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Ralin - Dwarf Wars
Jan 15, 2015 @ 3:45pm
Nov 22, 2017 @ 11:15am
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It took us like a decade
Here are the updates and new features!
Descriptive of the Game

The set of this epic game are the Dwarven Halls, smoothly lightened in the warm glow of the fire torches. Explore them and discover the scenery that takes place in the middle of War - Goblins vs Dwarfs. The player´s role is a dwarf who sacrifices his life to protect the treasures of his dwarf clan, mined with their sweat and blood. Hack and Slay the wicked thieves who nastily sneaked into the dwarf halls and steal the precious treasures. The gameplay is a combat with hand to hand weapons. The dwarves are picking up their hammer and protect what is precious to them. They do not appreciate the Goblin intrusion!

Technical Details

Ralin - Dwarf Wars is a point and click action RPG. It is Roguelike and Hack and Slash. A Mac and PC Version is already out in Alpha 002.1 Version. There is an offline multiplayer Version up and running in an early Alpha Stage. You can download a free server software. No need to go online to play, just install the server on a linux machine and start playing with your friends. The server software will be open source. We will go public with this software on github.

We are gamers who create games for gamers.

Ogardonix Studios are dedicated to making a positive, lasting impact on the video game industry through quality, immersive games. We empower the Community by creating an interactive world, in which they can dive in and feel comfy. Ogardonix staff are gamers that follow their passion and vocation.

We have launched a contest in which FANtastic Fan Art can be implemented on the upcoming builds of the game. Our community will be involved as much as we can to make it a game, everyone feels connected to and is involved. We are lifestreaming the production on twitch, where the fans can see us realtime developing on Ralin.


  • Roguelike with Hardcore mod.
  • Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Local Co-op, Multiplayer Co-op and Private open source server software.
  • Open Source Server Software written in C++ and C# for the Unity3d plugin.
  • Moddable scripts for the enemies health, damage and prefab.
  • Procedural map generation for the roguelike style. (Map editor is planned for later versions)
  • Pre-defined maps for the story based parts.
  • Health- , Leveling- , Loot- , Crafting-, Attribute-, Quest- systems. Many more systems are planned.
  • Customizable character with different hairstyles and beards. (A system for body-shapes is planned)
  • Loot Table with a lot of weapons, armor and crafting materials (This is planned for the upcoming beta builds)
  • Community driven story.
  • High Quality graphics, sounds and gameplay with a strong relation to the community
  • Last but not least, a lot of love, time and passion.

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I made a gameplay video of this game -
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