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Hitman: Blood Money Agent 47 Player Model
Created by Saintbrutal
Due to some overlaps with this model and the Walter White playermodel, I have take the liberty to change the file names, ingame name, and file materials to prevent the models from counteracting eachother. The ingame name for Agent...
Police Shield
Created by Drover
Terrorist Playermodels
Created by Blue_Skies
A set of four player models inspired by insurgents in the Middle East.
-Afghan Commando
-Taliban RPG Man
-Taliban Grunt
-Taliban Suicide Bomber
Original models by Kuma Games. Porting by Blue_Skies....
(Official Pack) Police Agents { Playermodels }
Created by [CZ] Colonel Clanny
If you require help with something, feel free to join my Addon Group.

Here is 'nother Official Pack upload from PORTAL2's creations, all credits for the models and main creations belongs to...
Angry Hobo SWEP
Created by LegendofRobbo
Allows hobos to express their frustration at being kicked to the curb by society. Left click to pelt your target with smelly boots and right click to scream obscenities, press r to pull out another boot (this is cosmetic and first person only, you can sti...
Content for RP_EvoCity_v33x (models and materials)
Created by Stanislav
Content from EP1/2 for maps rp_evocity_v33x and rp_evocity_v4b1, it's not an entire EP1/2 content pack, but only what's necessary for these maps.

If you subscribe to this addon you get textures & models in singleplayer and multiplayer if you're a host. ...
rp_evocity_v33x [ORIGINAL]
Created by PliC
Here is the orignal map rp_evocity_v33x fully working.

Do not search for the map during many hours anymore !

This addon only contain the map.
Enjoy !

Source from GameBanana uploaded by PatrickNL :

Do not forg...
RP_Evocity_v33x Material fix.
Created by Wolf󠀡
This pack contains materials that will fix railings/windows materials on the houses.

Update 1/4/2014:
Added materials for Seahorses and the Mall.

Map: Rp_Evocity_v33x...
rp_evocity_v33x Missing Textures
Created by Fer
Suits and Robbers Player Models [REUPLOADED]
Reuploaded version of Suits and Robbers Player Models.

The last picture are some models in T-Pose, not players.

Removed the backdoor that was present in it, Extract this addon with GMAD Extractor if you want to make sure.
But this should fix all of ...
Country flags PNG
Created by Ganja Farmer
This is a set of 260 country flags icons, available in 2 styles and 5 different sizes. They were originally downloaded from here[].

Only .PNG files. If you need .VTF and .VMT files, [url={LINK REMOVED}....
Colorable Hazmat Suit Playermodel
Created by WeinerCock
This version of the GTA V hazmat suit now has the player color option.
It doesnt have changable gloves like before but the whole suit can be changed
into any color you wish.
To change the ragdoll color you need the [url=
Created by R I C O
Created by Rico
Ceci n'est pas un reskin ou autre...
le model a été crée par moi.

Demandez moi avant de modifier toutes choses sur cet article.

© Copyright | Tous droits réservés | Rico ™ : Numéro du détenteur - 0005486


Created by Ric...
[FIXED]BF4 Player Models
Created by Paladin Danse
These are the fixed player models for the BF4 soldiers made by the author of this link.
I take no credit into creating this model as I only made repairs to an error it had.

The issue was t...
Created by Half-Dead
A nuuuu Cheeki Breeki I V Damke!

In the need for some rowdy slavs? You've come to the right place! Just a quick release because why not. Colorable tracksuit, body and skingroups, you can change the headgear as well but i forgot to take a pic. Thanks to ...
PAYDAY 2: Medic (player/npc)
Created by Shadow Bonnie (RUS)
Medic from PAYDAY 2.

-Friendly medic can heal you and other friendly npcs.
-Medical bag as bodygroup.
-NPCs (rebel and combine).
-firstperson model.

Blue SWAT (+li...
Team Radio 2 Materials
Created by Human Tree92
This is only the Materials & Resources for the Script Team Radio 2.

ECPD PlayerModels and NPC
Created by [2P-18] Tyler John
This a Reskin of the NYPD NPCs and Playermodel
ECPD= Evoctiy Police Dept.
Ranks are based on:

Comes with:
Gmod Leg
FA:S 2.0 Alpha SWEPs
Created by sрy
This is the official FA:S 2.0 SWEPs pack that I worked along with the developers of the mod, to make sure that it matches their tastes.
The base is written completely from scratch.

In case you're interested, get t[]...
FA:S 2.0 Alpha SWEPs - Unused Weapons (Unofficial)
Created by Robert Fgt.
Requires FA:S Alpha SWEPs to work! Since Spy/sweg no longer continue his work but rarely updates his addons, so why not do it myself? I recommand subscribing all of his additional pack first.

This is made for completing Spy's FAS SWEPs additional...
Navy General Playermodel
Created by Grizzle
This is a Navy General PlayerModel I made for the Refugee Gamers

More will be made :)

Compile and Decompile- Grizzle
Added skeleton and coding- Grizzle

Ragdolls from-Tounushifan
US Military Generals
Created by Grand-Lobster-King
Reupload from Lt_Commander's awesome work and Bloocobalt's science models as a base. Some custom facemaps by -Rusty-.

US Army, USMC, Air Force, and Navy Admirals. Bodygroups. NOT NPCs....
FA:S 2.0 Alpha SWEPs - Unused Weapons DarkRP Optimized
Created by [DN} Master Shake
Weapons Featured:
Other Features:

-Reasonable File size of 20.232 MB to reduce Download times. (Compared to 52.520 MB WTF! )

This addon was made for the sole purpose to work with DarkRP and ...
Weapon Holsters with editor
Created by 오더리움
Enhanced Weapon Holsters
(or Improved. Whatever.)


Unsubscribe other laggy, buggy weapon holsters addons now.
It has convenient EDITING TOOL, and...
PAYDAY 2: SWAT FBI (player/npc)
Created by Shadow Bonnie (RUS)
SWAT FBI (Heavy Response Unit) from PAYDAY 2.

-firstperson model
-npcs (rebel and combine)
-FBI shield prop

Blue SWAT (+links to other PAYDAY 2 addons)...
UN Peacekeepers [REUPLOAD]
Created by Jorim
Reupload of the UN Peacekeepers playermodels.

Blue's ATM - Content
Created by <CODE BLUE>
Obese Male: Deluxe Edition [v4]
Created by Dawson
Lo and behold: the infamously smexy "Obese Male" in all of his greasiness. The balding man has recently -- and lovingly -- been augmented with a series of new features that aim to improve his overall worth and utility (de
Pro lockpick
Created by Sherlock
Designed for people with privileges and their main function is that it is normal lockpick but 5 times faster than normal as I said in the beginning is perfect for VIPs jobs
Pro Keypad Cracker
Created by ciren ❤
I noticed the workshop doesn't have a pro keypad cracker. Well now it does!

You need the original Keypad Tool and Cracker to use this.

Special thanks to Willox for making the ...
Keypad Tool and Cracker with Wire Support
Created by Willox
Some Information
This is a nifty little tool for creating keypads for use with contraptions or bases. It is compatible with sandbox based gamemodes such as DarkRP and other roleplay gamemodes.
The weapon class for giving the cracker to players or...
Created by Drewbie
Blue's Slots - Double Or Nothing Content
Created by <CODE BLUE>
Content for Blue's Slots - Double Or Nothing, available for purchase at
Blue's Slots - Content
Created by <CODE BLUE>
This is content for an addon on It is pointless without the script....
Created by ﻛgt. ﻛickness
REQUIRES HALF-LIFE 2 Episode 1 and HALF-LIFE 2 Episode 2.

Yeah you guessed it the map series that never dies got yet another update. This particular update is for EvoCity 2. This is actually a fairly minor update but it tries to address some of the mo...
RP_EvoCity2_v5p Content Pt.1
Created by ﻛgt. ﻛickness
This is part 1 of the required content for RP_EvoCity_v5p....
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