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Fate/Another is Hero Arena game featuring 20+ Servants from Fate universe. Choose your Servant, explore diverse build path, and stand victorious in extremely fast-paced bloodbath.

Supported languages: English, Simplified Chinese. If you want to contribute to translation in your own language, feel free to get in touch with me for more information.

Available Game Modes

■ Team Elimination(Standard)
Players: 2-12, 8+ recommended
Game Objective: Eliminate enemy team to win a round. First team to score 12 rounds wins
Avg. Game Legnth: 30-60 min

■ Trio Rumble, Free For All
Players: 2-12, 4+ recommended
Game Objective: Slay enemy heroes to reach kill limit
Avg. Game Legnth: 10-30 min


Beginner's guide to Fate/Another. Recommended read for first-time players and alike

Fate/Another Dota 2 Wikipedia[]

Official Blog[] - check often for patch note and sneak peek!

Fate/Another Dota 2 Discord[]

Steam Group

Official Subreddit

Report the bug here


■ Fast-paced bloodbath with unique heroes
■ Players take a role of Master to customize Servant and cast powerful Command Seal for potentially game-changing effect
■ No permanent item other than blink. All consumables, no item difference from snowball. Only strong reflex and mechanics count.
■ All heroes have a defining move called Combo which only activates when using abilities in certain order.


Fate/Another on Steam is an open-source project, and all the codes are available on GitHub.[]


Please refer to above GitHub project page for full list of credits.
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