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Team Fortress 2

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Christmas (or something)
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Cold Killer Fixes
Created by Populus
A snow hat and goggles for the sniper.

Includes lods.

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The Practical Santa
Created by Captain N. Tenneal
Top Australian researchers have now mostly proven that galvanized steel is at least 50% stronger than fabric.

Lightbulb glows, in-game screenshot:
The Nutcrusher
Created by multitrip
merry christmas from the queen...
Sweet Smissmas Sweater
Created by SrPelo
Nothing better for a warm christmas than a cute sweater....
Snowbank Shoveler
Created by Jedi11375
When simply melting the snow isn't enough, make it regret ever falling on your driveway by bludgening it to death with your stylish shovel.

(I also have a version available without the snow, but the importer only allows for 2 skins)

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Snow Walker
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
All classes & paintable!

Workshop Wonderland 2[]
Nightmare Before Smissmas[]...
Sacks O' Fists (Christmas Item)
Created by
"Give your enemies the gift that keeps on giving...MORE PAIN!"...