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Items (100)
Created by NeoDemonic
Secondary weapon for the Airborne Arsonist set.

Huge thanks to Hideous for the promo picture!

Now available for download as a mod here:
The Kanopy Killer
Created by Sparkwire
This shotgun is intended to be a part of the my airforce pack, in addition to the russian chopper pilot hat, and the leviathan minigun. Although its part of a pack, feel free to make it available for the soldier, pyro, engineer, and of course heavy....
Baker's Finest
Created by Jacen
Resubmitted to add Jalcober to the creator list for the new texture.

Take off the heads of your enemies with this fine flintlock rifle. Then have your's shot off when reloading.

The quiver is not part of it. That was just a byproduct of using item-te...
The Soviet Souvenir
Created by Corvalho
A russian styled sniper rifle, 2 materials: Weapon and laser, 3 Lods
The Brief Negotiator
Created by Corvalho
A mafia themed smg for the sniper. Includes 3 lods.
AWPer Hand "Lite Fix" (+Dynamic Lens!)
Created by T[]RK
WARNING: You MUST HAVE AWPer Hand[]. This is not a skin for default Sniper Rifle.

ATTENTION: Both versions: 1.5 and 1.6 may be used SEPARETELY. It's not upgrade from lower, to higher ve...
Created by Estavos
Ultimate PWNer from another age!!!

Archieve contain readme.txt. Read it. Seriously....
The Problem Solver
Created by Psyke
Now it's even easier to clean the mean-streets with this compact little number.

[Model By Ronin]
[Concept/Texture by Psyke]...
The Efficient Eliminator
Created by Colteh
For when snipin' just ain't good enough.

Reuploaded because of some issues, please do revote if you voted for the old one!

Check out the other items!
The Double Standard
Created by Ravidge
Part of the "Outback Hunter" pack...
Dragon Blade
Created by Marinesharp
Blade designed in the form of a dragon with the head at the tip of the blade, wings at hilt, and tail at bottom of hilt (Does not breathe fire... yet...)

Side Notes:
First preview image (maximize for full quality) is a render of a higher poly version tha...
Created by Svdl
A weapon for the Heavy's shotgun animations. Barrels spin on their own.

Made to be a secondary, but could be a fun primary slot weapon.
In the video the weapon is replacing the Family Business, but it also could be a weapon that is not a shotgun.

The Kommando Kit
Created by Iron
The Kommando Kit is a new pack for the heavy featuring a soviet-industrial theme and five new items:

The Iron Hussar
Protelariat Plates
The Red Menace
Komrade Kannon
Salted Earth Stompers...
Assault Cannon
Created by Svdl
A (very slightly) TFC inspired Minigun for the heavy.
Four LODs, single texture.

Sounds taken from Team Fortress Classic, and have been made louder since the video was taken.

Video has no first person footage due to replay bugs.

Portable AA cannon
Created by Svdl
Years ago, around before the Heavy update, a concept for the "Portable Bofors Cannon" was spreading around

Original, by Fishbus:

Here's a weapon based on that concept.

Larger pictures:
The Patriot
Created by Swift
Based on the up-coming new Bioshock:infinite "Patriot" minigun....
Heavy Artillery
Created by Gadget
This is my submission for the Facepunch TF2 Arms Race design contest which has been voted as 1st place. Thanks to everybody who voted for it!

o Heavy primary weapon
o Jiggling handles on the ammo crate
o 4 LODs (6172/4608/2651/1340 tris)

Update 28t...
Heavy Caliber
Created by Astute
"...Hold on, you did say you wanted a powerful revolver right? We ran some numbers with the measurements you gave us, and the best we could do was scale up a few of our existing revolver designs. We ended up with a large bear-sized handgun that weighs a...
The Swift Hitman
Created by Maxxy
Hats will roll.

- Paintability
- 408 Polygons

Concept was made by:
Earl de Darkwood
Models, Textures, Promotions:
Special thanks:
Questionablyinsane - For feedback on th...
RSP Badge Season 2
Created by ShadowDio#11285
Show all the might of your pan-weilding powers! (Shall be awarded to participants and helpers of Ready Steady Pan) Don't know what that is? Check it out: {LINK REMOVED} While sign ups are closed, please come watch games! If you want further information...
Camo Commando
Created by JPRAS
A camo styled jacket for Soldier!

Comes with paint, 3 LODs and a new class emblem patch!
Dogfighter's trophy
Created by Estavos
Now I can fly.
o Concept, idea by Vedens
o Model, textures, rig by Estavos...
The Dragon Treads
Created by boomsta

Concept: Mr Gibbly
Promo: CDJ0
Rest: Boomsta...
The Winter Warmer
Created by Ertz™
Part of the "Wood Roaster" set.

- 3 lods
- glowing

Known bug: minor clipping with the player model...
Created by Colteh
A flare gun based off of several different flareguns from the early 20th century, notably the WW1 and WW2 flareguns....
Created by Svdl
Steal a grenade launcher from the Demoman, saw it down to size in front of his weeping eye and use it to shoot all sorts of grenades, chemical canisters, tear gas or the Pyro's favourite, anything flammable.
Flare gun, includes own projectile....
Soviet Suppression
Created by Ruskeydoo
Models and Textures - Ruskeydoo
Sounds - Smiley Dan

Inspired by the M249 Para which was released in 1984. A little bit later than the main aesthetic of TF2 but not by too much. Yes it is an American gun, but the stock minigun's main inspiration (the M1...
Ammo Can!
Created by O_FOUR
Ammo can make new friends! Ammo can make new enemies! Ammo can kill them too!

Support your team!

Replaces the Soldier's secondary.
Primary fire restores primary ammo.
Alt fire drops Ammo Can! for teamates....
Light at The End of a Tunnel
Created by youngdrozd
Shotgun from a set of the driller.

I will make something else soon...
Please look video...

model (replace...
Soviet Block
Created by Populus

Metal good. Tough, hard and does not stab in back like people.

Additional armament
Created by Gesuniti
-Team colored pocket
-1 LoD
-Not extends through Heavy`s model!...
Pocket Momma
Created by Zoey
Pocket Momma...
Heavy Defender
Created by Svdl
A metal body armor for the Medic, somewhat based on trench armors seen during the first world war.

Misc item, though could be used as a syringe gun replacement to get some passive defense thing going....
The Brawler's Blaster
Created by [m00] Elbagast
A Scattergun replacement loosly based around the sawn-down Browning Auto 5 shotgun wielded by Bonnie Carter.

Pack Promo:

Pack In-game shots:

Mod Version:
The 3lb Trigger
Created by Sparkwire
My gun, without me, and without finger strengthening exercises, is useless....
The Heat
Created by ketamine piñata
This gun brings it.

Big thanks to Karma Charger for the video!

Model and textures by DDS and Wowza
Concept by Mr.Gibbly

Laser Sentry
Created by invisibleStuff
Couldn't come up with a "clever" name for this.

Anyways, this is a Mini-Sentry Gun for my Analytic Attack set....
Created by Olright
Legacy of Grandfather (Directly from grave!)...
The Marshal's Law
Created by Batandy
New Version!

The Gun that won the west now owns the Badlands!...
Created by Arsonist
Please read the description before commenting.

The Radio-Controlled Aerial Turret

You can download the rcat in its current state here (Updated 21/09/2013. Improved visuals and team colours ): {LINK REMOVED}...
The EX-Vermin 8R
Created by Sparkwire
"It takes 80 hours of training to get an exterminator license, but only $70 to get a gun permit. Cost effective killing for anything bigger than a rat."

***the download is gone because i ran out of bandwidth for my public dropbox folder and it got dis...
The Defender
Created by Aigik
Old but reliable, this sidearm packs quite a punch, and will make your enemy think twice before sappin' your sentry....
'Big-a-Boom' Howitzer Sentry Gun
Created by DaNetNavern0
Erectin' a howitzer!
Long distance. Low firerate. Big freakin' boom.



Page in Sentry Catalog:
The Duplequation
Created by Batandy
A Double-Barrelled Pump action shotgun
for our Texan buddy.
Take 'em out with this double firing action!...
The Twenty-Six Shooter
Created by Wowza
Sometimes, you need an incredibly excessive amount of gun.

A revolver modified with sentry parts for the Engineer.

3 LODs.

Concept by A trained chimpanzee.

The Mobile Sentry Gun
Created by Linko
9314 Tris
Texture Red/Blu 2048x2048

Third person remotely controlled Sentry Gun with the wrangler. Left click to fire where you're pointing, right click to move it like a strategy game. You must run beside if you...
Repetitive repeater
Created by Nickel Eye
For dealing with those pesky varmints just the way your pappy taught you.
Not as powerfull as the shotgun but makes up for it with increased range and accuracy...
Researcher's Relay
Created by juiceböx
Receive, intercept or disrupt all of those fancy electromagnetic signals flying through the air with this marvel of modern science. Created with cutting edge technology (and some old radio parts).

A secondary replacement for the Engineer's Energy Pack!...
Created by Svdl
Based on the Gyrojet pistol, a gimmicky weapon developed in the 1960's that fired tiny rockets instead of bullets. The gun saw some action in both Vietnam and a James Bond movie.

Works fine for either Engineer or Scout (or both).

Would fit great for ...
Raiding Aid
Created by Svdl
Just a shotgun for any or all of the shotgun classes.

Three LODs, single texture....
The Texan Token
Created by Fisherino
This is what happens when a man can't leave base without his sentry.

I read through some of the comments and they said another similar design for a weapon was denied so I think I'll just leave this as a hat.

Does not have a Blue texture. It will ...
Western Warhand
Go back to your western roots with an original Mann Co. lever action long barreled austalium infused sniper rifle.

Lighting issues have been fixed.
Now working on animations

Proposed stats:

+6 Magazine size (Having a total of 6)
+20% increased f...
The Second View
Created by FrancoFM
Just watch the video and then if you want, rate and comment :D...
Bag Fulla' Metal
Created by Seeaitch
"Ain't dat a cute little backpack!"

Bag Fulla' Metal!
Ready to be placed on your back as a misc or a deadly building-helping-monster!

To see the grand concept of the Bag Fulla' Metal, press dat nice poster of the Red Engineer!

Come up with 'stats...
The Arms Racer
Created by boomsta
"You cannot run from me, my gun is faster!" - The Soldier

Has 2 LOD's and is team colored!...
The Great Peace Preserver
Created by boomsta
Storm the front with this advanced piece of weaponry. Well it was advanced at some point.

Concept refining by Blaholtzen
The Musketeer's Musket
Created by Fettgondel
A musket I made for the set "The Musketeer's Equipment".

It's a grenade launcher and this is my suggestion for it's features:

+ xx% longer range
+ xx% projectile speed
+ xx% (maybe up to 50) more damage
- xx% clipsize (just one shot)...
The Sewn Silence
Created by perrryz
Made of tanned leather and sewn tightly together, this item is the only one to calm the beast inside the pyro.

Self illuminated eyes
Hat ...
The Burst Shot
Created by Ertz™
Flare gun for pyro
part of the "Arms Race" contest.

Click picture to download mod ....

posters by cdjo, colteh and ertz...
Created by Orko
Because, when setting the world ablaze, you need to keep a cool head....
Tactical Bucket V2
Created by Psyke
Keep that deranged little brain of yours safe with this fetching ebony helmet!

Initial Concept By Costa
Model By Ronin
Texture By Psyke...
The Medical Insurance
Created by ƬԊƐ ƉƲҚƐ
If there is a guarantee of anything, it's that there is no guarantee that you'll be here tomorrow, so why not protect your head and be fashionable with something fully painted at the same time? Comes complete with Archimedes insignia.
Bulletproof Battery
Created by Astute
"They say the best defense is a good offense...

... but they never said you couldn't have both."

A remake of my previous submission, The "Soviet Sidekick". This is one of the first real weapon resubmissions I've done so far, after refining m...
The Speed Sweeper
Created by XylemTube
Becuase the default pistol was too slow....

Download here:

And here:
The Overcompensator
Created by Constructor
A very big gun for a very small man.

Packs a big enough punch to vaporize a tank.
Which you totally should do....
Created by Hiwa
Hi all. this is my first model for steamwork!I hope that you like XD...
Created by KRosen
Inspired by the Call of Duty series and the Battlefield series - each with a clearly unique gameplay style.

Too bad they didn't have this weapon - with FIVE sights, its user clearly aims FIVE more.

Leave feedback please! Thanks!...
The Follower
Created by Svdl
More or less.

Includes an animated screen.
Single texture. 5 LODs.

Downloadable as a replacement for various rocket launchers here[]....
The Hole Puncher
Created by Jal
For engineer maybe soldier pyro and heavy.
Mod version:
The Makeshift Mauzer
Created by Fun.Avi
The Makeshift Mauzer - the first ever rifle for a non-sniper class.


Now with 100% more video demonstration.

link to video for whom ( like me) steam won't play videos: http://www....
The L.A.W.
Created by Colteh
A loose cannon for a loose cannon.

The Short Round
Created by Ertz™
Part of the "Grounded Combatant" set.

Available as mod:
Steady Shot
Created by Wrench N Rockets
Take your time, line up your shots, and make them count! Built in fluidic hydro-dynamic compensator stabilizes your barrel and improves your accuracy between shots. Fire too fast though and who knows what you'll hit. Possibly a barn....
The Steel Slayer
Created by ✨SediSocks✨

Model by SedimentarySocks
Texture by Colteh


Thanks to Karma Charger for the video!...
The Trench Buster
Created by nano393
Clear the trenches, one by one.

3 LODs

Made fo the Arms Race competition
Treacherous Torpedo
Created by mexican coybow
Looks nothing like a torpedo but whatever.

lod0: 4693
lod1: 2828
lod2: 1770...
The Buster Bazooka
Created by boomsta
I suck at names, but here, have this cool item instead! Part of this cool set I made that doesn't have a name!...
Created by Orko
"When the cannons fall silent, it's just because you can't hear them over the sound of this baby!"

Demonstration video made by:
(Many thanks for the upload!)...
The Last Second Security
Created by Ciro
Shotgun that can be used for either the Soldier, Pyro, Heavy, or Engineer. (Up to Valve I guess.)

Check out my site to see more of my work!

-----> <-----...
The Rooty Tooty Point and Shooty
Created by boomsta
Here, have a ridiculously named item. Please Valve, think of a better name. This is a secondary weapon for my set that has no name for the Soldier! Rate it up and tell me what you think of it!...
Range Rifle
Created by Roast
Get it? It's like a play on words. Y'know, 'home on the range' kind of range and 'range,' as in distance? yeah....
Death From Above Mortar
Created by GG_Underscore
builds up the same way as the buff banner. When fully charged the player can launch a super powerful shell up and over to a target. The eye piece to aim is used to aim and semi-guide the mortar into a target location. heavy artillery kit...
Robin Walker's Home Defence
Created by Nergal the Ashurian
no need for explanation.

want it as a skin? download it here
Corporate Cannon
Created by Mooses Suuri 100
1000 likes !!!!! Big thanks to all of you who have took your time to like and comment on this item, it really means a lot to me :D

"Fight for Democracy"

A Presidential clearance-level shotgun reskin for Soldier.

Download as a mod!
The American Way
Created by Radical VEWI
(Part of the Pack of the Fourth)

It's a fact that America was founded on violent explosions. What better way to make your enemies feel patriotic than by turning them into the very thing that founded this great nation?

Includes 3 LODs...
Model 1337 Shotgun
Created by Colteh
The ultimate in high powered lever action weaponry merged with pump action to create a deadly shotgun that can finish off any foe.

Based off of the stock shotty, the model 1887, and the model 1897

The Teams Reserves V2
Created by Dynamite
Plenty of ammo is the teams ticket to success, hence the huge ammo box the team made me carry.

This is a different version of the previous item I submitted.

Team Colored
-50% LOD...
The crit-on-a-stick
Created by Kar-re
It's soldier's variant of the ullapool caber

"One day soldier saw Demomans new weapon, the ullapool caber. He got so mad that he built his own, great explosive stick, kinda"

As you see it got one model, normal and one broken....
The Hardshot
Created by boomsta
Kill stuff with it... plz.

View the model here!

Mod Link for Reserver Shooter:
Created by Quantum36

Ironsights mk2
Created by KRosen

Alternative to the other rocket launcher I made based on concepts and feedback from various sources....
Beachcomber's Boots
Created by Zipfinator
Part of the SEAFARING SOLDIER set!...
Braveman's Blaster
Created by Ciro
Weapon for the Soldier (Engineer?) class....
The Pinch Hitter
Created by Mnemo
Passed up from future generations, this composite bat still looks as if it just came out of the box. Should work wonders in the bottom of the ninth.

Suggested Stats
Guarantees critical damage when there's less than 60 seconds lef...
The Lead Dealer
Created by Strno8 / Patrezak
You know it shoots further because it has a longer barrel
Created by Svdl
A fancy electric sniper rifle with an actually working screen.

Also has jiggleboned antennas and wire.

Downloadable as a replacement for existing weapons here
The Hightower Hollowpoint
Created by Sparkwire
"The earth's surface curves out of sight at a distance of 66 city blocks. Sometimes you just need to ruin a fancy dinner party from the other side of town."

*OLD NAME: "The Automatic Assassin"*

Check out the other item in this 2 part weapon set!

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