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L4D2: Fixes and Improvements
Have you ever experienced a bug or a glitch in your time playing Left 4 Dead 2? Did you ever find the overall gameplay quite boring and/or repetitive? Then this is the collection for you!

Just some mods that can fix the game and improve it in many different ways while trying to keep it feeling like the original. I tried to find mods that improve every weapon, map etc. Hope it was worth it!

Choose what you want, or subscribe to all! And if the addons consist, type: sv_consistency 0 :in the console.

- Dayvo
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VOX - Complete Vocalizer
Created by c2
Complete vocalizer & in-game character switcher

  1. Subscribe, launch L4D2 and let your addons load

  2. Open Addons and disable conflicting mods
    You can re-enable conflicting mods aft
Better Common Infected Ragdoll Physics
Created by graymainer
This addon takes the default stiff ragdoll physics of the common infected and replaces it with some flexible physics made by TheManClaw on Gamebanana for Half-Life 2.

It doesn't do anything else, it only replaces the "anim_common.phy" file. Idk if tha...
No More Splats
Created by \/\/iz
No more Splats on your screen
No more Blood Mud Puke
This works on all game modes
And in official and modded servers
Have some non Splat Fun!...
Colored Hud
Created by Gilboron
This replaces the various icons in the HUD with colored versions, which I personally find more pleasing to the eye. The primary difference between this version and other similar ones (such as Eranthis', Omgot's, and Urik's), is that I've tried to stick clo...
Cinematic Lighting Effects
Created by Red Schism
Changes most light sprites and some particle effects into a more "Hollywood stylized" effect.

Adds horizontal flare to pathway lights, changes 3rd person flashlight glow to a smaller more realistic glow, new sun glare, and changes various other glowing li...
Legacy Particles Support ( muzzle effects )
Created by Urik
Important: for modders.
It has come to my attention that people often create their own muzzleflash mods and include contents of this mod in it.
I don't have any qualms about that, but for sake of conlicts, DON'T just copypaste materials and effect...
Valve's Missing Content Fix
Created by Rayman1103
Adds missing textures and models. These files came in with the first revision of Cold Stream, and the reason they have been removed is because Valve had to remove some content that was unsourced when they released Cold Stream.

The content was removed af...
Motion Blur Removal
Created by Tomson
Removes the weird looking motion blur added to melee weapons, hunters and chargers.

If you want to remove the full screen motion blur when shader detail is set to high or above add this to the L4D2 launch options: +mat_motion_blur_percent_of_screen_max ...
Hit Marker Be Gone!
Created by Red Schism
Removes the enemy Hit Indication Marker. Useful for the Pro gamer that prefers to play without HUD, or for the Average gamer that is simply tired of those pesky red arrows messing up their Screenshots!...
Created by Mute

In order for this mod to work, firstly, your shader detail needs to be set to Very High. Then you need to move the 370399372.vpk file from the workshop folder
Sound replacements: vehicles and stuff
Created by Wendu-Chan
Warning: I made it for myself just shared here in case of sb like it. If u dont like dont download, thats all. This mod replaces and balances some: vehicles, explosoins, ambient and bullet impact sounds. Watch the video. THIS MOD DOESN'T CONTAINS ANY MUSIC...
Updated Stats Crawl
Created by Rayman1103
Updated the Stats Crawl by adding three more stats that appear after a Campaign is completed.

- 'Tanks Killed'
- 'Killed the most Special Infected'
- 'Killed the most Infected'...
Simple HUD Main
Created by Urik
The "main" chunk. Includes scoreboars, scavenge/survival/versus huds, etc.
Does not require any other mods to function....
WeaponPanel for NeunGUI
Created by Zeon
Weapon panel for NeunGUI:
  • Larger primary ammo number.
  • Larger primary reserve ammo.
  • Larger secondary ammo number.
  • Missing items are invisible.
Bill Animation Fixes
Created by Salad
This fixes, swaps out or adds a few animations for Bill's animation set to correct some long-standing issues.

- Primary military sniper animations (standing, crouching, running, walking) replaced with equivalent Nick animations
- Other military sniper ...
Reefer Madness Bill
Created by Tя!cky ツ
Don't worry Bill has a Medical Marijuana Id Card and prefers cellulose clear rolling papers...

Jules restored cig smoke particles giving Bill back his ablitiy to smoke as he d
TATERTOT's New Rochelle Voice Clips
Created by Aᶰᵍᵉˡ♡
I introduce to you, Better and new lines for Rochelle!!!

I don't know about you, but I feel a LOT of her great lines were cut, leaving her kind of boring, or sometimes even annoying.
Looking through her voice files, I heard things that I never heard he...
Tuned Flashlight
Created by RG_Predator
A higher powered LED type flashlight. Circumference is about the same but it has far less artifacts in the lit area and it has been brightened up a little....
Improved Bots (Simple)
Created by Ziggy
This addon makes several changes to bots to make them act more like human players and make them more reliable as teammates. They can use melee weapons, rescue you if you die, react quicker to a teammate being attacked by a special ...
Exposed Bot Survivor Names
Created by Tomson
Places brackets around the names of survivor bots to differ them from the all the people who set their names to the default ones....
Basic Transition
Created by Zeon
A cleaner transition screen between maps.
Without stats: Simple Transition...
Grenade Launcher - KF2 M79 Animations
Created by Lt. Rocky
This is the regular ol' Grenade Launcher on Killing Floor 2's M79 animations.

This is compatible with retextures.

Modder's Resource

The source files for th...
Default G3 animation
Created by MaxG3D
MaxG3Dr - Animations/Original Compile/W_model
Valve - Model/UV/Textures/shaders
NakedAss - Recompile/Fixing the default model

Please, don't mind clipping, it was originaly animated on different model. Enjoy!...
Hunting Rifle Overhaul
Created by !/trigger_hurt
Hey look, I finally uploaded a new mod.

So I got bored one day and noticed that the hunting rifle port from Left 4 Dead 1 to Left 4 Dead 2 was rather... disappointing. It literally did not change, model or animation wise. It was still low poly and had bad...
Crash Steyr Scout
Created by MaxG3D
MaxG3D - Animation, Compile, Shaders
Crash - Model, Textures
Valve - Flashlight Model
Rafael De Jongh - Bullet (Modeling, Uv-Mapping,
Baking, Texturing, Compiling,)
Soldier11 - Bullet (Modeling, Uv-Mapping, Baking Help)

Replaces CS:S default sco...
Professional Scope: Traditional
Created by Red Schism
This version was made by request and is intended for the more traditional "old school" marksmen, That don't need no fancy laser pointers to show them where to aim. Simply put this is an edit of the original Professional Scope sans the laser optical....
Third Person Shotgun Fix
Created by c2
Restores auto shotgun and spas shotgun sounds in 3rd person

You can use 3PS to play in third person
This bug fix is published separately so other thirdperson mods can also benef...
Chrome Shotgun First Person Animations Remade
Created by Paysus
The video is in 60 FPS if you look at it in HD and Google Chrome!

This replaces the first person animations for the Chrome Shotgun.

Unfortunately, this is not compatible with ANY Chrome Shotgun model replacements. It's only compatible with retexture...
Pump Shotgun - KF2 Dragon's Breath Animations
Created by Lt. Rocky
This is the default L4D2 Pump shotgun on my Killing Floor 2 Dragon's Breath animations.

This is compatible with retextures.

For the folks that love to stick with the regula...
Cele's Revised Autoshotgun Animation
Created by AvengedDeathAlert
Based on Cele's HQ autoshotgun, with small changes.

-Default autoshotgun model. Compatible with reskins.
-Reload end covered only half instead of the entire screen.
Cele's Revised SPAS shotgun Animation
Created by AvengedDeathAlert
Based on Cele's HQ autoshotgun, with small changes.

-Default SPAS shotgun model. Compatible with reskins.
-Has jigglebones.
-Reload end covered only half instead of t...
M16A1 Assault Rifle - Reanimated
Created by Noa
IMPORTANT NOTE: Sorry guys, I will not accept random invites nor requests.

PREVIEW - helpfully recorded by Dynaflame

IIopn was kind enough to lend his animations to me, and I decided to superimpose them onto the default assault rifle model with the came...
AK-47 Reanimated
Created by ɪяɪѕ
The video is recorded in FOV 80.

Replaces the Ak-47 assault rifle on arby26's animations.
Compatible with re-skin, re-texture file.

arby26 : animations
Valve : model, textures
IRIS : Compile

Your f...
Desert Rifle - KF2 SCAR Animations
Created by Lt. Rocky
This is the regular ol' Scar rifle on Killing Floor 2's Scar animations.

This is compatible with retextures.

Modder's Resource

The source files for t...
Css Mp5(Arby Anim) replacement L4d2 Default Css Mp5
Created by Xenecrite
Css Mp5(Arby Anim) replacement L4d2 Default Css Mp5
Models and Textures:Valve
SG552 Remake Reanim replacement L4D2 Default SG552
Created by Xenecrite
Models and Textures:Valve
Remake:Brain Collector
Animation:Doktor Kaus,Arby26
Uzi First Person Animations Remade
Created by Paysus
The video is in 60 FPS!
Unfortunately, this is not compatible with ANY Uzi SMG model replacements. It's only compatible with retextures, sound mods, particle effect mods, and everything else that doesn't effect the Uzi's model.

These are my take on th...
Silenced SMG re-animated(Killing Floor-style)
Created by Krycek
Very very simple mod. Replaces standard first person view model of the silenced SMG with same model, but with new animations.

Idea of this mod came to my head very very long time ago, during first play in this game, good old 2010. Shooting MAC11 with on...
MAC10s sound from Killing Floor
Created by [SvK] mukolah
This Mod replaces the normal sound of the SMG Silenced shot with the sound from Killing Floor MAC10 Silenced....
Default Pistol Re-Animated
Created by Inter
The good old pistol on all new animations. This only replaces the single pistol.

Preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8YzGrLKi-Y

I hope you like it!
Dual Pistols First Person Animations Remade
Created by Paysus
The video is in 60 FPS if you watch it on Google Chrome!

This contains animations for the Dual Pistols. This is not compatible with other dual pistol models, but it is compatible with retextures and sound mods, and particle mods.

Nothing too origina...
Desert Eagle Re-animated
Created by ɪяɪѕ
Re-animates the Desert Eagle with arby's USP pistol animations.
The viedo is recorded in FOV 80.

arby26 - animations
IRIS - Compile, etc

Picture by Beppe87
Your feedback is always helpf...
Desert Eagle Amazing Firing Sound
Created by ZenonMaster
This is my first addon, sound mixed with default sound for more agressive impact :)

magnum of this video:


health bars:


Melee Crosshair Removal
Created by Gilboron
It always annoyed me that the crosshairs used for melee weapons and spectating were not only simply copy-pasted from TF2, but also very low resolution at that. I don't need a crosshair for melee weapons anyway, so I decided to just remove them completely....
Fireaxe First Person Animations Remade
Created by Paysus
These use my Katana anims as a base, but they're not the same anims exactly. The draw is different and all the rest of the anims are just edited.

These may work with texture mods, but not any model mods. These don't make your attacks slower, and these d...
Katana First Person Animations Remade
Created by Paysus
Let's dance!

The draw anim was really annoying, but other than that this was pretty easy. I've had this in the works for quite a while (ever since around the pump shotgun anims), and I think it's finally ready for release. This contains camera movement,...
Machete First Person Animations Remade
Created by Paysus
Link to the video if you can't see it for some reason:

The thumbnail isn't that great and the quality was greatly reduced. Sorry!

Very much based off of my 'Sniper First Person Animation Overhaul' kurki an...
Nightstick First Person Animations Remade
Created by Paysus
I know it seems like I've been rushing these out for the past few skins, but I assure you I'm not. I should be able to port these anims to the frying pan.

These may work with texture mods, but not any model mods. These don't make your attacks slower, an...
Crowbar - KF2 Crovel Animations
Created by Lt. Rocky
This is the regular ol' crowbar on the animations of Killing Floor 2's Crovel.

This is compatible with retextures.

Modder's Resource

The source files...
Items Reanimation
Created by MaxG3D
Valve - Models, Textures
MaxG3D - Animations, Compile...
Adrenaline Post Process Optimiser
Created by Mute
Reduces the frame rate implications that the adrenaline post process effects can produce on lower to middle end machines....
Sinister Horde (Alert Sound)
Created by C0RSA1R
Replaces the default horde alert sound with a more intimidating version.

More of my mods:
Smoker Voiced by Me
Created by Ravelord Nito
This sound pack replaces all of the Smokers vocal files with sounds that I made myself! An allergic cough can work wonders sometimes, at least in the line of making horrible coughing sounds for a disease ridden infected. Again, this mod seeks to remain in ...
Jockey Voiced by Me
Created by Ravelord Nito
This mod replaces all of the Jockeys vocal lines with recordings of my own voice! I made this mod to make the Jockey sound a bit different in game while still adhering to the atmosphere of Left 4 dead 2, as well as just being some voice acting practice for...
Roaring Hunter
Created by Pale Face 'n Skin
Decreased the frequency to -40% to create a more deeper Hunter voice. It is now less of a kitty's growl and more of a intimating predator.

Bug: It seems when this and the Quagmire Jockey is enabled, it makes the Jockey have a frequent screeching sound. I ...
Spitter Voiced by Me (ham sandwich quality version)
Created by Ravelord Nito
GOOD NEWS: I got a really nice XLR mic that I can finally use to complete this pack and the others! The quality is CRAZY good compared to the ones from the previous packs so Im stoked!

This mod replaces all of the Spitters voice tracks with my own voice...
A random Saferoom colour correction mod
Created by Mute
Just a small one here to change the saferoom colour corrections.

Do note that, some maps won't use the saferoom colour corrections, and will instead use the current map's one.

As of the upload date, I'm having some technical difficulties, so the L4D1...
Hidden Maps Unlocked
Created by Rayman1103
This addon unlocks the hidden Survival maps, and hidden Scavenge maps that Valve made. All credit goes to Valve for the maps.

Now you can play on the following maps:

Rollercoaster Survival (map c2m3_coaster)
Shantytown Survival (map c3m3_shantytown)
A random Blood Harvest colour correction mod
Created by Mute
Took me several attempts before I was finally satisfied, but here we are.

Replaces the colour correction in Blood Harvest. Similar to Dead Air, indoor areas might looks a bit colourful, not much I can do about that, only one colour correction file is used...
A random Death Toll colour correction mod
Created by Mute
Sooooo this one might be a bit too dark, but for good reasons. Mainly as there isn't much light in some of the maps, and where there is no light, there is darkness.

Replaces Death Toll's colour correction, probably the most dramatic change, and probably o...
A random No Mercy colour correction mod
Created by Mute
Here we are with the first L4D1 one, more to come.

Replaces the colour correction in No Mercy. Took way too many pictures for this, but oh well.

Feel free to check out the collection for all the other colour corrections I've made....
A random The Sacrifice colour correction mod
Created by Mute
And now to end it all with The Sacrifice.

Replaces a ton of the colour correction files for The Sacrifice. No idea why they went so crazy with the number of colour correction files, but whatever. (16 in the game files, but about a quarter or so were unu...
Dead Center (Color Correction Mod)
Created by clifford 断崖
Hi. This color correction mod for "Dead Center" campaign, formerly "Miami Morning".

In a far away 2013 I was totally attracted to this beautiful game. Since then, L4D2 became pretty outdated in terms of gameplay features and replayability, so I will...
A random The Passing colour correction mod
Created by Mute
The one time desaturation makes sense, they instead make it colourful and bright. Alright then.

It was quite hard getting good pictures of this campaign, not very many major memorable places.

Replaces the colour correction in The Passing to one a bit mor...
A random Dark Carnival Colour Correction mod
Created by Mute
I'm... not very imaginative with titles.

Modifies the colour correction in Dark Carnival and in the Tunnel of Love.

If the screenshots seem too dark, it's probably because I had no flashlight on.

Works best with the [url=http://steamcommunity.com...
A random Swamp Fever colour correction mod
Created by Mute
I never like how desaturated everything looks. Sure it's an apocalypse, but the Sun ain't a zombie!

Replaces the colour correction in Swamp Fever, in the swamp itself and in the plantation house at the end.

Be sure to check out the collection for all...
A random Hard Rain colour correction mod
Created by Mute
I guess I'm sticking with this odd naming theme.

I decided to go for a warm feel at the start of the campaign, so you can bask in the glow of the sun for a bit. But don't get used to it, as the storm is going to wash it all away.

A word of warning, n...
Quieter and alternate rain and wind
Created by Wendu-Chan
In my opinion the rain was very loud in L4D2 and i hated it (especially in Hard Rain campaign). So i made it. Replaces the all wind and rain sound effects expect the No Mercy chapter 1 rain (it was buggy, i dunno why). And a few thunder strike effects. Cha...
A random The Parish Colour Correction mod
Created by Mute
Might've gone a bit overboard with this one. Oh well.

Modifies the colour correction in The Parish. Unfortunately, due to the way the map was made, Map 5, the Bridge does not have any colour correction in it except during the escape cutscene. This is out ...
F18 Without fog
Created by Alexandrovich
Wanna see the f18's that fly above your head in "The Parish" campaign more detailed, instead of a jet silouette that goes away?
With this addon, you can!
The unused textures Valve made for the F18 are now visible even from distance! The fog won't affect 1...
The Ultimate Mod Testing and Reviewing Area V6.54
Created by мяFunreal
In these maps you can test any of your mods in a friendly environment.

Never again do you have to wade trough a campaign to find that one entity you search, Simply load up one of these maps and walk right up to it!

If you load the main TUMTaRA ma
realistic: dead animal pack
Created by Ferretsshadow
replaces 3 of the dead ragdolls and some props that are on the maps with a few animals to make it a little more realistic.
animals added:
-dead rats
-dead birds
-dead raccoon

The Left 4 Dead 1+2 themonsterswithin Sound mod
Created by OnionReaper
For this Sound mod, I combined the L4D1 and 2 Music and the end and this is the Result.
I hope you like it :)...
Roach Rules Real
Created by Tя!cky ツ
A version for those that want your roaches to be more realistic. You'll see far less in this mod. But still enough to notice there are cockroaches in the game. Again most spawn in Kitchens, Ground Trash or near Dumpsters and Manhole Covers!

Bullets and Melee vs. Flesh soundpack.
Created by AyyKyu
This addon right here is all about gore. Sounds of gore. Bullet body impacts, melee weapons.
Tries to make it painful, sounding and more audiable. Every single bullet vs. body impact sound now includes the bullet whizz, then the impact itself, crunching f...
Modder Resource: Van UVmap Fix
Created by мяFunreal
If you tried making a skin for the van once, you had to realise that the UVmap was so odd, that making a good skin was almost impossible.

So i took it on myself to fix just that! The new UVmap, with a pre-made texture, allows you to individually edi
Modder Resource: NukeTruck UVmap Fix
Created by мяFunreal
Just like the van, this model was cursed by an uvmap that did not allow great reskins. Wich is fixed now! The container on the back is assigned to a new texture that allows you to edit the left and right side individually.

The model used replaces th
School Bus
Created by Ellie
Formerly, the "Church Bus" in L4D2 was meant to be a School Bus, but during development, it was replaced because the implied image that children died during the apocalypse could be controversial.
Although, you, who are reading this, maybe think that all t...
Modder Resource: Semi-Trailer UVmap Fix
Created by мяFunreal
The Semi-Trailer sure had one horrible UVmap, you were unable to put anything on it.
But now with a new uvmap and texture (4096x2048) you can put as many Coca Cola logos on it as you want.

The download contains:
  • A pre-made Addon
  • An Example
Omgot's No Loading Spinner
This addon will remove the spinner from the loading screen!...
HD Jukebox Audio
This mod replaces all five original Jukebox tracks, with cleaner and better sounding versions (Save Me Some Sugar and All I Want for Xmas weren't remastered because their quality is fine). I also decided to keep the record static at the beginning and end d...
600+ Sounds (Weapons Only)
Created by ASMR Coach
This subdivision of the 600+ collection changes over 200 weapon sounds, which include (but not limited to) sounds produced when shooting, reloading, and deploying firearms.

Note: As of 6/17/16, the mod saw some dramatic changes to its contents. See the ...
Modder Resource: Catering Truck UVmap FIX
Created by мяFunreal
Another vehicle that had a horrible UVMap... Had!

The download contains:
  • Pre-Made Addon, With proper model-Texture folder setup.
  • An UVmap layout for.
  • Example and Base textures (PNG).

    This download is not a mod. It's a prefab. If yo
RNG Catering Trucks
Created by Tя!cky ツ
Airport Catering Trucks will be random.

HD Animated Clocks (+RNG)
Created by Ellie
This mod does 2 things :
- It gives HD textures to the Wall Clocks and the Alarm Clock (digital and analog)
- It makes them display the time at the right speed (so the Wall Clock have the hands that move at the real speed etc.)

I had to...
Payday 2 Cars
Created by Ellie
I wanted to try to make a L4D2 mod that would replace the cars by new ones, to understand how the mechanics of this work. It's a bit more complicated that basic addons because the way the cars are made in that game is a bit strange and does not give much r...
better mall and more pack
Created by Ferretsshadow
Adds two new mall props to fill out the mall a little more and replaces some of the junk props

empty ak47 clip
-wad of cash
-bag of nuts
jacket rack and some shoes to the mall
a love meter
- protestor picket signs
- flower foliage
-infected clipboard...
Counterstrike Weapon Unlocker
Created by Lt. Rocky
Been a long time coming, hasn't it? A simplified way to access the Counterstrike weapons with your chums without having to resort to the kooky, inverted and upside-down world of Sourcemod, dedicated servers, or single player only listen servers.

This is a...
Melee Weapon Unlock Mod
Created by White again
Unlock all melee weapons on all valve maps!

And: Added Counter-Strike: Source knife on all valve maps!

Dont ask more question like "Why dont work when join 3rd party server/offical server/join other's game/local servers", all I know is that the ser...
Refractive Puddles
Created by Lt. Rocky
A simple mod that modifies the puddles seen throughout maps to use a refract shader, utilizing two separate normal maps, one being animated....
Real, actual HUD icons
Created by Alex_D_Vasilkov
What started as a mod that fixed the odd M1911 icon for pistols, now replaces most of these icons.
  1. Replaces the default pistol icons (that are old L4D1 Colts) with real, actual SIG-Sauer P220 SAO and Glock 26 silhouettes from my artwork.
  2. T
Scarier Common Infected Sounds (reupload)
Created by Cynical Uke
Please note that I take no credit for this mod. It was mysteriously removed from the workshop by the original author, Beeyun, without any explanation. If he contacts me and requests that I also remove it, I will do so.

"Adds scarier, more human-like sou...
HD MH-53 Pave Low
Created by Ellie
This mod is the first (and as I am writing this, only) model replacement for the Evacuation Helicopter / Chopper that you can see at the very beginning of Dead Center and at the end of The Parish campaign (and also in a lot of custom campaigns).
Female CEDA Agents
Created by Zetnus
Adds female CEDA agents to the game in addition to the male ones. This means that you have both male and female CEDA infected if you use this mod.

I have added 8 females to supplement the 12 existing male CEDA variations, so you get 20 possible CEDA ...
Female Riot Police v2
Created by Zetnus
Adds several female riot police infected and also additonal male variations.

I do this by editing the riot model to include additional heads which allows it to spawn additional variations. It's entirely client-side, meaning only you will see the...
Dark Carnival Helicopter Fix
Created by Lt. Rocky
A simple mod that fixes the longtime visual oversight in Dark Carnival, where the rescue helicopter will fly through buildings when flying in to rescue the survivors and when escaping the arena. Originally the animations wouldn't suffer this sort of issue,...
Improved Footsteps
Includes running sounds on:
Dirt/carpet (both surfaces share the same sounds because Gabe Newell)
Metal and grated metal
Water wading

Takes some of my favorite footstep sounds from:
CoD: BO1
CoD: MW2
Battlefield 3
The ...
HD + RNG Tank Rock
Created by Ellie
This mod is an HD replacement for the Tank Rocks that includes the "not so used" Model RNG : there are 5 different rock design and each one the tank will throw will be different.
This mod is actually the first one that really makes the full use of Model R...
Accurate Gun Shop Signs
Created by Doktor haus
Replaces the generic weapon labels in Whitaker's gun shop with their real-world firearm counterparts....
Low video settings missing skybox fix
Created by James
Title says it all! I was working on some stuff with skyboxes and found the main culprit not allowing Low graphic users to have skyboxes... And i fixed it!

In the vmt files for l4d2s campaign skyboxes, there was a line of code referenci...
Whispering Oaks Motel Sign Restored
Created by Jarey_
Restores the letters on the Whispering Oaks Motel sign in the Dark Carnival campaign to match the one seen in the opening cinematic.

It's always bothered me that the sign doesn't match the cinematic, so I decided to deal with it myself.

I assure you,...
C1M4 Graffiti Restored
Created by Rayman1103
Restores the graffiti used in Dead Center map 4....
HD Chopper Pilot
Created by Jarey_
I can't believe you shot the pilot!
He was a ZOMBIE, Francis!

Updates the No Mercy / Dark Carnival Pilot texture.

So the Pilot and his corpse have x512 textures. The Pilot's textures look really grungy, noisy and compressed, like really bad....
HD Machine Guns (+ HUD Display)
Created by Ellie
VMT-Link between the HUD and an item to display formerly hidden helpful information (cf. Global Radar).

This mod replaces both Machin...
Exaggerated spit!
Created by DiOs!
Nothing to see here...
[Audio Fix] Remove Coach's fireaxe melee grunts
Created by Jarey_
The attached video is what this addon fixes.

When using the fire axe, all survivors will play melee grunt noises in Coach's voice every second swing or so.
This addon silences those voice files so it won't happen anymore.
These voice lines are not used an...
Brighter Alarm Cars
Created by Jarey_
"Don't shoot that car!"

Created for a partially colorblind friend who had trouble seeing the alarm cars at night, worse still trying to see them in the daylight.
If you still have trouble seeing cars in the daylight. Aside from firing you...
AWP Overhaul
Created by !/trigger_hurt
Finally. Took long enough, eh?

Edit: HOLY FUCK this thing wound up on the list of most popular mods of this week already? It hasn't even been up for two whole days yet..

Edit 2: Wow. 6.5k, almost 7k views in just under a week. A thousand visitors per...
M16 Overhaul
Created by !/trigger_hurt
ayy lmao, time to die again for the next six or ten months before eventually shitting out another one of these things

Please use this better version:
Globally Offensive M16 on my ani...
M60 Reborn
Created by Xenecrite
M60 Reborn remplacment for L4D2 M16
Models and Textues:Valve
Rebuilt and Compiling:Xenecrite
Animations:Nexon,Rex The Impaler
L4D2 Default Scope: OVSF
Created by Red Schism
This is the Default vanilla L4D2 scope adjusted to fit (1366 x 768) and (1768 x 992) screens.

This is for the Left 4 Dead 2 purist that prefer the original scope design but where unfortunate enough to run the game at resolutions deemed unworthy of circ...
Bile Bomb
Created by Prophet
"It's highly addictive!"


Here's another remade item. :)

I did what I could with the glass, it looks nice sometimes, and sometimes it looks a bit dull (depen...
Molotov Reborn
Created by Prophet
"Fire in a bottle"


Another remade item. It's a molotov! :O



- Replaces ...
"Damaged Outro" Fix
Created by мяFunreal
Have you ever realised that Jimmy Gibbs Stock car in "The Passing" is inconsistently messed up?

First of all, the car in the first map doesn't even have glass. the mapper literally just forgot to put the glass in the map.
Second of all, when you ge
"The Passing" Outro Zoey Fix
Created by мяFunreal
Annoyed that Zoeys outro animation for C6m3 is messed up?
I fixed it. thank me later.

Basically, The outro animation was not long enough, so it just ends during the outro causing her to warp to the designated "outro" position of her model entity.
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Matihood1 Feb 5 @ 4:03pm 
I've never downloaded so many mods at once. Thanks for this great collection!
JustDJ  [author] Jun 30, 2017 @ 11:25pm 
@You Fuckin' Donkey
Most of them do conflict, however they shouldn't break the game in any major way. If you want you can type "sv_consistency 0" in the console after all the mods you want are installed to further prevent the chance of crashes. If a crash persists however, try uninstalling some stuff. I won't know exactly which mods would do this so if I knew I would remove them. :happy_creep:
-RADZ- Pastrysama Jun 30, 2017 @ 10:44pm 
Does any mod conflict with each other?
JustDJ  [author] May 11, 2016 @ 11:45pm 
NVM Here it is! Someone reuploaded it!
JustDJ  [author] May 11, 2016 @ 2:54am 
No sorry it might have been deleted and I'm not subbed to it. :steamsad:
CyborgParrot™ May 10, 2016 @ 7:00am 
Do you still have the Scarier Common Infected Sound Mod?

If You do then can you Upload it to Dropbox or Mediafire?
CyborgParrot™ Feb 24, 2016 @ 9:53pm 
Did you remove the Common Infected Sound Pack? :(
JustDJ  [author] Jan 17, 2016 @ 7:05pm 
CyborgParrot™ Jan 15, 2016 @ 10:26pm 
One of these Addons disabled the Addons Menu.
FNAFlover_Foxy Dec 20, 2015 @ 2:35pm