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Additional Equipment
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Additional Equipment

Adds a variety of equipment to the base game.

It basically adds a few things I found was lacking in the base game. I was initially going to release them separately but realized how much of a chore it would be to update and download so I decided to add them all together.

The equipment added is pretty much self-explanatory. I did not go all out and add interesting equipment with effects and such. I simply wanted to try to fill in the gaps which I felt needed to be filled.

Drew the equipment myself and tailored it to fit in with the Don't Starve drawing style.

Don't Starve Together version is now available.



Gear Goggles
[Reign of Giants]

Requires: Alchemy Engine
- 1 Clockwork Box
- 2 Frazzled Wires
- 2 Electrical Doodad

Durability is 6 minutes
Night vision
Can be refueled using Fireflies, Slurtle Slime, or Light Bulbs.
Drops Clockwork Box when depleted


Ice Pack

Requires: Alchemy Engine
- 2 Frazzled Wires
- 2 Gears
- 1 Lying Robot

Inventory storage with 2 slots
Reduces spoilage rate by 50% (same as Ice Box)
Cannot store items which cannot be stored in an Ice Box
Cannot suspend spoilage of Ice and Ice Cube nor cool the Thermal Stone



Requires: Alchemy Engine
- 4 Bunny Puff
- 8 Silk
- 2 Rope

Adds 12 storage slots



Requires: Alchemy Engine
- 1 Clockwork Box
- 4 Gold Nuggets
- 4 Twigs

Durability is 300
20% better than Axe and Pickaxe
Drops Clockwork Box when depleted


Rock Sword

Requires: Alchemy Engine
- 2 Twig
- 1 Rope
- 2 Cutstone

Durability is 225
Damage is 38.25

Log Helmet

Requires: Science Machine
- 1 Football Helmet
- 4 Log
- 2 Rope

Exactly the same as a Football Helmet
Can be used as fuel

- This item is meant to be crafted when the Football Helmet is nearly depleted (<25% durability). It is made to extend the durability of the Football Helmet beyond the 450 durability it has.

Rock Helmet

Requires: Alchemy Engine
- 2 Cutstone
- 6 Flint

Durability is 600
Absorbs 80% of physical damage
10% slower movement speed
Water Resistance (Small)

Rock Armor

Requires: Alchemy Engine
- 4 Cutstone
- 8 Flint

Durability is 810
Absorbs 85% of physical damage
20% slower movement speed

Marble Helmet

Requires: Alchemy Engine
- 8 Marble

Durability is 840
Absorbs 85% of physical damage
20% slower movement speed
Water Resistance (Small)


Requires: Alchemy Engine
- 1 Clockwork Box
- 2 Red Gems
- 4 Blue Gems

Durability is 150
Damage is 42.5
Drains sanity by 25/min while equipped
There is a 10% chance to instantly burn enemy + double damage or freeze enemy
Drops Clockwork Box when depleted

Vacuum Bulb

Requires: Alchemy Engine
- 1 Clockwork Box
- 12 Nightmare Fuel
- 4 Yellow Gem

Durability is 6 minutes while equipped
Damage is 34 (68 to Nightmares)
Drains sanity by 25/min while equipped
Gain 5 sanity per swing (7.5 to Nightmares)
Provides a radius of light (Medium)
Can be refueled using Nightmare Fuel
Drops Clockwork Box when depleted


Bee Sting Bat

Requires: Prestihatitator
- 12 Stinger
- 2 Log
- 6 Nightmare Fuel

Durability is 150
Damage is 55.25
Drains sanity by 0.8 per swing

[Reign of Giants]

Requires: Shadow Manipulator
- 8 Hounds Tooth
- 2 Hound Fur
- 6 Nightmare Fuel

Adds 12 storage slots
10% faster move speed
Contents are immune to wetness

[Reign of Giants]

Requires: Shadow Manipulator
- 6 Hounds Tooth
- 2 Hound Fur
- 8 Cooked Monster Meat

Durability is 4 minutes
Control Hounds
10% faster move speed
Passive monsters will become aggressive towards the player
Drains sanity by 2/min while equipped
Will automatically attempt to attack what Hounds attack

- Equipping the hat after being spotted by Hounds will not stop them from attacking.
- Re-equipping the hat will make Hounds attack the player.


Requires: Shadow Manipulator
- 1 Guardian Horn
- 1 Beefalo Horn
- 8 Cooked Meat

Durability is 5 uses
When used, user gains random (40-80) and equal amount of Health, Hunger and Sanity
Drops Guardian Horn when depleted


Beefalo Coat

Requires: Science Machine
- 16 Beefalo Wool
- 6 Silk
- 2 Rope

Durability is 10 days
Restores sanity over time (Small)
Delays freezing during Winter (Medium)


Clockwork Box

Requires: Ancient Pseudoscience Station
- 12 Gears
- 8 Thulecite
- 16 Nightmare Fuel

- Items crafted using the Clockwork Box will always drop it when they are depleted/destroyed


Hound Fur
[Reign of Giants]

- Dropped by Varg (1)(50%)

- Backpacks are compatible with RPG HUDs backpack and amulet slot option
- Incompatible with mods which modify: Varg
- Compatible with Shipwrecked and/or Reign of Giants
- Incompatible with vanilla

- Equipment that require trinkets can have their recipes switched
- Individual equipment recipes can be enabled/disabled
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