Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod

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SCP Site 12
Created by Nekima
"The most immersive map for SCP-RP"

Hello everyone, i have finally republish the map, say thanks to Logan!

Category: RolePlay

Map name: rp_site12

What's Inside ?

There are a l...
SCP Site 12 (Sounds)
Created by Nekima
All sounds do you need for the SCP Site 12 map.

This includes all soundscapes sounds, and more....
Created by f i l i p
A model I made joking around testing bumpmaps.Thought it looked nice so here you go!

-Posable jaw
-Viewmodel arms
-Bloody Skull texture group
-High resolution textures and bumpmaps...
SCP-682 PM
Created by Garry
SCP-682 Playermodel....
SCP 096 - Nextbot
Created by Shaklin
-Update: Invisible Fix (thanks to ErrolLiamP :))
-Can open Doors on the SCP Foundation Map
-Update: Sound Fix

My second Nextbot: SCP 096
I hope you like it :)

I converted the original meshes and a...
SCP:CB Zombie PM Upgrade
Created by jQueary
Upgraded old zombie player model....
SCP-049 PlayerModel
Created by FiL0S0V
Do not be afraid, i am the cure...

SCP-049 - Plauge Doctor, original
I was afraid, that gamedevelopters of SCP unity remake will make this model earlyer than me, so i posted it now.

This model have one great issue tha...