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Highschool of the Zed - Survival Guide
By CCL sama
This guide will reveal all the details of the map, explains useful tactics and helps you to complete every objective.
Don't read this guide if you don't want to get spoiled! My english is not the best so write me a comment below if something needs to be corrected :)
Map Stats
Possible escape routes
Random drops for Route 01 (Inside)
42 Weapon spawns
72 Ammo spawns
42 Weapon spawns
72 Ammo spawns
42 Weapon spawns
72 Ammo spawns
42 Weapon spawns
72 Ammo spawns
Random drops for Route 02 (Outside)
48 Weapon spawns
90 Ammo spawns
48 Weapon spawns
90 Ammo spawns
48 Weapon spawns
90 Ammo spawns
48 Weapon spawns
90 Ammo spawns
Max drops for Route 01 (Inside)
40 Weapons
70 Ammo
35 Weapons
60 Ammo
30 Weapons
45 Ammo
30 Weapons
50 Ammo
Max drops for Route 02 (Outside)
40 Weapons
75 Ammo
40 Weapons
65 Ammo
35 Weapons
50 Ammo
35 Weapons
55 Ammo
First Aid Kit Drops
4 - 5
3 - 4
2 - 3
2 - 3
Melee Weapon Drops
Explosive Drops
5 - 6
4 - 5
4 - 5
7 - 8
Automatic fireams
Balanced weapon/ammo spawns
Less ammo but more melee weapons
Slow loading weapons, less ammo but strong melee weapons and more explosives
Route random changes
Trap Events
Scary Events
0 - 5
0 - 5
0 - 5
0 - 5
Misc. Route 01
402 - 522 zombies and no riot zombies at the finale
456 - 576 Zombies
456 - 576 Zombies
456 - 576 Zombies
Misc. Route 02
Weaponset at mapspawn
Survivors will get random weaponset at mapspawn:

Chance to spawn
29 - 43
29 - 43
29 - 43
Compound Bow
2 - 7
Objectives Overview
Act I First Floor Overview
Those symbols on the map overviews only show the possible spawnpoints on those objects.

Custom interactions: You can turn on the lights and off in the care taker room.
Act I Part 1 - The safe room
You will spawn at the student council room. It is the safest place in this school, pick up some weapons and ammo that are lying around. You can go out by moving out the crates and the shelf away to unlock the door or by breaking the barricade on the vent. Just climb up and press forward, the player will automatically climb up to the vent.
TIP: You can't go back anymore if you are outside the safe room so take everything you need there!

Custom interactions: The NPC survivors in this room can speak if you are very close to them. The speech they are doing are random and they can turn into zombies when a player-zombie attacks them. It is possible to turn the snoring guy into a zombie too. All you have to do is to command a NPC zombie to attack it.
Act I Part 2 - Main Hall
You are in the main hall now and all the brainless zombies wants a bite from you!
The first encounter with the zed is a real challenge! Think fast and aim good!

I will share you the tactics and know-how that I mostly use it in hard or extreme mode, I will mark those tactical sections throughout the walkthrough with the word COMBAT.

The size of the zombie horde depends on the objectives and randomness.

Tactics and tips I: This the best tactic that I mostly use when I play it on extreme but it works on any difficulty. The main focus here is stealth, so don't do anything that will attract the zombies outside and don't try to break the barricade! If you have a loud weapon at the start (sniper, revolver, mossberg, blr etc.) then you are ready to go. If you also found a grenade or an IED, then you are very lucky :) So the first step is to move out the crates and the shelf and go out. The first thing you do in the main hall is to shoot but if you have an IED then plant it on the ground first! It doesn't matter where you shoot, all it matters is the loud sound that will bait all the zombies to the spot you are standing but if a zombie is walking close to the ladder you are better off at shooting it down first or it will follow you. Run to the ladder and climb up to the secretary roof and watch the show. All the zed are going to the spot where you make that loud sound. You can silently scavange around now or activating the IED and watch the firework :D You can also throw a grenade with a smile in the face haha.

Tactics and tips II: If you have a good aim, try to gun down as much zed as you can and if it's too much, climb on the ladder which is outside the secretary room. You will have enough time to break the barricade on the window since the zombies needs a longer time to reach the roof then humans do. Break the barricade jump down to the secretary and kill everything on sight. Search for loot, break the barricade on the door, go out and try to kill the rest.

Tactics and tips III: You can go to the restroom which has a good middle range corridor, if you have a good aim and enough bullets you can gun down every incoming zed without alerting all of them.

Tactics and tips IV: Run for your life and go to the second foor. The stairs are always zed free, you will have a good distance to kill the incoming zed. You can always try to escape by sliding or jumping down if it is too much.
Act I Part 3 - Keys & Main Objective
After you secured the area you might already found some keys which will unlock the doors in the first floor. The location of the keys are random on each playthrough, the same goes to the objectives.

There are 5 location that may spawn the keys:
  • Restroom
  • Secretary
  • Above the storage room
  • Care Taker Room
  • Cafeteria
If you got everything in this area then it's time to move on to the second floor but what is this!? A big bloody blockade that is blocking the entrance to the second floor. Well, how about the third floor then... ok it's blocked too but depending on the objective you will see a overheated pipe a or short pipe which I will explain it later in this guide.

Scavenging food
Ok it's time for the main objective which is to scavenge food to build up more strength in order to break the blockade on the second floor. They look like food cans and is scattered over the whole first floor area. There are in total 16 possible food cans spawns. It will randomly spawn 12 food cans on each round but you only need 10 of them.

Location of the food cans:
  • Restroom
  • Above the Secretary
  • Above the storage room
  • In the Library on the dead corpse.
  • Cafeteria
  • Under the stairs
  • In the study area
  • In the break area behind the vending machine

If you found enough food, head to the blockade and melee it constantly until it breaks. Time to move on to Act II.

*Sometimes you can't go into the cafeteria due to a lockdown. Read Act I Part 3.5 for more info.
Act I Part 3.5 - Powerbox Objective
It looks like we have a problem here. If you think logically where to find food then the first stop would be the cafeteria. Try to look around and you will eventually see a vent that will lead you to the cafeteria storage. You will see a powerbox, check it out... it looks like it's broken. Let's try to find a toolbox to repair the powerbox.

The toolbox
There are 3 possible toolbox spawns in the map but only 1 will appear on each round. The toolbox will act like an actual item, only the player who got the toolbox can repair the powerbox. Don't worry if the player who picked up the toolbox just suddenly left the server. It will respawn in every 3 min. on the spot where the player has picked it.

Possible toolbox spawns:
  • In the library on the dead body
  • Care Taker Room
  • Store Room

Go back to the powerbox if you find the toolbox. Look on the ground, there is a little helper which shows where to put down the toolbox. Just press on the powerbox after you put it down on the ground you will see some tool above the powerbox which means that it is on repair mode. Don't move and wait until the powerbox is repaired. The lights are working again and the lockdown is disabled. You can go in the cafeteria and grab the keys which are on the table and find the remaining food cans.
Act II Second Floor Overview

Custom interactions: Stay alert mate! There are 3 scary events in this location, go to the scary events section for more spoiled information. Near the nurse room is a barricaded door, you can break it and remove the metal bar by pressing the action button (E) to unlock the doors.
Act II Part 1 - Second Floor
Before you proceed to the second floor don't forget to go to the 3rd floor to activate the next main objective first. At the beginning on the second floor hallway you will see some zombies but they are really far away.

Tactics and tips I: One of the best and safest tactic is to use your sniper if you found one and snipe those zombies down. They won't find your position since you are very far away from them.

Tactics and tips II: If you don't have a sniper then try to scavenge everything until you are close enough to shoot them. Since the hallway is very long you won't have any problem to fall back, just keep a safe distance between those things and you will survive.

!! Please be careful when you explore the restroom near class 4-B, there are a lot of zombies nearby and since you need to shoot to kill the ones in the restroom the others will hear it and come to you... so get out of the restroom before your way get blocked from the zombies !!

After you cleared the hallway and explored the area you will eventually find a locked door with an electronic lock plus a keypad. Sometimes the keypad is broken which means you only need the keycard to open that door but that depends on the objective.

Read Act II Part 1.5 if there are leaking gases coming out of the pipes on the third floor, if not then move on to Act II Part 2.
Act II Part 1.5 - Shutdown the pipesystem
So it appears that you need the keycard and the right keycode for the keypad to unlock the server room.

The keycard
There are 4 possible keycard spawns but only 2 keycards will be spawned each round.

Possible keycard locations:
  • Classroom 4-B
  • IT-Classroom
  • Classroom 5-B
  • Nurse room

The keycode
It is time to find the keycode when you found the keycard. Well, if you had a keycode where would you store it? Yub, normally in a computer. There are 4 potential computer where you might find the keycode. Each computer has a 50/50 chance to get the keycode. All you have to do is to turn on the PC, then the monitor and wait until you searched the computer.

Possible potential computers that might have the keycode:
  • IT-Classroom
  • Nurse room
  • Secretary (First Floor)
  • Library (First Floor)

Shutdown the pipesystem
Good job so far! Go to the server room and use your keycard and the right keycode to unlock the door. Your next step is to shutdown the pipesystem. Go to the highlighted server frame and press on it. You will automatically trying to find the right pipesystem and shut it down for good, just wait until it's done.

The jump duck mini challenge
You can reach the pipe with a cool jump duck now. It won't hurt you anymore when you are standing on those pipes since you shut down the pipesystem.

Some player really have a hard time to complete this challenge but all you need to do is to climb on the rail, go a little back and run until you think it's time to jump and after the jump hold the crouch button and tada! You are on the pipe! Gratz! You have completed Act II, let's move on to Act III.

I even created a picture for those who needs more info to complete this challenge:

Act II Part 2 - Find the ladder
It seems that the keypad is busted which means that you only need the keycard to unlock the server room. Well, you need something to reach the pipes. The best tool for it would be a ladder.

Find the ladder
There are 2 possible ladder spawns but only 1 will be spawned each round but only if you get this objective of course. It has the same feature like the toolbox and it respawns in 3 min if no one placed the ladder yet. You need to climb up on something first in order to grab the ladder.

Possible ladder locations:
  • Server Room which require the keycard
  • Nurse Room - You need to open the medical storage with the keycard first

Time to go back but the way is long... let's find another way to the pipes. The barricade entrance near the nurse room looks breakable. Destroy the barricade and move out the metal bar by pressing the action key. Good! You just created a shortcut. Now place the ladder near the pipe, you will see a little helper that shows you where the place it. Gratz! Now climb up to Act III.
Act III Third Floor Overview

Custom interactions: Be careful mate! There are two traps in this area, go to the trap events section for more spoiled information.

There is a lightswitch in the cooking room...
Act III - Third floor
You are now inside the shaft... can you hear the moaning already? So try to calm down and don't shoot or they will crawl their way in! Crouch your way through the shaft until you see the chemical storage and break the vent to get out. There is always 1 zombie in the chemical storage and the door is always locked but breakable.

Tactics and tips: Kill the zombie with any gun and it will alert all the zombies in and outside the laboratory, so plan you next move fast before they break the door and overrun you with a riot zombie if you are unlucky. You can shoot through the window to kill incoming zombies or through the hole from the door.

You are still alive huh? Ok let's go to the laboratory, the door to the hallway is locked. You need to jump through the window. You are now in the hallway, be careful though... on the next corner lurks the next threat. Time to clean up the hallway, remember to always keep a safe distance.

Sometimes you need a boltcutter to continue your adventure.
There are 2 possible spawnpoint on the third floor:
  • Restroom
  • Technical Store Room

When you cleared the area, scavenge everything that seems to be useful. In the technical room you will sometimes find a nailgun. There is only 1 nailgun on each round so think twice before your ignore this handy tool.

Follow the hallway, it leads to the fourth floor but be careful when you go through to the spot between the cooking and restroom. It is pitch black there, use your flashlight and stay alert!

* There is a lot of changes since the big HOTZ² update that added a secondary escape route.
Read HOTZ² Act III - Third floor - Second Route Edition if the windows are opened in the home economics classroom
Act IV Fourth Floor/Roof Overview

Custom interactions: You can open the rollerdoor of the garage by pressing the button near the rollerdoor.
Act IV - Fourth Floor
You are now in the fourth floor and can hear the moaning again. Prepare to fight!

Tactics and tip: Please fall back if it's too much for you since the room is rather small and don't try to shoot when they are standing on the stairs if you have a bad aim since it is much harder to hit them.

Depending on the objective, the entrance to the roof will be open or not. Move on to Act V if the entrance is open.

Oh noes! It looks like the entrance to the roof is blocked! Let's go to the stairs, maybe it will lead us out... Damn looks like a dead end... BUT wait! the wall looks weak in the renovation room, so your best bet is to blow up the wall to get out to the roof area.

Blow up the wall
What you need to blow up a wall => Possible spawnpoints
  • Stack of papers x5 => Office
  • Gasoline => Technical storage room, Laboratory
  • Propane tank => Kitchen storage room (may trigger an event in kitchen 30 % chance), Laboratory

You will see all those cute little helpers on the table that shows you where to place all those stuff.
Just press on the action key [E] to put those stuff on the table if you found everything.
I hope that everything is in place. Now press on the paper stack to ignite them and keep a safe distance. I made the explosion very player friendly (very low dmg) but the fire may kill you if you go to close... Take a break, watch the awesome blow effect and prepare for the battle! A lot of zombies on the roof will try to find a way to the hole, you can go out but don't jump down yet (too risky)! Defend this spot and fall back if it's too much. After this bloody mess, I think it's time for a walk outside :)
Act V Part 1 - Roof
Mhhmm fresh air! You are finally outside! Ok at least on the roof :)

Look around and grab every you need, you might already have found a red keycard and noticed that the gate to the next building is locked.There are 2 red keycard lying around, the possible location are:
  • Principal's Office
  • In the garage
  • Outside the garage near the blue glowsticks
  • On the construction checkpoint (Red container)

To unlock the gate you need to enable the power first. There is a power room not far from here. Look on you left side and you will see some generators, go in there and turn right, it looks like someone ripped a fence off. Move forward and you will see the power room eventually.

Power switches
Inside the power room you will see a locked power switch which needs the red keycard to unlock it.
Use the keycard and press on the power button. The power is on, in order to unlock the gate you have to switch on the remaining generators outside. There are 4 buttons that needs to be pressed to power up the gate.
Act V Part 2 - Fix the army radio
Go through the unlocked gate, go to the stairs first and check for more supplies, there is sometimes a first aid kit there on the red tent. So far so good, now go back and move on through the open gate on the left and just go along the way until you see a door. The door leads to the astronomic club, you will find a broken army radio if you go up, press on the radio for the next objective.

Fix the cables
Hmm the radio is not totally busted, only the cables... where would you find something that could replace the cables? Well, for starters try to look at the dumbsters or in the warehouse. The first time when you go through the gate you may have noticed the small power box. If not, go to the small power box first and press and the button. This will power up the power-system for this old building. Follow the way where you found the door which leads to the radio. Don't go in and follow the way until you see a rollerdoor. There is a button near the rollerdoor but it's out of power. If you go further you will see some generators. Turn on the generators so you can open the rollerdoor which leads you to the warehouse where sometimes can find a nailgun there.

You may find a pay phone on those locations. Press on one of them and here we go, cables! Time to go back and repair the radio by pressing on it and wait until it's done. (pay phone => same feature like toolbox or ladder with 3 min respawn)
Final Act - The hold out!
Please prepare for the finale first before you press the radio again since it will start a hold out objective until escape, so choose your defend point wisely and arm yourself well.

If you press on the radio you will call for help. A rescue team will help you to escape but it will take a while. Turning on the lightspot will help them find you faster which means it will reduce the hold out time!

Spotlights & Hold out time
After the phonecall you will get 2 min prepare time for the hold out. Use this breaktime to turn on the power for spotlights first. Just follow the objective marker, it is in the warehouse but upstairs. You will see a panel there, press on it and move on the spotlights. There are in total 5 spotlights, each spotlight will reduce 1 min hold out time. The hold out time will be 12 min long if you don't want to press on the spotlights. You could also do that after you killed all the zombies too since the spawns are not infinite but it could be risky if you don't have enough bullets for all of them.

Spotlights locations:
Upstairs the warehouse is a ladder which lead to roof. You will see 3 spotslights there. You can only turn them on if you are close enough, you can only turn them on if the glow on them changes to green.
  • Turn on the lowest one by pressing the action key [E].
  • Turn on the middle one by jumping and pressing the action key [E].
  • Turn on the highest one by climbing on the border of the tower and jump to reach it while pressing the action key [E] when it glows green.
The left picture shows you the spotlights location. They are marked with a yellow dot. The green H button is the spot where the pilot will land. Turn on the 2 remaining one and prepare your fight!


Tactical option I: If you want to be really safe and the entrance to the roof is not blocked. Go back to the laboratory and defend that spot. Zombies will need much longer to reach you but watch your back! They are coming from every direction.

Tactical option II: Barricade yourself with the nailgun inside the tower and defend that spot.
Zombies will have a hard time to move in since the door doesn't offer so much space for everyone.

Tactical option III: Barricade yourself with the nailgun inside the warehouse and defend that spot. This is a little more challenging. Zombies will keep coming from upstairs and on the entrance but you have the planks here for you nailgun.

Tactical option IV: Go outside near the garage and kill everything that move. Nice challenge but you have to stay alert all the time or the zombies will get you from behind and you are an easy target for the player zombies.

Tactical option V: Defend the spot where the helicopter will land. You need at least one more player to secure the area. Zombie will climb up near the red tent so make sure to defend that spot.

Tactical option VI: Go above the warehouse climb up on the ladder and defend that spot.
You need more then 2 players to defend all the climbing spots but all the zombies needs to climb up first and that is a plus. Be careful the ladder is breakable by the zombies. If one of you teammates falls down he can't go up there anymore...

Don't go crazy if you hear the next message sound! The helicopter needs a little time to land down. Calm down and kill the incoming zombies first, run only to the heli if you are out of bullets or when you think that you can handle those zombies just fine. I hope you remember where it lands or just follow the objective marker on your phone.

The heli will land down nearby the red glowstick, upstairs the old building where the red tent is. That's it! You escaped! Thanks for reading, I hope you had a great time and thanks for playing! Don't forget to rate it up if you like this guide :) See ya next time!
HOTZ² Act III - Third floor - Second Route Edition
Welcome to the Second Route Edition also known as HOTZ²! You can find 2 nailguns in the 3rd floor! Sometimes in the technical room and sometimes in the restrooms. A hint will be given if you picked up a nailgun which reminds you to take the wooden boards too. This item is absolutely necessary if you want to continue your journey!

The way out
There is 30 % chance that zombies attack you from above if you go to the economic room, so stay alert! If you go the home economics room you will notice some blue glowsticks on the ground which leads you to outside! Just jump out the window and enjoy the environment :) Look under the bridge. There is a lot of zombies walking around! You can try to snipe them down if you want to.

The broken bridge
Now go a little further and you will see a hole. Jump down there and you will be back to the second floor BUT this time you have a nailgun with you and some wooden boards! Do you know what we have to do next?... Yes! Let's seal the gap with the wooden boards and now you are able to cross to the other side! (If you have issues with building the bridge: Just do it like how you do the barricading, hold the left MB until you find the right spot so it doesn't break the barricading animation and you are done.)

Good job mate! The nailgun is more useful than you thought right? Well, don't throw it right away after that. You may need it later again! Ok let's move on! Head straight to the next door and try to open it...
HOTZ² Act IV - Outside Overview
- Outside is more dangerous than inside! The riot zombie encounter is generally increased outside and depending on you difficulty you will see more or less of them!

- Constant zombie spawn is active outside. The constant spawn is pretty low at the beginning but once you are searching for gascans it will be increased drastically!

- Constant zombie spawn cooldown system: The constant zombie spawn has 4 cooldown phase if you activated the gascan objective. The max constant zombie spawn will be decreased on each cooldown phase which takes less than 5 minutes. There will be only a handful zombies if you survived until the last cooldown phase.
HOTZ² Act IV - Outside & Bandit Camp
Oh my gosh! Are you still alive? The ground just broke apart when you tried to open the door!
Luckily you didn't hurt yourself so much after the fall but let's forget about that and focus on your surroundings... Zombies everywhere!

The outside is very dangerous! Think twice if you encounter a riot zombie: Kill it or ignore it?
Well, depending on the difficulty you are better off if you ignore the riot zombie to safe your ammo or explosive later on for a bunch of them instead of just one.

Shooting with a sniper may attract every zombie on your area so think twice before you shoot!
Only use melee if you are good at it to safe more ammo for later!

You can kill all the zombie mobs around you if you want since the constant zombie spawn is pretty low at the beginning but always be careful and doublecheck your blindspots because they could be everywhere!

Bandit Camp
Get out! Stay away! The first welcome message you will read if you going to the Bandit Camp.
You don't want to go there? Well, they may have a lot of stuff in their camp that alone is a good reason to take a risk.

Ok you are standing right near the fence but everything is sealed. Try to jump through the fence and infiltrate the camp. Take everything useable. You can sometimes find a healthkit, nailgun or keys in the camp. If you picked up the keys it will tell you that it belongs to the schoolbus driver which is your next objective: Find the school bus! If you haven't found the keys don't worry! It is outside somewhere. Just look at the "outside map overview" section if you can't find it.

Stuck in the Bandit Camp
After running around a while in the camp and trying to figuring out how to fire the mounted gun
you are are out of ideas how to get out of the bandit camp. Well, let's do a flashback: You where stuck once too... how did you manage to move on? Oh yes... wasn't that the bridge part with the nailgun? Hmm there was a nailgun here somewhere. Let's try it out near the fences!

...And tada! You have just built a ramp! The nailgun is so useful don't you think? Let's get the hell out of here!
HOTZ² Act V - Outside II
After you got all the cool stuff from the bandit camp you should move on until you see a schoolbus.
Don't use the key if you found it already because it will trigger the finale objective and drastically increase the zombie constant spawn.

If you triggered the finale event you need to find 5 gascans which are scattered over the whole outside area somewhere. So before that, check around outside for a boltcutter first. Sometimes
you will only find nailguns which makes the final objective harder to complete because if the zombies breaks the ramp you built then you chance to get out of there is pretty slim!
That's why you are better off by using the boltcutter on the chainlocker to open the fences before the finale.

Schoolbus key
The schoolbus key is an unique objective item. Only the survivor who got the keys can open the schoolbus. It will respawn like the other unique objective item to prevent trolling and other issues.
HOTZ² Final Act - Run & Gun or Hold out?
So here comes the finale! There is a lot tactics you can try on this finale.

Lucky situation
Oh wait! I have to mention that there is a small chance (10%) that the schoolbus has some fuel left which means that it will skip the finale and you can escape immediately. Lucky!

For starters if you play it on easy or normal. It shouldn't be that hard to hold out until the last cooldown phase but if you play on hard or extreme you may rethink about that. The risk is high, it depends on how much ammo you have left and if you are using melee too or not.

The horde is big, outrunning them is always risky! Let the horde get bigger and run away from it. Find some good escape spot to pull that off. If you succeed, you can run to the more empty area and search for the gascans.

Once you found them you have to run back and will encounter the horde again. Another risky part... If you have a grenade, use it! Throw it into the horde and create an escape chance. Run as fast as you can and try to escape the horde again.

If you are in a team, you could tell them to seperate into different direction and search for the gascans before the finale.They should just stay near the gascan and wait until the finale starts. Pick it up and run to the bus... Well, spreading out is risky too so decide it for yourself :)

That's it for now! Have fun and good luck!
Additional Content - Scary Events
Scary events are like random encounters which appear occasionally on each round to boost up the replayability of the map:

Encounter chance
40 %
44 %
40 %
40 %
40 %

Look at the map overviews for more info about their locations.
Additional Content - Trap Events
Traps events are events that will alert nearby zombies and make them very aggressive:
There are 2 of them in the third floor:

The alarm trap
In the hallway near the laboratory are two glass display cases. The alarm sound will be turned on if you break one of those glasses. Zombies will get aggressive and try to kill on sight. Look up and you will see a red glow on the alarm box. Shot it down to turn off the alarm.

The light switch
The zombies on the roof will notice you if you switch on the light in the cooking classroom. They will get very aggressive and break down the windows from above to reach the cooking classroom.
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CCL sama  [author] Aug 13 @ 2:31am 
Check Section "Act IV Fourth Floor/Roof Overview " for the Keycard symbol, those are the possible spawnpoints for the keycard.
Barley Antiox Aug 12 @ 5:22pm 
It's probably just me, but I can't find the keycards for shit. I've been scouring the map looking for them, but to no avail!
U do not kno de wae Sep 28, 2018 @ 12:27pm 
Today after my 24 play of the map I finally got an escape to the roof route, the whole inside of the school had only 1 pair of bolt cutters at the wood works area and 1 nail gun on the roof. At that point the nail gun is not very useful. All my other plays where drop from the bridge to outside and I searched the whole school 3 times in every dark corner. 3 nail guns inside and 3 more outside but when the bridge route is on for me there were never any bolt cutters. If you say I can use the nail gun then I'll try that next time.
Falcus Sep 27, 2018 @ 1:24pm 
I never did find the bolt cutters on every playthrough, but I did manage to finish it with the nailgun and wood after retrying several times thinking I needed the bolt cutters
Falcus Sep 27, 2018 @ 1:23pm 
That's what I had commented about earlier. You need to get wood and a nailgun and you build a ramp over the fence, but the positioning needs to be very specific to build it. I was stuck on the other side after jumping over the truck for a good 1-2 hours before finding that and finishing the map
U do not kno de wae Sep 27, 2018 @ 1:12pm 
Checked every inch of bandit camp and construction area outside. Spent 2 two more hours checking the outside alot of ammo, nailguns and weapons. Found the keys to the bus, found a truck I could jump on and an invisible wall with boxes and some weapons and ammo over that wall. Impossible to get back out if the gate wasn't opened with bolt cutters. According to the map there should be one in the bandit camp and 3 more in the construction area. Empty and no bolt cutters. I played the map 20 times and 20 times I checked in all the locations. In all restrooms, in the woodwork area, and outside and no bolt cutters. I would really like to win this map once. I Play this map so much I got to every scary event and trigger both trap events and still no bolt cutters. Am I just unlucky it didn't spawn or what? I have more chance finding bolt cutters by accident in the police department map.
CCL sama  [author] Sep 27, 2018 @ 9:40am 
Thx man! The good old times were the best T.T
WolfGangDealers ASMR Sep 27, 2018 @ 9:29am 
Even after 3 years yous till comment on this guide. I love it, and i love this map. Brings good memories whenever i replay it.
CCL sama  [author] Sep 27, 2018 @ 9:14am 
The Section "HOTZ² Act IV - Outside & Bandit Camp" will reveal you another solution to this problem.
U do not kno de wae Sep 26, 2018 @ 1:14pm 
Really need more spawn locations for the bolt cutter. There so many nail guns but only 2 bolt cutters? And if you can't find the rest room one and drop from the bridge how are you gonna get the gass cans outside? Come on this map is so fun. Why not spawn like 5 bolt cutters?