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Anti-FriendlyFire (NPC)
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Dec 5, 2014 @ 12:14pm
May 14, 2016 @ 4:35am
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Anti-FriendlyFire (NPC)

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This mod allows you to turn off Friendly Fire towards and between NPCs.

If you where ever annoyed by your allies killing each other in friendly fire, which made large NPC battle pretty much useless, then you have just found the solution!

  • You will no longer hurt your allied NPCs.
  • NPC's no longer hurt allied NPCs.
  • Fully compatible with tools or maps that change your relationships
  • Works with (almost) all SWEPs (please see FAQs below).
  • Works with most SNPCs.
  • All settings can be individually toggled.
  • New: Option for invincible allies


All settings can be individually changed and are now available in your spawnmenu under:
Options -> NPCs -> Anti-FriendlyFire

Click here for a list of console commands

Recommended addons:
  • NPC Tools: Allows you to change your relationships with any NPC.
  • gm_zombie_survival: Nice Zombie survial map to test Anti-FriendlyFire. See how your Combine allies become more useful.
  • NPC Weapon pack 2: Since your allies no longer kill each other, you can now give them some heavier weapons.

  • Does this work in Multiplayer?
    Yes it does. Please note that it needs to be installed server-side and settings can only be applied to all players globally. Also note, that this wasn't tested on a dedicated server with many players.
  • My awesome new weapon still kills friendly NPCs! Btw. it can also kill this.
    This will not work with Super Weapons which just delete the NPC entity and / or call the die / dissolve animation directly without any damage calculation at all. Basically all weapons that just instant kill, even if the NPC has 999999 health.

Please report any errors that occur.

More stuff:

Source code now available here.[]

Tags: npc friendly fire friendlyfire friend partner squad unit battle fight nice shoot kill hurt damage destruction invincible immortal god godmode weapon bullet physic single player singleplayer fraction half life settings
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Any known conflicting addons?
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good now i can't hit by the tf2 classes in gmod!
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@-AU- Cloudfucker and i have a hardcore mod dat 3x demage, soo if 1 ally hits me i am ded
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@-AU- Cloudfucker BRU i can't play a war Humans against zombies whit godmode or disable them, soo you are de reason dat him didn't put my request ?
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gunboi Oct 21, 2019 @ 5:01am 
yes this is good it not what i was looking for but it could replace it cause i couldent find the one i was looking for. :steamhappy:
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can you put npcs to not demage players too ? dat will be very usefull for OP weapons for npcs i cannot find another addon for dat ;-;