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Mountain Retreat - DGHFDB

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Mountain Retreat - DGHFDB

This mod REQUIRES the following DLC's: Dawnguard, Hearthfire, Dragonborn


You have inherited Mountain Retreat (Dawnguard version*); overlooking the major city of Riften.

This is a one-of-a-kind custom house containing all the amenities a Dragonborn could ask for. Compact, 3-level design makes everything easily accessible. This is a custom house with custom 3D models. It isn't simply a collection of bits and pieces from existing Skyrim models.

The house comes complete with 2 Dovahkiin Guards (followers) - Nina, a Dark Elf specializing in one-handed sword and archery and Jorgen, a Dark Elf Spellsword. There is support for both vampire and non-vampire living accommodations.

Smithing (forge, anvil, sharpening wheel, and armor workbench), Enchanting and Alchemy equipment, Cooking oven and Staff workbench are included among other things.

In addition, there is a large armory with Mannequins, shield and weapon racks, a separate library, a room for the Guards, greenhouse herb garden, stables and horses, and of course ample storage throughout.

There is a large cavern underneath the house that can be accessed from the servants room. In this cavern, resides a friendly vampire merchant (as friendly as they get anyway) and his pet Death Hound. For those with ability, there is a teleportation portal leading to Blackreach - where there are many wondrous spells inside Sinderion's lab.

Those familiar with my previous work, may wonder why I am creating another version of the Mountain Retreat? The difference with this one, is it evolved over time as I added things I wanted to suite my own gameplay. Since I continue to play and mod this game for my own pleasure, I thought I would provide the fruit of my work in this new release.

Distinct from previous versions, this one has a large underground cavern connecting to Blackreach (in addition to all the other added features).

Major features:

• Full Smithing equipment and resources located behind the house
• Ore Mines next to house: Gold, Malachite, Moonstone, Quicksilver
• Mannequins for placing armor: 20 in the armory and 1 in upstairs bedroom
• Shield racks: 11 in the armory and 1 in upstairs bedroom
• Weapon racks: 18 in armory and 1 in upstairs bedroom
• Alchemy, Enchanting and Staff crafting
• Large Weapon cases: 3
• Dagger cases: 5
• Bookshelves: 6 large and 1 small
• Large armory in basement
• Plenty of storage throughout
• Dovahkiin Guard Followers Nina (one-handed and archery) and Jorgen (SpellSword)
• Guard room
• Large Master Bedroom
• Small Vampire room with coffin and other items inaccessible to non-vampires
• Bloodstone Chalice and Vampire armor (in Vampire room)
• Kitchen
• Civil War map
• Separate Library downstairs
• Light armor (Elven) modified Nightingale design. Note: helmet is best with short hair
• Heavy armor (Dwarven) version of the Light armor
• Custom shields (heavy and light versions) including "spell ward" version
• Custom sword, greatsword, dagger and bow
• Custom framed painting on the walls
• Special re-usable soul gems (5)
• Book The Gift of Thu'um (provides 3 Dragon Shouts - Become Ethereal, Disarm, Kynes Peace)
• Custom greenhouse model and herb garden
• Horse stables
• Horses Palofmine and Paint *
• Shrine of Arkay
• Dragon Weapon and Shield Set
• Bound Dragonslayer Weapons custom spells
• Aegis Shield Ward custom spells
• Advanced Detect Life custom spell
• Airstream Levitation custom spell
• Waterwalk custom spell
• Conjure Gargoyle custom spell
• Summon Soul Horse custom spell
• Spectral Arrow custom spell
• Vampire Drain (for non-vampires) custom spell

* Horses: Palofmine and Paint are “special”. When dismounted near the house/stables (within approx 200 ft) these horses will return to their stable. When stabled, they will no longer fast-travel with player (no other horses act this way). Both horses have more health and stamina than regular horses (similar to Frost), but less than Shadowmere.

** Custom spells are found in Sinderion's lab in Blackreach


Installation is automatic. You will receive a Quest message and marker instructing you to visit the mountain home you have inherited.

Do NOT use this mod with my other Dovahkiin Mountain Retreat mods because they will duplicate

This house does not support marriage partner habitation (there are mods to overcome this), but it does support companion/follower habitation.

The vast majority of the custom models in this mod are of my own design. There are a few alchemy paintings and assorted objects that I obtained from open-source modders resources.
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chocostove Jun 26 @ 10:05pm 
I love this mod. This is the home you hould have always gotten in the first place. I sure wish there was a version of this mod the special edition though.
JHeath91 Mar 3 @ 4:11am 
Is their anyone else that cant see the shelid?? It says its equipped but i cant see it
gspann53 Jul 1, 2017 @ 4:14pm 
it broke the ebony warrior quest and i cant fix it
Rymael Nov 18, 2016 @ 12:53pm 
I can't find the vampire NPC or his dog. He was in the right place in one of my saves, but when I started a new character he is nowhere to be found. Is there a way to spawn him in? or if I just can't find him, a way to use the old "moveto player" command?
SeruBleu Nov 5, 2016 @ 6:58am 
Are there beds for any kids?
Wulfwood Jul 30, 2016 @ 3:10am 
I absolutely love this Mod! Especially the amount of mannequins in the main hall. I have been looking for a mod where i can display my many amazing armours, there are basically none with enough mannequins. Also love leaving my giant weapon leaning against the hottub as i take a soke ;) TY awsome job!
Tom Jul 23, 2016 @ 8:05pm 
I have seen this mod a couple of times but I do not know if I would like this home do to the fact that from the picture of the main house does no look appealing... Should I download it?
QueenBee Jul 12, 2016 @ 7:42pm 
i just like to see everything... and not wait. i love the not-of-this-earth plant life. LOVE IT. is there anyway to get that armor.. purple and cyan? this is my fav. house so far. .. also im not sure where to put that orb to get the draw bridge to drop.. idk how to get there.. and its so dark. i know its cave.. its just..yeah what understand im sure. if this is all too much trouble. its ok. you dont have to.. I just have SOME plans drawn up. still searching for the perfect home. this is very close.
QueenBee Jul 12, 2016 @ 7:41pm 
I was wondering if you do requests.I love this home.. but im looking for.. just a large rectangular home.. inside. but maybe small on the outside... I love the plants, the purple, the blue, the many many manniquins, and the weapons racks. I dont care for the kind where its a glass box. i love the 2 extra armor. and the awesome dovakin guards. I love the garden outside. omg do I love that garden house. thats one of my fav. parts.. if its too much trouble to put all that minus the greenhouse.. in that HUGE rectangle.. then thats ok.. I dont want any load doors in my home. just the entrance.. not because I cant wait. I dont have any wait time.. ..
DeGriffin Jul 5, 2016 @ 11:10am 
Very nice mod! Great hideout! Strong and very battle-ready npc's! Secret passages/rooms - awesome!