Serious Sam 3: BFE

Serious Sam 3: BFE

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New Enemies pack (addition for mapmakers)
Content: Enemies
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Nov 29, 2014 @ 9:33am
May 15, 2016 @ 6:46am
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New Enemies pack (addition for mapmakers)

This pack adds some new enemy creatures to game.

INFO:This is pack for mapmakers adding new characters.
If you want to replace orginal SS3 Enemies go to: Enemies Replace Pack


Novitus - ancient warrior from endangered race. Mental arrived on the planet killing their master and forcing them to obey.

Selrunner - great predators ruling over his own planet. Selrunners are primitive race that agreed to fight for Mental in exchange for the magic projectiles shooting powers it gave them.

Reptalion - primitive reptile-like creatures living in deep forest of planet Reeb. Mental stole some eggs of this creatures and start to breed them. Reptalions are obedient to his master and attack in groups.

Slaved soldier - Sirian soldier captured by mental and sentenced to torture. After years mental used his damaged body and connect big bomb to his back. Body were controlled by mask keeping brain in life and issuing orders.

Magem's skull - fallen demons serving for Mental thousands years ago. Mental took their skulls and use black magic to put their souls back to skulls. Skulls were connected to special generator allowing them to levitation, materializing arms and shoot.

Sirian snake - wild reptile living in undergrounds of Sirius. Mental trained this creatures to serve them.

Sirian lizard - some snakes that live long enough can evolve to lizards. Lizards are stronger, bigger and can summon fireballs.

Cave voolus - skittish animals living in underground caves. Mental caught a few individuals and put them masks thoughts and issuing commands.

Biocreol - the brain of one of the Sirian's experiments was carried away by the Mental and plugged into a mechanism persistent him alive. Mental trained this creature and plugged it into a vehicle with rotating spikes.

Crate warrior - two inviduals from very intelligent race were captured by Mental. Mental created a mask controling their brains and armed their vehicle with two rocket launchers.

Killer lady - Mental took away gene of human female from sirian laboratory. gene was damaged so Mental remade it adding biologically grown mechanical parts and grown her in his bio-tanks. final project was armed with two chainguns replacing hands.

Sirian wraith - soul of fallen Sirian general was captured by Mental thanks to black magic. Soul was put into physical body fully controlled by black magic until body were finally destroyed an soul will be free.

Crab guard - holy warrior from deep underwater kingdom on far planet. Mental modified this creatures allowing them to live without water and they in exchange agreed to fight for mental.

Gunsaur - Mental's time travelling agents returned with genes of giant reptiles living on Earth. Mental genetically grown and armed them. Smaller reptiles were armed with chainguns, bigger ones lost most of his body and only skeleton and brain was fully recovered so Mental add mechanical head keeping brain alive and holding bones together thanks to mechanical joints, this one was armed with rocket launcher.

Air golem - controlled wind power magically brought to life. Air golems can summon magical bombs and throw them onto enemy.

Abovborg - a squid like creature serving for Mental guarding water territories. Mental genetically modified him allowing them to fly, creating new air force of Mental.

Enchantrian - an elder wizard serving mental from thousands of years. Enchantrians can enter to the limbo between physical and non-physical world but in order to use spells they need to enter to physical world making their vulnerable.


some models comes from
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✓_AndreikiPlay_✓ Jul 3, 2017 @ 5:21am 
Ок круто!!!!!
SeriousNorbo  [author] Jul 3, 2017 @ 4:45am 
Как только я получу свой компьютер от ремонта, я их портирую
✓_AndreikiPlay_✓ Jul 1, 2017 @ 12:06am 
Please ported FUSION
Пж зделай на ФЬЮЖН
alexouxouxou May 23, 2016 @ 4:03pm 
Bierb May 22, 2016 @ 11:49am 
Nothing can beat the egglike genre.
SleepingGood May 21, 2016 @ 8:40am 
Ukrainian krabs ?
Bad Company stole my asthetic Apr 9, 2016 @ 12:35pm 
But is it as crazy as the fanabulus game?.............
SeriousNorbo  [author] Dec 2, 2014 @ 6:13am 
thx for info, i try to repair it
noam 2000 Dec 2, 2014 @ 5:43am 
So,i tried out your new enemies,but they're REALLY bugged out. first of all,when you choose they're puppets NONE of them work. all of they're models are missing. i found the models eventually,i believe the direction of the models on the puppets is just wrong. i took a look at the models too,and some of them have missing textures,such as the air elemental.
noam 2000 Nov 30, 2014 @ 5:48am 
Oh man,you are making so many weird enemy resources. I LOVE IT!