lastly, I changed the hunger rate of the characters.

Oh, I also changed the drainage rate for the headlamp. Due to floating point round-off error, the values seem to be really weird, like .1322222222 or something. I can't fix this easily, sorry. The values work, so it's just an aesthetic thing.

Ratings are always appreciated! If you love this mod, please give me a thumbs-up so more people can see it! This is my first published mod (not my first mod, though) and any support is greatly appreciated.

You have my permission to include this in collections of your creation as long as you tell me what you're doing and give me a link to the collection.
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Please add a possibility to tune the radius of different light sources
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I have some problems with this mod. Some items (like rabbits) dosn't stack and some items just vanish, if you use it on another items. for example, I have 6 morsel. Grab it and click on Drying Rack and all 6 morsel vanish, but when I harvest rack, i get only one Jerky.
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Agree with OPoong about small stack item limit. Why are the default settings not read-only from the game's database. Seems like you have your own copy of what you think are the defaults. You should look into this problem.
coocoo Sep 30, 2016 @ 7:36am 
small stack item limit (bug! 20X → 40O)

first, thanks to producer!
I very love this mod, thanks to so funny don't starve game
I'm korean. Do not speak English well.. Please understand!

and SW version update please!!♥
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