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Created by Santa Ragione
FOTONICA is a first person game about jumping, sense of speed and discovery.
The key is timing, the goal is exploring and traveling flawlessly through the environment. The setting is an abstract - mainly duotone - outlined world, with a look refer...
Created by Smike
Try out our demo:

HyperCube is a puzzle-platformer where the player must retrieve the HyperCubes by solving puzzles. To do so, he must use the small cubes at his disposition (which project a holographic representation of a bigger cu...
Created by FarSpace Studios
As featured by the massive YouTube channels - Rooster Teeth and Rage Gaming Videos! (see the videos after the trailer...)

Hyphen is a must have addition to any puzzle/action game lover’s collection. Navigate a rotating stick through intricate and fiendi...
Created by etodd
Immersive first-person parkour in a surreal, physics-driven voxel world.

Buy it here

More info on the website

Lemma enables creative building through movement. Spa...
Created by Frooxius
OverLight is an addictive game with an unique concept using glass blocks and laser beams - you break the right blocks, lasers get redirected and intersect, overheat and explode the blocks for which you receive points. You can even chain the explosions into...
Created by blamedrop 🐧
Prelogate is a logic puzzle game. Solve puzzles by redirecting laser beams, mixing them and controlling them with logic gates.

Prelogate is available now on Steam! Thank you for voting!

Key features
  • 6
Project NEX
Created by Yashua
Greetings fellow Arena FPS fans! Welcome to the Steam Greenlight page for Project Nex. The Arena FPS genre has been stagnant for some time, and we are just as excited to play a new Arena FPS game as you are. Please read the information below about our game...
Created by [APH] Mentioum
UemeU - The Next Generation Sandbox Game

The newly formed indie game company Omnigon Games is pleased to announce that UemeU (You-Me-You), its exciting new multiplayer Next Generation Sandbox Game for Windows, Mac and Linux (coming soon)...
Pulse Shift
Created by 3 Core Studio
Pulse Shift is first person puzzle platformer which allows players to control and cheat physics. The game allows to play with gravity and manipulating time. Primary goal is to find a way and get to the arrow location as fast as possible. It is a game where...
Created by invi
Velocibox is a fast-paced, twitch-heavy action game with mind-bending flips and spins that's sure to challenge and frustrate even the most seasoned gamers.

The game features 27 meticulously crafted levels designed to test your reflexes and your adrenali...
Created by Blackvoxel
Update : Blackvoxel is now a free software released under GNU GPL V3 License

Blackvoxel is an adventure game in an abstract science-fiction world.

Discover it's strange world with animated voxels, travel through mysterious landscapes, avoid deadly tr...
Created by ghost in the shell
Blockscape is the ultimate block building game....
Created by Dan200
About Redirection

Redirection is a new type of puzzle game where you are given the task of herding robots around mazes. In each fiendish levels, these mindless automatons must navigate bottomless pits, lasers and conveyor belts, and only your g...
Created by Dual Studios
COLOR is a unique new puzzle game from Dual Studios which revolves around the manipulation of color through the additive color system.

In each level you must use and manipulate the colors at your disposal to match the color of the goal and...
Created by NicoplvGames
At first sight, Cubot is a 3D puzzle-game with a minimalist gameplay, just move color cubes towards tiles of the same color. It's really ease, but an important point in the gameplay is if you have multiple cubes, they move simultaneously! It will be...
Against the Wall
Created by Acheron
Against the Wall is a first-person puzzle-platformer set on the side of an infinite wall. Entire civilizations and ecosystems cling for survival on the side of the wall, everyone and everything existing under the constant threat of tumbling into an endless...
Created by GameCoder Studios

Millions of inhabitants of the Solar System look forward to the new season of Attractio. Attractio is the reality show where contestants solve deadly puzzles; ...
Entropy Rising
Created by autotivity
Entropy Rising

Explore this first-person 3D puzzler and solve the challenges that unfold in front of your eyes! Combine the forces of electricity, fire, water and acid to clear your way. You are armed with a device that can bend gravity and later...
Created by defaxer
'Inverto' is a first person shooter-puzzler with gravity manipulations a pinch of parkour and platformer elements.

You play as a private detective, ex-Space Ranger signed up on a dangerous testing experiment, in an attempt to find a researcher in...
Created by polycrime
This is still a work-in-progress game

Modulate is a first person puzzle game in which you solve rooms by switching objects in and out of your reality. You take the role of a young cadet being trained to become an agent in th...
Portal: Alive & Kicking
Created by Rhetorical Games
"I'm often nit-picky, but even with my intimate familiarity of Portal I can see that nothing has been overlooked. Every tile on every panel has been revisited with loving detail. Not only have the visuals been updated to match Portal 2, but the weake...
Created by 9heads
Vitrum is a 3D, first person, puzzle/platform game.

The main character is an android designed to convert energy from crystals into powers. The android can absorb energy in each of his hands, allowing him to combine different powers. One of the coolest p...
Created by Space Budgie

Glitchspace is a first person programming game that's centred around a visual programming mechanic.

Set in a cyberspace world, you are trying to find a...
Created by Xylophone Games
Uncoloured is an accelerated, first person platformer which explores a world where colour has been taken away.

Imagine. A world without colour. Return the colour to the world.
Based in a minimalist world, colour can be restored by overcoming
Created by studioneet
Impulse is a first-person platforming game. It aims to create an experience similar to rocket jump maps while introducing other new mechanics to test the player's dexterity....
Facade (Nanoforge)
Created by xSythe
Sandbox Mode*
  • Fully modifiable world, everything can be edited!
  • Sandbox building system - easily create custom levels using existing assets, or new ones
  • Create anything!
  • Share your creations easily through the Steam Worksho
Created by phosfiend
FRACT is a musical exploration game. Players arrive in a forgotten place and explore the vast and unfamiliar landscape to discover the secrets of an abandoned world that was once built on sound. As they start to make sense of this strange new environmen...
Fake Colours
Created by GamerDad

Fake Colours is a 3D, cube rolling, puzzle game in which the player must move three coloured blocks to their corresponding target squares. Game Blocks are able to roll on top o...
Created by noggins
Blok is a third person 3d puzzle game. Move your block through mazes and traps, around obstacles and enemies, while pushing, pulling, jumping and navigating your way through each increasingly complex level.

This is a working prototype in final stages of...
Created by SUPERHOT

"Brilliant. FPS where time moves only when YOU move. Slick, clean, even the tutorials don't f&#k around."
Cliff Bleszinski, Co-creator Jazz Jackrabbit, Unreal, Gears of War.

"Like you're pla...
Pixel: ru²
Created by Wolfenhex
Originally posted by IndieGameMag:
If you feel like melting your brain cells to the point that everything looks like a bunch of different shaded blocks, then you’re in luck!

Originally posted by TwoDashStash:
Pixel was easily the most challenging game, and probably one of th
Created by FixpointProductions
In Pivvot, an artfully minimalistic yet captivating game, survival is everything. Pivvot requires players to tap into their adrenaline-rushing ability to make quick, impulsive decisions, coupled with both logic and ...
Great Permutator
Created by ripatti
Great Permutator is a puzzle. Hard and tricky. One in which you will have to build a complex system of conveyors and various devices so that the colored boxes can travel across the factory and arrive at right places and in right order. If you are into clev...
Created by Emdoo
Stormworm, the first game by Studio Stormworm, was created as a spiritual successor to the time-honored classic game Snake, with a 3D twist.
In this game, you must maneuver your snake around a sphere through hazards and eat colored cubes to gain points to...
Created by Lord Kres
Voxelized is a very colorfull block building game.
Released on March 19th 2015

  • VR Support (Coming)
  • Steam Achievements, 1 easy-to-achieve
  • Build anything you want with easy-to-use building system.
  • Infinite Terrain
  • Ma
Global Street Wars
Created by sandalbay
Lead your home town to victory against cities around the world fighting in localized environment multiplayer online play.

From the former Acclaim Games co-founder and CTO, an art director who worked on Battlefield 2 and the Forza motor sport series, and...
Created by Zeppelin Studio
It’s a gorgeous puzzle-platformer with mind-bending light
manipulation mechanics involving alternate realities

- Rock Paper Shotgun

A fantastically ...
Created by The Bell
H (now EnHanced) is being actively worked on with improvements to every single aspect of the game, you can follow the occasional updates on my Twitter:

And you can play the very old version right now here if you’re inte...
Created by stephane
2D (FreeToPlay) platform game were you control a cube that needs to escape !
There is different types of rooms you need to get out of, some harder than other....
You need to be patient and a bit smart if you want to get out of there without breaking your...
Created by Kirill
Colorblind is a first-person puzzle-platform video game.
You are trapped in a room from which you should escape. You don't have any abilities. The only thing you have is your brain. By using it you c...
Portal Remake Mod
Created by CLagaris
Portal Remake Mod is a revamped version of Portal. Portal Remake is a mod for Portal 2, that includes many new innovative features!

Portal Remake also has brand new models, such as the improved GLaDOS and four different cores - all of whic...
Created by Mevious
Rexaura is a mod for Portal. It is a story campaign with 20 chambers teaching and testing your ability to use some interesting new mechanics involving High Energy Pellets.

"It’s utterly delightful, probably the best chunk of non-Valve Portal modding ...
Portal Stories: Mel
Created by 🍪 Anna
Portal Stories: Mel is an upcoming free to play mod based in the Portal universe.
It tells an entirely new story about a new protagonist called Mel who travels with a new personality core and faces a new, still unknown threat.

In the early years of Ap...
Portal 2: Abyss
What is Abyss?
Abyss is a free Custom modification for the multiple Award winning game: Portal 2 created by Team Abyss. Abyss aims to give a new game experience to the players by introducing a custom story based on multiple choices with a ...
Created by phantomsnake
Micron is a game with a unique blend of puzzle and rhythm gameplay. Place pieces on the board to deflect bullets of energy that fire to the beat. Guide the bullets to the exit through 51 challenging levels — and 12 bonus levels — featuring a variety of dis...
You can play the latest public demo at

Set inside a universe based on scientific theory, college student Sam is inexplicably teleported to the decaying Heywood-Bowman facility, where she...
Black Mesa
Created by cman2k
Prepare for an experience that you will find Nostalgic, exciting and fresh. Black Mesa is a re-envisioning of Valve Software's seminal game Half-Life. You will re-visit the inaugural role of Gordon Freeman and his memorable journey through the Black Mesa...
Created by ZeroUI
Shoot Orbs into Portals with Quasar (Cosmic 3D Pool)

Cueb is an inter-galactic physics based 3D Cue sport suspended in deep space. Players control the radioactive Quasar striking beautiful planet like orbs into portals. The game is an addictive audio vi...
Created by Bluestrike
Spheritis is an 3D puzzle/race game where you control a ball and have to reach the exit portal before a timer expires.
Sound simple yes? But you must also activate a number of buttons first to activate the exit portal.
And to make matters worse, there ar...
Created by Pyrosphere
Lazors is a puzzle game of lasers and mirrors offering more than 200 levels, ranging from easy distractions to hard challenges.

The objective of the game is to hit all the targets in a level with lasers. You control the lasers by moving different...
Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Testing Initiative
Created by Motanum
Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Initiative is a mod for Portal 2. Inspired by Tag: The Power of Paint, Aperture Tag is just what it sounds like. A Paint Gun in Aperture Science. Featuring a new personality core, in a new story, covering many areas of Ap...
Created by bluebuttongames
Polarity is a first person puzzle game based around hacking into a secure virtual world to steal data fragments....for money. You play a glorified data thief essentially. Oh and it's also completely compatible with the Oculus Rift (which is actually pretty...
Techno Dash
Created by Hammerwing Studios
The universe is running out of stars and We Need You to join the Techno Dash Initiative!

Techno Dash is a 3d endless flyer where you, the pilot, are tasked with collecting star bits to keep the galactic civilization running smoothly. Relying on...
Created by icemann
Bipolar is a game with a simple premise. Get your player object to the end green portal using the magnetic polarities of positive and negative to assist you in reaching that goal. Unlike most games, there is no traditional jumping. The power of magnets is ...
Triguy Placement
Created by Mint301
Triguy Placement is a Platform-Puzzler where the objective it to navigate the main character "Triguy" to the end of each level, using the abilities obtained from each level, and walls the player can place using the cursor.
The game consists for 4 difficu...
Created by [BBI] Cards
We're on Kickstarter, if you like what you see, help us out!



About the Game

Pulse is a first-person experiential jou...
Created by RAGameSound
Explore a personal world of light and sound as it emerges from your body.

SoundSelf is the chanting game of sensory exploration. Sit down, turn off the lights, and use your voice to fall through strobing tunnels-of-light, impossible shapes, and deep int...
Created by Xenon
TRIP is an art experiment created by Axel Shokk

There are no enemies
There are no objectives
Just you and the world

For updates on TRIP follow the devlog:
Rift Rush
Created by expo
TL;DR VERSION: Rift Rush is a first person platformer with soon-to-come multiplayer race support developed exclusively for use with the Oculus Rift. It's very fun and we hope you'll help get it on Steam.

Kickstarter link:
Demo Link

Our new IGF demo is out with loads of fixes and improvements!

If you have any issues with the demo, please let us know in our support forum on ModDB: http://www...
PULSAR: Lost Colony
Created by cptslog
PULSAR: Lost Colony is a cooperative space exploration game for 1 - 5 players.
Developed for Windows, Mac and Linux computers.



Block King
Created by Markco
Forget everything you learned about first person shooters. This isn't about shooting someone in the head. You should instead aim for their feet! That's where the gameplay begins but the strategy is fast and intense from there. Before you know it you'll be ...
Created by [SHADOW]
Компания по разработке роботов нового поколения - Ботология, ведет испытания новой системы удаленного управления роботами. Цель компании - помочь потенциальным покупателям производить разведку удаленных космических систем.
Сознание оператора робота...
Wild Steel
Created by Wild and Free Games
Wild Steel

is a chopper racing game with a light and fun atmosphere due to a cartoonish graphical style, and an arcade oriented gameplay. You can kick and punch your opponents but it is more a racing game than a fighting one.

It is FREE T...
The Impossible Game
Created by FlukeDude
The best-selling mobile and console game now has a chance to arrive on Steam!

The Impossible Game is a super-addictive and very, very hard platform game, synced to an awesome soundtrack.

With just one button to jump, guide your orange s...
Soul Door
Created by Sogoal
Now our hero Mist has to start his journey. What happened in the world of Soul Door? Looks like we are surrounded by the unknown and mysterious atmosphere. You have to take adventures and solve the puzzles by yourself.
In the world of Soul Door yo...
Created by Mister Anarchy
Click Here to Download!

Hey Greenlight community. I made Sphoxie originally for the iOS platform and now I am looking to see if there is any interest for a PC port. The PC port will have impro...
Created by samread
Dream is a first person atmospheric exploration game that has you assume the role of Howard Phillips, a young graduate with no direction in life who develops an obsession with his dreams. Discover dreams and nightmares filled with puzzles and secrets to he...
Boson X
Created by ian
Quantum jump from Planck to Planck as you hit critical velocity in Boson X, an unforgiving rotational runner from Mu & Heyo.

Build up speed inside a massive particle accelerator and generate high-energy collisions to discover strange new particles. Use ...
Vision Runner
Created by cybergebi
Vision Runner is a 3D First Person Parkour Game, where you can Build your own Level, share your Level and Play Shared Levels from other Players against the Time, you can also Start a Server and play with your Friends in the Multiplayer Mode. Vision Runner ...
Universe Edge
Created by PERU POWER
Universe Edge is a spaceship-building, crew-management, space-exploration game.

It is still under currently in development, visual artworks and the final look will still be improved!

Spaced: Genesis
Created by Glacise
Explore difficult levels if full 3D, and race to the end it a time- trial, parkour style marble Platformer. Navigate the Universe and travel to distant worlds that range from snow to water to grass to lava. Each level will possess its own challenges as sim...
Thinking with Time-Machine
Created by Owlahk
Deep within the facilities at Aperture Science lies a secret research laboratory that was locked and closed off... until it was found by robots.

Thinking with Time Machine is a Portal 2 mod in which you will find and use a Time Machine to create...
Created by Monty Melby
”Mobiloid plays like the best parts of Metroid and Q.U.B.E. blended to perfection”
- John Bardinelli,

Build your own fully functional robotic vehicles from parts you find along the way in a large platform puzzle world.

Collect compone...
Sapper's bad dream
Created by WTFOMGames
The bomberman's nightmare.
Or is it not a dream?
Blow up the creatures before they try to kill you!

Vote for my first game:
Black Ice
Created by superdupergc
Black Ice is a cyberpunk first person shooter (FPS) with strong RPG elements. Think Borderlands meets Tron. Jack into cyberspace and make hacking runs on megacorp servers, but watch out for the dangerous Black Ice defending them!

Created by SpaceEngineer
SpaceEngine is a scientifically accurate and photorealistic 3D space simulator that models the entire Universe. It lets you explore any object that can be found in space - stars and galaxies, planets and moons, asteroids and comets, black hol...
Created by isel

After falling asleep, one developer must now flee from the criticism of the internet in his never ending nauseating nightmare, will he escape? Will he find the magic turtle to cure his limp leg? It's up to you!


Road To Insanity
Created by Zeroki
Challenging platform adventure testing your trust and skills
are you good enough to defeat the stages and problems you're faced with, only you can say.

Road to insanity is a simple yet complex game that gradually gets more and more difficult as you pla...
Retro World
Created by Scary Pixel
Relive your gaming childhood as a retro sprite.

With a style heavily inspired by the quirkiness of the Earthbound/Mother series, Retro World takes you on a fantastic journey to a parallel universe where video games come to life. Experience 30 years of g...
Created by glenn_001au
Isyium is a unique combination of simulation, strategy and casual arcade (if played in that spirit) with an abridged story mode.

Set in an orbital accelerator many years in the future after Earth's untimely bio destruction, you pilot a fut...
Orange Cube
Created by Frazilpop
Welcome to the O.C

Orange Cube is a platforming game with a focus on simplicity, exploration and a huge sense of adventure. Take your cube on an exciting journey through a world that tells its own story, and find your own way through massive le...
Break the Cube
Do you like challenge?You want it? Take it. *Break The Cube* one of the best arcade hardcore games. Take your friends and try to go far as you can. 1 level - wow, nice game. 2 lvl - its so challenging. 3 lvl - har...
Cube Root
Created by noggins
Cube Root is a twisting, turning, psychotic adventure platformer that will keep you guessing...and dying...for hours.

Inspired by the Cube movie trilogy, play through hundreds of 2d levels in the 3d maze world and try to escape this ever changing dynam...
Snake Cubed
Created by noggins
I have fond memories of playing snake games as a kid. I've played at least a hundred variations from dozens of computer and smartphone versions, old phones and graphing calculators back in the 90's, and possibly even a few console versions. The one thing...
Cube War
Created by RedPain
Cube War is a 3D Top Down Shooter Game. Shoot, Shoot and Enjoy!

Cube War is influenced by Geometry Wars, The bindings of Isaac, Our Darker Purpose and Ultratron.

- Time Stop
- Teleport
- Flash
- Invincibility

- Randomly gener...
Brain Cube Reloaded
Created by Ximad
Brain Cube Reloaded is a logic game with the RoboCube as a main character. Player have to travel through the game field by rolling from side to side. It sounds easy but it's really hard because of the limited map space and different devices and barriers. S...
Cube & Star: A Love Story
Created by Fritz
'Fill your heart with joy; and leave the world a more colorful place than when you entered it'

Cube and Star: A Love Story is a game about the joy of exploration - the joy of... aimless but mindful wandering.
The world is a living, breathing en...
Created by Schell Games
Think, roll, match, survive... Unleash your inner cube!

InnerCube is an action-puzzle game, where you control a multi-colored cube using the keyboard to navigate around a grid. Capture colored tiles by rolling the identical color on the cube on t...
Created by AnsetteLLC
Ternin combines strategy, logic and timing into a challenging and unique game like you've never played before. Crisp graphics and smooth, simple gameplay keep the player focused on the puzzle. It's a perfect game to fill a few minutes of downtime. Put it a...
Inside The Gear
Created by Mykhail
Inside The Gear - a physics puzzle game! You have interactive objects - planks and cubes, manipulate them and start physics. The goal of the game is to put wheel on the platform.

  • When you start physics simulation, gravitati
Created by grand_fruit
General information
This is a logic game which goal is to find a path for a cube to an exit of a level.
Levels have different mechanisms like teleports, elevators, moving boxes, bridges, etc.
Some levels have parallel worlds that gives an add...
Created by Perro Electrico
Flip is a Puzzle game with very simple mechanics, but a very high replayability. It plays like a 1D Rubik's Cube: you need to rotate pieces to match a desired configuration. It includes several puzzle types, each with many levels and hundreds of challenges...
Created by Icch_howw
After a year of development it's finally done!
Only 2 developers:
1 programmer and graphic designer
1 composer and SoundFX creator

Neoncube is a 2-dimensional platformer.
Your pink cube girlfriend you just met got kidnapped. Your job is to get her b...
Created by QuantumChaosGames
A story of a brave ballbot trying to save his homeworld from cubes occupation.

Ballbot is an arcade/spatial puzzle game based on a classic "snake" gameplay, but expanded to 3rd dimension.


You control a brave robot trying t...
Blockade Runner (new engine being debugged!)
Created by [ZanMgt]Aaron
For development news throughout 2015, we're primarily updating via the main website!

The Blockade Runner project is a from-scratch space voxel prototype designed by a six sibling family of developers! A true la...
Created by Jay-run
Have you ever dreamt to give life and motion to your creations?

Magnetron is a sandbox game where fantasy is the undeniable lifeblood for your own creations.
In a motionless place, explore, design, build and bring to life ...
Futuridium EP
Created by MixedBag Srl
Get a trip back to the 80s' with the insanely fast, insanely difficult action of Futuridium EP, a retro fast paced shoot’em up with a modern twist, amazing 3D graphic and an adrenaline pumping 45 minutes original soundtrack!

You are a lone starship pilo...
3079 -- An Action RPG
Created by phr00t
3079 is a futuristic, open-world action first-person role playing game.

You arrive on a planet experiencing constant war. It is your duty to find out why the warring factions cannot find peace on their own & hopefully restore it yourself.

All areas, ...
Created by Enzo Whyte
Rotieer is a mix between a platformer and a puzzlegame.Your goal is to move a ball through the levels until you can´t move anymore, then it is time to rotate the Level and move again. Distilled to the max, You can see the whole Level from start on, ...
Six Sides of the World
Created by Lord Cyberon
Six Sides of the World is an Adventure - 3D Puzzle - Maze game in which you will have to use your logic, memory and spatial orientation to solve each of the challenges presented in the form of cube-shaped planetary systems.

Help Maigo, a little Space...
Created by Polar Bunny Ltd.
Parcel is a multi-character cyberpunk puzzle game where your goal is to solve interlocking laser puzzles by using the unique abilities of different characters. The game can be played alone or cooperatively with friends. The game features over 120 un...
Created by NamazuStudios
Nebulous is a physics-based puzzle game where you must help guide Commander Dash Johnson, a trapped astronaut, through maze-like levels, seeking the next wormhole to his eventual freedom. Arrange the pieces of the puzzle so that when he falls, gravity and ...
Created by vetruven
"Primitives is 3 dimensional game where time is one of the dimensions by means of unique time scrubbing mechanics, bringing something new and unique to the puzzle games genre"

“Primitives is a great game – challenging enough to keep a player engaged whi...
Created by Rocky Hong

Magnetized is an abstract physics puzzle game.
A black square, from nowhere, never stop and never quit, seems to magnetized by something great. Crush, die, one more try, round and round and by and by, t...
Created by Frooxius
Don't have an Oculus Rift? Don't worry, the game works on regular screen as well!

This is a story of how are the laws of physics broken

Enter a world where the reality itself is deteriorating. A mysterious infection is spreadin...
Created by Voidrunner
Welcome to the Void!

This is the Void... Forever and never, alive and dead...

Voidrunner is an intense multiplayer flight game which introduces FPS (First Person Shooter) controls to flight genre in exotic, epic landscapes.

Created by BeamNG is a realistic, immersive driving game offering near-limitless possibilities. Our soft-body physics engine simulates every component of a vehicle in real time, resulting in realistic, dynamic behavior. ...
Created by Blue Void Studios
Ionia is a single-player first-person game about exploring a surreal fantasy world and unlocking the secrets it holds. You will find you are able to freely slip between two unique perceptions of the world. Will you come to grips with this strange power, or...
Created by Team Distortion
Distortion is puzzle action game, and powered by Unreal Engine 4.

To solve the puzzle, you must not believe that it is visible.
If tread on the blue block, it is possible to distort the reality.
In the game, there is a Distortion Mode of two.
"Top D...
Created by Matt
Alpha versions already available at 50% off! Pre-order at

About Luminesca...

Luminesca is a chilled-out underwater exploration game which follows the story of a little creature called Lum. Using the light from your esca ...
Created by Dialga
is a Single-Player Acton Arcade game.

Technology has advanced, and a new world of information has been revealed. Mankind knows it as the internet, but locals know it as Hypt. A world that is now overrun by viruses, trojans, and other forms...
Portal: Outside Influence
Created by Elite Treacle
The war is over. Mankind lost. Scattered and spread across the planet, the survivors search for refuge in the ruins of the old world. One of these stragglers stumbled across something that hasn't been seen by outside eyes for a long time...

Created by crizis
Warsow is a completely free first-person shooter with a strong focus on competitive play and esports.

Set in a futuristic world and boasting a unique cartoonish look, the game avoids cliched gore and violence typically found in games of the genre...
Created by QuantizedBit
Available now at

You were on the way to a recycling process when fortunately for you - and unfortunately for the environment - you accidentally ran off.

Now your goal is to escape from the facility, which is an extremely difficul...
Created by Badland_Games
Awe is a god-game about expressing one’s creativity by shaping and building planets’ ecosystems in a soothing and relaxing ambiance carried by beautiful, minimalist lowpoly 3D art style and atmospheric music.

A constant sense of progression and discover...
Gaps Between Art
Created by Frooxius
Solve puzzles by making art!

Gaps Between Art is a first person puzzle game where you solve puzzles by painting the environment and items around, conceived in the CREATE game jam by OUYA and Kill Screen. The game is currently in very early stages...
Phases - new hardcore indie game for steam
Created by Kayabit

In Phases you have one life to live and it's your job to see how far you can take the ball on his brutally hard journey through 6 phases, 45 unique levels and into the depths of the procedurally generated Phase Zero (Seen at the en...
Epic Showdown
Created by Naloki
Mysterious Alien obsessed with TV Reality shows decide to organize his own reality show - Epic Showdown. He gather the best fighters from all dimensions, universes, and realities to survive in a battle to the death! The arena will rock as you blast, cast,...
Abrix the robot
Created by ZigZag Games
Abrix robot got stuck in a room full of containers, crates and other handicaps during the cleanup work. Help him find the way out of the room.
Abrix the robot is an addictive puzzle game for everyone. While traveling on over 70 different rooms you will en...
Dude, Stop
Created by Patomkin
Dude, Stop is a puzzle game, where the main goal is to make everyone hate you.

And I mean it! If someone would watch you play, they could slap you upside the head and call you The Most Evil Person alive! And we are not even sorry about that! Be...
Asteroid Bounty Hunter
Created by just1337
Ready to take the wheel old geezer? 


Asteroid Bounty Hunter is a space shooter, with a lot more in store than simply blowing up asteroids. The story follows our hero John, who is a veteran, trying to do amend...
Created by AASC

CUBE is a first-person, single-player puzzle adventure game based on Source Engine and set in a huge and constantly...
Lemuria 7
Created by ZigZag Games
After 40 years since its disappearance, the spaceship Lemuria 7 has been seen in the solar system again. In order to solve the puzzle related to its sudden disappearance and return, a special research expedition is organised. The scientists send a remote c... The Game
Created by Freakinware
** From the creators of The Game. 82% positive reviews. **

Here it comes ... The Game!

Smash worms or slither trying!
Warning: Incredibly addicting Multiplayer Game!

You are a worm and y...
Red Trigger
Created by Maxime Vézina
Red Trigger is a First Person Shooter (FPS) Puzzle game.

The player incarnates a virus called Red Trigger and tries to corrupt a computer system. You have the ability to shoot red blocks to expand or retract them, but you can only expand three...
Created by Targaciej

To moja druga gra logiczna po dobrze przyjętym Hook'u-

Tak jak Hook, gra będzie krótka, tania ( 0,99$ ) i po brzegi wypełniona ciekawymi mechanikami.
Obecnie pracuję nad poprawieniem grafiki i dodaniem...
Created by ZloyCrek
Casual puzzle. The player's goal to keep the blue block on the platform for 3 seconds in order to pass the level.

- FullHD
- Cards
- Achievements
- Low price
- Classical music
- 50+ levels...
Zup! 2
Created by ZloyCrek
Minimal physical puzzle with explosions. The player's goal to keep the blue ball on the platform for 3 seconds in order to pass the level.

- FullHD
- Cards
- Achievements
- Low price
- Relax music
- 40+ levels and free DLC...
Zup! 3
Created by ZloyCrek
Minimal physical puzzle with explosions. The player's goal to keep the blue ball on the platform for 3 seconds in order to pass the level.

- FullHD
- Cards
- Achievements
- Low price
- Relax music
- 50+ levels and free DLC...
Blasting Maniacs
Created by LejeeGames
BLASTING MANIACS is a fast paced action shooter with an instinctive and challenging gameplay. It’s like the wild version of Asteroids with superpowers!

Ready for a modern arcade challenge?[/h1
Mayhem In Single Valley
Created by Brian

Jack is a videogame character... only he doesn’t' know it yet. Help Jack survive his voyage of self-discovery!

Core Concept. What would happen if a videogame character discovered that they are a videogame cha...
Zup! Zero
Created by ZloyCrek
Минималистичный физический пазл со взрывами. Цель игры - удержать синий шар 3 секунды на платформе.

- FullHD
- Карточки
- Достижения
- Минимальная цена
- Расслабляющая музыка
- 50+ уровней и бесплатное DLC...
Zup! 4
Created by ZloyCrek
Minimal physical puzzle with explosions. The player's goal to keep the blue ball on the platform for 3 seconds in order to pass the level.

- FullHD
- Cards
- Achievements
- Low price
- Relax music
- 50+ levels and free DLC...
Created by ZloyCrek
qop is a minimalistic puzzle which goal is to get the cube to finish using 4 directions in space. The difficulty increases due to the unique cubes - angular and teleports.

- FullHD
- 50 levels (from simple t...
Solar Core
Created by Aileron 64
Solar core is a top down twin stick shooter, where you must reconquer the galaxy one core at a time by surviving waves of rhythm based enemies.

Each level plays out based on the beat and intensity of the music, and the goal is simply to survive until th...
Swim Out
Created by Lozange Lab
Swim Out is a strategic, turn-by-turn puzzle game where you control a swimmer who wants to get out of a pool, a river or the sea without touching any swimmers.


Get out of the pool w...
Created by Empyrean

Pixplode is a 3d puzzle game with 2d physics mechanics.
At first glance puzzle seem to be impossible to solve, but why not to change the view of the whole level? ...
The Puzzleverse
Created by psyinx
Puzzleverse is a rather unique 2D single-player puzzle game in that it uses fast paced challenges as a reward for solving puzzles which require thought and precise actions.
After Orb's home is destroyed, he finds himself trapped in an alternate Dimension ...
Marked Incompatible ]  Zup! 5
Created by ZloyCrek
Minimal physical puzzle with explosions. The player's goal to keep the blue ball on the platform for 3 seconds in order to pass the level.

- FullHD
- Portals
- Cards
- Achievements
- Low price
- Relax music
- 50+ levels and free DLC...
Last Alien Standing
Created by JS Games
LAS is an intense survival game that mixes tower defence strategy with button mashing fast action.


Prepare defences and fight battles with hordes of Aliens over many different levels. Each ...
Supposedly Wonderful Future
Created by gamblingDostoevsky
It's 2046, and life has never been better. Humanity is thriving, technology is booming, poverty and hunger are all but eradicated. Wars and unrest are the talks of the past; the world is as united as it's ever been. Aging can be stopped while terminal illn...
Created by FluffexStudios
Stitched strings together the thrilling story of Catherine Stockholmes, an otherwise ordinary girl. The story begins with Catherine waking up in an eerie doll factory. With a great desire to escape, Catherine is forced to venture through the factory. But l...
Raid On Coasts
Created by mohamed amine dghim
Raid On Coasts is an old school real time strategy game set in a world full of wars where powerful countrys tend to invade and perform raid on coasts on other continents around the world !

* Map :  
  • Coasts of Yemen ( c
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mohamed amine dghim Apr 30, 2017 @ 2:25am 
Thx mexian :steamhappy:
FluffexStudios Apr 29, 2017 @ 8:37pm 
Thank you for including our game into this collection :D
Rob  [author] Apr 29, 2017 @ 8:18pm 
Both of you great indie games, keep up the good work! Added!:GDNormal: Added!:GDNormal:
mohamed amine dghim Apr 29, 2017 @ 3:40pm 
Hey mexican bro :steamhappy: A fresh new indie title in a fresh collection !
It will be an honor really if i see mine strategy game in your amazing fresh collection really !
Any help or support given will be appreciated , in last days of greenlight !Thanks in advance :steamhappy:
FluffexStudios Apr 29, 2017 @ 10:20am 
Hi there,

We would like to present to you our horror adventure game with puzzle elements. A story about a girl trapped in a doll factory and must needles her way out. Please consider it for your collection:

Thanks for your time :D
gamblingDostoevsky Apr 29, 2017 @ 6:17am 
Thank you, I appreciate it!
Rob  [author] Apr 28, 2017 @ 10:34pm 
Well made game. Added!:GDNormal:
gamblingDostoevsky Apr 28, 2017 @ 11:44am 
Hi, Not Your Average Mexican! Mind if I show you my (hopefully) not so average game too? It's called Supposedly Wonderful Future , a sci-fi adventure I've developed solo over the past 3 years. Thanks for taking a look!
Rob  [author] Apr 24, 2017 @ 4:28pm 
Looks interesting! Added. :GDNormal:
psyinx Apr 22, 2017 @ 12:45pm 
@Not Your Average Mexican thank you for your support my friend! I truly appreciate it! :steamhappy: