Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

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Total War: Rome II Achievement Guide
By The Milkman
This guide will help you in obtaining most of the achievements for Total War: Rome II.

Welcome to my achievement guide for Total War: Rome II! I hope my guide helps you in obtaining most of the achievements for this game. I have divided the guide based upon which part of the game the achievement is obtainable in. However, if an achievement requires the purchase of a DLC it will be located in the section pertaining to that DLC. This format may make looking for a specific achievement more difficult, so please use Ctrl+F to find any specific achievement you wish.

I can't test every way to get an achievement by myself, so there may be more ways to get an achievement than I have listed in this guide. If you have any corrections or additional information please feel free to leave a comment!

This is not a 100% guide yet! I am currently working on updating the guide for the latest DLCs.

Also thanks to Burn for the image collage!
Translations of this guide
Here are translated versions of this guide. If you want to translate this guide into another language feel free to contact me.

Russian / русский :
Campaign Map Part 1
These are achievements that are earned on the campaign map.

Attain the maximum rank with any unit during a campaign.

This is for attaining maximum rank (three gold chevrons) on an army or navy unit. You should obtain this pretty easily. Put a champion in your army to get your units free experience every turn and you should have this quickly.

Champion of the Gods
Attain the maximum rank with a champion-type agent during a campaign.

Attain the maximum rank with a spy-type agent during a campaign.

Noble Master
Attain the maximum rank with a dignitary-type agent during a campaign.

You can get agents to rank 8 or 9 just by having them use their idle ability (for champions it is training armies, for dignitaries and spies it is deploying in a region). I was never able to get one to rank 10 by idling since they always die so quickly. You'll need to either take them out of their idle stance and use their other abilities against enemy armies or settlements (which give more xp) or you can use mods.

Legendary Commander
Attain the maximum rank with a general / admiral during a campaign.

Generals gain experience by fighting battles. I found it difficult to get max rank as a general as well since they die off quickly and if you want to get one high rank you'll have to only use that general and fight a lot of battles in a short amount of time.
This can be obtained in a DLC campaign.

Legio Victrix
Attain the maximum rank with an army or navy during a campaign game.

This achievement isn't difficult, it just takes a long time. Armies gain somewhere around 10 experience for every battle they fight. If an army gets destroyed you can "revive" it by making another one and transferring the old armies abilites to the new one. I recommend renaming an army at the beginning of a campaign so you know which army you're going for this achievement with and use that army as much as possible. Easy, but tedious.

The Die is Cast
Become involved in a civil war.

All factions have the chance of becoming involved in a civil war. The more territory you control the more likely you will get one. Just become involved in one for this achievement.

Status Quo
Achieve victory with any faction without getting involved in a secession or a civil war

Keep opposing parties loyal by giving out promotions equally to them and your own family members. Look at each party's traits to see what they like and don't and play accordingly to not anger them. There's also a technology that boosts loyalty by 20 so go for that and you really shouldn't have problems as long as you're careful.

I Came, I Saw, I Conquered
Win a campaign by military victory.

When in Rome…
Win a campaign by cultural victory.

Military and Cultural victories are the easier two of the three victory conditions. Depending upon your faction one will be easier than the other. For military you will be conquering more regions and for cultural you will be conquering less regions but converting them to your culture. you can use dignitaries and temples to speed this process up. Note that for cultural victory having a "dominant culture" in a region means 60% or higher.

Beyond the Dreams of Avarice
Win a campaign by economic victory.

Economic victory is not easy. You'll need to have a large income, a good number of trading partners, and a large amount of territory under your control. The hardest part is getting the required number of trade parters (usually around 15). I highly recommend playing as a barbarian faction (I chose the Iceni). Barbarian factions have the ability to "Liberate" factions that have been removed from the game. When you conquer a home region of a faction that has already been destroyed, you can revive it. This makes it your military ally and gives you a huge relations boost. As long as you didn't fight a war against them previously they will love you. This makes getting a trade agreement with them very easy.

Using this liberate ability you will easily be able to get 15 trade partners. The next problem is getting the large income required (usually around 90,000 talents per turn). Income was nerfed in previous patches so this is considerably harder than it was before. You will find that corruption can really get out of hand the more regions you take. Mods can be used to make this more manageable.

If mods aren't you thing, you can use this guide by Stevonian to help you in your struggle:

Complete a campaign on Hard difficulty.

Master Strategist
Complete a campaign on Very Hard difficulty.

Win a campaign on legendary difficulty.

Winning on legendary will unlock all three of these achievements. I'm not going to go into depth for singleplayer guides because there are already a plethora of faction specific legendary guides out there. I will say that you can get this in a multiplayer head to head campaign. Turn the difficulty up to legendary for both players and then pick two factions that start close to each other such as Athens and Sparta. You and your partner can then take turns destroying each other for the achievement.

If you want to get this in singleplayer I recommend picking one of the easier factions such as Egypt or Baktria. Pikes & Ballistas will make battles trivial.

Complete the Prologue campaign.

The Prologue campaign is easy and acts as a tutorial for the main game. Be warned that you can't manual save for about the first hour of the campaign. The game does autosave though so if you have to quit just click "Continue Campaign" on the launcher to rejoin your previous game.

Destroy or subjugate a faction.

When you personally destroy or subjugate your first faction this achievement will unlock. You can subjugate a faction after conquering its last settlement.

Accumulate 1,000,000 talents in your treasury during a single campaign.

This achievement is a bit buggy. I got it well before I had 1,000,000 talents in my treasury. I'm not sure what it actually counts but you will get it easily while playing.
Campaign Map Part 2
Continuation of the previous section.

Et tu…?
Successfully assassinate a member of your own family faction.

When viewing the faction screen that lists all your generals and statesmen you can select individuals and you have the opportunity to assassinate them for a small fee. Successfully assassinate a member of your own family for this achievement. I recommend saving beforehand incase it fails.

In the Footsteps of Great Men
Complete a campaign chapter’s primary objective and all associated historical objectives.

Every few years you get optional objectives you can go for and get small monetary rewards for completing them. You can view these in the same tab that you view your victory conditions. I got this without going for it as Rome and you will most likey get it without having to go for it as well.

The Great Library
Research all available technologies in a single campaign.

Researching all the technology isn't hard but it takes a long time. If you've reach the end of your campaign and still don't have this you can use a 1-turn research mod to speed things up.

Issue 10 edicts in a single campaign.

You can issue and then revoke edicts to get this achievement to go by quicker. There are also mods that remove the edict limit which allows you to unlock this immediately.

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day
Fully expand and upgrade a province capital.

You'll need to fully expand and fully upgrade every building in a province capital (walled cities). This will take a while and you'll have to get quite far in the tech tree but you should unlock this by the end of one of your campaigns.

A number of people have said this didn't unlock correctly for them. It may be that certain factions or cities won't allow you to unlock this. A sure way of unlocking it is by playing as Rome and fully upgrading the city of Rome.

Every Day I'm not Auto-resolving
Complete an entire campaign, with 10 or fewer defeats, without auto-resolving.

Close but No Amphora
Complete an entire campaign, winning every battle except one, without auto-resolving.
Veni, Vidi, Vici!
Complete an entire campaign, winning every battle, without auto-resolving.

If you're playing on easy these shouldn't be as hard as they seem. Play as someone who starts away from the main fight (Iceni, Baktria, etc.) and save often. Eastern factions have pike units which give a huge edge in infantry fights. No matter who you pick, make sure you bring at least 2 ballistas in your armies to make battles (espeically sieges) much easier. Use multiple save files so you don't find yourself stuck. Take it slow and plan out your strategy. Save right before the last battle so you can lose it and then reload to get all three achievements. Remember that military allies count towards the number of regions you need so making friends with a strong neighbor can really help make the game easier. Alternatively you can get this against a friend in a multiplayer head to head campaign.

It has also been reported that you can get these in the DLC campaigns. Those campaigns are much shorter than the grand campaign so if you want to get this in singleplayer, that may be a fast way of doing it.

Their Legacy Lives On
Win a campaign whilst fielding an army or fleet that has existed continuously since the start of your campaign.

Rename one of the armies you start the campaign with so you know which one it is. Don't let this army get destroyed no matter what. If it's still up and kicking without ever being destroyed by the time you win the campaign you will unlock this. Also take care not to let this army join the rebellion if you have a civil war.

This is Total War!
Win the game having declared war on every faction the turn you encountered them, as well as never negotiating a peace treaty.

Put the difficulty as low as it can go and pick a strong faction that starts with its back to a wall so you have less fronts to worry about. The easiest way to get this is in a multiplayer head to head campaign with a friend. If you want to get this in singleplayer, I recommend using Baktria since they start along the edge of the map and have pike units which make battles trivial. Combine your pike units with 2-6 ballistas to dominate every battle. Also be aware that if a faction finds you during their own turn and doesn't declare war then it will void the achievement.

Mare Nostrum
Win 25 or more naval battles in a single campaign game.

Self-Explanatory. I played these out on the battle map but you may be able to auto-resolve as well.

Weapon of Mass Destruction
Kill 5000 men in battle with siege artillery during the course of a campaign game.

Artillery is very good in this game and you should always have some in your army. Mikk confirms that this can be unlocked by autoresolving battles. You cannot control how many kills your artillery gets when you autoresolve so this way may not be as reliable.

Pontifex Maximus
Construct a Pantheon during a Roman campaign.

This is working correctly again. Just build a tier 5 temple as Rome.
Cumulative Campaign
These achievements can be obtained over the course of multiple campaigns.

Complete 1 hour of gameplay.

Complete 10 hours of gameplay.

Complete 100 hours of gameplay.

Complete 500 hours of gameplay.

God of War!
Complete 1000 hours of gameplay.

Nobody is 100% sure what counts as gameplay for this achievement. I'm reasonably certain it counts time on the campaign map and battle map but I don't think it counts time spent on the main menu, in the launcher, or waiting at the loading screen. If you alt + tab the game that might stop the counter as well. If anyone has more information on this please feel free to share it.

I received the 100 hours achievement when Steam said I had played about 106 hours.
The 500 hours achievement unlocked at 522 hours on Steam.

Kill 10,000 men in battle.

Kill 100,000 men in battle.

Kill 1,000,000 men in battle.

These only count kills made in battles played out on the battle map. Auto-resolving, killing prisoners, and extra kills made when you select "end battle" after playing do not contribute towards these. There is no way of seeing how many kills you have so you cannot view your progress towards these achievements, unfortunately. These should count kills made in campaign battles, custom battles, and multiplayer battles together.

Tempus Fugit
Play 20 campaign turns.

Play 100 campaign turns.

Self-Explanatory. Play the required number of turns.

Capture 3 settlements.

Capture 30 settlements.

Self-Explanatory. Gain control over the required number of settlements.

Crown of the Preserver
Win 25 siege defence battles during campaign play.

Walled Crown
Win 25 siege attack battles during campaign play.

Legatus Legionis
Win 50 land battles during campaign play.

Praefectus Classis
Win 50 naval battles during campaign play.

You need to win the specified number of battles for these achievements. Take note that land battles don't include siege battles, ambush battles, port battles, settlement battles, or combined land + sea battles. Naval battles don't include siege or land + sea battles. Siege battles are only for province capitals (walled cities) the non-walled cities are considered settlement battles. I'm pretty sure that these have to be played out on the battle map. Auto-resolve does not count.

*Some users have received the 50 naval battles achievement during a combined settlement battle where the user had no garrison forces. More confirmation on how people have obtained these achievements is required to determine what exactly counts for these achievements.

Enslave 1000 battle captives.

Execute 1000 battle captives.

Release 1000 battle captives.

After you win a battle, if you've captured enemies, you get the choice of what to do with your prisoners. Send 1000 prisoners to each fate to get these. Take note that when you occupy a settlement all prisoners are automatically released. When you sack the settlement all prisoners are enslaved. When you raze a settlement all prisoners are executed.
Campaign Battles Part 1
The following achievements must be obtained in Campaign Battles. Custom Battles will not work unless otherwise noted.

Fight a battle from the campaign map without auto-resolving.

Play out a battle on the battle map.

In the Navy!
Fight a battle with naval units in any campaign.

These have to be dedicated naval units. Transport ships for land units do not count. It can be a full on naval battle or a combined land and sea battle.

Dock of the Bay
Fight a combined land and naval siege battle during a campaign.

You must have both naval and land forces in your siege battle. Once again land transport ships do not count. They must be dedicated naval units.

On Land & Sea
Fight a combined battle during a campaign using both land and naval forces.

This is basically the same as the previous achievement except that it can't be a siege battle. This might take a bit of time to find an enemy army close to the sea without being in a city.

Fight 10 battles in a single campaign without auto-resolving.

Fight 100 battles in a single campaign without auto-resolving.

Fight the specified number of battles on the battle map in a single campaign to unlock these.You can check your progress in the stats menu. These do not have to be all in a row. Thanks to perato and Underoos for confirming this.

First Time Lucky
Use at least 1 special ability during a campaign battle.

The Power of Three
Use at least 3 different special abilities during a campaign battle.

Your general is the main unit that has abilities, but other units may have some as well. Just use them three times in one battle to unlock both of these achievements. You can use the same one three times or use multiples ones once, it doesn't matter.

Impenetrable Wall
Successfully defend a city without losing a single victory point during a campaign battle.

The only cities that have victory points are the province capitals (the ones with walls). There's only one and it's centrally located. Just defend the walls and don't let anyone inside your city.

Successfully siege and capture a city by seizing its victory points during a campaign battle.

The AI likes to put units on the walls so you can easily sneak a few units around them and capture the point while they're still sitting on the wall. You'll have to wait a few minuts for the tickets to count down but the AI usually makes no attempt to try and retake the point from you.

Look to the Defences
Successfully defend an encampment, during a campaign, without losing more than 25% of your starting force.

To get an encampment battle you have to enter the "Fortify" stance. This will make your army immovable but you will have high defense. Set up an army like this in a chokepoint and it shouldn't be too long before an enemy army attacks you. Be sure to have a few strong melee infantry units to defend the three openings on the encampment and have a good number of missile units to pick off attackers. You can use cavalry to patrol the outside and pick off any stragglers.

Great Balls of Fire
Field a ballista or large onager artillery unit in a siege battle during a campaign game.

Just take one of these units with you into a battle for this achievement.

Unleash Hades!
Kill 200 men with siege artillery in any single battle.

This can be obtained in custom battles and I recommend doing it there for an easier time. You need to get 200 total kills with artillery in a single siege battle. Destroying a wall with enemies standing on it will not count towards your total. I recommend bringing a large number of artillery and breaking down the walls and then hitting units on the ground inside the settlement for your kills.

The Boat that Rocked
Successfully breach a wall using naval artillery in any battle.

This can be obtained in custom battles. Use a naval artillery unit to breach the walls on a city. I found this to be easy on the Carthage map.

Successfully ambush and defeat an enemy army in a campaign battle.

To set up an ambush you can enter the ambush stance or you can attack an army that is in the forced march stance. It doesn't matter which strategy you use but the battle will be very easy. Enemy units rout very quickly in ambush battles so you shouldn't have any problem with this.

Successfully defeat the enemy when ambushed during a campaign.

You can easily get yourself ambushed by moving your armies around in the forced march stance. Winning the battle can be difficult depending upon what type of army is ambushing you. As long as you have a good general it shouldn't be a problem, though.

The Great Escape
Successfully escape from a campaign ambush battle with at least 75% of your starting units.

I'm not sure if there's any way to escape an ambush battle like you can escape the Teutoburg Forest historical battle. I got this achievement at the same time I got the previous one. I won the battle by defeating all enemies with 75% of my force still alive.

Balanced Force
Win a campaign battle using one of every class of land unit: melee infantry, missile infantry, missile cavalry, melee cavalry, siege weapons.

Win a battle while you have at least one of each type of unit listed in your army. Take note that Shock Cavalry does not count as melee cavalry and is in a type of its so it doesn't count towards this achievement.

Win a campaign battle, using only cavalry units, without auto-resolving.

Win a battle using on cavalry. It should be noted for some factions the general counts as a "command" unit and not cavalry. This is the case for factions like Rome and Carthage. I got this achievement by starting up a fresh campaign as Parthia, disbanding my infantry, and taking the nearest city with my remaining cavalry.
Campaign Battles Part 2
Continuation of the previous section.

Wipe Them Out… All of Them!
Win a campaign battle having completely wiped out all enemy units, a minimum of 1000 men, before claiming victory.

I got this during a settlement battle since it's much easier to surround an enemy in them than a normal land battle. Be sure to bring a good number of cavalry units to chase down all the routing units.

Steam user "Rúni" says that this can also be obtained in naval battles. When a ship sinks all units are automatically killed making getting this achievement significantly easier.

Sink more than 10 enemy ships in a single campaign battle.

The AI seems fit with making low grade units so just make a maximum size navy of your own skirmishers and try to find another navy with at least 11 units in it. Ships sink easy enough but the tough part will be finding a navy large enough to fight against.

Conquer Fear
Win a battle with nightmare mode enabled

You can get this in singleplayer custom battles. When you're on the screen where you are picking units for you and your opponent there is an option in the bottom right side of the screen to turn on nightmare mode. Check the box and win the battle to unlock this.

If you're in a campaign you can go to the options menu and then game settings and there is an option here to turn on nightmare mode.

Successfully capture one of the great cities of the ancient world, Rome, Athens, Carthage or Alexandria, in battle.
Grand Tour
Successfully capture all of the great cities of the ancient world, Rome, Athens, Carthage and Alexandria, in battle during a single campaign game.

These must all be played out on the battle map. Also, you can't get these as Rome, Carthage, Athens, or Egypt unless you can find a way to lose the settlement you start the game with (civil war is a good way to do this). I recommend going for these as a faction that doesn't start with one of the required cities so you don't have to rely on another faction taking your city. This can also be a bit buggy. I didn't get this achievement until 3 turns after I captured the last city. Coincidentally I also captured the final settlement in the province the same turn that this unlocked. If you go 5 or more turns without this unlocking and you've captured all the cities, perhaps try capturing all the settlements in the province and see if it unlocks then.

Hold Your Ground!
Successfully defend an encampment, during a campaign, without losing more than 10% of your starting force.

Now unlockable, here's a guide by 1ngR that explains how to get it easily.

Sieze the Initiative!
Attack an encampment and win without losing more than 15% of your starting force.

Finding an enemy stack that is fortified will be the challenge here. Best bet is to use multiple armies to corner an AI army and if they are completely blocked off they will go into a fortified stance. For the battle itself I recommend bringing some artillery so that the AI will charge out to attack you. Also waiting until late game when you have heavily armored units is ideal for taking fewer casualties.
Faction Specific
These achievements can only be obtained while playing as a specific faction.

I Will Find a Way or Make One
As Carthage, recruit a unit of elephants.

You can either recruit a unit of elephants which will require you constructing the required buildings and researching the required technology, or you can find a region that has Elephant mercenaries and recruit a unit from there. African Elephant Mercenaries can be recruited from Libya, Phazania, and Aethipoia.

Another possibly easier way is to hire a new general and give him elephant bodyguards. Thanks to Potap for pointing this out.

Vae Victis
Sack the city of Rome as a barbarian tribe in the Grand Campaign

After winning a battle for Rome as a barbarian faction be sure to sack the city before occupying or razing it.

A League of Their Own
As Macedon, establish Athens, Epirus and Sparta as client states.

This can be difficult since there is some randomness to it. If you take the region directly south of you controlled by Epirus, Athens will declare war on you quickly leading you to have to fight a multi-front war. However, if you don't take that region there is the possibility that Athens destroys Epirus before you can subjugate them. I recommend making peace with Tylis then attacking south and taking that city from Epirus. Quickly abandon that city and move up to take Epirus' other city and subjugate them. At this point Athens will probably declare war and take the first city from you. You can then bring your army back to retake that city and then it's as simple as building up your army and marching south against Athens and Sparta and subjugating them both.

Carthago Delenda Est
As Rome, destroy the Carthaginian faction.

As Rome, be the faction to finish off Carthage. The only difficult thing about this is making sure another faction doesn't destroy them first.

Some users have said this achievement can also be obtained by making Carthage your client state.
Historical Battles
There are three other historical battles that have achievements for beating them. However, they require the purchase of DLC in order to play them so I have listed those achievements in the section dedicated to their specific DLC pack.

The Alexandrine War
Win the Battle of the Nile on normal difficulty or higher.

This is the easiest historical battle. You can just rush straight up the hill and destroy the enemy army easily. I landed my naval units to help but I don't think they were needed at all. Here's a video I recorded in February 2016:

Carthage Must Be Destroyed
Win the Siege of Carthage on normal difficulty or higher.

There are many strategies for this battle as you can really attack anywhere. I chose to take out the left flank and focus my assault on taking the victory point there. Remember to use as much of your artillery as possible, but don't waste it. As I made headway in the fight, the AI moved its units to reinforce the area, something it never did in previous versions of the game. Once you capture the first victory point, the AI will most likely move the bulk of its remaining forces to try and take it back so be preapred for this. It also provides an opportunity for you to sneak units around and capture the reamining two victory points which will be lightly defended. Here's a recording of the battle in February 2016:

Reclaiming the Desert
Win the Battle of Raphia on normal difficulty or higher.

The biggest threat here are the enemy elephants which should be your main target for all missile units. Your phalanx and cavalry units can hold their own against the enemy units but if the elephants are allowed to break through they can wreak havoc on your army quite quickly.

Use your chariots and elephants to get rear charges and make quick work of the enemy cavalry, but be sure not to lose them as they are the key to victory. Here's a recording from April 2016:

Disaster Averted
Recover at least one legionary eagle from Teutoburg Forest on normal difficulty or higher.

This Army Will Fight On
Recover at least two legionary eagles from Teutoburg Forest on normal difficulty or higher.
Masters of Germania
Recover all three legionary eagles from Teutoburg Forest on normal difficulty or higher.

You cannot win this battle. It's all about escaping and the only units that matter are your three Eagle Cohorts. The key is to keep Varus alive and use your other units to delay the mobs of enemies that come after you so that your eagles can escape.

Phalanx But No Thanks
Win the Battle of Pydna on normal difficulty or higher.

This battle has become much more difficult since the nerf of early roman units. Your lowly sword infantry will rout very quickly against the Macedonian phalanx. There used to be (maybe still is?) a major bug in this battle where the cavalry reinforcements that are supposed to come won't actually come or only part of them will come. If this happens to you, great, the battle will be much easier! The key to this battle is forcing the enemy units to either blob or split. You can try to place your army on the hill on the right side of the battlefield, but if the cavalry comes out from that direction, you will be cut off before your units can get in position.Below is a recording I made where I tried to move over to the hill but reinforcements came from both sides so i was cut off. This is just about the worst scenario you can find yourself in for this battle but you can still win. Also, if you are able to move onto the hill and the enemy has made no attempt to attack you and the cavalry has not revealed itself, just restart the battle and try again.
These achievements are obtained in either multiplayer battles or a multiplayer campaign.

Play at least 10 multiplayer battles.

Master Tactician
Play at least 50 multiplayer battles.

You can get these two against the AI as long as you start up a battle through the multiplayer battles screen. Add a password to your game so nobody joins and then add an AI opponent. Give yourself a good cavalry unit and the AI a low tier unit such as peltasts. Since the achievement only requires you to "play" a game, you can win or lose the battle.

An even faster way that may work is once you get in a multiplayer battle immediately press Escape on your keyboad and then concede defeat. I was going to test this but my achievement popped earlier than I expected. This strategy worked in Napoleon: Total War so it may very well work here as well.

Primus Inter Pares
Win a multiplayer campaign.

Self-Explanatory. This can be either a coop or head to head campaign.

Start at least 5 multiplayer campaigns.

This is a bit buggy. I unlocked this after starting about 7 or 8 campaigns and it came on the second or third turn of that campaign. If you don't get it after exactly 5 campaigns, just keep playing and you should get it after a few more. There might be a minimum number of turns that you have to play for the campaign to count so try to play at least 5 turns for each player before winning if you're having trouble. Also, you don't have to host the campaign to get this achievement. My co-op partner and I got this at the same time.

The Lost Eagle
Defeat someone who already has this achievement in any multiplayer battle.

This is your typical "six degrees" achievement. Just beat someone who has already unlocked it in a custom or quick battle.

Field Commander
Win a quickmatch land multiplayer battle.

Quickmatch battles aren't as popular as custom battles so you might have trouble finding an opponent. I recommend going for this after you've played the game for quite some time so you have a better chance of winning. If you want to get this with a friend you can both install the same mod and then search for a game and you should get matched with each other since the game sees you as both using the "same version."
Grand Campaign Factions Wins
All of these achievements are awarded for beating the Grand Campaign as the respective factions. If you do this in singleplayer it will take quite some time. However, if you wish to speed things up, you can find a partner and play a multiplayer head to head campaign. I'll detail that strategy below:

When one player is eliminated from the game, the other player automatically wins. You can abuse this stipulation in order to get fast and easy wins as every faction. The following guide details how to get them quickly in the Grand Campaign but the general strategy will work for all campaigns. Have the person who is designated to win pick any faction they want. Have the player who is selected to lose pick Sparta. Both players should raise the difficulty to Legendary to increase the hostility of the AI. When you're in the game the Sparta player should disband all their armies and generals and destroy all the building they can in their city. Once that is done they should declare war on Athens. Everytime I have played this, Athens has immediately attacked and destroyed Sparta. Using this strategy you can finish a campaign every 5 minutes or so.

An alternate method to get these achievements in multiplayer head to head campaigns by StC-Djak:
"The person that wants the achievement has to be the host. The guest has to pick a faction that goes first in the turn order, and leave on his first turn.

*Important* : The host must not accept the dialog box that appears after the guest leaves the game (''The client has left the game''). After a few seconds, victory will be achieved."

Since you can use this trick to easily get any of these achievements, I'm not going to go into detail on how to win as each specific faction in singleplayer.

Roma Invicta
Complete a campaign as Rome.

British Empire
Complete a campaign as the Iceni.

Alexander's Legacy
Complete a campaign as Macedon.

The New Hannibal
Complete a campaign as Carthage.

Getae In!
Complete a campaign as the Getae.

Pharaoh of the World
Complete a campaign as Egypt.

Heir of Mithridates
Complete a campaign as Pontus.

The New Xerxes
Complete a campaign as Parthia.

Furor Germanicus
Complete a campaign as the Suebi.

Complete a campaign as the Arverni.

Megas Basileus
Complete a campaign as the Seleucid Empire.

Baktria to the Future
Complete a campaign as Baktria.

A Trip Around the Earth
Complete a campaign as Massilia.

Greatest Armenia
Complete the Grand Campaign as Armenia.
Imperator Augustus Faction Wins
These are awarded for beating the Imperator Augustus Campaign as the respective factions. You can do this in either singleplayer or multiplayer head to head campaigns.

Princeps Civitatis
Complete the Imperator Augustus campaign as Octavian's Rome.

Pompeius Magnus
Complete the Imperator Augustus campaign as Pompey's Rome.

No More the Fool
Complete the Imperator Augustus campaign as Lepidus's Rome.

A Plain, Blunt Man
Complete the Imperator Augustus campaign as Antony's Rome.

Glory of the Father
Complete the Imperator Augustus campaign as Egypt.

King of Kings
Complete the Imperator Augustus campaign as Parthia.

Tigranes Magnus
Complete the Imperator Augustus campaign as Armenia.

Bellum Germanicum
Complete the Imperator Augustus campaign as the Marcomanni.

Andraste's Way or the Highway!
Complete the Imperator Augustus campaign as Iceni.

Champions of Zalmoxis
Complete the Imperator Augustus campaign as Dacia.
Make War, Not Love 2
These achievements are date specific.The event is now over but you can still obtain the achievements by changing the date and time on your computer to the requirements in the achievement descriptions. Remember that they go by GMT, so your local time may differ.

*This process still works as of February 2016 - thanks to Freitag for confirming this.

Company of Zeroes, more like…
Win a single battle during MWNL2 (any battle type in single player campaign, or multiplayer campaign), between 00:01GMT on 12/02/2015 to 23:59 GMT on 15/02/2015.

Win a battle during the Make War, Not Love event to unlock this. The battle must be played out on the battle map. Auto-resolve does not count.

A Relic of the Past
Declare war on a faction in Single player or Multiplayer Campaign during MWNL2, between 00:01GMT on 12/02/2015 to 23:59 GMT on 15/02/2015.

Declare war on a faction during the Make War, Not Love event.

Make War, Not Love
Win at least one battle (any battle type in single player campaign, or multiplayer campaign) on 14/02/2015, Valentine’s Day.

Win a battle on Valentine's Day.
Greek States
These achievements require the purchase of the Greek States Culture Pack.

This is Sparta!
Complete a campaign as Sparta.

Philosopher King
Complete a campaign as Athens.

Heir of Pyrrhus
Complete a campaign as Epirus.

These achievements are awarded for completing the Grand Campaign or a multiplayer campaign as the respective factions.
Nomadic Tribes
These achievements require the purchase of the Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack.

Put On Your Red Light
Complete a campaign as the Roxolani.

We Can’t Axe for More
Complete a campaign as the Massagetae.

My Kingdom for a Horse
Complete a campaign as Royal Scythia.

These achievements are awarded for completing the Grand Campaign or a multiplayer campaign as the respective factions.
Caesar in Gaul
These achievements require the purchase of the Caesar in Gaul Campaign Pack.

That’s my Boii
Complete a campaign as the Boii.

Struck a Nervii
Complete a campaign as the Nervii.

Anatolia Not to Come
Complete a campaign as the Galatians.

These achievements are awarded for completing the Grand Campaign or a multiplayer campaign as the respective factions.

Bello Gallico
Complete the entire Caesar in Gaul campaign.

This is awarded for completing the Caesar in Gaul campaign in singleplayer or multiplayer as any faction.

The Gallic War
Win the Battle of Alesia on normal difficulty or higher.

Awarded for beating the Battle of Alesia historical battle on at least normal difficulty. This is one of the more difficult battles. There can be some luck involved that determines which openings the AI will attempt to go through, but it is generally quite consistent. Here's a recording I made of the battle in April 2016:
Hannibal at the Gates
These achievements require the purchase of the Hannibal at the Gates Campaign Pack.

Celtiberia Victorious
Complete a campaign as the Arevaci.

Fast & Lusitani
Complete a campaign as the Lusitani.

Complete a campaign as Syracuse.

These achievements are awarded for completing the Grand Campaign or a multiplayer campaign as the respective factions. You cannot get these in the Hannibal at the Gates campaign.

Complete the Hannibal at the Gates campaign as Rome.

Ba'al-Hammon Be Praised
Complete the Hannibal at the Gates campaign as Carthage.

Get Heiro, Baby
Complete the Hannibal at the Gates campaign as Syracuse.

In The Name Of Cariociecus
Complete the Hannibal at the Gates campaign as the Lusitani.

Arevaci Ascendant
Complete the Hannibal at the Gates campaign as the Arevaci.

These achievements are awarded for beating the Hannibal at the Gates campaign in singleplayer or multiplayer as the respective factions.

Pincer Movement
Win the Battle of Cannae on normal difficulty or higher.

The battle of Cannae historical battle is quite basic. Defeat the enemy cavalry that attacks with your own spears and cavalry. Then engage your infantry with theirs and use your remaining cavalry to get rear charges on the enemy units. Here's a video if you're still struggling:

The Punic War
Win the Battle of Zama on normal difficulty or higher.

This battle isn't too difficult. Start by moving your army back towards to treeline behind you while keeping your missile units up ahead. Engage the charging elephants with your missiles and then brace for the impending infantry assault. You have move units so the battle boils down to a hammer and anvil war of attrition. Here's a recording I made from February 2016:
Pirates & Raiders
These achievements require the purchase of the Pirates & Raiders Culture Pack.

Thrace for Impact
Complete a campaign as the Odrysian Kingdom.

Comontorios Eternal
Complete a campaign as Tylis.

Hoist the Colours!
Complete a campaign as the Ardiaei.

These achievements are awarded for completing the Grand Campaign or a multiplayer campaign as the respective factions.
Black Sea Colonies
These achievements require the purchase of the Black Sea Colonies Culture Pack.

A Colchis Goodbye
Complete a campaign as Colchis.

“No, I’m Spartacus!”
Complete a campaign as Cimmeria.

Pergamon Champion
Complete a campaign as Pergamon.

These achievements are awarded for completing the Grand Campaign or a multiplayer campaign as the respective factions.
Wrath of Sparta
These achievements require the purchase of the Wrath of Sparta Campaign Pack.

Heart & Soul
Complete the Wrath of Sparta campaign as Korinthos.

Where Ares Dances
Complete the Wrath of Sparta campaign as the Boiotian League.

Spartan Supremacy
Complete the Wrath of Sparta campaign as Sparta.

The Golden Age
Complete the Wrath of Sparta campaign as Athenai.

These achievements are awarded for completing the Wrath of Sparta campaign in singleplayer or multiplayer as the respective factions.
Empire Divided
These achievements require the Empire Divided Campaign Pack unless otherwise noted.

Almost Famous
Win a campaign without ever reforming to the Empire government type.

This can be completed without the campaign pack. Complete a campaign without changing your government to an Empire. This can be done in the main and Empire Divided campaigns. I am not sure if it can be done in any other campaigns. I found this easy as the Gothi in Empire Divided.

*Thanks to Roberto_de_Artois for confirming you do not need the DLC for this.

Mr. Super-Clean
Complete the Empire Divided campaign without allowing an outbreak of Plague in one of the regions you control.

I don't know what constitutes a plague outbreak, but I had around five messages that I had plagues in my Gothi campaign and still unlocked this at the end.

Complete the heroic event chains for all five heroic factions (Rome, Gallic Rome, Palmyra, the Gothi and the Sassanids).

These are just story events that automatically occur without your input as you play each respective faction. These don't last too long and you'll definitely finish them by the time you complete a campaign as each faction.

Asking for Trouble
Survive 100 banditry events in the Empire Divided campaign.

This could also say "receive 100 banditry events." As far as I am aware you always "survive" these events. These become unavoidable later in a campaign and you get so many that it should only take you 2-3 campaigns to unlock this.

Unitas in Varitete
Upgrade all three cults to their maximum level in a single region during the Empire Divided campaign.

Wait until you've won a campaign then build all three in the same city. Note that region = city, not a whole province.

Romanus Maximus
Complete the Empire Divided campaign as the Gothi.

A little rough at the start due to unhappiness and only owning minor settlements. Ally Buri and give military access so they can distract Rome. Combine your two armies and take out Heruli ASAP. Take it slow to maintain happiness, but eventually take out Bosporou and sign a NAP with the Alani to secure your eastern flank. Take out the Roxolani (if they still exist) and then start rolling a weakened Rome. It's very easy to confederate with the Gothi once you start fighting Rome, but be careful as each confederation will bring in new generals and politicians of other parties which can tank your own influence and lead to civil war.

The Great Pretender
Complete the Empire Divided campaign as Gallic Rome.

Queen of the Orient
Complete the Empire Divided campaign as Palmyra.

There Can Be Only One
Complete the Empire Divided campaign as the Caledoni.

Restitutor Orbis
Complete the Empire Divided campaign as Rome.

Unite the Tribes
Complete the Empire Divided campaign as the Marcomanni.

Horse Called 'War'
Complete the Empire Divided campaign as the Alani.

Winds of Change
Complete the Empire Divided campaign as the Saxoni.

Unity is Power
Complete the Empire Divided campaign as Armenia.

King of All Kings
Complete the Empire Divided campaign as the Sassanid Empire.
Desert Kingdoms
These achievements require that you own the Desert Kingdoms Culture Pack unless otherwise noted.

Mater Patriae
Complete a campaign with a female faction leader.

This can be completed without the DLC.

Warrior Queen of the Iceni
Win a battle with Boudica.

This can be completed without the DLC. When playing as the Iceni, Boudica will show up around 47 AD. This is quite late in the Grand Campaign, so consider playing the Imperator Augustus campaign since it begins in 41 BC. You must play this battle out, do not auto-resolve.

You can also unlock this if you happen to randomly get a general named Boudica at any time in a campaign and use her to command an army. Thanks to Roberto_de_Artois for discovering this.

The Spice Must Flow
Complete a campaign as Saba.

Of Gold and Gods
Complete a campaign as Kush.

Sacred Petra
Complete a campaign as Nabatea.

Rise of Numidia
Complete a campaign as Masaesyli.
Rise of the Republic (WiP)
These achievements require that you own the Rise of the Republic pack unless otherwise noted.

Old School Republic
Have a general that has been both a consul and dictator.

Only obtainable as Rome during the Rise of the Republic campaign.

Scythian Legend
Acquire the "Plough and Yoke", "Axe", and "Bowl" skills with a single character.

Bloody Murder
Kill or wound 300 characters with Champion actions.

Great Dynasty
Expand your family to include 100 characters.

Warring States
Help either Sparta, Corinth, or Athens to win the war.

Etruscan Megapolis
Develop all buildings in the Etruscan capital to level 6.

Conquered Carthage Before it was Cool
Capture the city of Carthage in the Rise of the Republic Campaign.

Carthage starts as the most powerful faction in the campaign. Luckily, they also start out at war with four nations. Attacking Carthage early is desirable due to the Port of Carthago building there that provides insane bonuses. Capture this and you will not have to worry about money for the remainder of your campaign. Carthage does start with access to elite Sacred Band units so it will not be easy to take. Syracuse likely has the best opportunity to take the city as they have a strong start, easy expansion, are within close proximity to Carthage, and have destroying Carthage as a campaign victory condition anyway. The battle for the city can be auto-resolved.

Rome in Flames
Win both campaign battles in Rise of the Republic, and capture Rome as a non-Roman faction.

When you siege Rome you will have to fight two unique battles in order to capture the city. Fight both of these on the battle map to get this.

Make Syracuse Great Again
Complete the Rise of the Republic campaign as Syracuse.

Second Founder of Rome
Complete the Rise of the Republic campaign as Rome.

Complete the Rise of the Republic campaign as the Insubres.

The Tower of Power
Complete the Rise of the Republic campaign as the Iolei.

Linen Legionnaire
Complete the Rise of the Republic campaign as the Samnites.

Complete the Rise of the Republic campaign as Taras.

Gallia Italiana
Complete the Rise of the Republic campaign as the Senones.

My Kingdom for a Horse
Complete the Rise of the Republic campaign as the Veneti.

Tomb Maker
Complete the Rise of the Republic campaign as Tarchuna.
Thank you for using my guide! I hope it has helped you in your quest to get most of the achievements in Total War: Rome II! If you have any questions, comments, or corrections, please feel free to let me know!
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JudgeXIII Dec 24, 2019 @ 4:36am 
i'm looking for some 1 who has attila tw wanna try this achievment in multiplayer , it seems bugged on sp

As the Huns, obtain a state gift of 2,000 from the Romans.
puupke Sep 26, 2019 @ 6:34am 
Can confirm bloody murder achievement must be done in one campaign, for anyone looking for it.
DimitrisS.Gk Sep 20, 2019 @ 12:15pm 
very helpful guide
Agent 47 Apr 8, 2019 @ 9:00pm 
Et tu…? is broken on the current patch u have to roll back the game to a older patch 16 worked for me
JudgeXIII Mar 24, 2019 @ 4:40am 
all achievements Can be obtained.

i got every single one of them.
The Milkman  [author] Mar 14, 2019 @ 1:58pm 
Great, thanks!
Roberto_de_Artois Mar 13, 2019 @ 10:05pm 
Curiously, I just received the achievement of Boudica, and looks a bit random; I get a character with that name by marriage, approx turn 116-118, without good stats or anything who make she special (at least, a non generic portrait). I choosed she for command a army only for the name ("maybe I can get the achievement", I though), and it worked. PD: I fought the battle commanding the army
Roberto_de_Artois Mar 13, 2019 @ 9:36am 
@The Milkman I think yes, but I can confirm only for "Mater Patriae"
The Milkman  [author] Mar 13, 2019 @ 8:22am 
@Roberto_de_Artois Awesome thank you! Do you happen to know if this is the same for the female leader achievements without owning the Desert Kingdoms DLC? Winning a campaign with female leader and winning a battle with Boudica?
Roberto_de_Artois Mar 12, 2019 @ 7:20pm 
@The Milkman Yes, you can get "Almost famous" without buy Empire Divided. I unlock that achievement atfeb 2018 (I buy the DLC on nov 2018)