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Final Fantasy 4 Hacking
By TheDude
Currently work in progress. This guide contains memory addresses and values to modify inventory contents and other Data.
If it has not been clear already, this guide IS cheating. Using the methods described herein to illegitimately aquire goods is cheating.

Currently this is a work in progress and may not be entirely accurate given the natures of computer software and hardware configurations.
Method and Hex introduction
Using Cheat Engine 6.4[] The Following addresses have been found. Cheat Engine has a memory browser that can be used to modify inventory and other statical data. I have used cheat engine for 10 years or more, i am quite pleased with its performance. If you know of or are more comfortable with something else by all means enjoy.

For the PC version of Final Fantasy 4 the inventory appears to be in a 4 byte pattern as follows

Item ID / Checksum or Type / Amount / Spacer or overflow

For example one potion would exactly be like this: 89 13 01 00
89 is the ID for a Potion
13 appears to be associated to most consumable items
01 is how many potions you have
00 is typically seen between this item and the next changing it is inadvisable.

Typically those intrested in guides such as this are already familiar with Hex editing so this part can be comfortably skipped for those who are already familiar with it.

Ok so now for complicated stuff. Computers allocate and store information in Random Access Memory, also known as RAM. This space is allocated in virtual mailboxes. Typically these mailboxes are addressed Byte by Byte each capable of storing a value between 0 and 255. If greater values are required these Mailboxes are combined and value capacity is increased exponentially. Anyway computers havent changed much since they were invented and still can only count in binary. Bits are too small to do anything substatial swith so we combine four bits at a time and we can now count instead of just 0 and 1, but from 0 to 16. Since memory and values are typically represented as pairs of Hexs and its much easier to look at two characters instead of a bunch of decimal numbers, we developed the Hexidecimal system, where a single place value counts up beyond 10 to 15. an example:
The that example the letter A represents 10, B: 11, C: 12 and so on. since 0 is considered a number, that adds up to a total of 16 values.

Any further clarification or questions please address them in the comments and i will be happy to modify this section.
Inventory Location
The FInal Fantasy 4 Inventory appears to start at the following address: 00632c00
Somewhere else there is a value describing how many inventory items you have, I have not found it yet however.
With that said, you gotta have something to change it into something else. Potions are relitively cheap so you can easily start there.

In the following sections ill be listing Items by their ID and Type/Checksum

The values i have found so far have been found using trial and error. Any values the game didnt like Crashed it immidiately.
Consumable Items
Potion: 89 13
Hi-Potion: 8A 13
X-Potion: 8B 13
Ether: 8C 13
Dry Ether: 8D 13
Elixir: 8E 13
Megalixir: 8F 13
Phoenix Down: 90 13
Gold Needle: 91 13
Echo Herbs: 95 13
Eye Drops: 96 13
Antidote: 97 13
Unicorn Horn: 9B 13
Tent: 9c 13
Cottage: 9D 13
Emergency Exit: 9E 13
Gnomish Bread: 9F 13
Gysahl Greens: A0 13
Gysahl Whistle: A1 13
Gold Apple: A2 13
Silver Apple: A3 13
Soma Drop: A4 13
Siren: A5 13
Lustful Lali-Ho: A6 13
Ninja Sutra: A7 13
Red Fang: AB 13
White Fang: AC 13
Blue Fang: AD 13
Bomb Fragment: AE 13
Bomb Crank: AF 13
Antarctic Wind: B0 13
Arctic Wind: B1 13
Zeus's Wrath: B2 13
Heavenly Wrath: B3 13
Gaia's Wrath: B4 13
Bomb Core: B5 13
StarDust: B6 13
Lilith's Kiss: B7 13
Vampire Kiss: B8 13
Spider Silk: B9 13
Silent Bell: BA 13
Coeurl Whisker: BB 13
Beastiary: BC 13
Bronze Hourglass: BD 13
Silver Hourglass: BE 13
Gold Hourglass: BF 13
Bacchus's Wine: C0 13
Hermes Sandals: C1 13
Decoy: C2 13
Light Curtain: C3 13
Lunar Curtain: C4 13
Crystal: C5 13
Member's Writ: C6 13
Pink tail: 32 23
Dark Sword: 71 17
ShadowBlade: 72 17
Deathbringer: 73 17
Mythgraven Sword: 74 17
Lustrous Sword: 75 17
Excalibur: 76 17
Ragnarok: 77 17
Ancient Sword: 78 17
Blood Sword: 79 17
Mythril Sword: 7A 17
Sleep Blade: 7B 17
Flame Sword: 7C 17
Icebrand: 7D 17
Stone Blade: 7E 17
Avenger: 7F 17
Defender: 80 17
Fireshard: 81 17
Flame Claw: 01 19
Ice Claw: 02 19
Lightning Claw: 03 19
Faerie Claw: 04 19
Hell Claw: 05 19
Cat Claw: 06 19
Rod: 91 1A
Flame Rod: 92 1A
Ice Rod: 93 1A
Thunder Rod: 94 1A
Lilith Rod: 95 1A
Polymorph Rod: 96 1A
Faerie Rod: 97 1A
Stardust Rod: 98 1A
Staff: F5 1A
Healing Staff: F6 1A
Mythril Staff: F7 1A
Power Staff: F8 1A
Aura Staff: F9 1A
Sage's Staff: FA 1A
Rune Staff: FB 1A
Leather cap: A5 1f
Dark Helm: AB 1F
Hades Helm: AC 1f
Sage's Miter: AD 1f
Black Cowl: AE 1f
Demon Helm: AF 1f
Clothing: 09 20
Prison Garb: 0A 20
Leather Clothing: 0B 20
Bard's Tunic: 0C 20
Gaia Gear: 0D 20
Iron Armor: 0E 20
Dark Armor: 0F 20
Sage's Surplice: 10 20
Kenpo Gi: 11 20
Hades Armor: 12 20
Black Robe: 13 20
Demon Armor: 14 20
Black Belt Gi: 15 20
Adamant Armor: 23 20
Dark Shield: 42 1f
Demon Shield: 43 1f
Lustrous Shield: 44 1f
Mythril Shield: 45 1f
Flame Shield: 46 1f
Dark Gloves: 70 20
Iron Armlet: 71 20
Power Armlet: 72 20
Hades Gloves: 73 20
Demon Gloves: 74 20
Silver Armlet: 75 20
Gauntlets: 76 20
Bow: 59 1B
Medusa Arrows: BD 1B
Iron Arrows: BE 1B
Holy Arrows: BF 1B
Fire Arrows: C0 1B
Ice Arrows: C1 1B
Goblin: 8C 23
Bomb: 8D 23
Cocktrice: 8E 23
Mindflayer: 8F 23
A user posted a question in the comments which inspired this section. I felt that future readers will likely find this helpful when using this guide.
These things can be rather complicated and a lot of times when something should work it doesnt. On the flip side sometimes when something shouldnt work, it does and makes me question the fabric of reality but thats for another time and guide.

By no means is this guide a defacto solution to hacking and modifying in game memory. I admit this is a very crude method but it works for me and could be a valuable stepping stone for those intrested in learning more about how to manipulate data.
Step one is i highly suggest using cheat engine to do the method described below. Open the game then open Cheat engine and attach it to the final fantasy 4 process (not the launcher if you still have that open)
Next head into a shop within the game, and look at your amount of potions. For some reason the game willl not actually pull info from a save until its actually requested so you litterally have to open your inventory and view it for the information to even be stored in memory registers. search for the number of potions you have, also its better if you have greater than 0. the inventory system is very complex for my level of skill so once you have that number search for it. Then purchase one potion and search for that that number within your results for the change. Continue until you have exactly one result, and that is where your potions are stored (the amount anyway)
If you are using cheat engine you should be able to add that address to your list and once you do that you can right click it and "Browse this memory region". There you will see values and numbers you can plug in with the values found here in this guide.

Some search methods may return many results. Here is the thing when doing the search, The value for the amount of potions, for this game anyway will never be greater than 1 byte in length so if you are searching for a value type that is 4 bytes, it is likely that you will end up with 0 results. You could likely get away with 2 bytes value type since the value for amount is stored right after the ID and checksum. the value following the amount of items is always 00 so when you search for 8 potions for example a value type of 1 one byte will look for eveything that looks like 08 where as a 2 byte will look for 0008.
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Retr0virus11 Aug 3 @ 4:51pm 
@Mia skywalker I found the rest of the augments :D

CE 23 ???? Love augment
8C 23 **Goblin summon
8D 23 **Bomb summon
8E 23 **Cockatrice summon
8F 23 **Mindflayer summon
90 23 Cry augment
91 23 Salve augment
92 23 Hide augment
93 23 Twincast augment
94 23 Cry augment
95 23 Bluff augment
96 23 Recall augment
97 23 Fast Talker augment
98 23 Dualcast augment
99 23 Analyze augment
9A 23 Upgrade augment
9B 23 Adrenaline augment
9C 23 Focus augment
9D 23 Brace augment
9E 23 Kick augment
9F 23 Bless augment
A0 23 Last stand augment
A1 23 Phoenix augment
A2 23 Limitless (you have to put it in 4 bytes in order for it to actually work, idk why
example: A2 23 05 00 A2 23 01 00 A2 23 01 00 A2 23 01 00)
Fawkes (´-ω-`) Oct 26, 2019 @ 3:11pm 
I really don't understand how to install it. Sometimes I hate it to be such a computer noob xD
I'm done on try to grind items...10 hours for one item drop? No thanks. That's more than frustrating...
Blinkdog Aug 3, 2019 @ 12:26pm 
no! vac is only for online games so you can not get vac banned
Mylifeistooazn Mar 22, 2019 @ 8:58am 
Can someone make a video on how to this? I have no clue what I am doing. Appreciate the help. I'm really bad at coding and I want to learn how to do this. The Cheat Engine videos are hard to understand
Blinkdog Apr 28, 2018 @ 4:58pm 
i couldn't get the combined one to work but the 3 parts work for me (just use load like i said before) but to get the items to work i had to load it, go into my invontory, before i could click enable, then funble around my invontory again so it could grab the states, befor i could change things. you may need to leave and reenter your items to see any changes.
Blinkdog Apr 28, 2018 @ 4:49pm 
i tested this and it may help

with these after you link it to the game sometimes you need to fumble through the menus so it can grab the stats before they work. the item one didn't let me click it untill i did this. if you need to lead all 3 just use the load command in the options and tell it to keep the old states.
Moogy Apr 28, 2018 @ 2:38pm 
Link doesnt work.

Also is there no file that has this ready, as in all items in the game or drop rate increase ?
Blinkdog Nov 15, 2017 @ 5:04am 
you can buy and sell potions and keep looking for their item # in cheat engin (value type should be set to "all") then use "memory view" (under the adress values) and "search" (top bar after file) and look for the potion values string and change them to the item lore. i linked a page with more items if you wish. don't change augments as you may lost ones you have equipt.
1389 Potion
23B2 Item Lore
from here
bobbydinner Nov 15, 2017 @ 1:45am 
I know this is an old post but I'm out of options, can someone literally just tell me what to put in so I can get an Item Lore augment, I've been trying to decipher this guide for an hour and I'm getting nowhere.
ᦓeφus.ᒿᒣ'ᶜᵃᵉˡⁱ Oct 12, 2017 @ 7:18am 
Hi Blinkdog,

Thank you for reply, I am going to try this table. It seems containing the pointers to each items !