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Aero's Quest
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish
Players: Single-player
Dec 9, 2014 @ 11:38am
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:42pm

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Playable demo out now
Release date: Spring 2015

Welcome to Aero's Quest Steam Greenlight Page
Aero's Quest is a 2D puzzle-platformer of new generation that merges elements of classic platformers such us Mario and MegaMan with intricate puzzles and old style arcades.

Check the online version: is a browser game but will give you an idea of the gameplay!

What is Aero’s Quest?

Aero's Quest is a 2D puzzle-platformer in development for PC/Windows, Mac/OS X, Linux and potentially major consoles.
In the final release there will be more than 100 colorful levels divided in ten different worlds made of platforms, obstacles, enemies and fun.

The story:

Aero is in love with Ariella, he would do anything for her and to make her happy. Unfortunately also the evil Andraus is obsessed with the pretty Ariella, obsessed to the point that he will kidnap her and he will try to turn Aero into a bare piece of metal as well as all the robots and and machines he created. But Aero’s love is too strong and when Ariella is kidnapped he escapes from his transformation and he takes advantage of his brand new “parts” to jump higher and run faster in order to begin his quest against Andraus to rescue the beloved Ariella.

What do you have to do playing Aero’s Quest?

The player controls Aero throughout the levels of the game. Every level presents the cell where Andraus keeps Ariella behind laser bars: the only way to open the cage is to turn a certain number of switches spread around from red to green. Only when all the switches are green the cell gets open and Aero can get in in the hope to reach out Ariella. Unfortunately Andraus is always around and as you try to save Ariella he will find the way to disappear along with Ariella taking the player to another room.
The rooms are fully packed with obstacles, enemies created by Andraus and tricky situations that increase of difficulty as long as the game progresses.
The player must cope also against the limited time that Aero’s got to finish the room.

The characters:
Aero: he is the star of the game, no doubt about that. He’s a young hopeful boy with some cyborg parts like his leg and one arm due to the transformation attempted by Andraus. He can use his metal parts to run and jump better but his soul is totally human and he will do everything he can to save Ariella.

Ariella: she is the reason why Aero is on his quest. Ariella is a pretty lovely girl and she does love Aero in return. Unfortunately someone doesn’t really like them together... Ariella’s best friend is a drone that she always unleash and is up to Aero to collect it to find the right path.

Andraus: here we have the villain of the game. He’s bad, evil and frightening and he’s obsessed with Ariella to the point he kidnapped her. Andraus is incredibly smart, he built an army of robots and he excel at creating tangled environments to confuse Aero in his quest. He lives in a crazy lab but he has control of forests, volcanoes, glaciers and crazy cities that he uses for his experiments and tests.

Mystery Man: It never shows but during his quest Aero will receive very important hints from this mysterious character

Power Ups
That Aero is human with some cyborg parts has been said already. But having robot parts allows you to enhance the power of them with special power-ups you can pick around the rooms:

gives you more points to reach better achievements

makes Aero super fast for 10 seconds

makes Aero jumping very high for 10 seconds

makes you immortal for 10 seconds and all the screen gets full of waves

everything slows down: time, music, enemies, the screen goes vintage ... but Aero will keep the speed up.


Many different achievements will be available: related to points, to levels and to many other features; few in particular are related to the drone of Ariella which goes around the rooms and Aero should pick it to reach better achievements.

Aero's Quest features a soundtrack of 15 original different tunes plus a studio recorded theme track that worth alone the price of the game. Sounds are all studio recorded.
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