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Abyss Uncharted
Nov 28, 2014 @ 4:34am
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:42pm

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Release date: 6.2015

In Abyss Uncharted you play as a great scientist that has come to the end of his life. Your partner, a robot called Ada, transmits your consciousness into a machine, so that you may continue your life in a new way. Years later, your character stumbles upon some ancient ruins. Within these ruins is the Creator Relic, the ancient device that holds the key to creating life. However, there are many foes and ancient machines guarding the relic. So, while Ada tries to unlock the secrets of the ancient relic, you reside in your remote laboratory, strategically planning your defence against the evil within.

Abyss Uncharted in a Tower Defence game with a twist. In incorporates traditional Tower Defence gameplay with survival and platforming. Each level, Ada is transmitted using the energizer machine into the underground Abyss. Whilst Ada explores underground, you will be able to observe the enemies and the terrain. When the energizer machine is recharged, Ada will be automatically sent back. Before this happens, Ada needs to have found all of the ancient relics. When controlling Ada, you need to balance between build mode, placing turrets to protect Ada, and then switching to exploration mode, searching for the ancient relics to complete the level. You also need to find gems to upgrade your turrets.

about Turret

  • More than 15 kinds of turrets
    Each turret has two extension slots, for a variety of upgrade components
  • 6 special skills, for emergency protection of Ada.
  • 4 sections 30 levels
  • 6 Secret levels
  • Multiple difficulty modes
  • Various alternate styles for Ada and the turrets
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