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Drok the Caveman DST
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Drok the Caveman DST

This is Drok the Caveman 2.0 for Don't Starve Together
Click here for Drok in Don't Starve Singleplayer!

Meet Drok
Drok is a simple minded caveman. Drok loves a good meal, he eats everything but he prefers meat over anything.
Drok is also quite afraid of monsters and evil things. He thinks they are connected with evil spirits.
When the time passes, Drok will grow a head full of hair, this is helpful to keep him warm in the winter. Since Drok is a caveman and he always had to struggle to survive, he became strong, so his attack is pretty powerful, but he needs more food than usual. His survival skills also allow him to create a useful tool: the Throwing Spear. Since Drok is a caveman he likes to create cave paintings. You can create cave paintings with some stone and Red Dye.

Meet Wigstan
As you start your adventure with Drok, you will receive a Roundish Stone. Drok can use some berries, ashes and a normal stone to create Red Dye. With some Red Dye and the Roundish Stone Drok will be able to paint a face on the stone, thus Wigstan is born. Wigstan has two stages (not counting the Roundish Stone stage).
The further you upgrade Wigstan the more Drok will like Wigstan, increasing Drok's sanity when he is close.

Drok has a large stomach.
Drok grows hair that keep him warm and can be shaved for hairs.
Drok has a quite powerful attack.
Drok is simple minded thus he has a low max sanity. (Shouldn't be too much trouble since you have Wigstan)
Drok can create cave paintings.
Drok can craft a throwing spear to hunt with, but also fight with.
Drok has completely customized speech.
Drok uses his own primitive tools!

Where to find the items?
Primitive Axe - Tool Tab
Primitive Pickaxe - Tool Tab
Primitive Shovel - Tool Tab
Red Dye - Refine Tab
Wigstan - Refine Tab
Throwing Spear - Fight Tab
Cave Paintings - Structures Tab
Winter Hide - Dress Tab

I hope you enjoy playing as Drok
If you have any suggestions let me know in the discussion tab, feedback and ideas are always welcome!
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May 31 @ 12:50am
PINNED: Troubleshooting
Space Monkey
< >
Chinese sale Apr 17 @ 8:00am 
do configuration pls
lego-master Apr 7 @ 10:13pm 
I found a glitch! If you face at the camera while holding a Suspicious Marble, Drok will have an animal face. Please fix! :steamsad:
Specter Knight Dec 8, 2018 @ 3:35pm 
@Space Monkey Droks red dye for some reason will not be craftable sometimes, i will get the animation but no item. but when i make a new world itll be working again.
Atlas Jan 21, 2018 @ 4:01pm 
booga ooga
Wilhelm Jan 21, 2018 @ 3:38pm 
ooga booga
LuisFNQ Dec 23, 2017 @ 4:21pm 
Very good character !!
The_Terrarian Dec 14, 2017 @ 7:39pm 
Yay! A mod I can use to play like I'm in Fossil falls. (You should know what that is)
Jordan Dec 1, 2017 @ 2:58pm 
@Space Monkey
Glad I could (potentially) contribute to making Drok even better!
Good luck and happy modding if you decide to get back into it
Space Monkey  [author] Dec 1, 2017 @ 7:18am 
Hey! Thank you for the kind words. 2 years is a long time ago, Drok has changed so much from when I first released him here. I'm not really working on it anymore since I got stuck making him shipwrecked compatible. Maybe I should go to the forums for help.

Anyways, the first 2 ideas seem the coolest. I might actually do the second one. Make Drok a bit weaker and increase his damage when he is near one of his cave paintings! I really like that idea, that way it will make sense to put them around your camp.

I might just get back to it. Thanks!
Jordan Nov 30, 2017 @ 9:18pm 
@Space Monkey.
Hey man! Absolutly love Drok, best mod character by far and wanted to say well done.

Realise that the mod was released 2 years ago so not sure if you're still working on it so allgood if you just ignore this. But after realising that cave paintings have no special effect and looking through some of the comments I have a few suggestions about possible uses for the rock paintings if you're still looking (other than just looking cool).

1. Some type of ward, eg scares away terrors or hounds in a very small radius like the "fear of gnomes" mod does for animals.

2. Some kind of attack buffing arua if he near (simulating a primal desire to protect his terrotory), may need to lower his regular attack to balance but you're the pro.

3. For use as a bed roll thingy where little Drok curles up into a ball next to it and goes to sleep to regain health and sanity

I don't know anything about modding/scripts so sorry if these are impossible.