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Six6Star Studios Breezehome with Basement & Simple Crafting - FULL Version
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Mar 31, 2015 @ 4:46pm
May 10, 2015 @ 8:40am
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Six6Star Studios Breezehome with Basement & Simple Crafting - FULL Version

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This is our remodeling of the popular Breezehome in Whiterun to be more thorough in resources, so the beginner player can grow more easily and in lore friendly ways. We made the home more appealing but not too lavish of a home. There are added abilities, perks, weapons, spells and NPCs. This is more than just a home makeover.

- The "Incendiary Arrows with Fire Salts Crafting" included in this mod is available separately.
- This Breezehome mod works extremely well with
- The TOUR VIDEO will be updated soon to better show the Player Home in it's current state of development. Videos take a while to upload so patience is appreciated.
- If you like the home please RATE it :-) Thanks.

-Current mod status as of 5-11-2017:
A LONG AWAITED UPDATE IS NEAR! Any glitches will be fixed as they are reported or found if possible. A BASE version without the perks, most small weapons and crafting extras is available for those NOT wanting those things or that have mods they want to use along side this one.

The additional crafting items in the basement are tied to the PRE-EXISTING HOME UPGRADES you buy from the steward and are listed in the "Whiterun Home Decorating Guide Revised" located on the Lectern IN the home.

- Forge with FX. (with 1 Armor Mannequin)
- Smithing/Grinding Wheel.
- Workbench. (with 1 Armor Mannequin)
- Enchanting Table.
- Tanning Rack.
- A Smelter & Dwemer Ventilation system.
- Outside Garden & fence.
- Flower boxes on exterior windows.
- Additional home decorations.
- Wood flooring on the 1st & 2nd floors as well as near roof peaks.
- Noble furniture.
- Revised cooking area with ventilation & FX.
- Separate Dining room on the 1st floor.
- Staff Enchanter in the basement Storage Cage.

By default the home is clean when you buy it..before upgrading, as a new home should be and some walls are there that wouldn't be in the Vanilla version. Also the home is occupied by previous owners & the basement is there but is mostly empty.

All the vanilla containers have been retained so any items you may have in them should be safe..they are in the main portion of the home. I only added 1 new container in the Alchemy Room for a key in the main home & a couple linked storage areas denoted with a (*) in the names. The BASEMENT however has a few added physical containers.

There are 5 shortcuts in the basement crafting area. You'll be able to access 2 End Tables, 2 Cupboards & 1 Dresser remotely from the BASEMENT crafting area.

- The 1st is denoted by a Large SoulGem on top of it in the Main Bedroom. (enabled with Enchanter upgrade)
- The 2nd is in the Housecarl's Bedroom and has a Gold Ingot on top of it.
- The 3rd is also in the Housecarl's Bedroom and has a Bound Sword on top of it.
- The 4th is in the hall and has a Helmet on top of it.
- The 5th is a cupboard in the hall next to the Bedroom Doors with a Linen wrap on it. (enabled with Smelter upgrade)

We suggest sorting items that fit the STATIC Items on top of them :-) I did this to save running up & down the stairs to get stuff to craft/enchant with but still keep items safe in Vanilla Containers. OR you may use the "General Store - Breezehome" mod as our mod has been made to be compatible with it.

Currently by suggestion I have added through each of the secret doors..

1. Training Room.

It has..

- 2 Weapon Racks.
- 2 Weapon Plaques.
- 3 Attack Dummies that level up your Character.
- 1 Archery Target that levels up your Marksmanship.
- Various decorations and a Baking area.

2. The Library/Museum.

It has..

- capacity for 672 individual books on shelves.
- 32 additional Armor Mannequins.
- 14 Weapon Plaques
- 14 Shield Racks
- 12 Display Cases
- An EXIT to the Whiterun farm area by the sewer drain.


- "Masterful Touch" PERK added to perk tree at Level 55,(see perk tree pictures.)
- Gemstone Purification can be done at the forge to make gems Flawless.
- SoulGem combining & upgrading can be done at the forge.
- Craftable & smeltable Lockpicks, (Apprentice Lockpicking PERK required, see pictures of perk tree.)
- Craftable & smeltable Iron Shiv.
- Craftable, equipable & smeltable Custom Silver Dining Forks & Knives. (mostly for fun & realism)
- Craftable Pickaxes. (realism)
- Incendiary Arrows are craftable at the FORGE under Daedric with the Daedric PERK as well as most other common arrows with their PERK as well. (Orcish Smithing for Orcish Arrows etc..) The Fire Salts to make the Incendiary Arrows are craftable as well at the FORGE.
- "Draugr Magic Paralysis" arrows are added to the game and are craftable at the forge under DRAUGR and the Arcane Smithing perk is required.
- The Giant's Club is now able to be picked up and used.

There is a Teleport SPELL to return home with that can be learned with the Spell BOOK on the Lectern upstairs (which is also a bookshelf.) In addition you may Fast Travel from this home.

There are keys around the home to unlock the secrets. There's also $ to compensate for the cost of the home etc.. if you didn't already have the home, so you aren't out any money if you don't like it :-)

There are various shrines around the home but not too many. The Blessing of Dibella is applied whenever you sleep in the Master Bed.

There are 2 secret doors in the basement. Look for the levers to open them throughout the home.

This area has many of your crafting/smithing resources in it. It is locked but there is a key in the Orc's room.

This room is reserved for Child Adoption and will be furnished when you get the package from the steward. Check the floor in the Potions Room after you buy the furnishings from the Steward for a BIG BOOK.

Lydia has NO MODIFICATIONS so you may use any Lydia mod you like (ex. Enhanced Lydia on NEXUS.)


Jahne GraBagol - A General Merchant with enough cash to buy everything you can bring her up nearly $30,000. She lives in the Basement and is a Blacksmith by trade and is cousin to Gorza in Markarth. She can buy/sell items 24/7 in the field & offers BYOH materials.

Vivian - A Destruction Mage and Master Trainer of the art. She lives in a secret room behind the Master Bedroom. Her purple hair is reflective of her power as a Mage. She fights mainly with Ice Spike (LH) & Fireball (RH).

If you find any bugs please leave them in the comment section and I'll address them when I can. Suggestions to improve the home are always welcome..even if you don't exactly like the home...don't be afraid to voice why.

1. As with any modified vanilla player home, I've noticed some chaos with small items like pots, food, mead etc.. They like to fly around a bit and make a mess as they may be in new positions compared to your previous game save. Can't help this one. However most of these types of items are STATIC to avoid the mess.

- We created this mod with assets from APACHII Hair with their permission obtained on the other site but you don't have to have their mod installed for mine to work.
- We've tried not to TARDIS it too badly but by Vanilla default the actually IS bigger inside than out.
- Special thanks to my friends Kathi & Anna for all their bug reporting, testing, ideas & support :-) as well as K13RaN64 for his script.
- Stay tuned to our workshop submissions as there are more projects in the works that many will surely like as they are different from what many are used to seeing.

Remove all items from BASEMENT RACKS & CONTAINERS and put them in containers that aren't in the basement.
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bigd1502 Apr 15 @ 6:25pm 
where the heck is Edward Mottley's house????
Six6Star_Studios  [author] Dec 23, 2017 @ 12:24pm 
In regards to the furnishings not showing up, I'd have to ask if you installed the mod before or after you purchased the home etc...preferably before you even set foot in the home for the first time. Next be sure that this mod is near the top of your load list but after its required DLCs. Finally as a precautionary measure saving before you buy any of the homes is a good idea in case of issues.
Maryanne Oct 24, 2017 @ 12:13am 
Have a problem with the furnishings. Purchased house and furnishings all at same time from Steward and now the furnishings won't show up. Any ideas? No convenient save points before that point :-(
arlmassey Oct 17, 2017 @ 2:35pm 
The problem turned out to be ny fault....I moved it up the list on my load order and now it works perfectly, the door is in the wall and I get the detail. Door works both ways - no problem.
I now load Dragonborn , Hearthfires and Dawnguard - next up after that is your mod...then err....umm...about 26 others. :)
Six6Star_Studios  [author] Oct 16, 2017 @ 7:19am 
It sounds like a glitch between 2 mods possibly. It would be helpful to know what other mods you're using.
arlmassey Oct 15, 2017 @ 11:25am 
Great Mod! However when I use the skyrim door to leave (outside the wall) my landscape is bare.
No trees or nothing really...
The door allows me back in but is kind of hanging in the air?
Any ideas?
It is a similar experience that I get if I were to TCL (console command) over a is as if the game has not loaded the data as it thinks I am still inside.
amyca19 Aug 17, 2017 @ 1:54am 
amyca19 Aug 17, 2017 @ 1:53am 
I just looked at the pictures then susribed and went to buy breezehome
LightningWolfer Jun 23, 2017 @ 6:05am 
Six6Star_Studios  [author] Jun 23, 2017 @ 3:17am 
1. The childrens bedroom moves to the basement. 2. I've never heard of the Growing up in Skyrim mod. 3. Any vanilla containers or racks should be safe to leave items in or on but removing items 1st never hurt. 4. Large holes in the floor would be a glitch in your save. Try a save cleaning tool.