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Created by Bubbers64
Shoot, reflect, and jetpack your way around ChargeShot, a local-multiplayer space bounty hunter death match game with a focus on fast-paced, reaction-based interface. Prove to your friends that you are the greatest warrior in the galaxy. Coming (soon) ...
Epic Showdown
Created by Naloki
Mysterious Alien obsessed with TV Reality shows decide to organize his own reality show - Epic Showdown. He gather the best fighters from all dimensions, universes, and realities to survive in a battle to the death! The arena will rock as you blast, cast,...
Critical Annihilation
Created by Devoga
Critical Annihilation

Aliens have arrived at earth to eradicate the human race, it's time to teach them a lesson.

Current features:
  • Fully destructible world
  • Annihilate aliens with heavy weaponry
  • Ple
Paradigm is a surreal point-and-click adventure game set in the strange and post apocalyptic world of Krusz; a land inspired by a mix of Eastern Europe and the 70’s and 80’s.

You play as the unattractive yet over-confident mutated Paradigm; who must p...
Created by klarax1981
The Game
Waking up cold and alone, you've been 'Kidnapped'. Traverse through a terrifying two hundred year old manor, dark damp caves, an eerie forest full of wildlife and more. Kidnapped is a psychological story-driven adventure horror game, wi...
Created by dingalingboy
A game about survival, sacrifice, and perverts...

Lisa is a quirky side-scrolling RPG set in a post apocalyptic wasteland. Beneath the charming and funny exterior is a world full of disgust and moral destruction. Players will learn what kind of person t...
Super Cane Magic ZERO
Created by Studio Evil
Super Cane Magic ZERO is a crazy action RPG based on the world of Scottecs cartoons.
It’s a retro-inspired adventure that mixes popular mechanics with new tricks.

The Story of the late Wizard Cake and his dog AAAH!

What happens when...
Ian's Eyes
Created by IansEyesGame
[EN] Trying to lead your owner through school becomes a huge and horrifying challenge when his schoolmates were turned into zombies! Sindie Games' horror game will be released on Steam later this year, published by SOEDESCO Publishing.
For a moment you mi...
Three Fourths Home
Created by [bracket]games
About The Game

In her mid-20's, Kelly has moved back into her parents' house. Back to the flat expanse of Nebraska, that seemingly endless sea of rustling cornstalks peppered by rusty silos and rustier towns. A typically intense Midwestern stor...
Bacon Man: An Adventure
Created by Skymap Games
Bacon Man is a full 3D side scrolling action platforming game. It mixes fighting, shooting, and physics based abilities to create a challenging experience in a beautifully rendered world inspired by the food groups.

We crafted B...
Bonetown - The power of death
Created by Cla
An epic fantasy-adventure game where you can explore and do everything you want. Build, craft, search, steal... and fight for your liberty!

The apocalypse has arrived.
The ancient writings were clear: "monsters and dark forces of all kinds and ...
Hatred fills your whole body. You’re sick and tired of humanity’s worthless existence. The only thing that matters is your gun and pure Armageddon that you want to unleash.

You will go out for a hunt, you will clear the New York outskirts of the humans...
Gaben Kingdom
Created by GibON
Gaben Kingdom - Our Hero name is Gaben, He is a mighty King of the Discount Kingdom.
Terrible days has come to his Kingdom, all Discount has been stolen by evil,greedy,vicious Compe...
Solar Core
Created by Aileron 64
Solar core is a top down twin stick shooter, where you must reconquer the galaxy one core at a time by surviving waves of rhythm based enemies.

Each level plays out based on the beat and intensity of the music, and the goal is simply to survive until th...
The Puzzleverse
Created by psyinx
Puzzleverse is a rather unique 2D single-player puzzle game in that it uses fast paced challenges as a reward for solving puzzles which require thought and precise actions.
After Orb's home is destroyed, he finds himself trapped in an alternate Dimension ...
Created by samread
Dream is a first person atmospheric exploration game that has you assume the role of Howard Phillips, a young graduate with no direction in life who develops an obsession with his dreams. Discover dreams and nightmares filled with puzzles and secrets to he...
Created by DarkValeGames
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About the Game

Forge™ is an online, class based multiplayer shooter set in...
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psyinx Apr 22, 2017 @ 1:44am 
Hello The Dude Razor! :steamhappy:
Today I bring you my gorgeous, unique and addicting space sci-fi puzzle game ORB:

Please do check it out when you get a chance and consider adding it to your collection! Any and all support is most appreciated!
Thank you! :steamhappy:
2dgamemania Apr 17, 2017 @ 4:00pm 
Hey, appreciate if you would consider adding my game to your collection, thanks

2.5D retro platformer
Aileron 64 Mar 25, 2017 @ 6:03am 
Please consider Solar Core if you get the chance, thanks
ZigZag Games Oct 21, 2015 @ 12:09pm 
Hi, Consider adding our new game: Abrix the robot:
It's a puzzle addicvtive game and I hope you will like it.
Naloki Sep 3, 2015 @ 9:43am 

Please check our game - Epic Showdown:

Mysterious Alien obsessed with TV Reality shows decide to organize his own reality show - Epic Showdown. He gather the best fighters from all dimensions, universes, and realities to survive in a battle to the death!

Please consider to add it to your list! Thank you!