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The Exasperated Engineer

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Created by an Engineer suffering from one too many practical problems, the Exasperated Engineer set is a solution the other team won't soon forget.
Items (2)
Sap Zapper
Created by CaptainGoodstuff
Spy sappin' yer sentries? Boy have we got a gun for you.

A jury-rigged solution contrived from the pure frustration of a thousand sapped buildings, the Sap Zapper is sure to knock their socks off. Or yours. With 5000 volts of electricity, or with joy, r...
The Split Personality [Improved]*
Created by CaptainGoodstuff
*Added paintability, improved textures, and increased eye glow. See Change Notes for full list of updates.

They say necessity is the mother of invention. And when necessity means keeping bullets out of one's skull, a good Engineer will employ any means ...