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Jan 10, 2015 @ 12:11pm
May 12 @ 12:01pm
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2D Figurines for all master sets and expansions (over 350 pieces)
3D Figurines for Rise of the Valkyrie Master set (30 pieces).
3D Figurines for Swarm of the Marro Master set (10 unique pieces).
3D Figurines for Battle for the Underdark Master set (8 unique pieces).
3D Figurines for Mallidon's Prophecy wave 1 booster pack (25 pieces).
3D Figurines for Utgar's Rage wave 2 booster pack (20 unique pieces).
3D Figurines for Orm's Return, Road to Forgotten Forest and Volcarren Wasteland wave 2.5 booster packs (7 unique pieces).
3D Figurines for Jandar's Oath wave 3 booster pack (17 unique pieces).
3D Figurines for Zanofar's Discovery wave 4 booster pack (15 unique pieces).
3D Figurines for Raknar's Vision and Thaelenk Tundra wave 4.5 booster packs (6 unique pieces).
3D Figurines for Thora's Vengeance wave 5 booster pack (10 unique pieces).
3D Figurines for Crest of the Valkyrie wave 5.5 booster pack (5 pieces).
3D Figurines for Defenders of Kinsland wave 8 booster pack (12 unique pieces).
3D Figurines for Champions of the Forgotten Realms wave D1 booster pack (16 unique pieces).
3D Figurines for Valkrill's Gambit wave 10 booster pack (9 unique pieces).
3D Figurines for The Master's Arrival, Skahen's Rescue and Forever Valiant Promo packs (3 pieces).
Prop models (walls, trees etc).

Character cards from all official master sets and expansions (216 total) master and basic sides.
Custom army tokens for all 3D figurines (master side only).

Terrain pieces for all terrain types (grass, swamp, two water types, road, sand, snow, ice, rock, lava field, lava, shadow, dungeon, asphalt, concrete and swamp water). Thanks to jawa64 for the model for the 1-hex tile.

Prop and RotV textures and meshes sourced (with permission) from VirtualScape[], all other meshes and textures courtesy of the HexScape[] project (license CC BY-NC-SA).

All glyphs.

12 standard Combat dice, Flagbearer dice for all generals (yes even Valkrill).

Quests of Heroscape community expansion added with permission of Teamski and Malechi.
Heroscape Automated Battle System community Solo/Coop expansion by Scott Campbell

Make sure you lock the terrain pieces either using semi-lock or full lock by selecting terrain and pressing L.
I've bagged a lot of the stuff to try to push the loading time down.
See here[] for a copy of the rules.

If you'd like to contribute content to this mod in the form of new textures or models then please let me know.
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spongee07 May 12 @ 1:22pm 
Dissonance, You sir are the man! I was about to get my brother up and running after we got home. We are lloking foward to playing tonight. Thanks agian!
Dissonance  [author] May 12 @ 12:03pm 
One of the mod's main image hosts is down ( , I've switched the mod over to Cubeupload and Imgur, so it should be fixed now.
spongee07 May 11 @ 6:11pm 
ok so an update I know that it's just not my brother having this issue as a few of our frineds are now having the same issues. We just talked to a moderator and they also said they were having issues and wanted us to try and reach you guys for help. Thanks!
spongee07 May 11 @ 4:08pm 
Is anyone else having an issue loading this up? I loaded it just fine 100%. My brother hasa much better machine and we are both running windows ten and he gets to about 7/16 ~44%% and then it just stops running and shows him tons of erroers. I already had him unsubscribe frm the mod and re-subscribed. When that failed to help we then had him unsubscribed and delete the directory file of the heorscape mod. Hoping that a fresh dedownload would fix the issue. Still no help. He is showing tons of error - 504 gateway time out. can someone please help as we LOVE playing this game and hateto have to quit playing it.
ccmatt May 4 @ 10:16am 
I had this stuff when I was a kid, omg the nostalgia!
Dissonance  [author] Mar 3 @ 1:09pm 
I suggest you look harder. The Death Knights of Valkrill is available as an army card token (advanced side only), deck army card (basic and advanced sides) and is listed on the Mythacle army designer tablet.

The custom army token for Ogre Pulverizer was missing but I have just added that.
Deep Lolf Mar 1 @ 4:37pm 
This mod is fantastic, thanks for putting it all together.

Is it possible you could add some army cards without the 3d models? My friends and I have been meaning to play with Death Knights of Valkrill, but dont have the army card available to use with stand-in figures.
Dissonance  [author] Feb 23 @ 10:02am 
What do you mean by a hexagonal figure stand? Heroscape's figures don't use hexagonal bases. It's simple to add custom characters as 2D figurines, the army cards can be made quite quickly using template from Heroscapers and importing it as a custom token. I'm not sure what you mean by custom decals either, can you provide an example of a game that uses them?
PuggleRigby Feb 13 @ 5:32pm 
Can you add a hexagonal figure stand with the custom decal support so we can make custom character?
Master Feb 13 @ 11:31am 
ive got a camrea and my friend has everysingle peice for heroscape. if you would like me to help. just message me so i know what im doing haha.