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TDMCars - Emergency Vehicles pack
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Nov 30, 2014 @ 10:54am
Aug 12, 2016 @ 5:32am
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TDMCars - Emergency Vehicles pack

This is the Emergency vehicles pack for Garry's Mod with all the Emergency vehicles found on the SVN.

If you have the SVN, please do not subscribe to this addon!

They can be spawned from the Vehicle tab under the TDM Emergency category while in sandbox (in Garry's Mod).

The pack currently contains:

Dodge Charger SRT-8 2006 Police
Dodge Charger SRT-8 2012 Police
Ford Crown Victoria P71
Ford Taurus '13 Police Interceptor
Holden (Special Vehicle) W427 Police
Lexus IS300 Police (inspired by Top Gear police car challenge)
Mercedes E class (inspired by the danish police car)
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Police
Scania 94D Firetruck

These are not supposed to be super accurate recreations of real emergency vehicles! The cars are for entertainment and roleplaying purposes. More vehicles will be added when I believe they are ready for a release. Cars may also be changed due to improvements or changes in VCMod ELS.

For lights and seats, you must have VCMod ELS and/or VCMod!

The following is required if you want this to work properly!

TDMCars - Base Pack <---------

Model detail must be set to High! This is very important!

If you are interested in making skins, templates for most of these vehicles are found right here[]
If you have no clue what this is, don't click it..

Please have a look at this guide instead of wasting your time asking questions that are already answered.
TDMCars - How to use

You can request all you want but it is 100% ignored by me. Occasionally I am hosting request events on Facebook. The fan page is located here TDMCars on Facebook[]
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