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Jan 10, 2015 @ 12:11pm
Sep 1 @ 12:23pm
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3D Figurines for all master sets and expansions, some squads share the same model but these will be replaced as and when scans become available.

Prop models (walls, trees etc).

Character cards from all official master sets and expansions (216 total) master and basic sides.
Custom army tokens for all 3D figurines (master side only).

Terrain pieces for all terrain types (grass, swamp, two water types, road, sand, snow, ice, rock, lava field, lava, shadow, dungeon, asphalt, concrete and swamp water). Thanks to jawa64 for the model for the 1-hex tile.

Prop and RotV textures and meshes sourced (with permission) from VirtualScape[],
Marvel scans by Guzma.
Wave 1 to 5 meshes and textures courtesy of the HexScape[] project (license CC BY-NC-SA).
All other waves by the Tabletop Simulator contibutors CC-BY-NC-ND.


All glyphs.

12 standard Combat dice, Flagbearer dice for all generals (yes even Valkrill).

Quests of Heroscape community expansion added with permission of Teamski and Malechi.
Heroscape Automated Battle System community Solo/Coop expansion by Scott Campbell

Make sure you lock the terrain pieces either using semi-lock or full lock by selecting terrain and pressing L.
I've bagged a lot of the stuff to try to push the loading time down.
See here[] for a copy of the rules.

If you'd like to contribute content to this mod in the form of new textures or models then please let me know.
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Dissonance  [author] Sep 1 @ 12:29pm 
We are now missing just 29 models, but Guzma doesn't own these. If you'd like to help out by scanning any of the missing squads listed in the WANTED thread then please let us know. We can provide full instructions, all you need is a digital camera, a well lit room and some free time.
Guzma  [author] Aug 20 @ 10:53am

For you, reader of the mod, this is the discord of the game!
Before you say "I don't have Discord", you do NOT need to download anything at all!
Click on the link, create an account with an e-mail and a password, confirm it and you're good to go!
@SmashedFinger is the owner of the server and already oppened different chatrooms. It's the best way to organize a game with friends or strangers!
And, the most important thing is, it's free.
Dissonance  [author] Aug 18 @ 10:06am 
There was a steam group setup by AWAYWAYS, I'm not sure if it's actually active though.

If you want to make a discussion thread to act as a list of meet up groups/apps then go ahead.
SmashedFinger Aug 17 @ 8:30pm 
Do you happen to have a discord or some other place where people can find others to play with? I'd be glad to help make one if you so desire. I might just make an "unofficial one" and post an invite in a discussion thread, but I don't want to make another if you already have one.
I picked this right back up from when I played it years ago, thanks for putting so much effort into it!
astroking112 Aug 14 @ 12:39pm 
Ah, okay. I can't speak for anyone else, and I personally don't own any C3V/SoV figures, so I wouldn't be of any help for that. That's unfortunate to hear, but at least all of the official content will be included here.
Dissonance  [author] Aug 14 @ 10:17am 
No this mod is getting too big to manage as it is. If I were to do it I would make C3V/SoV a separate mod. The other problem is very few people actually own these customs compared to the original waves. Finding someone with a set large enough to be worth scanning would be difficult, persuading them to put the time into scanning them all would be difficult^2.
astroking112 Aug 14 @ 12:11am 
Quick question (I apologize if this has already been answered): after finishing work on the official content of HeroScape, is it intended to expand this mod to include C3V/SoV custom figures and glyphs from There are a few gems there that I'd certainly welcome the addition of.
SmashedFinger Aug 12 @ 7:23am 
Thank you so much for the answers! I had the master set and a couple of the expansions as a lad so I didn't know that the same unique unit could be used by more than one army in the same game! Thanks for explaining the card/token difference. I'll be sure to turn on player hands-I haven't played yet but I'll be sure to make sure I do that. I asked about the dice because I just love Ullar's aesthetic.
Dissonance  [author] Aug 12 @ 5:21am 
To pull objects into your hand make sure the "Hands" option is turned on in the toggles menu of the object. I've updated the mod to turn this on for all order markers.

The generals dice are designed to be used with the "Flagbearers" expansion (wave 5.5) where if you roll the general's face on the dice you activate a special power for your flagbearer (listed on the army card). There are no flagbearer models for Valkrill or Aquilla, their dice are included just for completeness.
Dissonance  [author] Aug 12 @ 5:16am 
The choice of using Army cards and army tokens is purely aesthetic, the cards have both an advanced side and basic side like the original game (but the basic version isn't worth playing). The army tokens are higher resolution but only have the advanced side.

When you are ready to start a game turn on player hands in the options menu, this will allow you to pull the order markers into your hand so other players can't see them. When selecting which army will go first flip them over and move them back out of your hand, placing them on the army cards you will be using the next turn. Obviously if you're playing competetively you should pull the tokens out of your hand in random order so your opponent can't guess which is which..