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2011 Lamborghini SestoElemento
Created by SGM ツ

Q: How do I turn on the lights?

A: You can't, because it's part of an unreleased addon that I sadly can not give out because I don't have the permissions to do it.

Q: Can I request cars?

A: Yes, but theres a huge chance it won't be m...
2011 McLaren MP4-12C
Created by SGM ツ
UPDATED - 5/30/2016
entire model has been redone
hq interior textures
improved handling



Q: lights???

A: buy vcmod on scriptfodder

Q: can i request

A: no
2013 Mustang Boss 302
Created by SGM ツ
I made this vehicle with my spare time. The model is from Forza 4 and ported to GMod by me. It has a high quality interior and exterior and bodygroups for the following.
Hood - Scoop and no scoop
Decals - Boss 302 decal and no decal
Spoiler - Spoiler an...
Acoustic Guitar Prop
Created by Discopears
This is an accurate and detailed model of an acoustic guitar.

-This was my first model using Blender, it was made back in April 2011.


*Model made in Blender - Discopears
*Texture made in GIMP - Pcrodrig

--Thank you for taking a look...
Admin Ball
Created by Buu342
A Ball that when you eat, it gives you 100000 health. Have fun admins ;)...
Aimbot Gun
Created by uacnix
So, here it is- the Aimbot Gun. Kill HUNDREDS of people with a single click!
Primary: Shoot heads
AFAIK it also locks onto other players, so I hope that there wont be silly admins giving it to players :D

As U know, I'm still new to LUA and although I'...
Air-to-surface Missile
Created by Xegor
Blow up your enemies from the sky with a controllable missile!

Left click to launch a air-to-surface missile from the sky above the aimed position.
When launched, use the mouse or the movement keys to direct it, left cl...
Amnesia SNPC's
Created by Predator CZ
As prior to 2018, there are some changes.
1. Convars has been removed, everyting is editable just like any vanilla item (Going to desktop mode, right clicking on entity and selecting "edit properties"), NPC features can be changed only by admi...
Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device
Created by Bobblehead
I'm no longer offering support for this addon. Sorry, everyone! Use at your own risk.

A fully functional Portal Gun. This is by far the most eloquent and bug-free portal gun available within Garry's Mod.
Left click to sho...
ASDF Movie SWEP Pack
Created by TurtleP
A bunch of Scripted Weapons I made based on ASDF movie.

You can view the credits in-game using ASDF_SWEPPACK_Credits in the console, but here they are for convinience!


robotboy655 and MaxOfS2D - Trace for hitting an object at a d...
Created by Jake4159
Reupload !! Not made by me !...
Beta Combine Units Pack
Created by Evil Garlic
Pack includes models from Half-life 2 Beta concept arts.

Synth soldier:
+ Updated model
+ Redone textures
+ Improved shading
+ Two skins (standart/arctic)
+ Posable fingers
+ Switchable hair bodygroup
+ Switchable gun bodygroup
+ High-p...
Better Water Effects
Created by Landy

I got sick of the old water effects, so I made my own from some modified blood particle te...
Black Ops C4 (Sandbox)
Created by Hoff
If you have any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to ask or join my steam group:

This is the C4 ported directly from CoD Multiplayer.

Before asking questions in the comments, check if it's answere...
Board Pack Swep
Created by sean
A swep that throws out wooden boards with health in a fancy way.

- 1 SWEP
- Thirdperson animations and models
- Firstperson viewmodel

The swep is located in the Weapons tab called "Barricade Kit"

The map is called Gm_yopeul...
[OLD] Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Weapons Pack
Created by DethlikeSilence
PLEASE READ BEFORE COMMENTING: I am no longer working on GMod content!!!!

I am working on Black Ops 3 custom zombies instead!!! Any requests for guns and/or swep packs will NOT be accepted.

Here is an old guide on how to port weapon models into Gmod...
Chevrolet Corvette ZR1
Created by SGM ツ
I made this with my spare time. Has no bodygroups I'm sorry about that. I will be doing a contest and the winner gets to request a car. I will post more details about the contest in my group which can be found at :
Created by Sam
Watch videos with friends.

HAVE A QUESTION? Click to read the FAQ

Remember sitting down on a lazy afternoon with your friends, drinking...
Climb SWEP 2
Created by Jon a scone
My own reiteration of the original climb swep (I wrote it from scratch).
Using this SWEP you can parkour!

It comes with some cool stuff like:
Falling Effects
Wall Jumping
Prop Riding - You can grab onto props and move with them!
Ability to swit...
Dark Souls 2 - Emerald Herald (RAGDOLL ONLY)
Created by Busy calibratin`
The mysterious Emerald Herald, the gurl you need to hear a 5 line long conversation to level up!

This includes her model rigged by me, have two bodygroups (one to eliminate the clipping on her hair and one to remove her hood) and is fully poseable.

DeathStroke PlayerModel
Created by Nemohh
- From the video game "Batman Origins" i bring you Deathstroke (Also know as Slade) depending on your opinion who he is or not, in this addon he is known as deathstroke. If you think of him as Slade then so be it. If you play Batman Origins then you would ...
Destructible House
Created by TNS-Otacon
I will not tolerate hateful speech or spam in my comments any longer. Any more negative spam and hateful images will result in my withdrawal of this map. I planned on making more workshop items and fixing this one, but the toxicity of the players makes me ...
Created by Boris Johnson MP
This is not made by me, but by Robert Briscoe. A scenic dense forest map perfect for all your woodland needs.

This map requires Counter Strike Source, but nothing else.
I would like to make this perfectly clear, THERE IS NO SLENDERMAN ON THIS MAP. If y...
DOA Girls
Created by ✨Zysets✨
Ayane and Kasumi from the game series "Dead or Alive" as NPC's

Q: Can you make these into player models?
A: No, I tried but wasn't able too! If you know how to do it, leave a comment or something, and I can add you to the contributors!

Q: I s...
Drivable yacht
Created by manul
Lara's boat from Tomb raider Underworld. Two versions: one controlled from primary cockpit and one via flybridge.

- Go to vehicles tab > TRU yacht

Things changed since previous version on [url=
Explosive Entities
A tool which makes props explosive.

Damage the props you've used this toolgun on to make them explode.

To undo press z....
Easy Bodygroup Tool
Created by Rubat
An improved bodygroup tool, also supporting skins! And it works on effects too!

Right/Left click on an entity to select it.
Reload to select yourself

If the entity is highlighted with halo effect, then open context menu and ma...
FA:S 2.0 Alpha SWEPs
Created by sрy
This is the official FA:S 2.0 SWEPs pack that I worked along with the developers of the mod, to make sure that it matches their tastes.
The base is written completely from scratch.

In case you're interested, get t[]...
FakeFactory Alyx v9 [player/npc]
Created by MARK2580
This port is in my opinion the most successful versions of Alyx Vance from FakeFactory mod.
Work as a PLAYER MODEL,RAGDOLL and NPC (npc_alyx).

Port is made by me, also added hands from 1st person.
The original models - Fak[]...
Ferrari F1
Created by SGM ツ
I made this with my spare time. Has no bodygroups I'm sorry about that. I will be doing a contest and the winner gets to request a car. I will post more details about the contest in my group which can be found at :
Fiona BL Tales [player/npc]
Created by MARK2580
Texture eyes do not work - rmb o...
Fire Extinguisher
Created by Rubat
Extinguish fire! A classic fire extinguisher, just like in Half-Life 2: Beta. And it pushes physics objects too!

It uses custom ammo, which can be replenished by jumping into water or picking up another fire extinguisher....
Created by Raven
Its just better cams. you can use them by pressing 0-9 on the keypad have fun with it.
This is a map SAVE. To get the original FNAF map click on this link.

Thanks to,
Keithy - For the aw...
Five Nights at Freddy's NPCs / ENTs
Created by pillow
Five Nights at Freddy's NPCs / ENTs
Please read the description before commenting.
Includes ENTs, NPCs, Sounds, and Jumpscares.

To View Updates, please click here.
Flatgrass Pit v2
Created by TFfan92
I'm really suprised this classic map isn't on here already. I take no credit for making this....
Food Mod
Created by KoZ
Food Mod is a mod that consists of edible food that can be consumed for health. There are more than 15 different foods that people can consume which makes it perfect for roleplay or just general fun.

This is a simplified health only version of food mod....
Ford Crown Victoria Police Package
Created by SGM ツ
I made this with my spare time. Has bodygroups for the grille choices and for putting the lightbar on and off. I will be doing a contest and the winner gets to request a car. I will post more details about the contest in my group which can be found at : ht...
Forest Valley
Created by Yanzl
A small map with a spruce forest, river, waterfall and a lake.

You need Episode Two and HDR on for map to work properly.
Found under other > valley....
Freddy Fazbear's Pizza
Created by Keithy

NPCs will NOT, I repeat, will NOT be added into this map. So please stop asking about NPCs, thank you.

***Please check the changelog every update as I won't always update the screenshots right awa...
Freespace 13
Hello and welcome!

This is the whole new, fancy and clean Freespace_13!
I worked the last 2 months on this map. And finaly, it's finished!

So why don't you take a look at it, explore it and enjoy it?


- Lakes!
- H...
FusRoDah SWEP!(Read Desc)
Created by [LGG]GrimStudios
I have finally created a skyrim shout that isnt boring audio.
Just left click and enjoy.
You can use this on npcs.
Type "Shout_Menu" in the console or "bind KEY Shout_Menu" to open the shout menu.
Dovahkiin Playermodel Added....
Created by Eikester
Originally Build for CS:Source, quickly ported to Garrys Mod and also available for CS:GO.
This version slightly differs from the CSS version hence the extra _gm in the mapname to avoid version Mismatches.

A Lake
Small Blue Dungeon
Small C...
Final Fantasy XIII Models
Created by Scuderia Quercia

Oerba Dia Vanille and Serah Farron Models converted from Final Fantasy XIII...
Gas Can
Created by Kogitsune
Start fires. Bring a burning alter of the inferno into creation.


October 2013 - Changed a few things.
Added a variant ( weapon_gascan_limited )
It has restricted ammo, which you can get mor...
GAU-2B/A (Minigun)
Created by Haven012
Se7en - Animations/Texture/Model Porting
Treyarch - Model,Textures
Rinfect - Texture/Model Porting, World Models
Generic Default - GDCW base

-The world models are not perfect because the hl2 animations don't fit prope...
Glow Sticks
Created by Patrick Hunt
They're back! Good old glowsticks for Garry's mod now in Workshop!
I've fixed some errors and bugs and made this addon available for GMod 13.

You can throw them (right mouse button) and simply toss them (left moust button)
Glow Stick color and it's li...
GM Destructible House (v1)
Created by Gallium31
Go to q menu then utilities / admin clean up/ "clean up everything" to reset

Fully AI Noded

HDR Bloom (Enable Bloom to turn off Bloom) it's odd

Destructible glass pit (Glass Breaking Heaven)

Antlion guards fling Pieces of the house at you.

Gm Northwest Airfield
Created by Doomologist
This is a re-creation of the northwest airfield from Chernarus using hl2 assets. A few buildings had to be cut from the original plan because source doesn't allow for a 1142 meter runway, 800 meters isn't too bad though.


gm Slopes
Created by Wacky
Map with 3 ramps, you can go up using the teleporter located under the ramps....
Created by SkyCaptain
A map featuring two large seemingly endless hotels that can be used for both Sandbox and Roleplay. Map is fully noded, fully cubemapped, optimized and includes the Garrysmod 13 changeable skybox. Props also vanish when they reach the bottom of the level, ...
GMSC Tornado Map Series

This content package contains all the files you need to play The Storm Chasers server.
Visit us on our forums for, downloads, server info, and sugges...
Created by -Bn- Vamp
Night version of the map gm_7eleven_v6

Day Version

Facepunch Thread[] (for day version)

~ Inf...
Created by Bigwig
A big open city map.

Fully noded for AI...
Created by Xalalau
A huge ocean with night and day versions.

Note: underwater is buggy because the map is very large, there is nothing to do about this.

Medium-sized version:
Created by [IJWTB] Thomas
I (Thomas) did not create this map, nor do I take credit for creating it.

If any of the original creator(s) have any issue with this workshop upload, please contact me as soon as possible.

I originally uploaded this to the Worksho
Created by Stiffy360
A large open snowy map. It has a large road that can be used to drive S-cars with, and plenty of hills and trees to dodge!

There are no games needed for this map to work, everything is included in the bsp.

-Dr. Spud: The tree branch textures...
Created by demazure!
A large construct map that started off as an expanded version of the old gm_construct. The map is divided into five major areas, four of which are connected by a road network. The original idea was to create a construct map with an appealing and varied e...
Created by SuspiciouslyAwesome

I've been working for a long time on this one and made tons of custom content.
The map can be used for pretty much everything. Building, RP, Machinimas, NPC-battles and so on.

Created by Blueberry_pie
This is a map I've been working on in my free time over the last two years. It started out as a bridge near a river fork (hence the name) and I've been adding to it ever since, with little to no planning. I never made it with any specific purpose in mind, ...
Created by Bloodclaw
A large building map divided in multiple parts :

- The main island with the spawn room, a lot of flat space to build, some small hills, buildings (including 6 garages and a small city), helicopter landing pad, roads (including large ones for planes), do...
Created by Almos
Version 1.0

A long and large road, with desertic environnement. Same map as Gm_Highway192000, but with a construct zone, a building, and new open areas. Perfect to test cars or vehicles. Inspired by the video clip 19-2000 by Gorillaz.

Including node...
Gm_mountain Version 1
Created by Shirk
A vast mountain range.
Created by Dr. Spud
Mountainside is big snowy stretch of highway, suitable for all snowy-stretch-of-highway activities. It's based on the road up to Big Bear California.

This is actually a re-release of an old Counter-Strike Source map I made some time ago. It is largely t...
Created by Captain Cowboy
This is a nightime snow map for Garry'smod, "Gm_Snowfall." There is snow covered in mild hills and on top of rooftops as you push your way through the frosty air. There is also a giant ski hill. The custom skybox I created gives it a finishing touch. There...
Gods Little Finger
Created by chowder908
(not created by me)
To me a wile but its finnaly fixed :D

*If you're missing the bullet texture buy CS:S*...
Haax Gun 2.0
Created by Ome Joey
Located at: Weapons ---> Other.
Press left mouse to fire a single computer and right mouse to unleash the rapid-fire mode!

If you have any suggestions on what to add next, please leave a comment below!

Known issues:
- none...
Henry's Animation Tool
Created by hen
Create smooth animations, just by posing!

I started working on HAT way back in 2009, and back then it was called SMoSuite/Stop Motion Suite.
Before, it just hopped from frame to frame without any transition.
Now with Vector and Angle lerp-ing, frame t...
Hit Numbers
Adds damage indicators whenever you hurt something.
This is a serverside (or singleplayer) addon. The server must have this addon installed in order to work in multiplayer.

Console Commands:
House With Garden v2
Created by Orfkip
An updated version of My Old House 1992. I decided to upload it as separate file because people seem to like the old version of this map as it is.

Bigger version:

Complete version:
IDOLM@STER Makoto Kikuchi
Created by $upremoo
Makoto Kikuchi is available on Garrysmod. She looks energetic and boyish, but she has a heart of a sensitive girl.

- Faceposing
- Fingerposing
- Eyeposing
- Still using a custom skeleton. I'm really looking for finding someone who can m...
IDOLM@STER Miki Hoshii V1.1
Created by $upremoo
Hoshii Miki is available on Garrysmod. Be careful, because this little, childish girl always seduces a bunch of men.

- Faceposing
- Fingerposing (but it has some angle restraints between fingers. I'll solve this problem as soon as possible....
Intelligent HUD
Created by Sakarias88
So this is actually an old project but I decided to finish it. Have been hard for me to find time to work on my own projects but at least it's done now.

What is it?
This addon provides you with augmented vision that lets you discover enemies or ...
K-on Playermodels
Created by Sophie-bear
Included in this pack are (working) playermodels of the three girls in the icon....
Lasers Pack Reloaded BROKEN (again)
Created by iRAGE
Re-upload of my laser pack. This pack includes 6 powerful laser guns, with cool effects. After I fixed the glitched up viewmodels, I also added a new weapon.

- Laser RPG [Admin]
- Laser SMG
- Laser Pistols (2x)
- Laser Rifle/Sniper [Admin]...
Created by Hds46
Someone remade ToyBox -

It Combustible Lemon Grenade swep from toybox.
I found code,model,sounds and fixed it for Gmod 13.
Also included Lemonade Launcher.
About Lemonade Launcher:
It ...
Lightning Ragdoll
Created by Valkyrie
Lightning From Final Fantasy XIII
Model: made by SQUARE ENIX ,so say thanks to them.
Skins: made by squiddy

Face posing
Finger posing
Two more new skins
her gunblade

you need...
M9K Assault Rifles

This addon was not designed for TTT. DarkRP works with minor changes to settings, such as default clips, weapon stripping. See the description for info on how to adjust these s
M9K Heavy Weapons

This addon was not designed for TTT. DarkRP works with minor changes to settings, such as default clips, weapon stripping. See the description for info on how to adjust these s
M9K Small Arms pack

This addon was not designed for TTT. DarkRP works with minor changes to settings, such as default clips, weapon stripping. See the description for info on how to adjust these s
M9K Specialties

This addon was not designed for TTT. DarkRP works with minor changes to settings, such as default clips, weapon stripping. See the description for info on how to adjust these s
Mad Moxxi
Created by Colonel Earth
Originally ported by MrWhitefolks. All credit goes to him. Pictures by MrWhitefolks and Rastifan.

Note: this is a ragdoll, not a player model or an NPC.
Martin D-45 Acoustic Guitar
Created by LATTEH
This is a Highpoly model of the Martin D-45 Acoustic guitar....
Maya Siren BL2 [player/npc]
Created by MARK2580
Maya siren from the game Borderlends 2.

Player model, npc and ragdoll.

There are 2 skins. The first to be painted in a different color. Second painted standard colors of the game.
Changing heads in body groups. A total of 12 different heads + 1 stan...
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya [Ragdolls]
Created by RandomTBush
Type of addon: Ragdolls and props
(Extract to your Steam's SteamApps/common/SourceFilmmaker/...
Melon Gun
Created by blue
Simple as it is, shoot your friends or enemies with this melon gun. I am not responsible for any injuries caused by the eating or using of this SWEP.

Happy faces are very much appriciated, as this is my first ever uploaded SWEP....
Metro 2033 Content Pack
Created by darkm_

Metro 2033 Content Pack.
There are props for building in Metro Tunnels.
This addon contains a needed materials and models for building in Metro Tunnels.
And also this addon contains some
Metropolice Pack
Created by DPotatoman◤
Click green subscribe button under the addon media. Make sure that you've restarted the game if you subscribed while running it. Make sure that you have read F.A.Q.

Visit F.A.Q. in the disccusssions section for answers and t
Minecraft SWEP
Created by McKay
Spawn it first from the Weapons tab, then select it, then press R (or your rebound weapon reload button) to open the menu.

- Auto block rotation and intelligent placement (fence alignment, torches, etc.)
- G...
Minecraft Torch
Created by Rubat
Adds minecraft torch as weapon and entity to the game! Go ignite everything and everyone.

The torch limit
The torch limit is based on the dynamic light limit of Garry's Mod 13, which is 32.

Fire modes
Left click: ...
Miranda Lawson NPC
Created by DeathByCh0c0
Miranda Lawson NPC *NOT COMPLETE*...
Misc Props Pack
Created by Lt_Commander
This is just a little project fury_161's been working on for awhile, on and off. He kept having the issue of starting an image or comic in Garry's Mod, only to be missing a crucial, or complimentary prop for a scene or a joke and took it upon himself to ga...
Modern Warfare 2 Killstreaks
use_killstreak on console to pick up the killstreaks

Working on Updates!...
Moon Moxxi [player/npc]
Created by MARK2580
Texture eyes do not work - rmb on the game => properties => launch options => + mat_dxlevel 95
Не работают текстуры глаз - пкм на ...
Moxxi Garage [player/npc]
Created by MARK2580
Texture eyes do not work - rmb o...
New Body Sounds
Created by Wilbur Cobb
sound reaplacements of all the hard body collision sounds making slamming ragdolls into the ground funner. (restart game to apply new sounds)...
NPC Groups
Created by V92
Faster. Smarter. Deadlier. NPC Groups.


Video Outdated, but shows the general concept.

Includes groups and singles of all NPCs I have bothered to implement, and they're smarter and m...
NPC Spawn Platforms v2
Created by Lexi
A highly customisable STool that allows the wielder to create a SEnt that will continuously spawn the specified NPC with the specified weapons until stopped, allowing them to stage huge NPC battles, either against themselves, or against rival NPC factions....
Nuke Pack 4
Created by Techjar
DISCLAIMER: If you have any problems with this addon, it's likely some kind of conflict. Try disabling some other addons you have. Beyond that I can't help you, as my own installation works perfectly and I cannot reproduce any of the issues that have been ...
Nyan Gun
Created by Rubat
The Nyan Gun, the weapon of mass destruction and annoyance, updated!

Now it plays the WHOLE song and you can shoot nyan cat bombs!

To shoot Nyan Cat Bombs press RELOAD key.

Do NOT reupload any modifications of this gun.

The map on...
Omega Six characters (or something I don't know what to call it)
Created by simkas
These are just 3 characters I made with the idea of making the kind of character designs you would see in a japanese video game or comic or something like that. The basic idea is that the guy and the girl with the vest would be 2 assassins and the other ch...
Orbital Friendship Cannon
Created by Foxe
(Edit: Hopefully I made this first part easier to read and understand)

Description on how to use and what the SWEP does:
This SWEP will not work unless the area you have shot it is able...
Created by Dune Jumper
Please note: I take no credit for this addon. I'm only uploading it because its not available on anymore. The original...
Created by [PH] Zyx
An old but simple phys map.
Press the button to collapse the bridge. Press it again to repsawn it....
Paintball Gun SWEP
Created by BumbleMan
This is my first addon. Please leave feedback.

UPDATE 10/24/14:
+Added 4 New "Real Paintball Guns" with realistic models.

Credit to:
INCONCEIVABLE! - for swep base weapon
BLACKOPS7799 - for idea/materials/code
Valve - for portal gun model
phys_cityoffice v1
Created by Weed_Lee
This is the best map i have ever made.I thougt it to be like bf3 but it doesn't matter.It is almoast perfect( problems with shadows in the cellar - it is bright). If u see some more problems tell me in comments)))...
phys_temple (Destructable!)
Created by InsaneAlternative
I did not make this, credit goes to Nyko18
He's very lovely and cool.

My YouTube!

Can we get to 10000 20000 total ratings?

Check out my other popular maps:

Created by An0nR3v0lv3r
Phys_town v1
Created by Kunole
Hello community,

today I want to show you another of my projects.
It's the map "Phys_Town".

In this map you can find physical buildings, skyscrapers (freezed, non physical), catastrophes and a lot of space to fly around with your house and constr...
Created by Kunole
Finally, it's done!

Phys_town_v2 is released by now, this time with much better physical buildings and also better graphics.
Now we have some more things to discover:

I recommend to play this map in GMod 13 to prevent Snapshot Buffer Overflow...
PropHunt (Hide'n'Seek) - Original
Created by Kowalski7cc
Official Git page:
Your answer could be there ;)

PropHunt plays much like a Hide and Seek. Players on the RED team,...
Ragdoll Roper
Created by Whiterabbit
LEFT CLICK = Become ragdoll + rope yourself to whatever you are aiming at.
RIGHT CLICK = Unragdoll.

RELOAD = Change target bone.

WASD = Move ragdoll.

SHIFT = Shorten rope.
ALT = Lengthen rope.

Regular attack creates an elastic rope that you c...
Realistic Blood
Created by Head Creeps
This addon replaces the default blood textures with HD and more realistic blood textures. All credit goes to hiphopopotomus...
Resistance Turrets
Created by AnBro-ID
Adds the spray painted turrets from EP2 to your NPC menu. (Humans + Resistance)
Добавляет дружелюбные турели из HL2EP2.
Автор - Kokopelli1330.
Для уничтожения турели используйте аддон -
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Radio mod and Items reskins ®
This addon added new medical models from stalker

-replaced hl2 medicals items

stalker radio mod by makarov.
Music list:

-Clear sky radio
-Russian rap disco
-Russian red army theme
-Freedom radio
-Guitar soundtrack
Russian hat/Ushanka prop
Created by CubicTuxedo
Also known as an Ushanka, originally made by BlooCobalt on, I take no credit except for uploading this model for your convenience,

SaintRow 4 Dubstep Gun Mod
Created by Auzlex
Please report bugs or any compatibility problems that need to be fixed ASAP!
I will be happy for the help. Make sure that you place your bug reports in one of the discussions below. This Dubstep gun mod is only possible thanks to [url={LINK REMOVED}...
Serious Sam HD Gnaars
Created by VLSN
Male and female Gnaar ragdolls from Serious Sam HD.
Extracted and rigged for gmod by me....
Created by n00b
SpaceBuild Maps sb_new_worlds_2 and gm_new_worlds by Bynari, all credits go to him.
(Just uploaded it here until he wishs to do so himself or take it down)

Descriptions from ( )
"A revamp of N...
Simple Minigun Swep [V3]
Created by Nonhuman
The Minigun's model is from "Smod Redux Version 8", model's credit goes to it's respective owners, i only edited the model to work with gmod's "c_" arms, and modified the materials and textures, and obviously did the swep code.

- Sounds by Strelok: http...
Sims 3 Furniture Props
Some assorted furnishings/decor from the sims 3 I thought it may be useful to some. building,screenshots,RP, etc.

me - porting/texturing/compiling
maxis team - making the models
TSR team - providing ripping software

list includes:

- l...
SligWolf's Tank [Leopard 2]
Created by SligWolf
►►► Please read the description for all informations about the addon!
►►► This addon is not perfect!
►►► Click For The Terms Of Use If You Want To Rework This Addon.

SligWolf`s Motorbike
Created by SligWolf
►►► Please read the description for all informations about the addon!
►►► This addon is not perfect!
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Soda Mod
Created by IcEmAn911
Soda Mod

Spawn various real-life sodas and beer in Garry's Mod.
27 Cans included.

Can Skins: SmokeDef
Models Hexed by: ReCkLeSs_KiLLa
Lua Script: ROCKZ...
Space Core
Created by Rantis
Support me on
If you have any outdated versions of the portal 2 cores, either the ones from or the old toybox ones ...
Spartan Kick
Created by Shot846

Primary Attack: THIS Is SPARTAAAA!
Secondary Attack: Instant Kick!
Reload: MADNESS!

Ported to GMOD 13

Helper: uacnix

REMEMBER to turn on sv_cheats 1 to get slow motion!...
Spartan Kick!
Created by chowder908
Orginal fixed by SLG| Dashkov

All credit to the original creator lunay
Spider-Mod SWEP [SE]
Created by cs go is srs bsns
This is not the original Spider-Mod SWEP. For the original, go here:

Now you can swing like spiderman with the Spider-Mod SWEP!
I don't take credit for this SWEP, a...
Spiderman's Swep!
Created by Dorpz
I have added 2 new versions of the swep, use these if the gun isn't lifting you up properly, alt version 1 lifts you 50% more and alt version 2 lifts you 100% more.
These versions will seem weird on a 'normal' server, so only use them if your ser...
Standing Pose Tool
Created by Winded
This small tool can pose a ragdoll to it's model pose, which usually is a standing pose for ragdolls. It does not work properly with all ragdolls, but for most of them it does....
Star Wars Lightsabers
Created by Rubat
Fully working Star Wars Lightsabers with a lot of customization options.

Star Wars Weapons

A pack of Star Wars weapons with both first person and third person models.

This pack contains the following weapons:
Supersizeroom V2
Created by Lifeless
You're a rat inside a huge room.. build and explore!

Super size room is a map I created over 5 years ago. It featured on, and was quite popular on, Toybox and on the Workshop for GMod 13 Beta. So now that GMod 13 has been ful...
[Original] The Gravity Cube
Created by Bondo Games
[Original Dupe]
This Gravity Cube allows you to Defy the Laws of Physics and Bend the Gravity of a Cube to your will. After Spawning, use your PhysGun on it and Double hit R. This will unfreeze all props, then shoot or run into the cube and watch the laws...
The Shocker
Created by Reechard
Special Thanks to Fonix for the use his Weapon Base.

The Sims 2 Furniture
Created by DΣNZ
by Corey (8) (i'm just uploader)

f you remember my Sims 2 map, you may have wanted to get your hands on the models. Well, here you are....
The Ultimate Admin Gun Fixed
Created by 2-Bit

You guys asked for it back, well here it is

This is an extremely OP admin weapon. fires every .05 seconds, 75 bullets per shot, and no recoil..... it's awesome.

Right click spawns rapid fire e...
Created by C O L G A T E
i did not make this map. Please give credit to the owner who made this map. I added this just for my server...
Unofficial Minecraft Model Pack
Created by Dj Lukis.LT
The unofficial Minecraft model pack for Garry's Mod!

Post suggestions and ask for help in discussions - comments are comments.

2017/05/26: :steamsad: Yup, this is pretty much dead, no motivation for this and nobody w...
WAC Aircraft
Created by weltensturm
A collection of several aircraft (mostly helicopters) that can be flown with keyboard and mouse.

WAC Community 5
Created by Dr. Matt
Welcome to my fifth community aircraft pack for WAC. Of course, this being an extension of WAC itself requires the core WAC to function. You can find it here: - You may need to be signed into ...
Weight STool
Created by soh
==== END OF SUPPORT ====
I am no longer putting time into this addon.
Feel free to pick up development on your own.
Link to source: http:// /va16
==== END OF SUPPORT ====

EDIT: Here's a link to the original author's version of the S...
Created by Rantis
Support me on
If you have any outdated versions of the portal 2 cores, either the ones from or the old toybox ones ...
Created by level94836
This addon currently has 9 different wiimotes that can do different things.

(Development is VERY delayed on this mod, and i will not do anything to improve or fix it at the moment. when i have enough skill to do so, i will resurect this mod. but untill ...
Winter House
Created by Orfkip
A map for fun or whatever you like to do with it.

- Does not require additional addons or downloads.

It should be located in the Sandbox category named gm_winterhouse.

Map made by me....