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Machine Attacks Episodes guide
By Eevee
This guide will help you complete the somewhat under rated but trending series of maps known as Machine Attacks.
In this guide, you will find out how to complete all of these maps with ease. Being a new comer to these maps I have had trouble with these maps, but thanks to random players who join me in the ThisLD servers ( I have learnt how to complete these maps, and now I'm stuck with those who don't know how to complete them. Thankfully I'm here to help guide you through each machine attacks episode as much as I can.
But first... classes.
Being an experienced Mann Vs Machine player, I have learnt so much about this game mode. If many of you have read Mann Vs Machine guides, you'd know the popular team of classes are:
2x Heavy, Scout, Engineer, Pyro and Demoman/Sniper.
Or Scout, Soldier, Demoman, Heavy, Engineer and Medic.

Fortunately provide awesome 10 player servers, so you can have one of each class or try and negotiate that multiple players with the same class are better than one.

Let's get down to business, the classes you require for Machine Attacks is any offensive class. Although if you want to do more damage as you progress, you will need a scout.

Scout helps you and your team collect money, upgrading resistances and movement speed as well as mad milk, fan o' war helps mark targets for minicrits to help your team mates kill a robot who is marked.

Soldier is a useful damage output class, using buff banner, or if you have multiple soldiers, battalions backup and concheror will help your team output damage and survive. Upgrading your rocket launcher and banners will help output damage and keep you alive, but once those are upgraded, get some resistances.

Pyro is a useful class too, using the phlogistinator or flamethrower out putting damage/airblast support. Pyro is useful in all episodes for both damage and airblasting robots back. Upgrading the flamethrower first, with any upgrades you want since Machine Attacks provides much credits. Each upgrade for pyro is useful in its own way. Also upgrading resistances will help you collect money using airblast and your fire to destroy those robots.

Demoman is a very useful class, recommended for beginners, but the main role for demoman is to lay down sticky bomb traps for uber medics, since they are a pain later on, upgrading your sticky bomb launcher with reload speed and firing speed will help you lay down traps quicker, and then damage/ammo. Then resistances again and again.

(Just adding this, after upgrading your primary/secondary weapon, you can upgrade your resistances)

Heavy is a class for outputting large amounts of damage with the minigun/brass beast. Any type of Minigun is recommended, but for outputting damage you need to use those miniguns that spin. (Except Natascha, this minigun is useless). Also as a heavy, any melee is useful, Holiday Punch can stun robots with crits and Killing Gloves Of Boxing can get you free crits, and Gloves Of Running Urgently help you escape. The secondary is optional, I'd recommend a sandvich to heal your team mates.

Engineer is a class for providing support and ammo, upgrading dispenser range and building health to help your team stay refilled with ammo, your sentry will help provide damage, but not as much as the heavy. Engineer is recommended to keep defended at the bomb hatch or just further back depending on the map.

Medic is a class mainly for healing, combat medic is completely useless in Mann Vs Machine. As a medic, you may use any healing weapon, personally I'd use the vaccinator for maps with less credits to spend, and then switch to a kritzkrieg to provide 2x damage output for your team mates. And once again, resistances are important as medic, it isn't well known, but if your dead whilst your team mates are alive, they are not getting healed. Crossbow is also a useful healing tool for long range healing.

Sniper is a useful class for those large maps, sniping robots from far away upgrading explosive headshots, faster recharge rate and damage. And if you have enough credits, upgrade resistances.

Spy is a hard class to play in this series, It is useful in some of the episodes, episodes 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11. (This was mentioned as episode 11 had just come out, I may not update this). The knife weapons I recommend, are stock knife, and Spy-cicle. The revolver is optional. Sapper's are useful against smaller robots to keep them stunned, upgrading Robot Sapper Power to increase the range in which the robots are affected by the sapper. And resistances too, a role for spy is also picking up credits, but this is slightly difficult to do since you do not have a money pick up power like the scout does.

So in a brief description, you need scout, engineer and demoman, some classes may need other items depending on the episode.
The Upgrade Station
Players are very confused with the layout on this series, but there is an upgrade station available on most maps, they look like this:
Just walk up to The Homewrecker and engineer building kit on the wooden table, and purchase upgrades and then accept, happy robot hunting.
Machine Attacks Episode 1
This is a fairly simple, but difficult map. The mission should consist of pyro's, scouts, heavies, demomen, medics, soldiers and scouts, and one giant soldier boss. servers have updated balanced versions of these missions.

My playthrough:

First, the story of this series will being (Unfortunately) and you will have to wait for players to ready up, and then the gate will open in front of you, as seen in the left of this picture:

Once that opens, you will enter the 2Fort map, robot soldiers, demomen and scouts will spawn first and may start spawn camping you, but if you followed the brief classes guide, you'd know that you need damage output players, and maybe a medic and scout, money is a challenge on this map especially when there are not many credits to spend at the beginning, money can drop anywhere in a 10 player game, it is impossible to get A+, but even if you're not a scout in this map, collect all the money you can, it will help you upgrade later on.

Respawn time is approxtimately 30 seconds - 0 seconds. Scout can respawn instantly, but other respawn a little later. Health and ammo pickups are scattered around the map, every 2 parts at least there is a health and ammo pickup.

So there are 6 parts to this map, by which I mean, area's. The point of this mission and map is to infiltrate the robots secret base (I don't follow the story, so I don't know, I just guessed this), for all six parts, you just destroy robots, it is as simple as that, but trying to survive is a challenge, first the bots will attack this area and may pass through to your spawn:
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Robots come from both directions, there is a room to your right where there might be a few robots spawning.

Part 4:

Just keep note here, from here, you will die if you fall into the water. And robots can not fall into the water. And there are Accurately Sniper's who spawn on the top right and top left, and middle, and maybe inside on the left and right, they are a big threat, and this is where sniper might come in handy for taking out those annoying sniper robots.

Part 5:

Just like part 3, robots come form both directions.

Part 6:

Be careful of the fire, it is not appearing for some reason, but there's fire underneath that fence and in that building, it will kill you.

Now you have to break down this door, with a heavy and engineer providing ammo and damage, this door will go out in no time, I also recommend upgrading before you leave this area, buying damage and explosive/crit resistance will benifet you massively after this. After destroying it, follow the path to the Blu intelligence room. Where you will see this:

Be careful, one of your team mates will have to sacrifice themselves to let the door break down, and then a giant blue soldier boss will appear and you will have to destroy it. If you die, you respawn here:

The best way to get out of here without harm is to have your engineer place a teleporter exit outside of the Blu intelligence room and then put an entrance where you spawn after dying to the giant soldier boss.

After defeating the giant soldier boss, you will have to wait for the story to finish until you're asked to find a secret door, which is obviously located here:

And the door will open if you stand by it, attack it, tell it you love it. And the story will continue until the server may shut down, don't be alarmed, just reconnect to the server you were on, and the map will be changed to Machine Attacks Episode 2.

So this mission is a normal mission if you were to rate it on difficulty.
Machine Attacks Episode 2
So here is episode 2. First of all, recommended classes = 1 money collector scout using Bonk Atomic Punch, you'll see why later, Soldier/Demo medic pickers, this is a small map, Sniper is hard to play. There is one sniping spot at the back, you'll see later probably. 1 or 2 Pyro airblaster/damange (Phlogistinator), 1 engineer, 1 medic, 1 heavy if no 2nd pyro.
And if the server you play on has more player slots, they can be any class, more than likely that bad players will pop medics.

Playthrough video: NOTE (I do not show you the part where you have to activate the console in picture 18) Someone activated it before me :)

First, let's split this into a walkthrough.
You will spawn here:

After you spawn here, you may ready up, and go ahead, but rocks will fall in front of you whilst moving forward, and will block your path, you will want to destroy these rocks as fast as you can, damage output classes are recommended, if you have no engineer, use melee only. Four players can melee this rock at once.

The quickest and easiest way to shoot through this rock is have all your team attacking it, some with melee and others with a high damage output primary/secondary weapon.
After you break the rock, you will want to jump on the elevator, oh, I almost forgot to mention, you're against the clock, there's a tank behind you, now once your team is on the elevator, jump to let it elevate quicker, until you reach this part:

After you reach the top, the door to your right will open, follow this through, pass the front of the train and turn right and you should see this area:

To your left is an upgrade station, in front of you, is spawn place, and in the distance there, your next area, brief case buff, and some console props.
Next, you will have to wait for the story to finish and the room ahead will open up.
Ways you can pass/get through these deadly lasers:
Bonk scout upgrading recharge rate.
Any class with movement speed + 3 ubercharge canteens, should be only 2 needed for this area, the next area requires one.
Spy with dead ringer if you wish to, spy is also handy later.
Demoman laying sticky bombs on the lasers to block their output.
Medic with projectile shield to block the lasers.

In my opinion, scout and any class with movement speed and ubercharge canteens will help you out a lot. You will need to get to the door at this end of the corridor after reaching the first door and going through it:

Past the door on the left at the end of this corridor will be another room, when you turn left again, you will see a console, run up to it and disable these annoying lasers from the corridor and room before that, that you were just in.

Ignore those lasers to your right and walk into that room you can see behind my Fan O' War in that screenshot, then walk up to each console and do it in this order: ACBD

Lasers disabled:

Next, jump up on that office chair and start attacking this orange door until the orange console appears, then attack the console until it starts exploding.

Then jump back down and wait for this door to open:

Once open, pass through and go down the stairs.
JUST KIDDING! There are sentries in that room.

There are four sentries, one behind you as you enter, and 3 ahead, you want to run to your left into cover where there is a bunker, and then follow the path upstairs to the blue console and deactivate the blue console, this is where spy will come in handy, using a disguise to avoid the sentries.

Run up to the blue console to disable the sentries:

Next, you will need to unlock the red console to the left of the blue console you were just at, by following the stairs and going upstairs to the room full of red consoles:

Try not to bump your head on the way, next, stand by this console for 3 seconds.

Run back to the blue console and run up to the red console, then this should open up:

You need to jump up there and press that button in that room.

Then this door will open, and allow your teammates to pass through into the next area.

Follow the corridor up the stairs and the bots will soon appear from the room outside that garage door and start attacking the generator you have to defend for 20 minutes.

Upgrade station through that corridor and up the stairs to your right after entering that area.

Also, standing here:

Will allow for the scout to collect money, with a dispenser providing ammo and health to team mates who camp this area. Wait for the generator to be 75% until your engineer may need to move his sentry to the right to destroy the melee only robots that spawn, more spawn at 90% from both sides and cause chaos. After the generator is complete, backtrack back to the laser room and destroy the door you unlocked after passing the corridor of lasers. Then run back to spawn where the lockers are and stand by this blue generator until the story finishes and then the map changes to Machine Attacks Episode 3.

Over all difficulty - Very easy - Normal.
Machine Attacks Episode 3

This map is fairly simple, but has terrible design. The mission itself is simple enough.
First you will spawn in 1 of 2 players, near the top of the train where the cab is, or near the end where the upgrade station is:

Just a warning, if your team dies all at once, the mission is failed instantly.

The recommended classes are:
2x Engineer. (One for attacking enemies and the other for attacking and dispensing ammo for heavy weapons)
1x Heavy. (For destroying the bombs on the enemy train that appears after ready up)
1x Medic. (For reviving and shielding)
1x Scout. (For collecting money)
1x Sniper or Demoman. (For taking out bots that spawn and cause problems, or are jsut about to attack team mates)

Sniping Crackshot spot:

Building spot for Engineer 1:

Building spot for Engineer 2:

Heavy spot:
(Use Minigun to destroy the bombs, or Brass Beast)

Medic spot:
Anywhere! You can be shielding the engineers, or reviving players, or both. Whatever you want. Just make sure you're not all dead.

Briefcase buff:

And just destroy the bombs until the train explodes, and then the story will finish and the next part will load.


Difficulty: Easy - Hard (Hard if you're on a server with an edited popfile)

Machine Attacks Episode 4
This map is advanced. But it can be done with a good team.

First, you will spawn here:

To your right is the resupply locker, and slightly above where you are is a roof for sniping.
Recommended classes:
1x Medic
1x Engineer
1x Sniper
1x Demoman
1x Heavy
1x Soldier

Each can decide their role, although medic should be supplying revives and shields as engineer provides ammo and health so the other classes can output damage.
When you start the map, the gate will open, blah blah blah, story stops for a second and the guardian Demoman spawns:

Kill it and then wait for the story again, a new bot will spawn here:

A tip for killing this bot is just shoot. Same for the next 2 bots.

Of course medic would need to deploy the shield as soon as possible, healing wounded allies for a quicker shield.
The next boss is a little more advanced, unfortunately it's way too unbalanced, it is so buff. But there are 2-4 classes required to complete this, the Heavy Medic pair stay back whilst charging uber or getting uber canteens, and Demoman stands on this crate laying traps on the otherside:

To avoid being killed by thos boss, stand against the fence to your right, or if the boss shoots behind you, well you're screwed unless you are a great sticky jumper making it back into spawn where it is slightly more safer.
As for sniper:

Sitting up here will give you an advantage point of sniping the final stage Cynamic boss.
And engineer, medic, heavy and soldier can just walk up to the boss with medics shield, but retreat once the shield is at 10% and do not turn around. Once you killed the final Cynamic, go into the water and up the pipe:

Investing in some jump height will help you get up this after reaching the top:

Then just go through the door and follow the grey path.

Then up here:

Ooh look! a body.

After the story, just follow the path to the controllers.
There are 3 controllers. Take out the robots that are in your way.
Here's how to get to them/complete them controllers:

Controller A isn't hard, just find the code.

Or if you're lazy or have done this already, go straight to the controllers and walk up to each labelled controller typing this code in: BAC BCA CAB

And the door will open and you just walk up to that controller:

Controller B is down the elevator behind the trailers there.

Controller C is down the stairs and straight ahead of you.

After you have activated all of these, go back to the elevator:

And you will be confronted with a less overpowered robot boss, this is where all classes come in handy, demomen can spam stickies by shooting over the fence, soldiers can hopefully hit enemies by peaking past the fence or guessing where to shoot, and using buff banner to provide your team with minicrit boosts will hugely benifet the whole team. And of course, medic to shield, heavy and sniper damage out put too, sniper stands at the back or tries to without getting killed, and engineer will dispense ammo.
After you destroy the Jakete bosses, you will need to activate controller B and head back to the elevator. And the next map will start.
Machine Attacks Episode 5
And again:

Yeah, I thought I was just going to fly up there.
Anyway. Behind you from spawning, or below you, is the elevator, once you ready up, the elevator will start moving down. After getting your upgrades, make sure you have a good class set up.
1x Sniper
1x Scout
1x Engineer
1x Heavy
1x Medic
1x Soldier/Demoman

It's actually optional, this map is so simple. Now there is a known bug with the elevator where putting too many buildings on it will cause it to stop completely. I have tried fixing this, but I can't.
So the elevator now goes down and once you read the pyro boss part with your sniper/demo/soldier sitting on one of the ledges above, the heavy and medic can have fun whilst the engineer could have probably set up above the pyro's. But after the pyro's are destroyed, you need to remove the buildings from above to reduce the chance of breaking the elevator.

Then as you go down, there will be sentries that appear, you have to destroy just one to destroy the row.
After this, your elevator will fall down and you will die if you're standing on the elevator, but you die because it's going to bring you to the next part.

You're Coma.

No sh**
To fall that far. I don't know how you couldn't.

Then you wake up here. First thing I like to do here, is shoot the laser off.

And then it should stop flashing red, if you don't shoot it until the lights are off, you will have trouble getting up there to complete the puzzle/maze.

And you have to complete the puzzle, once you're up there, you will have to shoot that gaurd on the vents there and jump into the vents (At this moment, you will admit that Jump Height may have been stupid to invest in).
So once you're in, hog the left wall, do not turn off anywhere. Except here:

Destroy that gaurd in the way of course.
And then hug the wall to not fall off and you need to jump up here: (Big tip, if your engineer sentry jumps up here, and places a teleporter, don't worry about it)

And here:

Break the gaurd on the vents again and good luck jumping into that vent, you may need butter or Heavy weapons guy to push you into it. Once you're in, follow the vent to the drop, and once you're at the drop, hold duck/crouch and forward.

What the picture said.
99.9% you will land there.
0.1% you probably don't know TF2.
Then you travel forward in this elevator and break the gaurd at the drop at the end, and drop into that room.

Machine Attacks Episode 6

Here we are... Episode 6. After this door opens in front of you (I'm playing an edited version of this map FYI, so all doors slide, some doors removed and a new spawn, to make this more balanced)
But first, you need an engineer, medic, two heavies, a sniper/soldier/demoman and money scout.
Loadout doesn't matter too much here, every weapon is fairly useful.

Anyway, once you ready up, the story begins, and the doors open, then you are confronted with the corridor, just keep in note I am a beginner map editor, this is my own edited balanced version of this map, I do have a better one with better spawns.

At the end, find this door:

Swim down that water in there, and take a right to the tunnel there. and begin to break down the wall in there with an engineer and the heavies helping destroy it.

Once past the wall, you need to swim up (Using forward key, holding jump key will slow you down.

Now here, you're supposed to walk up to that console and activate it, and there is an elevator to get you up there, after reaching the console, you can pick up that wooden you can see underneath my wrench, you walk into that and pick it up to then place on the ground up there.

Now back track after walking the plank of wood. And go out to the middle junction (Where the other pipe was) You have two choices, you can either do the painfully annoying obsticle.
Or, if your demo/soldier/engineer shot a rocket at the button to the left of the intersection, junction, whatever it's called.

Not sure if it's a glitch, or a secret way, but either way, this is the easiest way.
Swim through this area and you'll appear here:

The door will open, and robots will unleash hell if you're a bad team working team. But your objective now is to capture the point at the end of this area:

This is where the medic, two heavies and engineer will come in handy, dispense ammo and damage for the two heavies as well as a reviving medic/shield.
Once you have capped this point, 3 bots will appear in this room after entering with 3 players.

Of course your pyro won't be teleported out of its box in the compiling of the map... unless your servers have my first version of this map which they possibly shouldn't.
But anyway, Bannai boss will spawn, it has 4 forms.
First one, bottleknight, second, demoknight, third, Katana (Stay away from this guy, do not touch him, I see so many noobs trying to melee kill him, when you're bringing his health up to full), then the grenades where Medic and two heavies come in handy for shielding and outputting damage.
After that, Bannai will begin the self-destruct process.

You need to destroy that door up ahead and break the glass doors which will close on you as you escape.

And destroy anything in your way to reach the end.

Do you see the light? Walk into that.
Good job, you completed the map.
Machine Attacks Episode 7

Very simple map. Your goal is to reach the end of course. But this map is huge... by huge, I mean... long. This map is probably the hardest out of all the maps, because there are some really unfair jumping puzzles, massive scale puzzles, and stuff that requires good player skills, and even the creator himself rated this VERY HARD.

First of all, you spawn here, when you all ready up (Expecting that you have a medic, two heavies, cow mangler soldier with BASE Jumper, engineer and spy)
To make this as easy as possible. assigning your team with a Cow Mangler BASE Jumper soldier will allow him to set himself on fire with alt fire, to get across the jumping puzzle, and then the spy for the stupidly placed sentry area.

Oh, you wanted to see the spawn, here it is:

Okay, break down the wooden fence there once you all ready up.

Oh no, tank! and buff room to your left, the Spy here is required to sap any sentry on the tank, and your team has to defend from pyro's and destroy the tank.

And there is the buff room which is where I recommend your battery carrier (You have to later on shoot the battery all the way to the end where that massive building is) to get bullet proof, as a sniper spawns and instantly kills you in its sight.

Now, after destroying the tank, escort a battery, or batteries to the end until you reach here, same drill, kill anything in your way.

And in here is a weird dark box area, get the battery in there. If you didn't know, you shoot the battery to move it. I recommend something like a pistol or revolver for small movement, melee/explosives for long distance throwing.

And the door behind you will open, which is where your team has to make it to the end, and of course your engineer puts his teleporters down, one at spawn, one at the beginning of this annoying building.

Down these crates is the next area, to the right is a console control area which is for your medic.

A activates the elevator and turns on the door. Of course if you walk back into A, it will do the opposite, no door, no elevator going up. Elevator go down.
B activates the blue lasers outside, and when the outside lasers are activated, the inside blue lasers are deactivated. This is a puzzle for any class, you just need someone to control the letters with your team guiding you.

C activates that door over there... although soldier can just jump over that, and don't hit the beams, you will die.

and D activates the elevator over there, your soldier can rocket jump up the elevator, blast and fire res, and health regen are required, and maybe reload speed. If I didn't mention already.

Once your soldier us up there, you have to complete the annoying jumping puzzle... jump using alt-fire so soldier sets himself on fire and uses BASE jumper to get around quickly, but land on a beam every beam you pass by. You don't want to screw up halfway through. NEW SAFER WAY TO COMPLETE THIS PUZZLE:
I recently discovered this through more knowledge of the game, and it's 500% easier than the Soldier Strategy.
As a Scout, equip the following:
Soda Popper
The Winger (Optional, but recommended for the first half of the first jumping puzzle.)
The Atomizer.

What will these do?
Well, look at the stats, you'll see, they're all to do with Jump Height. If you max upgrade jump height, move speed, resistances, and health regen, you can pretty much jump this puzzle no problem. Not only that, your Soda Popper allows you to jump multiple times. Once you're at the jumping puzzle, pull out your winger, double jump onto the fences on the things, I forgot the name. Triple jump if in trouble, and carefully jump the first area. Next, where you get to the second jump puzzle. Make your way through, after every 2 + 5 Additional jumps with your soda popper, travel across the top and make your way towards the wall, after every 5 jumps, ensure you land safely repeat.

Now shoot that annoying vent block thing.

And at the end is an elevator and button, shoot the button and jump down onto the elevator.

Activate that console, and open the door, and turn around for an upgrade station and a maze.
At this point, your team can suicide to help you out in this maze.

Hug the right wall in this maze until you find this:

Now when you walk on this, you will be teleported to the next stage.
Fight robots in your way.

And the 2nd most annoying jumping puzzle...

Jump up there as a soldier, your team can try this too, but it is not recommended, also soldier should have ubercharges for the puzzle after this.

And up there is the next puzzle where you use an ubercharge canteen to cheat your way through this one.

Get to the end, this is where soldier's BASE jumper and Cow Mangler alt-fire comes in handy.

And your team needs to suicide, especially spy where he has to disguise and press the button at the end of this area:

And that should deactivate the sentries, then go to the right and walk onto that mini control point teleporter thing.
Next you will have to destroy 50 giants.
All of your team comes in handy here.

And once you've done that, go to the control point and fight the next boss.

Yeah, all team contribute here, medic needs to deploy the shield constantly once he has got the shield. Other classes need to output damage, at this point the soldier may switch weapons and use something more useful.

If I had to rate the difficulty for the mission, medium. Map, hard.
It's not so hard, but that's probably because I've practised this map a lot.
Machine Attacks Episode 8
Play-through's Wave 1-10 (ThisLD version):

Very simple. There is the buff station, upgrade station, dice rolling area.

Classes recommended:
Flamethrower pyro, one engineer, one scout, one soldier, one heavy, and one medic.
Jobs for this whole mission:
Pyro: Damage to robots, tank, and airblast the bomb carrier if it is too close to the bomb hatch (Close is basically here: )
Engineer: Sets up at this close area, if they reach this area, set up by the crates here:

But mainly you supply ammo for any allies up ahead placing the dispenser far away from your sentry. Of course pick up the sentry when a buster appears.
Scout: Collects money and tries to milk enemies and mark them and maybe attack.
Soldier: Destroy tanks, deploy buff banner, destroy robots.
Heavy: Damage output to enemies, you're the mobile class, so be on your toes.
Medic: Shield the heavy/soldier/pyro/engineer. And revive anyone who dies.

This is a very simple mission, unfortunately I couldn't get any screenshots because the popfile I have for this mission was broken.

Wave 9/10:
There are some annoying copy/player robots. I recommend that your scout switches to spy, and backstabs each enemy.

Wave 10/10:
A secondary medic may be required for an extra shield, I recommend the spy/scout switches to medic and shields your team mates, until you kill the final annoying boss, and walk up to the planes to your left:

Now climb up to the plane in my crosshair and that is pretty much Episode 8 in a nutshell.

Rank: Medium.
Onto the next map.
Machine Attacks Episode 9

Very simple mission.
Rank: Easy-medium.
Recommended Classes:
Two engineers, one medic, three snipers.
Strange class set up yes, but after some short thinking storms in my brain, you collect the most money for your team with three snipers headshotting robots with their sniper rifles. Engineers to dispense ammo and destroy robots. And a medic to shield your team mates as soon as possible.
As far as I know.
First, as soon as you ready up, there will soon be a plane on the right with enemy robots, snipers start heads shotting and engineers let your sentries attack, and medic should just shield everyone.
As you may see already, the plane takes damage, no problem, just be careful.

Soon there will be a plane on the otherside with dangerous robots, the most dangerous is Chaos. this bot is the most annoying, and the medic should be shielding the sentries if they are placed on the otherside where the Chaos spawns.

Soon after this, there will be a plane above you which drops giant robots, destroying these is no problem with a medic, and with three snipers, you're doing from 200-2700 damage per second.
Giant robots will spawn on the front of the plane, the top, and both wings.

Soon after killing these robots. You will have to jump off the plane after hearing an exploding sound and seeing the story dialogue. Now you will have to sky dive down towards the plane below you... and try and avoid the falling robots.

And after reaching the bottom, you will be safely landing on the plane.

Very simple. Very well made map too, to make a moving plane.
Next map after the story dialogue finishes.
Machine Attacks Episode 10
Episode 10 already?
First, the classes:
One grenade launcher demoman, three heavies, one engineer, and one medic.
Grenade launcher demoman: Required for a puzzle later on.
Three heavies: Destroy crates in the plane and destroy giants.
Medic: Shield heavies from titans.
Engineer: Dispense ammo and destroy titan robots with heavies.
You and your team will spawn, ready up, and you will have to wait a while until you can jump down here and to the right is a vent you need to destroy:

Then inside is a fan, destroy that too.

Then climb into the vent and land on the ground.


Shoot those crates through that crack, with an engineer dispensing ammo, this will be fast. Also, you're shooting these crates to unlock the door and open the vents above you.

So... after reaching the lever, you will need to shoot that button by shooting grenades into the open vents above.

And then walk into the next area where a titan will spawn, quickly buy ubercharge and use it (If you have a canteen) and constantly spam it to avoid death. And start attacking the giant soldier.

And after destroying him with your heavies damaging, medic shielding and engineer dispensing ammo. You will have no problem, after the story finishes, more bots will spawn, I have no tips on how to kill them, just attack them with all that you got. Soon after the bots die, you will be gassed.
And appear in a room like this after you die, then you die again and the next map (Would be Episode 10b, But it doesn't load in multiplayer, and I can give you no walkthrough on it)
Machine Attacks Episode 11

Here we are. Finally.

First things first, you will spawn in this room:

Break the boxes, that will be the start.
First your classes.
You need:
1x Soldier or sniper. (Another damage output, Soldier because splash damage helps destroy crowds of robots and annoying scouts... or sniper for stunning some robots and having massive damage output)
1x Scout or Pyro. (Money collection or Force-a-Nature each giant/normal bot that comes onto the point/Airblast)
1x Engineer. (Defending, ammo, teleporters)
1x Heavy. (Damage output)
1x Medic. (Shield, healing)
1x Spy. (This class is super handy for collecting cash too, especially when your team mates are dead and you are disguised).

As for upgrades... well it's personal choice. Since nobody really needs a set class or upgrade set up for these maps.
First, there is a crack in the wall, as soon as the floor below you starts moving, you want to shoot it, but no only that, get your engineer to place a teleporter exit down next to it, along with a dispenser beside it and then a wrangled level 3 sentry gun, to help destroy the wall, it's more than likely the heavy will take down the wall in no time.

And the floor is moving.

And once it's broken down, head inside, upgrade, take a right for the briefcase/exit.

Ooh look, elevator controls...
which unfortunately attachs to a deadly elevator, as discovered by many players.

Okay, let's make this simple. The goal of the map is to capture each point until you get to the end.

First point, my big tip is to have engineer, medic, soldier and heavy together at all points, whilst the spy provides backup attacks, and scout distracts bots, as well as collect money. Of course, attack the machines.

Once that gate is opened, go upstairs through the building on the left and one of your players (Soldier is recommended since he is mobile, otherwise I recommend either heavy or spy/scout gets the overheal buff)

Oh, and don't forget the buff room. Unfortunately the creator didn't consider the robots getting stuck in these, so which ever robot gets in there is almost godmode. It has been a problem on bot control servers, but I am currently fixing this problem.

Cap the darn point!

After that, the door to your right will open, and there is a jobs area... or what I'd like to call buffs v2.

Also, there is a rare chance one of your team mates will be spat out of this thing:

This thing will make you Super Mann.

Ubercharge, Minicrits, super speed. it's everything you need for Point 3.

There is the next buff, recommended for anyone who is having trouble survivng. (Located at the bottom of the next area)

Minicrits, Speed, and Resistance? You don't need anything else after this to be honest... actually you do. Each job or buff v2. Upgrade will benifet you a lot after capturing the next point.

Heavy ruined my screenshot o_o Oh well. Capture the point if you can, this is why splash damage is really needed.
Gamble your life away with this... invention.

Nah. Behind you or if you've just opened that huge door and look to your left after passing through, you will see the next point along with a titan heavy, now as much as pyro is handy, it is useless if the pyro doesn't use the flamethrower/degreaser. Backburner might work. Phloginstinator, there is no airblast.

Now defend that point down there, and keep robots off, your spy can lead them away hopefully.

Once captured, turn around and look towards that door that is behind you or where the robots are looking at when they see the last point.

And here is the first final area in this map, which is a boss, usually an engineer spawns and builds here, but this doesn't work in Multiplayer for some strange reason. But you have to basically defend from the robots that come out of the doors in front of you and shoot the glass where the engineer would be standing after his first two stages which you can't see in Multiplayer.

After this, the difficulty will be turned up, the window will be shielding every 5 seconds, rockets will come out from underneath and inside that building, and to your left and right will be blu sentries spawning. The ground below you will move too.
You can take higher ground as Soldier and sit on the sides, buildings and pipes, and still shoot the windows/sentries.
And then the engineer will blow up. And a door on the left will open, enter it and prepare for Episode 12.

Difficulty for this mission I'd say is Easy-Expert.
It's just pure luck if you do this with a noob team. In some cases, one mistake leads to disaster.
Machine Attacks Episode 12

First, you need to go to Steam Library > Team Fortress 2 > Right click the listing or game depending in your viewing prefrenece > Properties > Set Launch Options, then input this "+r_hunkalloclightmaps 0" without the "'s.

This is a map based on the boss Metalgen.
You will be stunned a lot, and you need to do a lot of damage. So I recommend:
3x Medic
2x Heavy
1x Engineer

Now the guide. You will spawn in this room from Episode 11. Metalgen will talk, he will eat some money and vanish from existence.

Around here, Metalgen will spawn randomly, if Metalgen has not spawned at all yet. Try turning around until you see a disguised spy which is of course Metalgen. Then Metalgen will start attacking you.

If you all set up in a small area, you will avoid being hit most of the time.Destroy the boss as usually, that's the objective for Mann Vs Machine.
Next, raining arrows. And Metalgen

Avoid this by hiding in a small area of the room, with a medic, engineer and heavy of course. And Metalgen will spawn randomly, at one point, you can trap Metalgen as an engineer with your sentry and constantly allow Metalgen to stay disguised in front of your sentry whilst your sentry knows that this disguised player is a spy.

After killing the Metalgen (If you have a brain)
There will be some BALLS of uh... I don't know. But they're balls that will kill you.

Just like the other two bosses, they may stun you.

Next there will be this thing, expecting you have maxed out your upgrades. Your best change at killing this boss is with crits.

Same tactics if you want to use those. Either trap Metalgen, or get him in your small area and attack. Now the base will be about to explode after this.
So shoot this glass here:

Then the next map will start:
The difficult parts of this mission are Metalgen's stunning ability.
Machine Attacks Episode 12b1

Assuming that you have ran through the instructions from Machine Attacks Episode 12, you will be able to play these maps.

This was a map from the demo for those who don't know. I recommend heavy because more health = better for a bumper car map.
You must only upgrade resistances, I recommend health regen too. You may play as any class, but heavy because lots of health.
Canteens will work too.

Now just follow this course, there will be jumps along the way.
You should never need to use boost until you beat the jumps here.

Cross the fence here, this is a demo screenshot.


Now you can start boosting. Speed!

Difficulty: Easy
Then once you've reached a strange room asking for "3 Players" to start the next map. You will wait for your team mates and once you group up together, you can start the next map.
Machine Attacks Episode 12b2

Yeah... this is where some of you may crash, but you need those instructions I specified in
Episode 12.

Classes: All heavy.

This is important. You must upgrade Health Regen. You may miss the health packs spread out across this bumper car map.
So once again, a bumper car map, it's fairly easy.
Spawn here:

Look to your left, there's an upgrade station. That white light ahead is just the next bumper car stage.
There will be some bots along the way of course.

Jumping over those stickies will give you a chance to not die from them. By which I mean either reduced damage or avoiding them completely.

Once you reach the end of that road. Go down here:

Be careful of what's ahead.

Sentry Buster! Boost right past this Sentry Buster, and try and avoid that sentry to your right.

Of course go ahead, take a left up ahead.

Once up the top, try and avoid the tanks that shoot rockets and the giants that may shoot at you.

Oh yeah, another road, jump over the lasers, fortunately they don't instantly kill you, but if you have Health Regen, you'll survive pretty well.

Avoid the giants and cross the river.

And take a left up here:

And that's this map complete:

Difficulty: Easy.
Machine Attacks Episode 12b3
Play-through only:
Machine Attacks Episode 13
Recommended classes: Any. (Sniper has the advantage on a massive map like this, getting headshots a lot of the time can give you as much cash as 15,000)
This is a grappling hook map and I personally love grappling hooks, this is a good map to use grappling hooks, but it isn't the best.
There are lots of floors.
But let's start from the beginning.

We will start here. There is a normal and premium upgrade station. Normal is just usual upgrades, resistances, etc. And premium is additional upgrades, which I love!

It is very important you buy the -15% damage from ranged sources, I was at long range from an Elite Heavy (You'll see later) and I took no damage from far with bullet resistances too.

Also, along with the jobs, this is a combination of overpoweredness (I made that word up)

After readying up, you may journey forwards and take a right turn towards this giant valley...
Assuming you have equipped your grappling hook, you shall be able to use your action key to reach heights that you couldn't as a class without blast damage.

I'm unsure of how I got to the next part of the map, but I just jumped on this platform, killed some bots on other platforms and the blocked off area to the left of the valley opened up. You have to wait 5 minutes to wait for the left part of the valley to open.

Afterwards, you'll need to shoot the plane you are faced against.

And then jump down and fight the titans...

Afterwards, you will need to walk ahead and grapple up to the top there.

This is where I got stuck.

So I did this:

Apparently, quoting Redmyclan here, this is what you have to do here:
"You need to fight elite robots until engineer's message is displayed and then Did you saw a bomb at the start? Yes,that's answer Just stand near the bomb for 3 seconds Then.... plant the bomb at elite's spawn point"

Then get bomb back to the elite robots after a message is displayed about carrying it.


Don't know what this is...

You have to attack for a certain amount of time here until this place opens up...

Go up!

I believe this is the end.
You will fight against Maha, he/she has four phases. Melee, Flare Gun, Airblast, and Attack/Airblast.

Difficulty Very Hard.

It is unknown on how you complete this map. But I'm guessing that road at the end is the end of the map... because I noclipped through and I went through the tank after un-noclipping.
But this map is worser than Episode 7... it's just empty... there's nowhere to go and nothing to do.
Machine Attacks Episode 14

Sorry for no pics or text. However, the download page itself has the walkthrough:[page]=2&mid=PostsList
Machine Attacks Episode 15
I can't write a text based version of this. However, the walkthrough is on the download page:
mission 1: Go to garrage and capture the A point to complete mission 1

mission 2: reach to lv 3 and get the mission , robot said to find sattelie, fuel gases,power energies, the sattelie can be found on second floor of chruch, Fuel gases can be found at container above truck, power energies can be found at around town a

mission 3: reach to lv 5 ,those tanks will come destroy our transformer, just destroy them all and done

mission 4:reach to lv 7, find robot's portal and destroy them, they can be found on, under the bridge 2 portals, in a chruch portal and in the town a 1 portal

mission 5:reach to lv9, You can not use the main prison's door, go to behind the prison and get in to the vent, there are 2 vent to go pass to behind the door and pass to control room BWhen you passed, shoot the black glass, and go opposite of the room, destroy the picture and go in the vent, and press the control room to open the door, You will found Reaper and kill itGo to find robot soldier, he is on floor 4 and talk to him, then go to control a to read a serial note but you can't go in, use the back door instend but it's locked , you need to go dressing room and find a keyand open the back door, then you get in side, hit the not(If you hit and the text doesn't appear, you need to hit around a table where the note locate untill a text appear) When you get a serial, go to control room B, but front door is stuck, use the vent at behind the prison and get inside through to control room B and press button,Then mission will finish

mission 6: reach to lv10, talk to soldier and get to the rooftop, and protect robot soldier untill past 10 miniutes then mission will finish

Machine Attacks Episode 16
The perfect class set up would be 2 engineers, 2 spies and 2 of any other class.

Sorry I can't do screenshots anymore.

Here's my playthrough as Engineer:
Machine Attacks Episode 16b
This certainly should have been it's own episode. But the recommended classes here (With premium upgrades hopefully)
Would be 1 heavy, 1 medic, 4 soldiers (Soldiers are needed for the final area as bullet damage fall off is quite annoying)

And sorry for no screenshots again.

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Does anybody know if its possible to add your own custom robots in machine attacks? o - o
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And then comes the bullshit that is the FINAL ROOM of Episode 5: My, alone, waiting for three more assholes to log in and mak it there, since me making there wasn't enough. Minimum of four. Holy fuck, this really is a poor man's Left 4 Dead.
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And then Episode 5 keeps failing as soon as the elevator moves a little.
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Episode 4 is pure crap. The BAC BCA CAB coonsoles kept glitching because I was alone being bounced around by multiple bots causing me to hit each console out of order. No joke. Three hours of just being in that room. Eventually gave up. This mode has so many problems, from grammar to poor layout.
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And when fighting Bannai's Phase 3 Half-Zatoichi, use a Demoknight or Soldier with a Half-Zatoichi and Über Canteen to jump past that stage quickly.