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How to be like Mussolini of Italy and Hirohito of Japan
By Gaius Julius Caesar
Learn how to follow in the footsteps of your idol's from Victoria II's large mighty Era and if able you will learn to exceed your idols...

Victoria II brings us to one of the most wonderful times where men were nationalistic, had more control than women and everyone thought their country was the best. You already have the How to be like Hitler Guide but where will that get you? Play with your friends and use these two guide and the Hitler guide to recreate the triple axis and betray each other afterwards or play solo and have the time of your life ruling Europe and the world with an Iron fist as one of the three most evil men in the time period, a benevolent dictator (Mussolini), a war criminal Emperor (Hirohito) and the Kaiser of Germany - Hitler!
How to be like Benito Mussolini

Benito Mussolini was the Dictator of Italy and the leader of the Fascist party, this Fascist man created Fascism in a very fascist way. He wanted to create a new Roman Empire by starting in lands not even owned by the old Roman Empire (Smart move Fascist).

The people didn’t like Mussolini that much so to consolidate his rule he decided to go into Abyssinia. This was because Italy had already lost in a war there and he knew a victory over their previous defeat would only help strengthen his rule. This was not the only reason however as Abyssinia was a strategic place to start conquering Europe from (Again smart move Fascist).

If you have not done this already then you need to unify Italy to create a large formidable empire! You can use the papal states, sicily or any of the Italian countries. Keep in mind you also need to be a secondary / Great Power and need all the other countries in your sphere of influence. This will be a challenge so that is why I recommend using A house divided.

Of course as you will see in my other Victoria II guides Industrialization is normally in the top spot for things to do, it increases your economy and makes you more likely to win wars. This is a major contributing factor to any wannabe Empire.

For Italy under Benito Mussolini’s rule I believe you should be looking for more military related factories, go to the icon on the top right and then just click the plus icon. Though remember parliament can get in the way if you have a government that does not allow you to add factories for yourself.

Keep in mind to always improve your factories by levelling them up when your province is full of them. This will only work however if they are making profit. You might make money from investing in a bad business as it might improve but it could also fail and you lose more money a day for it to decide if you want to risk it first.

Now your technology will be needed. Before you raise a mighty army you need to make sure you can acquire good units. Go to technology and get whatever military technologies give you new units.

However and this is a big however do not forget that to start a colonial Italian Empire in Africa like Benito Mussolini wanted you need to research Imperialism and Nationalism which is the third technology on the third column on one of the technology branches. This should be your main aim in technology. Your military tech should be researched by now and around 3 years before you can research nationalism and imperialism stop with military tech and aim straight for imperialism and nationalism.

Now you have a mighty industry and have improved military technology you can stick two fingers up to France (just because we don’t like them) and improve your military. This is because you are going to need a massive military ready for war with Europe and Africa. Ensure you have a mighty navy as well though. Perhaps adding a hundreds ship units and at least 200 in land units will suffice for now.

Nationalism led to Imperialism
Now this is a well known phrase. First let us discuss what Nationalism is. Nationalism is where you think your country is best, the British, French, Italians, Germans and pretty much every country in the Victorian II timeline was riddled in Nationalism and Patriotism.

Now then Imperialism is where a nation conquers and expands. So by nationalism led to Imperialism I mean arrogance led to more arrogance. Britain and France had many colonies and Germany thinking it was the best and deserved the best wanted to look for more land.

Now what does this have to do with Italy? Well because Italy colonized small parts in Africa during the lead up to the 20th century. When you can I expect you to take over Tripoli from the Ottomans or whoever owns it in your campaign and even take over a small part of the lower bit in Morocco. Then colonize as much as you can. For more realism do not cheat and change nations and stop them from colonizing. That will take away part of the fun from the World War that you plan on being apart of.

The Abyssinian Crisis
The Abyssinian Crisis has already been mentioned but now you get to do it! Finally we get some action in a so far boring campaign! Now anyway the crisis started as Benito Mussolini wanted to remake the Roman Empire and he thought this would consolidate his rule. He was boosted in confidence when the Manchurian Crisis finished. Three years later in 1935 he started this crisis.

Now that means since we don’t have Abyssinia in this game you will wonder “where the hell is this country?” Well that is simple. Abyssinia is basically Aethiopia. So invade that country and take it over, expect some resistance but with your new African Empire this should be a cakewalk. Try not to use your army as much, you need them for later. Use your army to blockade and only one army from Europe. Your African forces need to remain strong as they are a pain to get back.

The World War - DLC required route

World War II was no easy war for Italy as they actually had to do a bit of fighting this time. However using your new land in Africa make sure you raise your forces beforehand. When strong enough you can start trying to make a crisis.

Now for this you might need to cheat. Get Britain, U.S.A and France on one side and Germany, Italy and Japan on the other. By the way for this Heart of Darkness is required as you will certainly struggle otherwise.

In the event of not having the DLC carry on to the other steps.

Invasion of France - Non DLC Route
Now because you are awkward and don’t have the DLC you need to take over these lands individually. Just declare war on France, use your borders to send your main army in. You navy will be used for Blockades and transport. Use one navy and one army to take over the French colonies while the rest blockade and march into French mainland.

Keep adding war goals when you have enough infamy and if your Jingoism refuses to raise after the 20th wargoal then finish the war and wait for the truce to be over and done with. This will take five years but oh well. You don’t have the DLC so actually you can just declare war again anyway I believe.

Invasion of Britain - Non DLC Route
The Invasion of Britain will now be a cakewalk and you can laugh at those once Nationalist and Imperialist individuals as they are dying (Wait a minute I’m British…!)

Use the French colonies that you recently acquired to raise more navies and armies and use those armies and navies to take over the British colonies. You're mainland European Navies will be needed to stop British trade in Europe by blockading their mainland Island. Sadly however David Cameron wasn’t in charge of Britain at this time so they will be a much stronger, more patriotic, militarized country with common sense so beware of that! Yes I am certainly not a Conservative - I have common sense and care for Britain's future.

Anyway before I get to political let us continue.

Recreating an Empire
Now then acheive the dream of Benito Mussolini (And my dream to be honest with you) and recreate the old Roman Empire. Create Testudo formations and basically turn this game into Rome II Total War…

Now I will not help you any further with Mussolini but I will tell those who don’t know much about the Roman Empire what parts of the world it owned.

Rome at its height owned all the way up to Scotland and Wales, Spain and Portugal, Italy, Greece, Northern Africa, All islands in the Mediterranean, Turkey, Egypt, Asia Minor (Basically all of the Mediterranean). Gaius Julius Caesar was the one who became life long dictator of Rome though was never Emperor. Augustus was the Nephew of Gaius Julius Caesar and originally named Octavian. He changed his name many times after being the first Emperor of Rome. During the Reign of Aurelius Rome attempted expansion into the Rhineland though gave up after twelve years of continued war.

How to be like Emperor Hirohito

Hirohito was one of the greatest Emperors of Japan, he made a new golden age and made his people the most productive in the world (not just in resources either!) . Now Hirohito was the Grandson of the first Emperor of Japan Meiji. We also have a guide on Meiji if you want to have a look you weird Japanese loving people.

Now Hirohito knew his people needed to expand as his population was to high for his small country. Now like the Japanese normally do in this situation they went to war with the Chinese and Koreans (Yes Japan, were onto you).

After reading this part of the guide you might end up a great Japanese warrior...

... Hopefully not like Tom cruise there.
Okay so first thing first we need to start industrialization and achieve being civilized. Of course this might be difficult for Japan, but hey, America did it. You will need to set your main interest into war though. Japan needed a lot of ammunition but at the same time remember to even it out. Too much ammo and you might draw suspicion to yourself… Japan also had a lot of luxury items to export during these times and this greatly helped them in the lead up to World War II as it meant they were very valuable allies.

Perhaps think of making some wine or clothing factories, those produce heavy forms of income. Do not forget to also "level up" your factories by clicking the little number button on the factory icon. This will help increase the size of your factory, get more people into work and improve the increase of the amount of money that factory makes, which everyone likes more money so you can't really complain. This will be a downfall if you level up a factory that is losing money, if it is losing money then often putting money into it will either make it lose even more money or just get it into profit.

You will want to look for some war technologies and industry ones. This will support the industrial side of your Empire and also assist you in preparing for your new Golden Age of expansion. So remember, war and industry are the key parts to your Empire!

Now of course you should choose technologies in war that increase your men's capabilities first, such as attack and moral. This will create a frightening force! I believe the second and fourth columns are the ones I speaking of. Just hover over them and you will find out.

As for those industrial ones any will do, as long as it makes factories that you are building more efficient then it is acceptable. Though remember don't research it if it increases coal production efficiency if your country doesn't produce coal!
Annexation of Korea
The annexation of Korea is a major part to your campaign. You need to take the land so that you can invade Manchuria with further ease and it is following in the footsteps of your apparent idol Hirohito so who can complain about taking a land that nobody really notices anyway.

You should know to annex a country it need to be on only a single province or needs to be a primitive nation. If primitive or not westernized then you need to be a great power to make that country a protectorate (apart of your country). When a protectorate it will cost colonial points (I think) so beware! Though protectorates can become official states over time and no longer cost colonial upkeep.

Annexation of Dai-nam
Dai-Nam will be our next visit as it was yet another location taken over by Japan in the lead up to World War II and the rise of the Golden Age. You will be expected a swift victory and a bit of extra industry. Yes more industry is required for a successful Japan war. I hope you didn’t stop improving those factories you should of made.

The Manchurian Crisis
The invasion of Manchuria must be swift, the league of nations didn’t do anything in real life as we were all thinking of ourselves and of course, no one can trust and Englishman and Frenchman working together, we can say we do but we don’t.

The invasion will be a massive boost to potential economy and income. This will certainly help your great power status and make you become a really cocky Emperor. Enjoy your rule as the best is still to come.

Now Manchuria was a strategically point at this time. The fall of wall street started a global depression. When Japan invaded the league did nothing as the British and French needed Japan for trade income. The Japanese invaded because they needed more space to grow and the railroad was a precious way to get higher income themselves, that means you need to improve your railway when you take Manchuria!
Allies and Enemies
Japan had by now left the league of nations which Woodrow Wilson had envisioned and helped form but refused to join (I assume because Americans work backwards?) and made enemies in Britain and France. Though of course Hitler found Hirohito a potential ally and with Hitler, Hirohito and Mussolini working together the triple axis was formed. God help the Jews...

Perhaps military access and military alliances with Italy and Germany would be best to accomplish these goals. This is where a house divided comes in handy as Italy is already formed. Use these new alliances to pull away form Britain and France, if a crisis arrives (Heart of Darkness DLC required) side with your allies and always go against Britain and France, be the little dare devil!

The Path to War
Of course we all know how the war started. Hitler invaded Poland and then Britain and France invaded Germany and Russia remained neutral and of course those big headed Americans didn’t bother getting involved until everyone else did all the work (And they dare say they won the wars!).

Japan is probably most known in World War II for Pearl harbour when many Americans lost their lives due to surprise suicide bombings from the Japanese and of course superior military tactics.

Now this is important as I am telling you to invade the U.S.A and kill them! Yes, you being Japan must take over America and rule it with an iron fist.

If this helps you I gathered this of a website online:

In September 1940, Japan signed the Tripartite Pact with Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, in which they agreed to assist one another should any of them be attacked by a country not already involved in the war. Japan sent troops to occupy French Indochina that same month, and the United States responded with economic sanctions, including an embargo on oil and steel. A little over a year later, Hirohito consented to the decision of his government to battle the Americans. On December 7, 1941, Japanese planes bombarded the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor near Honolulu, Hawaii, destroying or crippling 18 ships and killing almost 2,500 men. The United States declared war one day later.

Over the next seven months, Japan occupied the Dutch East Indies, British Singapore, New Guinea, the Philippines and a number of other locations in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. But the tide started turning at the June 1942 Battle of Midway and soon after at Guadalcanal. By mid-1944, Japan’s military leaders recognized that victory was unlikely, yet the country did not stop fighting until after atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki the following August. On August 15, 1945, Hirohito made a radio broadcast announcing Japan’s surrender.

After the War
Now after the war with America is over use your new found strength to rebuild your forces to be even stronger and more mighty because who doesn’t like a mighty nation? When ready feel free to invade Britain and France and take over their territory. I recommend raising another 200 at least in your colonies and that is just land units. The navy need another 150 at least. After all the English will only give it away and nobody likes the French anyway...

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