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Exploration Software
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Jan 17, 2015 @ 2:07pm
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Exploration Software

Automated exploration, with Trade subscriptions!

This mod adds a Software Extension called "Exploration Software" to Mechanics, available in MK1, MK2 and MK3. MK1 will allow ships to explore a sector and all contained stations, MK2 allows exploration of a cluster/system and MK3 can explore the entire Galaxy while adding trade subscriptions to found stations. Can be started via Sidebar section navigation.

Usage: sidebar->navigation->Exploration Software->
1. select ship (it must NOT have any commander, so it may not be in your squad as well, also it may only have command "wait")
2. change "space type" (only if you have at least mk2)
3. select "space to explore"
4. set the zone to return to
5. set "ignore known status" - choose explore everything or explore unknown
6. start

option to skip hostile zones (all zones that either contain a hostile station or the policefaction itself is hostile). if option is used, hostile zones will still be marked as known, but the ship will not fly to them and therefore not scan any station there. also, hostile stations will not get a trade agent any more and ships scanning a hostile station will (hopefully) keep a bigger distance to the station to be scanned. beware this does not keep the ship away from other hostile stations, so a zone with multiple hostile stations will probably still result in the ship getting killed (therefore option to skip ;) )

Feedback is greatly appreciated (except that I won't remove the dependency to software!). This mod is set to save="true", so if you want to remove this mod you will have to run the ingame uninstaller first and then remove the mod via savegame editor from the list of installed extensions.

Automatisiertes Erkunden, mit Handelsupdates!

Dieser Mod fügt eine Software names "Erkundungssoftware" hinzu, verfügbar in MK1, MK2 und MK3 bei allen Mechanikern. MK1 erlaubt Schiffen Sektoren zu erkunden, MK2 erlaubt Cluster/System und MK3 kann die gesamte Galaxie erkunden und fügt dabei jeder gefundenen Station die Handelsupdates hinzu. Gestartet wird über das Seitenmenü.

1. Wähle Schiff (Darf KEINEN Kommandanten haben, also darf es auch nicht in der Staffel sein. Außerdem darf es nur den Befehl "warten" haben.)
2. Wähle "Gebietstyp" (nur mit mindestens mk2)
3. wähle "zu erkundendes Gebiet"
4. setze "Zone, in die zurückgekehrt wird"
5. setze "Ignoriere Bekanntheit" - wähle "erkunde alles" oder "erkunde nur unbekanntes"
6. start

Option zum Überspringen feindlicher Stationen: beim erkunden können automatisch feindliche Zonen übersprungen werden (solche, die feindlich Stationen enthalten oder deren Polizeifraktion feindlich gesinnt ist). solche Zonen werden weiterhin als bekannt markiert, aber nicht angeflogen, also auch keine Stationen gescannt. falls die Option nicht gewählt wird, werden feindliche Stationen aus größerer Distanz gescannt und keine Handelsagenten mehr platziert. Achtung: die Distanz wird nur zu der zu scannenden Staione gehalten, andere feindliche Stationen werden nicht beachtet, eine Zone mit mehreren feindlichen Stationen kann weiterhin eine Gefahr für das Erkundungsschiff darstellen!

Feedback ist erwünscht (außer dass ich nicht die Abhängigkeit von Software entferne!). Dieser Mod setzt save="true", also muss für eine Deinstallation erst im Spiel die Deinstallation gestartet werden und dann der Eintrag im Speicherstand mit einem Editor entfernt werden.
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Zoekoff Jul 12 @ 10:26pm 
jelf Apr 20 @ 12:30am 
Hi, just wondering when you mention CWIR has a function like this mod, which function are you referring to? I didn't find anything similar to this mod in CWIR.
Metalstef Mar 16 @ 6:46pm 
Hi, i love the mod but i want to change some minor things in the ext_01.dat file. I want the mk3 to cost money on trade-feeds (for example: 50k, 75k or 100k or whatever i find balancing). But i want the mk4 to have free trade-feeds. I've already lowered the price for buying the mk3 at a mechanic and made the mk4 more expensive.) It's removing the mk4 from the trade-feeds costs part i'm having trouble with. I have an idea of which lines need to be altered but i can't seem figure out how to change them. :-P I'd appreciate any help ^^
Zoekoff Nov 29, 2018 @ 4:32am 
on a side note I just started using CWIR, which I now see has a function much like this mod. However, just to be clear, I have had this mod before CWIR and also had the problem before I added CWIR.
Zoekoff Nov 29, 2018 @ 4:05am 
Strange problem with skunk booster drives. Every time I send a ship to explore unknown sectors, my booster drives on the Skunk will shut off.

By shutt off I mean: I can push the boost key and nothing happens, no error, nothing, it is like there not part of the game anymore.

Usually docking with a station and undocking will fix this when I have only sent one ship exploring.

I have recently tried sending two ships to two unknown sectors. At which point nothing turns my Boost engines back on short of stoping both ships and then reloading the game.

At first I just assumed it was intended to slow the explorers down only it does not seem to affect them at all, they can still boost and I watch them shooting around but I myself can no longer use my boost drives.

Are there any mods or mod types that would cause a conflict, like mods that add orders to owned Ship like the carriers mod, or CWIR? because I have both.
raz334 Oct 14, 2018 @ 4:59am 
ia it possible to get a version of this with a much cheaper price for trade subscriptions? like 10k instead of 150k ? This mod is most useful early game but, thats when a consistant negative flow of that amount can be crippiling... Thanks !
james.feary Aug 6, 2018 @ 7:34pm 
You are a fantastic human being, thank you for this.
roterfelsen Apr 5, 2018 @ 3:27pm 
Hey danke für diese tolle Mod!
Du hast das Spiel damit echt verbessert und dank der Preise die du eingestellt hast, ist es auch, finde ich ausgeglichen und kein Cheat!
Und ganz besonder möchte ich dir dafür danken, daß du deine Mod auch auf Deutsch herausgebracht hast.
Ich beherrsch beim Englischen nur die absoluten Grundlagen und so entgeht mir viel, weil ich einfach nicht versteh, wer da was vielleicht tolles gemacht hat.
Daher nochmal meinen allerherzlichsten Dank! :steamhappy:
Draconix26 Mar 10, 2018 @ 1:23pm 
can someone walk me thru the error log so i can figure out whats wrong
Draconix26 Mar 9, 2018 @ 7:00pm 
it did work for me it stopped maybe a incompatible mod