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Inventory sorting: Bolts
Created by snellejelle99
this mod adds the word Bolt: in front of the name of every bolt.
This makes it easier to find the bolt you need since the skyrim inventory is sorted in alphabetic order.
my inspiration for this mod comes from the A for arrows mod.(wich is not available o...
XCE - Xenius Character Enhancement
Created by Xenius
XCE - Xenius Character Enhancement

XCE is a compilation of all my work on the enhancement of the characters in Skyrim.
For now this will only affect human and elven races.

· What it does:

- Adds more detail to skin of faces and bodies
- Adds a l...
Lanterns Of Skyrim - Villages
Created by manny_gt
This mod add lanterns in the villages around Skyrim and they lit from 5pm to 8am next day. No BSA file required
Just for eyecandy and maybe helpful to recognize villages during night


- Riverwood
- Karthwasten
- Ivarstead...
Encyclopeadia Alchemica
Created by Altbert

The Encyclopeadia Alchemica is a six volume work that covers potions and poisons that can be made at an alchemy lab, descriptions of all ingredients (alchemy reagents) found in Skyrim (including new ingredients ad...
Immersive HUD - iHUD
Created by Gopher
The aim of iHUD is to provide the immersive feel you get from having no HUD, whilst keeping the usefulness of having one. It takes the permanantly visible HUD elements such as compass and crosshair, and hides them when not needed. Hence the motto:

HUD w...
Calleb96's Hunting Improvement Mod
Created by Carl Blumenthal
I Made this mode since I was fed-up with the prices for pelts and other things in skyrim.
Getting items was extremly hard and not rewarding in any way!
Hunting should be put ot better use. :3
This mod will make all of your hunting dreams come true!

Horse Armors
Created by Dartanis
This mod is now open as a mod resource. I likely will not be updating it, so tweak, fix ,integrate and redistribute as you please!! Just leave a credit ;)
Happy modding,
- Mystikhybrid

Version 1.5:
- Frost has a new Custom Armor!
- Shadowmere Now us...
DNCL - Day/Night City Lights
Created by JoyTrooper

               In a world where fires burn for eternity and all the lands forests are laid to ashes,
             one mod rises against the tyranny of wasteful energy. Intr
Custom Family Home
Created by WitchRiser

This mod gives you the possibility to move your entire family (children
& spouse) to any home you want: be it a house from a mod, a house
you made yourself or any place of the game. They will have a normal AI
(they will do what they always do and ...
Unlimited Bookshelves
Created by Da5id2701
How would you like to actually be able to fill a shelf with books, or even other items? With the original script, you can only put up to 18 books on the largest shelves, which will only fill the shelf if the books are all the largest size. It's really anno...
Dwemer Pyramid
Created by G20
Unlock the secrets of the Dwemer Pyramid
Find the passage underneath to gain access to a city and player home inside this extensive Dwemer Pyramid.
There's Shops and vendors
A prison complete with torture chamber. Have fun torturing the prisoners w...
Less Intrusive HUD II (with Customization)
Created by Vampaerr
This mod is an overhaul of my previous mod for customizing Skyrim's HUD.
Less intrusive HUD

Thank you everyone that supported all my mods and donated, subscribed, endorsed, shared, liked, etc =)

You should unsubscribe to my previous...
House Markers
Created by Slam Dunc
House Markers is a very simple mod that adds, well, markers to all of the vanilla player homes in Skyrim, Breezehome, Honeyside, Vlindrel Hall, Hjerim, and Proudspire Manor. These markers make it much easier to get to your home as quickly as possible.

Powerful Skooma 420
Created by fpsquadrasnipar
Powerful Skooma

✓ Strong Enchantments
• Restore Stamina 1000 Instant
• Fortify Health 1000 Instant
• Fortify Stamina 1000 Instant
• Regenerate Stamina 1000 for 1000sec (0:16:40)
• Heal Rate M...
The Arena Of The Undead
Created by fpsquadrasnipar

✓ 10 Leveled Arenas

✓ Exponentially Increasing Difficulty.

✓ Extremely Challenging.

✓ Recommended Minimum Level 50+.

✓ No DLC required.

Summon Swiftshade - v1.2
Created by LazyWife
Swiftshade is a summonable Ghost Horse you can aquire by finding his Spell Tome. Once inside Whiterun, climb a wooden ramp and look for an abandoned satchel on top of a barrel. You'll find some lockpicks, loot, and a note describing the Spell Tome locatio...
Enhanced Game Play 2 (EGP2)
Created by Iztari
Enhanced Game Play 2 is Back, and with a vengeance.
Version: 1.4206

Don't for get to visit the Website at Facebook, and like this.

Skyrim 1.8+...
The Amulet Of Dragon Shouting
Created by Guitar Hobo
Can be found just left of the big door to the Palace Of The Kings, In Windhelm.

100% Reduction in time between shouts.

Equip Region, Necklace

Update #1: Amulet can be Disenchanted & the enchantment can be added to other jewelry,
*Please Note* I...
Monsters Reborn (Special Edition)
Created by Thimor
Ever felt like Skyrim has become something too easy? Well this mod will be your best friend (Or enemy) by bringing in a bunch of new enemy types. If you find them too easy please tell me in the comments and I'll change them to be either more challenging or...
Personal Light with Toggle
Created by pwfd
A mage never got the chance to tell everyone about his great achievement while working for such a long time on that mine. His most devoted pupil was arrested by the wizards of the College accused of murdering the old master.

* The helmet's enchantment i...
Holy Light
Created by Azzeron
Adds completely new restoration spell that creates a ball of light to illuminate your character's surroundings. Similar to candlelight but with 2x radius and 5 min duration. Also the hovering light and the lighting effect have more warmer color, similar to...
Permanent Conjured Minions
Created by 3xterminatus
This is a simple game tweak that increases the duration of all vanilla Conjured Minion spells to the maximum allowed time (I think it's a little under 600 days). There should be no other impact on the spells.

Thank you CpnStabin for your request. I hope...
Gemology - Craft Soul Gems & Gems
Created by MontyX
Craft Soul Gems and Gems. Combine Lesser Soul Gems and Gems into greater ones.
Even combine Soul Gem Fragments into Black soul gems.
They can be crafted with the Geomorphic Device.

This mod has been tested with TES5Edit, to ensure no conflicts.
Does ...
Desteros Khajiiteyes
Created by Destero
This Mod only alters the duration of the Khajiit-Power "Nightvision" from 1 Minute to unlimited, it can be toggled on/off.

Before, i changed it to 1 hour, but i think cats should see in darkness as long as they wish

The Name of the esp is still "Kha...
Universalism - Daemon Race, Female Body Textures and Meshes, DawnGuard vampire bug fix, Merchants/followers, and lots more!
Created by Malpherian
NOTE: Bethesda has given permission to accept Donations for my Mods in order to help support production (All Mods, Support, DLC, etc are 100% free, all donations are "Voluntary" in compliance of their policies)

Brand-Shei prison fix
Created by Zuntti
Brand-Shei doesn't stay in prison forever...
Non-Hostile Friendly Fire
Created by (Strai)
Friends and Allies will no longer become hostile if you attack them (accidentally or otherwise!)
Has no effect on anyone with a neutral relationship or lower.

Note: This mod does not stop friendly fire damage....
Vampirism Enhanced
Created by Rinku
Sorry my bad english

After saw the other vampirism mods,i decided make this mod because in my opinion,the other mods destroys the game experience a bit.(doing skyrim more easy)This is a mod to improve vampirism without increase in excess it on Skyrim.Th...
Wear Circlets with Hooded Robes
Created by BlueRadley
(This is my first Mod)

This is just a simple mod that allows you to wear circlets (also dragon priest masks) with robes that have a built in hood. It does NOT allow you to wear them with the separate hoods/hats.

For a mod that allows circlets with a...
No Salt for Meat Recipes
Created by W-Cephei
I don't understand how a guy who kills dragons and wear a armor made out of dragon bones needs a pile of salt in order to cook meat.

This mod removes the need of salt when cooking meat. For everything else salt still needed.

I don't have time to work...
Predatory Instincts: Khajiit Racial Ability
Created by Archite

This mod adds an additional racial ability to the Khajiit race. Predatory Instincts grants your Khajiit faster movement, a small boost sneaking, a 20% damage bonus on melee attacks, and the ability to see live prey.

Spell Effects

For 30 ...
Morag Tong Master Assassin Armor
Created by azoutback
*Requires Dragonborn*

Adds a unique enchanted set of Morag Tong armor for the stealthy assassin. Does not affect vanilla Morag Tong armors.

Same DR stats as Glass, same weight as Elven.

*Morag Tong Hood:
Assassin's Sight power. Detect life type ...
Created by nogare321
I created an invisibility enchantment and spell that also grants Detect Movement. Friendlies will glow blue, while enemies glow red. The enchantment invisibility will only be active while sneaking, while the spell version is permanent for 10 mins. ...
Be Invisible
Created by Altbert
This simple mod provides you with three types of jewelry that makes you invisible once you wear it: a necklace, a circlet and a ring, whichever you prever. Once you wear one of these you will be invisible as long as you wear that piece of jewelry, no more,...
Riverwood Smelter
Created by Dyeus
A smelter in Riverwood - right beside your favourite blacksmith!
Improved Sneak Detection
Created by Vampaerr
This mod improves Skyrim's detection while sneaking, triggered by loud noises, changes in light sources and movement.
If you think vanilla sneaking is way too easy (and why not ridiculous sometimes), this mod is for you.
This is an approach to a more rea...
Craftable Everything
Created by Astrignis
The Mod Adds A Wide Variety Of Playable, Enchantable, Upgradeable, Craftable Items Such As:
Including swords to train every skill. (meaning, ex, kill draugr with one handed sword and doing so train your alteration skill instead of the one handed weapons s...
Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers
Created by Turn_on_a_Dime
This simple mod adds quest markers to all 24 of the Stones of Barenziah (Unusual Gems) that you need to find/collect for the "No Stone Unturned" quest.
The markers are only added after you take an "Unusual Gem" to Vex, and she gives you the objective to f...
Very Simple Console Command List Book.
Created by Bradenm1
Just a book that has most common console commands used.. in skyrim
nothing else just a book with a list of commands...

Its in whiterun, when you first enter its on a workbench.

Use PageUp/PageDown to scoll in the console.

My other simple mods are...
The Marriage Book
Created by Altbert
With over 20 'Marriageable ..." mods there are a lot of questions to answer. Sometimes questions you have to answer over and over again. This book has all the answers to the questions that have already been asked. You can find this book on the counter in t...
A Keen Marksmans Mind
Created by dylandeheer
The "Mind" series currently include:
A Blood Benders Mind
A Keen Markmans Mind
Pure Waters
Created by Laast
1 000 000+ actual subscribers!!!


Révision 13 - 16 oct 2014
- Complete recast of the original mod.

This is a pure, clean, and natural water, as it should be in the cold mountains of Skyrim. This mod provides water with complete overhau...
Teleportation Spellbooks UPDATED
Created by sgtwinkler
Currently Version 1.4.4

This mod adds seventeen (and counting) new spellbooks allowing teleportation to a variety of your favorite locations in Skyrim, which can be purchased from three different vendors. No doubt you have been aggravated by the a...
Real Dovahkiin Speed
Created by Blakeyrat
7/10/2014 Update:

Changed mod to count only souls that haven't been spent to unlock Words of Power. I know there have been a couple requests for this, and upon revisiting this mod I think that is the better way to go.

If you prefer the old version, y...
Breezehome Enchanting Table V.1.2 - WG
Adds an Enchanting Table to the player house Breezehome. This is a quality of life improvement that makes crafting much more convenient in Whiterun. With this mod, you won't have to run all the way up to Dragonsreach just to enchant your items.

Breezehome Remodeled - Hearthfire REQUIRED
Created by Kryssaira
You MUST wait for the launcher to FULLY LOAD ALL of your mods before clicking "Play". NOT doing so can cause the mod to only partially load, and thus cause problems with conflicts and such.
(The Bre...
Thunderchild - Epic Shouts and Immersion
Created by Enai Siaion
Thunderchild features 29 new shouts with multiple effects, powerful abilities to improve your shouting, a new section of High Hrothgar, a high quality Greybeard Robe model, items, improvements and bugfixes to existing shouts. But only the most talented and...
Soulgem Cooking
Created by Buckles
Here's a fun new way to fill soul gems.

Just go to any Cookpot with an empty gem, an animal part and start cooking.

Black Soul Gem Recipes:
Human Heart + Black Soul Gem = Filled Black Soul Gem
Human Flesh + Black Soul Gem = Filled Black Soul...
Even More Dragons!
Created by Domcoppinger
Even More Dragons! / Incluso los dragones más! / Noch mehr Drachen! / Ещё больше драконов!

This mod increases the number of random encounters involving dragons by a huge amount so they will be between an increased but balaned amount and an all out drago...
More Dragons!
Created by Domcoppinger
More Dragons / Más dragones / Mehr Drachen / Больше Драконов

This mod increases the number of random encounters involving dragons. Not by a huge amount that would ruin the balance of the game, but by enough that you will get to enjoy the excitement of a...
More Girls to Marry!
Created by franklin zack
Ever noticed that there is not many females to marry in Skyrim? Or simply your dream girl isn't available. Well I hope I got every girl you can think of to marry! Of course I can't and won't be able to get them all because certain voices don't work with th...
Dragon Soul Relinquishment
Created by Alek
- Relinquish captured dragon souls to redeem bonuses.
- Lore friendly implementation with animations and effects.
- Customizable.

1. Update Skyrim to minimum version.
2. Subscribe.

Conjuration Madness
Created by Dank Sashimi
This mod adds 70 Conjuration summoning spells, sold by various merchants, and a NEW CONJURATION PERK:


This mod adds a new perk to the conjuration perk tree, called "Conjuration Madness". Currently, this perk adds 20 to the numb...
Physical God Soul Sword
Created by Ash
If you are over level 40 then when you kill dragons, you should get a Physical God Soul. You can use 50 Physical God Souls and 20 Ebony Ingots at a forge to create the God Sword. Please notify me if there are any bugs or something that doesn't work, the wa...
Basement modifications
You need to go to the nexus site and collect the bsa file in order for this mod to function smoothly.

I have tried to update this file but they cut bits out of it while updating the file which means you'll need to ge tthe bsa file from http://w...
The Ancient Shadow Order - Armor - Weapon - Npc
Created by lagrie
Adds :
- The Ancient Order of Shadow Boots
- The Ancient Order of Shadow Cuirass
- The Ancient Order of Shadow Gloves
- The Ancient Order of Shadow ...
Plate Armor Plus
Created by aodnagne(하회)

This is conversion of Oblivion mod : Plate Armor Plus – Womans Move Edition originally posted by nao4288.

I kinda liked its own shape, especially how it looks like around the body in original format thus I tried to make this as close as...
Mavari Armor
Created by SatyrTitan
>Mavari Armor

This mod add a new set of High Resolution Light Armor to the game.It's FEMALE Only.

The armor is based on an original 2d concept art made by Virginie Carquin.You can check her deviantart page here:
Sounds of Skyrim - Civilization
Created by Cliffworms
Civilization focuses on adding 223 new sound effects to cities, villages, farms and remote locations where civilization is present. In cities, you can hear the sound of a hammer being used by a villager repairing something, children playing, dogs barking o...
Build Your Own City - Becoming a Lord [ALPHA] - Tier 2
Created by LemurFever™
Join the steam group page for the game I'm currently developing, NOVA:

NOTICE: This is an alpha! This work is only two thirds complete and there may be bugs!
NOTICE 2: You have to have subt...
Daedric Corset
Created by Ghost of Raven
Craftable Daedric Corset for female characters.

Updating the female daedric armor to be add a little more curves and a little skin showing. This adds a new armor to the game under the daedric smithing menu at the blacksmiths called Daedric Corset. This ...
Divine Huntress Armor
Created by Killer Keo
This is my first custom armor made from scratch. It's counted as Heavy Armor and is just a cuirass so there is no Hands, Feet, or Helm that I made for it.

It's a crafted only armor located under Steel

Requires CBBE mod (Textures) on Skyrim Nexus
Nocturnal Robe and Hat
Created by Trudy
Craftable versions of Nocturnals Robe and Hat under leather category at the forge!

Added Light Armor version also craftable and upgradeable, both versions can be enchanted at the enchanter.

Also circlet can be worn with hood.

Calyps' Bosmer Ceremonial Armor
Created by calyps

(long and interesting lore based description about a Bosmer princess like Merida and a Altmer prince who tried to woo her by gifting her this arm...
Vampire Hunter Weapons
Created by jackGa
Rate up!

For DLC Dawnguard Only

Vampire Hunter Crossbows are projectile weapons in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard.
They are primarily used by the Dawnguard, a faction of vampire hunters.
After finding a Dwemer schematic for Sorine Jurard, the Va...
Knights of the Holy Queen (+Wings)
Created by jackGa
Location: Dragonsreach Jarl's Quarters.... find the chest...

*** NO need ask permission for everything you want ***

1/ Steam (subscribe is Okay and it will auto download, but no esp)
2/ open skyrim Launcher, and click data option, ...
Rogue Outfits
Created by Turbosnowy
Two standalone Rogue Outfits for your pleasure, in leather and latex.

Please watch the video to see if this is to your taste or not (little pic under them main picture with the play button in the middle of it)

xxo0oxx - HOW DO I GET THIS OUTFIT? - ...
Serana armor changer 2.0
Created by hypertat1976
Serana will now daywalk outside with out her hood. You can still change her inventory and her level cap is now 100 she will autolevel with you. My character is level 47 so I can not be sure if she infact levels past her default level 50. Feel free to let...
Arrows of Instant-Kill
Created by No.111_Ratty
Not much to describe here - Arrows that kill instantly.

Highest level archery still requires several arrows to the face to kill a human, so I use these when I want to assasinate someone / blow off some steam / marvel at ragdoll physics. My character is ...
Fiora Armors
Created by Cherik
In an attempt to mash my favorite games together i have created this humble set of armor modeled after the champion Fiora. it comes in two color sets and styles.
the color sets are one "vanilla" color set which i tried to base off of the games default ski...
Tali Armor
Created by Cherik
I present to you, my humble attempt to create a Mass Effect inspired armor for Skyrim.
i know its not too lore friendly but lets just pretend :D.
It comes in 3 different color styles and two versions of each color, both being light armors.

The Blue Va...
Soul Armor II light
Created by PACMAN
Soul Armor II New LIGHT Armor for CBBE
for females only

New light armor version
watch the video presentation on youtube


2k HD textures with transparent ch...
Marked Incompatible ]  Fetish Wardrobe
Created by Turbosnowy
A collection of standalone clothing items designed to be mixed and matched to allow ultimate customisation of outfits.

Designed to work with Gloves & Heels from the Fetish Armour Collection & Fetish Catsuit mods by Turbosnowy.

Remember if you like a...
Gifts of Akatosh
Created by rnfesig
Update 8/12/2012
Added the Divine Mace of Akatosh (why not?)
Enchantments can be applied to any item (I believe, let me know if you find otherwise)
Casting light on Skin of Akatosh color-matched

You may have to remove the items and put them ...
Marked Incompatible ]  Red Slick Bikini
Created by Turbosnowy
Hi everyone,

This was a request from last November by Fellblackpaw or somesuch which I only just noticed. No idea if s/he still plays, but either way figured someone might be interested in it. So here we have a comic Electra type thang going on - grab a...
Ultra Saber Of Decimation
Created by TimeLord1012
This is the greatest sword for those who do not exactly enjoy their enemies having health.

To find this item of wanting, find the dungeon known as Bleak Falls Barrow. Then proceed to the word wall in Bleak Falls Sanctum, and open "The Dragon's Stomach"...
Vasto Lorde Transformation Bleach
Created by Easterhands
Nexus Link

If you cant go to Belethor go to the nexus link, I put an optional file to make the spell tomes craftable, make sure to unsubscribe from this one first.

This mod will allow you to transf...
Build Your Own Home
Created by SupernastyPants
Welcome to Build Your Own Home, the mod where you do just as the title suggests. This mod exploded to be the 3rd* most endorsed house mod on Nexus ( ). And now I can finally upload it here.

Yes thats right! YOU bu...
Ring of Candle Light
Created by Vlindrel
This Mod adds a ring which casts the candle light spell for an infinite duration, this ring does not take up a ring slot so both this ring and another can be worn. The ring can be bought form the mage Wuuferth in Windhelm. The ring can now be disenchanted ...
Calyps' Razor Assassin Armor
Created by calyps
An assassin armor in both light and heavy, male and female varieties. Craftable under Ebony with Advanced Armor perk. Part of my "I hate darkbrotherhood default armors" mod series. Also found being sold by a short hooknosed vendor just u...
Lockpicking Measurement Vision
Created by DasMatze
This is a simple texture modification that helps you picking more difficult locks by adding glowing lines.

If it looks too futuristic to you, download these instead:

I won't change a thing about ...
Lockpick Pro
Created by bruce wang
Mod created by Kenney Vleugels. Uploaded by FreeTheEnslaved.


This mod adds a bar at the top of the screen while picking a lock which shows you the 'sweet spot' of the lock. It also shows the health of the current ...
Pocket Campsite v1.88
Created by splynter
What's New?
v1.73 Fixed the sound problem with the spell
v1.72 Due to complaints of incompatibility, the Pocket Campsite has been reverted to v1.72. I'll release the newer version under a different name after I make some name changes.
Better Potion Weight
Created by Frisky Frisco
This mod alters the weight of potions and poisons throughout the game. The weight is no longer a flat 0.5, but is determined by the strength of the potion. The stronger the potion, the heavier.

I made this mod because when cleaning out my inventory, I f...
Ultra Skyrim Lighting Overhaul v3
Created by DaRealSlenderMan
This mod anims to make skyrim more real looking. Lighting and weather effects. For example fog weather has fog camera effect. Night time is very dark. Dungeons are dark in non-lit areas. Sunlight is also more real looking. This also adds depth of field to ...
Water Arrows / Crossbow Bolts
Created by Damon Killian
This mod adds Thief series style Water Arrows (and crossbow bolts, Dawnguard DLC required) that allow you to extinguish lights from a distance, lowering the light level and making it a bit easier to sneak.

IMPORTANT: This version includes crossbow bol...
True Dragon Born
Created by GIndustries

As a Dragon Born you are born with the power to absorb a Dragon's Soul. With that soul comes power that only a Dragon Born can hold. Now as you travel through Skyrim absorbing Dragon Souls will increase your power. However spending them wil...
Skill Smash - Faster Leveling with Standing Stones
Created by ArcadeParty
Are you up to your 239th playthrough of Skyrim?
Do you crave power?
Are you just generally impatient?

If so, this is the mod for you!


Very simple. Very small. Very useful.

-This mod simply increases the guardian stone...
Stealthy Archer Perk Buffs
Created by Steve
This is just a small mod to the Archery and Stealth perk trees to make them a bit more powerful.

Archery has had Overdraw buffed from 20/40/60/80/100% to 40/80/120/160/200% and the 3 ranks of Critical Shot are now 10/20/30% crit chance with 25/50/75% ex...
Marriageable Hroki
Created by Frisky Frisco
This mod satisfies your every want! And by every want I mean marry Hroki. (But seriously. Have at it ;)

Hroki acts just like any other wife in skyrim, and she will move to your house and behave as a normal spouse.

You still must wear an amulet of mar...
DG Werewolf Perk Buff
Created by Solace
Werewolves have always been a sort of bastard child so I put together some buffs to get them more on line with Vampire lord.

Note: Dawnguard is required for this mod.

Summary of Features:
-Werewolf standing powerattack does an extra 150% damage (...
Insane Carrying Capacity Boost Perk
Created by Gookiemonster
This mod adds what I'd like to call a Perk Book to the game. It can be found in Helgen Keep, the first room when you get your hands unbound by Hadvar. It's located in the chest by the bed that can be looted. If you can't find it after all that, it's not th...
True Vampire's Vampiric Grip
Created by Casanova

Triples the Vampiric Grip damage from 5/sec to 15/sec


11/9/13: Upgraded the damage from 10/sec to 15/sec. May upgrade to 20/sec in the future....
Unfeared Vampire
Created by MontyX
PLEASE NOTE: You do not need this for Dawnguard!

This will allow you to be a High Level Vampire, without being attacked.

If you are already a vampire or not, It may not work.

The reason for this is that when u use this mod for the first time, the ...
Vampire Kinship
Created by NightCrest
If you've ever been annoyed by vampires attacking you on sight despite being a vampire yourself, this is the mod for you.
It adds the player to the vampire faction so they'll recognize you as their ally. All the factions allied with...
additional Marksman Perks
Created by gpf
An expert Marksman should be able to specialize more in the art of Archery.

This MOD adds more Perks for the Marksman perk tree.

- more Overdraw Ranks
- more Quick Shot Ranks

More will be added if requested, and my skill improves :)...
Infernal Flames Spell
Created by Darth Postal
Master version of Flames spell.

I absolutely loved Flames spell and was really disappointed that there was no high-level version of the spell in the game. So I made it.

School: Destruction.
Rank: Master.
Base damage: 100 per second.
Base mana cost...
Flame Atronach Armor
Created by rebel-o-conner
This mod allows to craft a set of the armor flame atronachs wear.
This set is consist of a cuirass, a pair of long gloves, toes wear and a mask.
Crafting can be made with two materials. Iron atronach armors are less efficient but needs no perk to craft....
Conjuration Hand FX Vanilla
Created by JakeDuck
Among all the chaos of the paid mods controversy, all of my mods will remain FREE of charge, always.

This mod changes the in-hand spell effects from the default purple swirl to custom colors for each of the summonable creatures. This was made in order t...
Craftables staves
Created by _Shared
Start by crafting an empty staff (3 moonstones + 2 gold ingot)
Enchant it with a spell tome on the staff enchanter (next to arcane enchanter at dragonsreach)
I will update the mod to make it compatible with all spells.
For now, there is 22 staves :
Make Inferno - More Fire, More Realistic.
Created by KennyBall
****** Steam Finally let me upload a new mod, A Updated new version of this mod here *******

No more torches? Set something on fire with any of "fire" spells you got and make an little In...
God splitter
Created by Harax
Get the most powerful weapon in skyrim. You can find this weapon in dragon bridge four shields tavern. And it's hidden under a tabel....
Godly Bomb
Created by [U.N.N.] Mezz
adds a extemly powerful spell that has the potential power to wipe all life on skyrim book is found on top of the whiterun work bench just as you enter the town video coming soon...
The Swords of Overpowerness
Created by RomireOnline
Long ago two swords were created by the gods to enstill fear in their enemies, but when they relised how powerful they were, they locked them away for many eons!

Now the Gods, have given your dragonborn a gift, The Scimitars of Doom.

These Bad Boys w...
God Set
Created by TrollyTheSolly
Why have god rings when you can walk around in full god armour?

This mod adds a set of super deadric armour and a sword and greatsword to the top of the riverwood trader. Enjoy.
NOTE: The two handed sword is not under powerfull! My two handed skill o...
Breezehome Fully Upgradable Hearthfires + Dawnguard - READ INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE YOU INSTALL
Created by Sku11M0nkey
Breezehome Fully Upgradeable Hearthfires + Dawnguard Edition

This is a mod that allows you to slowly upgrade Breezehome from it's humble beginnings as a little shack to a home worthy of a dragonslayer...
Breezehome Fully Upgradable No DLC Edition - READ INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE YOU INSTALL
Created by Sku11M0nkey
Breezehome Fully Upgradeable No DLC Edition

This is a mod that allows you to slowly upgrade Breezehome from it's humble beginnings as a little shack to a home worthy of a dragonslayer. It adds 11 new upgrades to ...
Breezehome Fully Upgradable Dawnguard Only Edition - READ INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE YOU INSTALL
Created by Sku11M0nkey
Breezehome Fully Upgradeable Dawnguard Only Edition

This is a mod that allows you to slowly upgrade Breezehome from it's humble beginnings as a little shack to a home worthy of a dragonslayer. It ad...
Breeze Home - Two extra rooms.
Created by HarryScrabble
Small mod that adds two rooms to the player home 'breezehome'. It aims to add a little more space to what is quite a small home compared to the other.

The top floor room, just off the master bedroom, adds some weapon racks and two chests.

The bottom ...
God Spell! - Kill Anything In One Hit With Magic
Created by HexedHero
~~~God Spell~~~

This mod adds a God spell into the game (no custom model) this god makes it you can shoot a fireball and kill anything in one hit with no magica cost!

~~~How to get it~~~

1. You can find it at the SkyForge (see picture)

No more lyida in breezehome room
Created by jim5511
Are you tired of having lyida coming into your room and stalking you while you sleep!Are you tired of lydia always being in your breezehome bedroom and are you tired of lydia just coming into your breezehome bedroom while its your private time! well look n...
AJ's Miner Merchant
Created by Donn Folks
Please Rate,Comment,Subscribe, And Check Out My Other Mods In My Collection

Adds A 24/hour Merchant To Riverwood Sleeping Giants Inn Who Buy/sells Blacksmith Stuff His Inventory is 50 Of All I...
Fort Dawnguard Front Door Map Marker
Created by Erik
Simple. The only thing this does is add a map marker to Fort Dawnguard that is closer to the front entrance. I got tired of running.
I did not remove the original marker. Therefore the marker overlaps the original marker but both markers are easily click...
BreezeHome Should be like this This is the updated version
Created by LaMania32
Dovahkiin dropped a pc of gold coin which fell right trough the floor so he discovered an opening under BreezHome. He hired a few Nords to dig and they found an Ancient dwelling right underneath the house, since it was a large primitive cave system Dovahk...
Artifacts Of Eden
Created by Oncoming Starm
Destroy your foes with the Power of the Gods!!!
No, this isn't an assassin's creed mod, although AC is awesome.
Anyway, this mod adds new weapons,spells and set of armor (currently) to your game: Sword Of Eden (Paralyzes foe aswell as causing all 3 elem...
Amazing Race Tweaks! Argonian
Created by sp0ckrates
Now Argonians are amazing! This mod adds other new abilities and powers to the Argonian and Argonian Vampire races. (See the video.) Works with new or existing player characters. Completely safe. If you unsubscribe, abilities and powers return to wh...
+ Amazing Race Tweaks! Khajiit
Created by sp0ckrates
Makes Khajiits more like--well, cats! Adds new abilities and powers to the Khajiit and Khajiit Vampire races. (See the videos.) Works with new or existing player characters, followers and other NPCs. Completely safe. If you unsubscribe, abilities an...
+ Amazing Race Tweaks! Redguard
Created by sp0ckrates
Enchant weapons during combat, without an enchanting table! Sprint further, faster and on top of water! Just two things you will be able to do with this mod.
It adds powers and abilities to the Redguard and Redguard Vampire races that no ot...
+ Amazing Race Tweaks! Imperial
Created by sp0ckrates
Luck, blessing, persuasion, intelligence and combat--this mod boosts them all for the Imperial and Imperial Vampire races!
With this mod your Imperial character will have:
  • Better Luck. You'll get rich quick finding even more gold an
+ Amazing Race Tweaks! High Elf
Created by sp0ckrates
Now High Elves are what they should be--the best @#$% mages in Skyrim! This mod improves EVERYTHING about magic for High Elf and High Elf Vampire races. Changes affect the player race and NPCs, so High Elf followers and foes will be more powerful. T...
+ Amazing Race Tweaks! Orc
Created by sp0ckrates
Adds 8 new special attacks and makes berserker rage a lesser power! For Orcs, it's all about the rage. Now you can go berserk as often as you want! When you are enraged, you now unlock new combat moves for each weapon type.

Other new and improve...
+ Amazing Race Tweaks! Nord
Created by sp0ckrates
For Nords, it's all about the combat. Now it's more epic! This mod enhances melee for Nord and Nord Vampire player races (see the video) and adds new powers and abilities. It's safe, as no changes are permanent. If you unsubscribe, your powers and a...
B3 - Brilliant Breezehome and Burrows
Created by RobinSage
This is a unique quality home full of surprises with access to an underground network that stretches throughout Whiterun and beyond. Hearthfire required.

What people are saying:
'..jaw dropping good favourite breezehome. This mod has so many secre...
BreezeHome Improvements
Created by Frosty❄
Hey guys! What I have done here is added a basement to Breezehome the basement includes a Forge, Tanning Rack, a Smelter, plus a lot of storage containers for those really heavy items hope you guys like it and please give me some feedback!!

This is ...
World of Xaxas
Created by lagrie
- Xaxas armor
- Xaxas Boots
- Xaxas Gloves
- Xaxas Helmet
- Xax...
Additional Vampire Races
Created by Elite Luke
This mod simply allows you to play as a vampire from any of the races at the start of the game or using the console command for the races menu. These are additional races which do not over write the previous ones. When you choose your vampire race you will...
Watery Eyes
Created by Banjack

When you swim underwater, your vision becomes blurred temporarily.

This is a small mod intended for immersion. I've been using this mod privately for a while, and decided now to share it with you guys (as I probabl...
Unofficial High Resolution Patch
Created by Arthmoor
This mod is no longer being supported and will receive no further updates.

A comprehensive bugfixing mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Hi-Res DLC, the goal of the Unofficial Hi-Res Patch (aka UHRP) is to eventually fix every bug with the Hi-Res DLC no...
Hellfire Spell
Created by tdjames101
My very first mod, this spell tome is located in the Arch-Mage's quarter's in the college of Winterhold. It can be found near his wardrobes, next to his shock resistant boots. You do NOT need to be archmage. The only requirements are Skyrim....
Summonable Horse / Beschwörbares Pferd
Created by emex1337
Fügt den Zauber " Spektrales Pferd" hinzu.

Nach dem zaubern bleibt das Pferd für 15 Sekunden bestehen. Setzt man sich rauf wird es erst verschwinden wenn man wieder absitzt. Oder es stirbt !

Es hat die gleichen Werte wie ein Normales Pferd.
Kann ...
Lydia Improved
Created by AragingMonk
This mod makes Lydia a bit more useful and gives her a California tan. She still levels with character and is not over powered.

Change list:

Combat Assassin
Leveling cap of 50

Light Armor, no shield.

Conjure Familar
Conjure ...
Undying Companions 1.1 - WG

Makes all companions essential, meaning they ...
Ashara's Skyrim Characters as Presets
Created by Ashara

Requirements: Latest Skyrim patch (1.9)
* Nexus:
Quest: Into the Depths
Created by GLArt
The Silverfall mine is located at the south of Riverwood. Although closed for decades, the residents of Riverwood hear strange noises at night and hikers report of unusual lights. It is time that a brave hero explores the depths of the mine to break the cu...
[ VoidCraft ] Housecarls
Created by Saint Void
This is a simple mod that aims to make each Housecarl a unique character; each with different stats, abilities and combat styles. Completely lore friendly and balanced, No Super-Housecarls, just different from each other and -slightly- stronger then most o...
Make All NPCs Essential (Base Game)
Created by Nicoke97
I created this mod for myself as I was getting bothered by those dragons and vampires who come to towns and villages and sometimes kill random NPCs. So as the title says; this mod makes ALL NPCs essential.

Followers, housecarls, merchants, inn keepers,...
Created by I3elfast
Evelyn is a humanoid,half human and half argonian. She can be found in the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood.
She can be married,and Evelyn can not die. She is marked Essential. While sneaking she becomes invisible. She is also carrying an amulet of articul...
Flan's Eyes for Skyrim 2.0
Created by Luxwing
I have all the current DLC's to Dragonborn and this mod is fully compatible with them. If you are having issues it is a mod you have installed conflicting with it or you installed it improperly. Make sure your mod order is correct by using BOSS...
Automatic Item Storage
Created by Manilla Turtle
This mod adds new containers to every buyable house in skyrim that, when activated, allow the player to quickly and easily store their ingredients, food, smithing supplies, soul gems, and jewelry in a few simple clicks. Its purpose is your make your life e...
Lanterns of Skyrim - All In One
Created by manny_gt
Mannygt's Mods

the "All In One version" is here :)

Version 1.1


v1.0 - Initial release
v1.1 - Remove unnecessary references in mod
- On the Nexus there are the ESM version and the 2x brighter too

* OVER...
Dance With Dragons Main Menu Ancient
Created by GroovyGoat
Get up close and personal with a dragon. This mod replaces the main menu Dragonborn symbol with a rotating and zooming dragon. I can only claim artistic license on the animation the model and textures are purely vanilla skyrim and they look surprisingly go...
Static Mesh Improvement Mod
Created by Brumbek[img][/img]

IMPORTANT: Load Order Compatibility
The SMIM .esp file (StaticMeshImprovementMod.esp) must be...
Alicor's Perk Menu Overhaul Mod
Created by Alicor
Hello and welcome to my 1st mod, a new perk menu. I created this because I thought the old perk menu needed some end game punch as well as some smoothing out.

What I changed:

Ability to summon 4 atronarchs/zombies at lvl 100 conjuration
Increased s...
Shadow Elves- Playable Race
Created by TheGrandAdmiral
Also known as "Asunmer" in their faux-homeland of Cyrodiil, shadow elves are noted for their exceptional stealth skills. They are thought to be descended from dark elves, cast out for crimes by their people. In Cyrodiil they were shunned and mistrusted by ...
Mystic Elves
Created by dlpunishertj
These unknown lost Elves have been forgotten for thousands of years. Suddenly reappearing as the dragons return, they are the last race to truly remember the chaos the dragons created. Balanced between spellcraft and shadow they originated the Nightblade f...
Six6Star Studios Breezehome with Basement - BASIC Version
Created by Six6Star_Studios
This is our remodeling of the popular Breezehome in Whiterun to be more thorough in resources so the player can craft more easily and in lore friendly ways. We made the home more appealing but not too lavish. There are added weapons, spells and NPCs. This ...
Created by I3elfast
Brielle is a humanoid,half human and half khajiit. She can be found in the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood.
She can be married,and Brielle can not die. She is marked Essential. While sneaking she becomes invisible. She is also carrying an amulet of artic...
Item Sorting Dragonborn
Created by Dasaige
This mod is an extenstion for Dragonborn for my mod found here:
Dragonborn and my original mod is required.

Aethernautics: A Space Travel Mod
Created by Trainwiz
You may also trying downloading it on TES Alliance

"Visit to Aetherius occur even less frequently than to Oblivion, for the void is a long expanse and only the s...
Fishing In Skyrim 1.00
Created by Arod Snaux
Adds working fishing poles, nets, dwarven boomfishing, working fishing gear, and many other fishing-themed goodies to Skyrim. Stop trying to grab fish with your bare hands! Look for a free pole and net in a rowboat on the Riften canal, or talk to local gen...
Driveable Boats!!! - BETA
Created by ljames
It's finally here! Your very own driveable boats, now the fastest way to travel the waters of Skyrim! Just go to Riverwood and look for the boat on the river near the saw mill, or craft your own (under Misc section of the Forge). The boat will boost armor...
Flyable Broomstick
Created by J3X
Flyable Broomstick 0.4: This mods adds a flyable broomstick and a levitation spell. You can fly around everywhere with it and it will not clip into the terrain. It can also be used as a weapon, shooting deadly bolts of lighting.

You must fight a witch i...
Dovahkiin Hideout
Created by shawkab
This adds a very large basement connecting all houses in the game. You can enter the Hideout from any house in the game by opening the hatch found on in your house. Key in a Box of Locks lacated beside the Hatch.

- Library
- Armory
- Bedroom
- Dunge...
Flash Race
Created by TH3 GR8>



Delete Me Download Files F...
Train 99 Skills Per Level
Created by Valmaren
Have you missed maximizing your 5 trainable skills per level or do you simply want more freedom with skill training? This mod allows you to train 99 times per level.

You can track the total number of skills trained ('Training Sessions') on the General S...
Better Training
Created by Trigus [ALT]
This is a very simple mod that still makes the game that much better.
What Better Training does is make it so that you can train 10,000* times per level instead of 5--because if you have the gold, why not? Morrowind's training system was best (unlimited ...
GalexPK LakeView Manor
Created by GalexPk
What about the other 2 manors?
-Is a work in progress, being busy working, im saving to upgrade my pc, im planning on doing and overhaul of the manors it self, adding storages and trying to make it compatible with multiadoption, so is a really hardwork co...
Blood Pool (No-Dawnguard Version)
Created by Twenty-One
Blood pool and powers more-than once a day!

!!! Dawnguard version here: !!!

>> BIG WARNING: You dawnguard users of this mod, check the other version. A bug was detected when using Vampire...
Dragon Blood - Extra Perk Points
Created by DistinctlyMinty


This mod adds a new reason to go dragon hunting; their blood. A dark, viscous liquid with the power to enchance the body and mind of the Dovakiin.

In simple terms, a vial of d...
Dragon Blood Potion V2
Created by Dr eamy
This mod causes the player to be able to loot the blood of dragons. The blood can be used a a potion which restores the players health back to full and also gives the player dragon skin which reduces damage taken by enemys.


V1 - Fixed Elder d...
Heavy Armory - New Weapons: Dragonborn Edition
Created by PrivateEye
What is Heavy Armory?

The goal of Heavy Armory is to expand the variety of weapons used in the world of Skyrim in an immersive and lore-friendly way. Besides adding some new types of weapons, this mod expands some of the more limited se...
Skyrim Wasteland Overhaul - SkyOut
Created by Vendayn
This overhauls all textures (includes meshes) to a look of an apocalyptic wasteland...Skyrim style! You'll find alien environments, burning fires and a complete new look to Skyrim. Tired of waiting for Fallout 4? Well, now there is SkyOut to hopefully sati...
The Infinity Sword (WIP)
Created by DEvasto
It has been whispered of for centuries, longer perhaps; A sword of great power that finds its way into the hands of a champion, during times of great peril to Tamriel. It has been called by many names: The Flame of Red Mountain, Alduin's Tongue, and others...
Convenient Horses
Created by Alek
Mod features:

- Horses for followers (UFO, AFT and EFF compatible, up to 15 followers' horses, scripted AI, advanced features).
- Mounted combat for followers!
- Horse equipment (new saddles and horse armor for both player and followers).
- Mounted c...
Immortal Dragonborn
Created by carstenseng1
Dragon Souls = Extra Lives
This mod adds an extra lives system that uses Dragon Souls to revive the player's character. When the Dragonborn's health reaches 0, rather than dying and reloading the last save,...
Throwing Weapons Redux
Created by Madrilous
Defeat your enemies from afar using more than just spells and arrows with Throwing Weapons. Inflict death from afar with axes, knives, javelins and grenades.

HearthFire Cellar for Breezehome
Created by Ares2676
Requires: Hearthfire

This mod allows the Dragonborn to use the hearthfire cellar for Breezehome(The house in Whiterun).
This cellar is not, in anyway, linked to your hearthfire home cellars.

This mod has been tested, and no bugs were found.
Created by Hectrol
*** IMPORTANT! 4K [4096x4096] Version available on Because of the restriction of 100 MB of Steam WorkShop ***


This texture set recreates a realistic and beautiful caves, adding new...
XCE - Dawnguard
Created by Xenius
XCE - Dawnguard
by Xenius

· Description

Improves the character textures from the Dawnguard DLC while keeping to the original style.

What's inside:
- Face textures
- Face normal maps
- Eye textures

· Requirements

XCE - Xenius Character En...
Chaurus Lights
Created by Verteiron
Chaurus Lights v1.01

Also available at the Skyrim Nexus:

This is a very simple mod that alters and animates the bioluminescence on Chauruses in the following ways:

* Chaurus lights are...
-Mixwater Mill

-Please Rate if you like this MOD.!


-Now With New Teleporting to High Hrothgar Tower.

-God Like Follower's Player's Home + Worksite New Spells ReTextures and More..

-STATTIC -Sirreal113 & Olyei Thef...
Vittoria Vici & Home
-Vittoria Vici Mechant Follower and Player Home.!

-Please Rate if you Love This Mod.!

-And Shes Marryable.!

-Vittoria Vici is set to Essential.!

-If you find there faces dark place the esp at the bottom of the lest.!

-Females Armor fro...
Nora Strongheart
Created by RadoGamer
Nora Strongheart is a rework of an excellent follower mod named Naomi Stormlake Gothic Follower by SpiderAkiraC aka AC3C. I have used her since the beginnig of my game and love her look and game play. I recently changed her so she would work better with CB...
Modified Standing Stones
Created by Casanova
This (slightly op) mod changes all of the standing stone powers that can only be used once a day (Ritual, Shadow, Serpent, Tower) into Lesser Powers, meaning that they can be used more than once per day.

As a brief overview, the Ritual Stone reanimates...
PuffTheMagicDragon's Better Blades Armor
Created by Casanova
NOTE: The screenshots do not show the base armor/weapon ratings; these are the armor ratings after you've put a few perks into Heavy Armor and one-handed.

As requested by mertmidnightangel, I've added a standalone set of Blades Armor that has the stats ...
Dovahkiin's Armor from TESV Trailer - Unenchanted
Created by Casanova

As requested by Subi Rainheart, I have made an unenchanted version of my previous mod, Dovahkiin's Armor from TESV T...
Supernatural Overhaul
Created by Tx12001
It has Arrived the Full Version of Supernatural Overhaul

update 1.01
Tweaked Dragon Priest,Vampire and Werewolf Classes so they will act more evasive and Aggressive in Combat

What this Mod Is -
This Enemy Enha...
Breezehome Museum
Created by Ujinty
Breezehome Museum adds a Museum and crafting rooms to Breezehome. It also changes the beds to noble beds, and fixes the ladder that everybody gets stuck on. The Museum includes exibits, display cases, mannequins, weapon racks, weapon plaques, an enchanting...
Created by Nemesis
Sacrarium is a Player House based off Dovahkiin Hideout by Shawk.

I made this for other liked minded players who wanted a place to show case everything they've collected in the game from the unique to the mundane. Although Dovahkiin Hideout was a great...
Another Breeze Home Basement v1.0
Created by Jory4001
Another Breeze Home Basement

This mod is a smaller, easy to navigate basement for the Breeze Home in Whiterun.

- All Crafting Tables
- 4 Mannequins
- 12 Weapon Plaques
- Bookspace for 180 books
- 1 Grand Chest
- 1 Safe
- 8 Chests...
Created by MuserGaming
this is an update to the previous version of teleprt room in breezehome

ever wanted to try the non fast travel but not completly take out every where. i have put some helpful places in the mod such as the thieves guild so your not having to walk back a...
flower0077's dragon scale armor of mega armor mod
Created by Yung $carecrow
this mod add dragon scle armor in the breeze home its mega over valued and mega over armor rate thing 1 whight so yeah...
Breeze Home Secruity
Created by Slim Pickens
Tired of being chase by the gaurds and being killed in your own home? This mod adds defenses that you can controll and an every active gaurd waiting by the door.

Breeze Home Living Room and basement + museum
Created by St1kCC
lydias room is expanded. basement with all useable stuff (tanning rack, forge, grindstone etc.) hidden museumbehind th chairs in the new room....
BreezeHome Storage Room
Created by Alshon Jeffery
Srry for no pics :)
The key is in breezehome
Awesome room:
Sky forge
grinding stone
enchanting table
alchemy room
Proudspire Workshop
Created by Sushikiller ★
Proudspire Workshop
Hey everybody!
So yea hello once again, Joshua here.
I've got my new pc recently and i installed skyrim again and it really feels great with
my new Graphical Card.
And so i've became addicted ...
Breeze Storage Expansion v1.0
Created by Chocolate Éclair
Hey fellow adventurers!

This mod adds more chests in Breeze Home... Thats why its called Breeze Storage Expansion.
If you have purchased the alchemy lab for your Breeze Home... well lets just say it wont work....
So to get this mod working click the s...
free house 5000 gold chest
Created by Yung $carecrow
this mod is a litlle somting i thought of what if u were to buy the breeze home and then find a respawning chest in your home well thats what i did
download now to become a flower!...
All magic tomes, skill books. + some new armor sets
Created by smell
this mod adds all spell tomes and skill advance books to the chest in breeze home bedroom.
note chest is from the upgrade bedroom not the defualt unimproved bedroom
i have added some armor sets to help with thieving, assassinating and creating items....
Immersive Torch Versatile Enhanced-No DLC Required
Created by Chivalrous Warrior
This is an all *new* Enhanced Torch Mod - Due to a good friend’s requesting it I have decided to make my Steam Community Workshop Debut with my own personal all time favorite mod of my very own - My Immersive Versatile Enhanced Torch Mod! This mod is supe...
Tribal War Paint for Females
Created by SheWildWolf
These files will no longer be updated. I have moved on from Skyrim. My apologies to those who were expecting a male version.


This mod is a stand alone (non-replacing) set of 8 tribal war paints for female non-beast races.

Enhanced Breezehome Basement
Created by batman
- - - - - - - THIS MOD IS NO LONGER UNDER DEVELOPMENT! - - - - - - -

Enhanced Breezehome Basement

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This mods adds a secret basement to the player owned house "Breezehome". (Vanilla...
Angel And Fallen Race Beta 1.0
Created by
once you subscribe you might want to move the mod up in your mod list.... this should have the wings animations if you have trouble with it

when flying you cant fly out of town or into town or the spell to la...
X-Men Mutant Races with Wolverines Animated Claws
Created by Kryptonian
X-Men Races built into Skyrim lore.
Please Rate

This mod will work for you if you just want the animated claws no ...
Spawn's NecroRace in Skyrim
Created by Kryptonian
Skyrim Spawn backstory
Hellspawns are infused with dark energy matter, called Necroplasm, when they are created, Hellspawn were once human, and made a bargain with Molag Bol to return to Nirn for either love or vengeance.

Craftable under the Da...
Working Digitigrade Argonian Raptor Boots
Created by MurdermiesteR
Argonian Raptor Feet as working digitigrade boots. I made some Khajiit boots like this and had to try out some Argonian Raptor style feet on it. I did them so the raptor claw moves as you walk in a cool way. I think they really make the character pop. Try ...
Pure Weather - Brighter Nights Edition
Created by Laast
This mod REQUIRES Dawnguard and Dragonborn.

Pure Weather is a full weather and lighting replacer. It adds a lot of new weather types for every regions, adding realism, immersion, and beauty to Skyrim with absolutely ZERO performance loss.

Darker nigh...
Summon You'rself/ Female version
Created by xPEDx
This mod Adds a Spelltome to the court wizards, and can also be found on the large dining table
in Dragonreach Hall. "Speltome Conjure Twin Me".

You, Mannequins
Created by xPEDx
This mod changes the Vanilla Mannequins to look like the player.
The manakins are female and are for female human player characters ONLY!

Hearthfire version here..

Male version Here.
Soul Eater - Armor - Weapon - Npc - Dungeon
Created by lagrie
- Soul Eater Armor
- Soul Eater Gloves
- Soul Eater Boots
- Soul Eater Hood
- Soul Eater Wings
- Soul Eater Blade 1h 2x

- Soul Key...
Created by xPEDx
These Weapons are fast and look good as you kill. they are enchanted with moving enchants as if animated.
You cant realy tell from the pictures but they look much beter in person.
These weapons are enchanted with fire, shock or ice.
This was the only wa...
TARDIS: Regenerated
Created by ShatteredSteel
"All of time and space, everywhere and anywhere. Every star that ever was. Where do you want to start?"


Version: 2.4.1

You, Mannequins Hearthfire
Created by xPEDx
This mod changes the Vanilla And hearthfire Mannequins to look like the player.
The manakins are female and are for female human player characters ONLY!

Male version Here.

Vanilla ve...
The Lookout
Created by flashyraccoon
Latest Version: 2.2

1) Description
2) Q&A
3) My other mods
4) Change log

***** this mod was cleaned with TES5Edit v. 3.1.1 *****



Own the best view in all ...
Velexia's Animals are not Monsters
Created by Velexia
This mod changes animal's behaviors to be more animal-like and less monster-like. They will only attack if you get very close, and will threaten long before they attack.

If you do end up fighting them, they're not guaranteed to be interested in fight...
Female Nightingale Assassin/Thief Armor
Created by DRAGONREND73
Zero Effort Lockpicking
Created by JoeyBeanz
This mod alters the locksmith perk in the lockpicking tree. It makes it so when you have the perk, the lockpick starting position is at the exact opening position of the lock. So when you go to pick a lock, you do not have to move the pick, just turn the l...
\\\V/// House Of The D-ii-be-lla-s DF5.2
>:>:The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim> Rated M for Mature.18 or older

>:by Subscribing you agree that you are 18 years old or older

>:Parental controls on STEAM learn how.!
Open Cities Skyrim - Legendary Edition
Created by Arthmoor
Open Cities Skyrim is a comprehensive project that aims to bring back at least part of the feel of Morrowind - specifically how most of the cities were a natural part of the world and you could just walk in without loading screens. The added immersion and ...
Summon a Rideable Serpentine Dragon
Created by Darkknight957
You can summon a Serpentine Dragon to ride,

The Serpentine Dragons are on the ground now,when you press E to ride the dragons they will take off after a few seconds.
The dragon you summon is set to stay at it's present location.

The Serpentine Dra...
Follower Map Markers
Created by annihilatt0r
This adds map markers to any follower that is on the list. The markers act just like quest markers.

Towns and Villages Enhanced - Riverwood
Created by Aplestormy
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Riverwood
Make Riverwood (more) beautiful!

Adds over 1500 new items to Riverwood, including:
  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Alchemist Plants
  • General Flora
  • Light source
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Solitude
Created by Aplestormy
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Solitude
Make Solitude beautiful!

Adds over 1500 new items to Solitude, including:
  • Trees (Featuring new models thanks to GKB Trees)
  • Shrubs
  • Alchemist Plants
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Riften
Created by Aplestormy
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Riften
Make Riften beautiful!

Adds over 1500 new items to Riften, including:
  • Trees (Featuring new models thanks to GKB Trees)
  • Shrubs
  • Alchemist Plants
  • Gener
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Falkreath
Created by Aplestormy
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Falkreath
Make Falkreath beautiful!

Adds over 1500 new items to Falkreath, including:
  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Alchemist Plants
  • General Flora
  • Light sources
Fire Walker Mount
Created by xPEDx
this Horse is fast and can walk on water.
Its found near the whiterun stables and also in the court wizards inventory in the form of a spell tome Conjure Fire walker.

To Walk on water just ride over it with a slight look-up angle to keep from swimming....
Insane Master Assassin's Gear + Escaped Prisoner Hideout OP weapons and gear + Dungeon
Created by LaMania32
An awesome assassination gear with weapons+ player home with tons of materials+ a dungeon with 1.5-3hrs of game time half million + gold worth of loot, carry 2450, amped 4 merchants in Whiterun to 20k range, added 2 merchants to the player home with 50K+ b...
Entrance To Qasmoke
Created by franklin zack
Entrance To Qasmoke is a mod that adds an Enterance to y'know Qasmoke.
Qasmoke is a room that the developers made that has every single item in it. I'm sure that there is a mod that does the exact same thing, but I kind of wanted to make it so.

I know...
Dwemer Vault Of The Rings
Created by LordOfTheDead79
It has Arrived. The mod you have all been asking for. A mod that has all of the rings of power in one....
Castle Draco Riverwood Edition 5.5
Created by Draco1122
Looking for someone to do a videos review.

[color=yellow]Updated to 5.5 Completed May 16, 2015[/color]


[color=yellow]---5.5 Fixed reported issues and cleaned esp and...
Unique Vampire Dens
Created by Gonk
What is this?

Playing Dawnguard, I was disappointed at the lack of options when it came to feeding as a Vampire. You're almost entirely reliant on sneaking about and biting people t...
Lydia - Get out of my Bedroom
Created by msViolet
Someone's been sitting in my chair, eating my bread, watching my bed... as I sleep in it.

Makes your bedroom in Breezehome more private, so an idling Lydia no longer passes her downtime sitting in your bedroom, like an incredibly creepy person.

.::\\\V/// Vampier Over Run
>:>:The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim> Rated M for Mature.!


>.::\\\V/// Vampier Over Run

>: This Mod adds Crazy Vampier to the...
Riverwood Estate (Updated)
Created by Rowlaz
This is a mod I originally created just for me and a friend but I thought you guys may like it as well. Post a comment of any problems and I'll see if I can fix it. Riverwood Estate is located west of Riverwood.

Key Features:
Feasting Hall.
All 9 (10)...
Breezehome Nordic House V 3.1
Created by Beckett
Breezehome Nordic House V3.1

This house is totally remade, if you used my previouse version you will know that this is
a total convertion of the Vanilla breezehome house...

The previous version add some bugs that are now hopefully c...
This Simple Mod simply deploys the Dragonborn new Oceanic Waves along proper places on the Skyrim Coast ...

All waves are placed with logical sense , you will not find oceanic waves around island with waves coming from inland , you won't find waves amo...
Hearthfires Glitch Fix
Created by Michael
This fixes the annoying glitch in the greenhouse room. There is a beehive that disappears depending on where you stand.

This was accomplished by deleting all of the "Plane Markers" from all 3 house interiors. The only possible side effects would be slow...
Lighthouse Glen Player House + Hunter's Rest Alchemist
Created by RobS
Small but fully functional player house with nearby merchant and arrow harvesting. Set in a scenic clearing in the forest between Half Moon Mill and Hunter's Rest, west of Lake Ilinalta in Falkreath Hold. There is a map marker for fast travel. The key can ...
Nuclear Strike Spell
This adds a two new spells to the game called the Nuke and the ranged nuke which are very powerful. They are found outside a burning house on the way out of Riverwood towards Whiterun. Warning they are so strong in may also hurt you....
Museum of Aram
Created by RogueOfStorms
A comprehensive storage mod for the obsessive klepto in all of us. Contains 34 bookcases, more than 125 mannequins, 96 weapons racks, 45 weapons display plaques, 14 large display cases, 8 small display cases, and 16 chests for extra storage.

An undergr...
Breezehome Basement
Created by Kyzer


The basement is located under the stairs in Breezehome.
There are a total of SIX followers.
Three warriors, a 'daedra', a housekeeper, and a merchant

Fully navmeshed so NPCs can get in and out and walk around ...
Garrett's Retreat v.2
Proffesional Modeler/Texture Artist


Frostbrook Farm
Created by HappyOwl

Be aware that this mod was made with Creation Kit for original Skyrim not Skyrim Special Edition and it has been stated on the SSE FAQs page that mods made for original Skyrim will most likely be broken in SSE. I have no plans to convert...
Hero's Respite Home Version 2.0
Created by hishikiroda
Welcome to Hero’s Respite!

Due to time constraints and working on making a game myself I will not be changing or updating this mod any time in the near future. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, and I hope you can enjoy the home as it is. :...
Player Home Portal Room
Created by sp0ckrates

Have you ever bought more then one player home and wanted to move your things from Breeze Home to Honeyside, or from Honeyside to Vlindrel Hall, but had to take around five hundred trips beca...
SkyDie - Prepare to Cry Edition
Created by Sagittarius
I'd be glad if you could support my campaign on SPRKED! Click here[]

I think we can all agree, that Skyrim sometimes is a little bit, erm, lacking, when we talk about challenge. This is why I decided to create th...
Kill Moves - No Blur
Created by ThirteenOranges
Removes most of the Blur effects from finisher moves. See your kills more clearly than ever. Simple.

Sep 2012 Update

- Now more universal removal of blur from kill moves to account for moves added post launch.

- Better title image.

- L...
.::\\\V/// Sexy Skyrim Spacer 03
>:>:The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim> Rated M for Mature.!


>:\\\V/// Sexy Skyrim Spacer 03 mod

.>: This is the Sexy Skyrim Sp...
Glamazon Race v2.0 *Now stable!
Created by CodeMonkey
Glamazon Race
By CodeMonkey (AKA Centaurette)

Move over Conan! Here come the chain-mail bikini clad, amply bosomed, impossibly proportioned Glamazons! These handmaidens of Talos ride into battle, faithfully fight by your side and never break a nail. A...
Auto Unequip Arrows
Created by Alek
This version is for vanilla Skyrim and does not support crossbows. If you have Dawnguard get this version instead:

This mod comes with a script that will automatically unequip arrows when yo...
Skyrim overhaul: Factions
Created by Valaste
(Formally known as Better factions: Complete)


Mod Description:

This mod alters the stats, inventory,...
Voice Master House - Player home
Created by Rights
Adds a player-owned house near High Hrothgar.
Also adds two robe-armor sets and a retextured weapon.

Best followed through the Nexus site!:

Revamped Vampire Lord v1.06
Created by Merc

TES V: Skyrim, Dawnguard
Revamped Vampire Lord v 1.06
Created by Mercurius85


A Nexus exclusive file with additional options and settings is available here;
VioLens - A Killmove Mod
Created by Reko
Required: SkyUI & SKSE

NOTE: The Profile System added in 2.1 requires [url=http://www.nexusmo...
sOy's Vampire Lord Perks
Created by sOy
sOy's Vampire Perks (WIP) 1.6.1

- Adds over 15 NEW perks for vampires!
- This is a rework / upgrade of my first vampire mod - Now integrated into the Vampire Lord perk tree.
- Some of these perks increase the power of your innate vampiri...
HD Armored Circlets
Created by johnskyrim
Check out my newest mod: The Godswords of Gielinor (Runescape)!

If you want a Higher Quality version, visit Steam won't allow for me to upl...
Alternate Visuals for Spell Effects
I sort of like the vanilla spell effects, but once I released Glowtastic, some folks wanted me to glue some of these effects onto existing spells, so by request, here it is.

The actual spell effects are NOT changed, these changes are purely cosmetic.
More Summonables
Created by Metacide
Important Notes:
Various merchants stock these spells. Phinis Gestor at the College stocks the most powerful, but you must be a high enough...
Lock Pick Cheat
Created by Mardoxx
Forces lock pick sweet spot debug bar visible. Other debug info is too intrusive, so I removed it.

None of this is my own work, the original lockpickmenu.swf had this functionality but you had to enable it by calling ToggleDebugMode from the game, a fun...
Ebony Merchant
Created by Darkknight957
This is a simple mod that adds a Merchant that sells Ebony Weapons and Armor,

He also sells Ebony Ingots,
leather,leather stripes,ebony,iron and many other items.

He also sells two Spell Tomes.

One you can use to summon him to you.

And one to ...
SUPER Ninja Jump & 18 Arrows stick before fade -OP-
Created by MedicineManRx
A mod that allows you to jump a lot higher and further and fall a bit slower with reduced fall damage
Also allows for 18 arrows to stick before they begin to fade.


Please give a thumbs up if you like this mod

Standard NON OP v...
Better Ebony armor
Created by raindance maggie
Increases Ebony armor rating so that i think pretty much all are stronger than Daedric (Ebony Boots armor rating 19, Ebony gauntlets armor rating 19, Ebony helmet armor rating 36, Ebony armor armor rating 50 and Ebony shield armor rating 43) remember tell ...
Man of Steel Armors
Created by Kryptonian
This the new Superman Suit in the Movie The Man of Steel.
It is craftable under the Steel category look for Man of Steel
Jor-El body suit now in game and craftable under the same category.

Schwertleite Set
Created by XiNAVRO
A female armor for the CBBE body made with pieces from various armor mods, Schwertleite comes with a one-handed longsword and a shield of a similar design scheme. The name, Schwertleite, was taken from Wagner's opera Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of th...
Gold Plated Crossbow
Created by - Connor Gandy -
This mod lets you turn your Crossbow into a Gold Plated Crossbow. A Gold Plated Crossbow deals no extra damage! They are 100% cosmetic! You can find one if you follow the images above or you can turn one into a Gold Plated Crossbow by crafting it with 3 Go...
ZX Eyes V1
Created by Zardoz Xerxes
Tweet me @ZardozXerxes

Update four: Alternate vampire eye version.

Update Three: The source files for this mod can be found on the nexus version.

Update two: A new version with wh...
Blink/Teleportation Spell
Created by Archangel_ghost
|--UPDATE--New longer range since ya'll asked fot ...
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