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BANZAI PECAN: The Last Hope For the Young Century
Created by Brotha Kyo
In the not-too-distant future of 20XX A.D., a demonic revolution was beginning.

When her boyfriend gets kidnapped by the queen of a succubus force, Pecan’s adventure for love, justice and divine punishment begins! She transforms into the Buxom and Brav...
Battle Of Bikanous(Alpha Version)
Created by Fordo Game Studio
Story Line

The Devils attacked to the Bikanous island and Seized it .
Whole the island has been destroyed , the sun doesn't rise again and
Beautiful cliffs of the island have become violent and dangerous.

Trees don't make you relax becaus...
HIS (Heroes In the Sky)
Created by GameUS Inc
[img] [/img]
Title: HIS (Heroes In the Sky)
Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: GameUS Inc
Publisher: GameUS Inc
Languages: English, German, F...
Created by Norwind Interactive
Astraea is an open ended, 3rd person, multiplayer sandbox game that lets you build a town, run a farm and make lots of friends!

Astraea is in early development so many things will be added yet! Here is a short list of existing features!

- Build your ...
Dangerous Rays
Created by OldSnake

Originally developed by one person and using a custom made game engine, Dangerous Rays is a single player FPS game with some survival components inspired by the S.T.A.L.K.E.R and Half...
Viking Saga: New World
Created by Realore
Exciting adventures of young Ingolf await you! New story filled with magic, treachery and brave feats. Are you ready?
The story of the game starts in the kingdom of old Viking king Arnar. Turns out, he was cursed by a vicious dwarf. Not just a dwarf, but...
Created by Vionsoft
Archamon is a realtime creative/building/survival strategy game from medieval times. You are elected as a leader by your people and your mission is to find a place and build a home for your nation in Archamonia - a vast world of dark forests, mountains, ro...
Deer Creek Shoot-Out
Created by VladR Games
This is a top-down action RPG game set in Western environment. Game features RPG elements - vital characteristics - that directly influence the combat proficiency.
Backpack inventory provides enough space for the loot collected on the...
Created by ZeroZeroQuatre
"Belode Woluk" tells the story of a young girl -Miono- on the path that will lead her to fulfill her dream of adventure and the beginning of a journey. On that path, she’ll have to deal with many simple but strong themes : it’s a story about growing up, fr...
Bionite: Origins
Created by bioniteorigins

Bionite: Origins is a work in progress to feature hover tanks in FPS/RTS game modes. In Bionite: Origins you get to pilot hover tanks in a variety of different game play types. Standard death match has you pitted aga...
Avalon Lords : Dawn Rises
What is Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises?

Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises is a medieval real time strategy game set place in the world of Avalon. It takes place 300 yrs after the fall of the great king Lutherian.

When is Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises Availa
Battle Fleet 2
Created by smartACE
"Battle Fleet 2 is a great game. Landlubbers, cast off the moorings and sail your fleet to victory in the Pacific! For this price, you can’t go wrong!"
94% - Armchair General
"incredibly satisfying and fun" 8/10 - The Digital Fix
"I could get on
Capsule Force
Created by klobit
Capsule Force is a multiplayer competitive action game spanning across several diverse galaxies. Ongoing war has forced the Earth World Leaders to dispatch intergalactic forces to capture galaxies via technologically advanced capsules. Compete with an oppo...
Egyptian Settlement
Created by magnussoft Germany
A long, long time ago in Ancient Egypt ...

An unpleasant prophecy by the ancient gods seriously scares the Pharaoh. He orders all his confidants to his court. Thethriving meadows, once reclaimed from the desert, are now threatened by desiccation. Worse ...
Created by samoes29
After the Templars Purge by the Pope, the Banking System collapsed.
People lost everything and cities have fallen into a spiral of madness,
pillaging and violence. As an omen of doom, the dark plague followed
and the survivors scattered. No one trusted ...
Created by James Nuts

The low lands were blessed with seeds that fell from the skies. These seeds sprouted trees that kept the land together. They grew strong and tall, burying their roots deep into the earth. The trees grew so strong that the lands dried an...
Catmouth Island: Episode 1
Created by >:3

It's simple: You point and click where you want the character to go, and the same goes for all kinds of interactions. Just point, and click, and that's it! (There are advanced controls if you...
Europe at War
Created by SgtConti
What is "Europe at War"?
EaW is a modification for Company of Heroes that adds a variety of new abilities, units, vehicles and weapons that immersed the player in a gaming experience much more realistic. Weapons with damage more realistic, fighting tank w...
Elysian Shadows: The Next-Generation of 2D RPG
If you like what you see and gave us an upvote, please don't forget to support us on Kickstarter, as this will give us the funding required to complete the project!
Fallen Temple
Created by SickwareStudios
Fallen Temple is a 2-D action RPG inspired by the Zelda series and Diablo 1.


Fallen Temple is a 2-D action RPG that combines the dungeon puzzling of Zelda and the Hack'n'Slash game play of Diablo 1 in a fresh, fast paced 2-D game, driven...
Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon
Created by kanda of Normandy
Dungeon Kingdom is a Dungeon Crawler RPG game walking in the tracks of Dungeon Master and Ishar games.

We love Dungeon Crawlers, and Dungeon Kingdom is our tribute to these fantastics games such as Chaos Strikes Back, Eye of Beholder, and ...
Lucid Awakening 2
Created by Momiji Studios
Lucid Awakening 2 Overview

Lucid Awakening 2 is a sequel to Lucid Awakening, an RPG developed for PC. This sequel retains the classic graphical style of its predecessor, bringing new life to the 16/32-bit era of video games...
Fast Detect
Created by Obergun
The project is ready , there is the final stage of development

FAST DETECT is a Sci-Fi horror action.
The game is set in a Post-Apocalyptic world full of mysterious anomalies,
Dark Arts, very terrible forms of technology, weapons and equipment.
Journey of the King
Journey of the King was released and you will find it here:

Please join the Friends Online and Offline Steam group,
who are giving away copies of Journey of the King! [url=
Just Survive
Created by DaPati
"Just Survive" in a sumery
  • Two Game modes (Story and Multiplayer)
  • Oculus Rift Support
  • Win , Linux and Mac support, so everyone can play
  • Community based fetures
"Just Survive" is an post apocalyptic game where you have to ...
Created by Alexandre Fiset
Kôna is a first-person adventure game in which you investigate the mysterious disappearance of several Northern-Quebec inhabitants in 1970.[/b]

Recommended Hardware
  • 2.5 GHz intel i5 and up
  • Dedicated graphic card with 10
Loot Hunter
Created by Tovy
Enjoy your journey from poor sailor to the richest and the most honoured adventurer! Explore every corner of the dangerous seas with your ships fully loaded with canons. You can choose the way of an honest merchant and trade with farms, towns or forts. Or,... - Start to build your empire now!
Created by mideriongame - Start to build your empire now!

Miderion is a free online (mmo) strategy game, create by two European indie developer.

Miderion is a free online strategy game, where ...
Night Crisis Project(Tactical Horror Shooter)
Created by Altered S
Night Crisis is an ever evolving tactical co-op FPS. This project will be a Battlefield type of game with a themed mix and large maps.

The game is based upon a multiplayer co-op experience. The game will focus on a linear PvE-experience, and we’ll...
Mission Against Terror 2
Created by CIB Net
Mission Against Terror 2 offers what none other MMOFPS has to offer and on top of that, its casual! Customize your avatar and battle with it in style. There are hundreds of different costumes to choose from, along with different accessories to enhance your...
Navy Field 2 : Conqueror of the Ocean
Created by SDEnterNet
Navy Field 2 is the follow up to NavyField, the original pioneer of Massively Multiplayer Strategic Online Naval Warfare.
Building upon a foundation of epic naval battles set to historically accurate backdrops, Navy Field 2 promises to provi...
Ogres Have Layers
Created by BalloonMooseGames
You have lost your faith and insulted the OgreLord, find each onion to restore your layers, and your faith in the Ogre.

The Layers of the Ogre are Deep, and many....
Untold Universe
Created by Fenris Lair Studio
Untold Universe is a space voxel sandbox MMORPG about colonizing and shaping a huge and uncharted universe.

The idea
Untold Universe intends to add over the cube-based voxel game concepts a social component thanks to the MMO part, and a...
Playing History: Vikings
Created by Sen
Playing History is a whole new (fun and engaging) way to learning history.
Navigating Erik in his journey from cradle, youth and eventual grave; you experience his journey towards becoming a true Viking within an interactive environment. ...
Sky Battles
Created by themagnet
Deadly caves... Massive robotic beasts... Fire breathing dragons...
Fly your plane and battle ruthless mechanical enemies in ten fantasy settings. Dodge missiles, flames and enemy aircraft bent on...
Radial-G : Racing Revolved
Created by Tammeka Games
Radial-G : Racing Revolved is a high-octane, futuristic arcade racer for the next generation!

The full game will offer a variety of exciting worlds and tracks to race on, against...
Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues
Created by Portalarium
Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues is a new type of third person fantasy RPG that combines a single player narrative with a sandbox MMO. It is being created by a team that includes: Richard "Lord British" Garriott the creator of the Ul...
Red Forest - Procedurally Generated Pod Racing
Created by Mad Damo

X-Speed is a futuristic hover racing game influenced by titles such as F-Zero and Wipeout, mixed with a bit of Trackmania's epic amount of vehicles on track- Fast
Second Coming - The Annakazi Invasion
Created by DirtyDeets
Second Coming - The Annakazi Assault is our first PC release based on the fleet battles in Second Coming - The Scifi Roleplaying Game, Capital Ship Battles will go through 'historic' space battles that lead up to the world of Second Coming. ...
The game of death part 1: Fairytale gone bad
Created by MoonFarmGames
Open world RPG Maker game.

- Large open world to explore
- Multiple ways to complete the game.
- Avoidable battles.
- Puzzles.
- Mysterious storyline with some twists and turns.
- Cheap price.
Tkl Online
Created by takapi
A long time ago ... ruled by powerful and evil forces that govern darkness,
a continent called "Orbis Terrarum" existed.

Tkl Online is for fans of:

- Online games
Customizable characters
More depth than the usual RPG Maker system

The Breach: Space & Time
Created by Nostalgia Games
A sci-fi RPG where you travel through time and across dimensions via "The Breach" which was the result of using a particle accelerator.

The story begins in the United States in the year 2015. The activation of the world's newest and largest particle ac...
StaudSoft's Synthetic World
Created by bsf.mistau
Welcome to StaudSoft's Synthetic World 0.2! This is the first commercial release of my Open World Sandbox Game. It allows you via a seed to create a unique landscape with mountains, oceans, trees and beaches. Although it looks like a normal game engine, ev...
Soulcaster: Part I & II
Created by MagicalTimeBean
Gauntlet Meets Tower Defense

Soulcaster started as an experiment to see how well dungeon crawling would pair with tactical tower defense. The result (after much testing and many iterations) is something really special, if I do say so myself.
Revenge of Roger Rouge
Created by Trazzy
Revenge of Roger Rouge is a rich arcade game where you take action as a good pirate Roger Rouge, who bravely fights his way through numerous enemies and dangers, seeking his treacherous enemy, infamous Captain Morgan.

Key features:

Requiem Earth
Introducing Requiem Earth.
An RTS, space simulator hybrid from Timepiece Interactive. Combining the planning and strategy of RTS and the piloting skills of a space simulator, take command of your forces to drive back the enemy. Explore the sector around...
Created by brunomtc
You wake up on a spaceship, dazed and confused from the effects of cryosleep, and begin to search for the rest of the crew. Where could they have gone? All too suddenly, you discover that most of them are dead, and those still al...
Created by just1337

Are you ready for ShipLord?


ShipLord is a survival game based on an asteroid dodging mechanics and energy collection, combined with interactive boss fights. The main goal of the ga...
Nakiti Generations
Created by Diablohead
It's the year 2120 where living on an orbital station around the earth has become a reality, home to more than 200 people with regular travel between planet earth and the station itself, HORIZON has become bigger and more popular then anyone had ever plann...
Mable & The Wood
Created by Triplevision Games
Mable & The Wood is a 2D adventure platformer set in a land where the overuse of magic is draining the world of its colour.

You play the part of a shape-shifting girl who can take the form of the beasts that she slays, but whose power is slowly destroyi...
The Puzzleverse
Created by psyinx
Puzzleverse is a rather unique 2D single-player puzzle game in that it uses fast paced challenges as a reward for solving puzzles which require thought and precise actions.
After Orb's home is destroyed, he finds himself trapped in an alternate Dimension ...
Supposedly Wonderful Future
Created by gamblingDostoevsky
It's 2046, and life has never been better. Humanity is thriving, technology is booming, poverty and hunger are all but eradicated. Wars and unrest are the talks of the past; the world is as united as it's ever been. Aging can be stopped while terminal illn...
Raid On Coasts
Created by mohamed amine dghim
Raid On Coasts is an old school real time strategy game set in a world full of wars where powerful countrys tend to invade and perform raid on coasts on other continents around the world !

* Map :  
  • Coasts of Yemen ( c
< >
gamblingDostoevsky Apr 28, 2017 @ 7:18am 
Hi, holtam! Mind if I show you my game too? It's called Supposedly Wonderful Future , a sci-fi adventure I've developed solo over the past 3 years. Thanks!
mohamed amine dghim Apr 27, 2017 @ 2:50pm 
Hey bro :steamhappy:
It will an honor for me if i see my strategy game attached into your amazing collection , any help or support also will be appreciated , and thanks really much bro in advance :steamhappy:
psyinx Apr 22, 2017 @ 2:30am 
Hello holtam! :steamhappy:
Today I bring you my gorgeous, unique and addicting space sci-fi puzzle game ORB:

Please do check it out when you get a chance and consider adding it to your collection!
You should totally try/buy this game if it passes Greenlight! :steamhappy:
Any and all support is most appreciated!
Thank you! :steamhappy:
2dgamemania Apr 21, 2017 @ 2:47am 
Would you consider my game "Taken", thanks

Scifi 2.5D retro platformer
Aileron 64 Mar 24, 2017 @ 8:26pm 
Please consider Solar Core if you get the chance, thanks
yield Jan 25, 2016 @ 5:32am 
Hi everyone, pls take a moment to check out our game. 1337 Studio introduces Asteroid Bounty Hunter, a space shooter, that on the first resembles old arcade games, but give it some time to experience the full dept of the game. Your primary mission is to blow things up, but as the game progresses you will find that numerous upgrades and new ships will spice the feel, dozens of unique boss fights, new enemies every level and more. So spare a moment and check it out.

If you find anything good or bad about the game, pls do let us know, it's in our best interest to fulfill the users expectations.
ZigZag Games Oct 17, 2015 @ 2:17pm 
Hi, Consider adding our new game: Abrix the robot:
It's a puzzle addicvtive game and I hope you will like it.
jaket Oct 7, 2015 @ 6:36am 
Have a look at Syndrome, a survival horror game where the player wakes up in a ship with his memory blurred from cryosleep. There are weapons but ammo is limited, which means the player must carefully plan his moves - when to hide, when to run and when to fight.
Naloki Aug 27, 2015 @ 11:10am 

Please check our game - Epic Showdown:

Mysterious Alien obsessed with TV Reality shows decide to organize his own reality show - Epic Showdown. He gather the best fighters from all dimensions, universes, and realities to survive in a battle to the death!

Please consider to add it to your list! Thank you!
Cylne Dec 26, 2014 @ 2:57am 
Hello Holtam,
Can you have a look at Cylne ? It's a first person poetic and surreal exploration game :