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Space Engineers

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Materials 2
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Dec 7, 2014 @ 1:44pm
Feb 12, 2015 @ 4:40pm
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Materials 2

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Materials 2

Materials 2 - Refinery ready


Magma Reactor - Magma Ore


Update 2

SHIFT + F10 and then all asteroids with " S - "


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Lord Bhael Dec 24, 2017 @ 7:50am 
@Topher: 1) It's been a while since I played around with modding SE, and they have changed the organization of the files a bit. In the .sbc files, you will find one called VoxelMaterials_asteroids.sbc. There you will find the properties of materials spawning in asteroids, including "<SpawnsInAsteroids>". I don't know if it works, but give it a shot. 2) This isn't really the appropriate place to ask modding questions. Go to the Keen forums. Modders there will more that likely answer your questions, unless it's a repeat, in which case you will be flamed for laziness.
Topher Nov 21, 2017 @ 11:15am 
ok you seem like you would know how to do this. i want to spawn a solar system where iron only spawns on planets not in asteroids. the idea is that once your into space and have even the most basic station you do not have to go back down to a planet ever again. the only way i can think to fix that is to make to where iron only spawns on the planet and not in the asteroids floating around in space. i want to make it more of a trip to get iron from the planet and haul it back into space again to continue working. let me know what you think or if anyone knows how to do this let me know i would be more than willing to learn.
EnterpriseKid Dec 8, 2015 @ 9:56am 
Sektan, you are cool.
PrvtBob Aug 23, 2015 @ 9:33pm 
I have some bad new the lates update broke your mod. It will CTD, and I can give you the log if you like lit me know but it has some thing to do with the display diver. I like this mod, for now it the only whay to get plants. Please lit me know.
GDI-BOSS Jun 22, 2015 @ 4:50pm 
this new materials have any usses?
Sektan  [author] Jun 21, 2015 @ 4:15am 
I'll do
Neverathome Jun 21, 2015 @ 1:20am 
DX11 is it possible?
kind regard's
Sektan  [author] Jun 12, 2015 @ 4:22pm 
Pez Assorted Refill Apr 18, 2015 @ 1:12pm 
Do these automatically generate in world?
dskpnk'' Apr 10, 2015 @ 12:03am 
So here my problem, i would liek to use some pyramids or some house or colosum from the village and place them on Mars for example, the problem is that those asteroids are too big.

Is that possible to have a bersion with separate house/colosum/pyramid without this rly big floor ?

It should allow players to place like house or momnument on mars ! possible ?