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Veritas et Fortitudo
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Veritas et Fortitudo

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Veritas Et Fortitudo by Penguintopia and Team
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Version 3.8.1 - COMPATIBLE WITH EUIV 1.27!

The premier immersion mod for EU IV features added missions, events and decisions, countries, religions, cultures and mechanics played out on an overhauled and unique map. New mechanics track the dynasty of your ruler, allow you unparalleled management of your realm, let you oversee a variety of unique subject types, and overall immerse yourself in a richer game experience.

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Feature List:

* Timeline extension (1309-1865) with expanded Ages and institutions

* Overhauled Map

* Dynastic System
In a monarchy, the entire royal family is tracked making heirs much less of a black box. Rest soundly knowing that your monarch has two or three more sons should your heir suffer a hunting accident or toss and turn at night knowing that your aged monarch has only a young daughter to leave the throne to.

* Progression System For Vassals & New Unique Subject Types:
Your standard vassals will move through stages of integration as you exert increased control over them through a longer but richer process; eleven unique subject types have also been added for specific situations throughout the world such as the Russian princes or Hanseatic Union.

* Reworked Government & The Realm Management System
Government bonuses respond to how you govern your realm instead of being statically assigned by government type. Autonomy and corruption are much more fluid, rarely resting at 0 but can be manipulated by the player. Special bonuses can also be assigned to areas of your realm and buildings designate percentage ownership of provinces by the estates in your realm.

* Realistic Core and State System
No longer is the entire profitability of a province tied up in whether it is a core but cores also do not come as readily. States represent the true heartland of your nation, but autonomy thresholds for your territories are much lower allowing you greater control over your realm.

* Passive Development Growth
Provinces grow their population and wealth naturally over time; of course you can still invest in them

* New Formable nations

* Hundreds of new events and decisions

* New and expanded mission branches and entire new trees

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NOTE: If the mod does not appear in your launcher, play the game in vanilla for 10 minutes. Then quit completely out of Steam and check again. If it still doesn't appear, repeat the process. It should then be in the launcher.

If you get the zip file, but not the .mod file, use this link to get the .mod file [].

Right-click and save this file as 'vef.mod' in the 'mod' folder, or copy and paste the text displayed into that file.
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SaitoInu 21 hours ago 
The mod files for Veritas and the hotfix are completely fucky. I can't even open the .zip files. It says they're either in unknown format or damaged.
SaitoInu 21 hours ago 
@Articon Yeah.
Sunstridr Nov 18 @ 5:08am 
Does anyone else not getting the missions of Holland/the Netherlands? Because i am only seeing the generic missions.
Articon Nov 18 @ 5:05am 
My game says its loaded with the mod, but its still vanilla. Anyone experiencing the same issue?
Yeest Nov 18 @ 2:48am 
JECJoker Nov 18 @ 1:57am 
I beat steam until workshop started working correctly again, I may have broken my stick, but Oooo is this going to be worth needing a new one!
JECJoker Nov 18 @ 1:53am 
All of your mods are downloading empty zips for me, today is a sad day.
starchitec Nov 15 @ 6:34pm 
@JewishAllah Very little downside to reducing serfdom, other than the fact you will no longer be able to raise levies for instant free troops. Taking power from the nobles is generally good, but it will increase your required governance and you dont want that if you are near the cap, otherwise its also pretty good to do
JewishAllah Nov 15 @ 6:28pm 
Hey there, first just wanted to say that I really am enjoying the mod so far. 2 questions and they may be answered in the wiki, but I couldn’t find them anywhere so I’d appreciate someone’s help. 1st, I’m 67% ahead of time on mil tech, and no open mil idea, 100 legitimacy, I can’t seem to find anything to dump my mil points on, does anyone know a good use? I don’t really want to take a tech that ahead of time if I don’t have to. 2nd, I’m looking at slowly removing serfdom and power of the nobility and I’m not really seeing any downsides especially for serfdom. Is there something I’m not picking up in the tooltip/wili?
IronWolfGaming101 Nov 14 @ 1:02am 
Rivtal, I only got and not the mod file. I'll try resubscribing to the mod again