Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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Elite's Survival Guide for Combat
By Elite
As I was in multiple "tactical" clans with regular training sessions, drills and operations, I think you may be able grab the one or other useful thing from here. The guide is divided in:
- Basic Combat Guide
- Environment and Uniform Colours
- Teamwork - Key to Success
- Roles and their Demands
- Weapons (in work)
The "Basic Combat Guide" will give you a few experience hints, maybe especially useful for newbies. All about your soldier and what he is able to do, weaponry, movement, environment and so on.
"Teamwork" will get more into detail about interaction with other players and fire teams.
"Roles and their Demands" is describing the different types of soldiers available in the game, and what their special ablities or recommended playing styles are.
Have fun, I hope you can grab some information and use it on the battlefield.
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Basic Combat Guide
This guide will focus on the "hardcore" difficulty. "Hardcore" limit your HUD display and also increases the damage. That means that bullets flying over your head will make your soldier shake, and a round in the chest will get you dying in no time.

Environment and Movement

Upon arriving on the battlefield, realize where you are. Either it is a safe spawn area, or a dangerous one. If your allies are casually running around, it's probably a secured spot. If you hear gunshots close and see dead bodies of your team mates around you, the first step is get your head down!
That means go prone and search for cover. This is a general hint for the entire game on every battlefield. Most of the time you're in battle, close to enemy. So what you want to do is pass open ground as fast as possible, stick with your squad and move from cover to cover.
When you're with team mates, realize that a bit of tactical thinking sometimes can prevent you from respawning on the other side of the map (and before of course getting shot). Try to always move with at least one chap, preferably machine gunner, covering. If your team mates are moving, wait out and cover for them. If everyone is moving at the same time the enemy can play shooting range and just wipe you out. You need coverng fire to get the enemy to put their heads down. While they're under pressure, try to flank them and make their cover useless.
In this game bullets smashing into your cover will actually affect your character, so be aware of that: Rather not kill the enemy immediately, but make him get his head down, than die with tons of ammo in your pockets.

Moving in this game is divided into three stances:
1) Either you can stand, walk, and sprint.
2) You can be crouched and also sprint, but of course it's slower and more exhausting.
3) Laying on your belly and moving slowly.
In dangerous areas you may go prone and sneak forward, for instance when approaching tight defended enemy positions (à Bridges of Druzhina). You can use bushes and grass to hide while on the ground. If you're on a rush towards the front line, prefer sprinting. While doing that you strafe left and right, left and right, so the enemy can't shoot you that easily. A straight in a line moving target is easy to kill, because you can anticipate the path it will take. Crouched sprinting is helpful when behind a cover and in need to get to the other side of it. I wouldn't suggest it when you pass an open ground. Only if it would conceal you, for example hide your head behind an open ground.

Learn the difference between cover and concealment: Concealment is everything that will only hide you from the eyes of the enemy, but won't keep bullets from smashing your skull (branchwood, a wooden fence, ...).
Cover is something, that will actually give you security, for example a stone wall or sandbags. This will keep the opponent from killing you and give you time to think about what to do next.
Keep in mind that in "Red Orchestra 2" cover is not always cover. For example door and window frames can be shot through. A piece of wood will be shot through by a Karabiner-98. Also use that to your advantage: For instance, if the enemy is behind a wooden fence, just shoot belly height of the crouched enemy. It will just go through the cover and kill him.

Weapons and their Handling

Weapon handling in this game is kept really realistic, besides there are no malfunctions or such. In general always keep in mind what kind of weapon you are using.
At the beginning you will probably use bolt action rifles. The Mosin Nagant and the K-98 both have five rounds. After each shot your soldier has to rebolt.
It's better to just clear a whole clip of rounds and reload afterwards. Then you can just enter a new clip, it's way faster than wasting time into getting bullets in individually. But it also depends on the situation: If you're approaching an enemy position and need a whole clip, just reload while moving, even if it's just one bullet you enter into the chamber. Especially in close combat the bolt rifles are really not too handy to reload, so be sure to have a full clip inside of your gun. May think about using melee if you not hit immediately, before rebolting in a room for instance, with the enemy in front of you. In general as a rifleman, keep your distance and kill enemy units from a far. The close quarter combat is not your business, but sometimes not avoidable.
You can also always check your current number of rounds with holding "R" down. Then it will give you an information. Press "T" to see how many clips/magacines you have left.

Submachine guns and 'assault rifles' in this game most of the time have magacines. Most of the guns have up to 30 rounds or even more if upgraded. There's really not too much difference to other games here, just reload after a firefight, reload when the ammo is low, reload before every possible enemy encounter.
Keep in mind though, that when the enemy is around the corner it's not too bright to reload. The soldiers often comment it with a panically spoken "I'm reloading!!" This can give you away. If in close quarter combat with danger close, may prefer using a secondary weapon. If no secondary is available, reload as soon as possible and maybe check for friendlies covering you.

Machineguns are superb in this game. You have lots of rounds, but you can't aim standing or crouching. You'll always have to get the gun on solid ground to be able to use the iron sight. Always look for good positions and get low. Provide covering fire and watch your ammunition, as you will burn through it. Your barrell may get hot and need to be switched with "6". Also shout for ammunition via "V" (the communication menue).
Don't hesitate to use the machinegun from your hip though. With the time you will get a feeling for it and be able to kill enemies really quickly with a few bursts of fire (don't just spray and pray fullautomatic).

Always consider also the "holding your breath"-key (usually the sprint-key too) while aiming. It will get your soldier to be steady and get a good shot. Also it will zoom in and focus his sight on certain areas.

Finally the last weapon being discuessed here is the handgrenade. With just one mouse click you'll simply throw them fast, but that also means that they take a bit to explode when reaching the ground. That gives your target time to escape. Also note the difference between regular throwing and an underhand one with key "6". To avoid the situation above "cook" the grenade before throwing it: Hold the mouse button down for a few seconds, then throw it. That way the grenade will explode when arriving at the enemie's position and kill them probably. Be aware that it is useful when you know where the enemy is, when you want to kill them on a far distance, better not cook it, otherwise it will blow up in the air.
By the way: Ammunition supplies are marked on the map ("M"). Always keep an eye out if you run out of ammo, or just grab guns and ammunition from the dead (CTRL).

In terms of aiming and shooting you should try to hit enemies in the chest area or in the head. It will probably give them letal injuries and they will bleed out. If you don't have any other options, for example behind certain pieces of cover, shoot in the legs or hands. Your enemy will probably try to stop the bleeding with a bandage, keep shooting until the death message pops up on the right screen corner. This information is quite useful, but on some servers deactivated. Sometimes it's best to just shoot what looks suspicious, enemies often hide behind or beneath corpses of friendlies. Last but not least think about the stance you're shooting from. Standing is not as accurate as prone or crouched.
Environment and Uniform Colours
Cover and Concealment

In this game there are different types of cover. First remember the difference between Cover and Concealment.

Cover is everything saving you from bullets. It can be a dead ground in front of you. That means, for example, a sink in the ground, bomb impacts and so on. You can lay down inside there. Just watch that the enemy not throws a grenade inside.
If you cross ridges and pass the horizon, crouch or even go prone. That way you won't be recognized as easily as if your silhouette interrupts the line of the horizon. Stay low in the grass and be a part of the battlefield.
Sandbags are also solid pieces of cover. The same goes for rocks.
Be careful behind doors or inside of a house.
Bigger calibre bullets like machinegun rounds will just pierce walls. That also applies for window and door frames. So if you know your enemy is on the other side of the wall, just blast a few rounds with your MG42 (or similiar gun) through it. I'm not entirely sure if the machinepistols also are able to pierce that cover. Just be aware that in this game not everything is 'solid protection' from bullets.

Concealment is grass, smoke, everything that hides you from the eyes of your foes. Remember that it won't keep you from dying by enemy fire. Also use that to your own advantage. Examplewise: If the enemy smokes his approach, just supress the smoke. You will be likely to kill enemies or at least injure them. A good way here is also the usage of fragmentation grenades.
As mentioned above, if you cross the horizon, stay low and stay hidden. Nothing more easier than to shoot a shade popping up upon the sunrise. In woodland try to crawl on your belly if it gets hot. In those areas there are many plants growing and you often can slip away to the next solid piece of cover.

Remember that in the battlefield a combination of the two elements will secure your success. Use concealment as well as cover. Move from solid cover to solid cover, check each time if everything is clear. If you are under fire, just stay where you are. It doesn't bring anything if you die just running out. Wait until the enemy has to reload, or gets interrupted by suppressive fire.

Uniforms and Colours
The Germans are the ones with field gray uniforms. Also most of the German forces wear steel helmets, the gray ones. Also recognize that German soldiers hold their rifles in one hand while sprinting. This is in the worst case a good way of recognizing the enemy, if the lights are not too good, like in wooden areas.

The Russians have brown uniforms. Many of them also wear pelt coats, Uschankas and fur caps. If a sovjet soldier has a helmet, its more olive green. Try to learn the difference between the helmet colours, as you will often only see those in the trenches. The Russians while sprinting hold their weapons in both hands.
Teamwork - Key of Success
Fireteams and Structure

In this game it's unfortunately rare to have good squad and team leaders (at least on the public servers). If you have one, he will give you commands over the radio or the text chat.
Try to follow these orders. The commander often has time to check the map, see the troup movements and also see weak spots at flanks, or the dead reports and with that enemy offensive movements.
Work as a team, cover your team mates. Not just think about the kills you get, think about: Is it useful for my team, what I'm doing right now? This whole game is based upon everyone doing what he is supposed to (suppress as machinegunner, kill tanks as an Engineer, stay alive as Squad Leader, et cetera...).

Rules of Engagement

In general it is important to have an amount of people covering, and an amount of people moving and attacking. Just people covering and sitting out of cap zones won't make you win and only people running to the objectives, getting shot, won't help you either.
Machines gunners, snipers and riflemen preferably stay a bit back covering. They have big calibres and aren't any good in enemy grenade range. But from the far they can put the enemy under pressure and provide a solid base of fire (stop the enemy from moving!).
Elite assault troopers (armed with MPs) and Squad Leaders should be at the cap zones. The Squad Leaders should try to stay alive to let their teams spawn in. The assault troopers should try to put heat on the enemy, and actively kill them.

Also in a defensive, where you have to hold certain positions, it's a good thing to attack the enemy and put a counter movement on. It won't let them progress that easily.

Flanking is always a great way to avoid the focus of the foe and slip around his position. It means that you move along either the right or left side, until you reach an angle, from which his position is exposed to your fire. If this happens fast or sneaky depends on how much resistance they have and how much support you get by your team mates.
If you're alone, then may sneak around, for example as a sniper. Get a goot shot at them and stay hidden. if it's a group of you and you have fire support, be fast and rush their position.

It's often tough to coordinate things, especially on public servers. Basically you should always have a feet on the ground and one moving, which means: One fireteam covering, one moving. That way close up to enemies, flank their position, make the cover useless and kill them. Problem is that with random publics it's often a disaster to even try and get such tactics going.

Artillery and Tactical Aspects

Artillery can be called in by the commander via radio. Spare it for the right moment, for example lockdown countdowns ("Enemy has two minutes to capture objective X, otherwise they will lose immediately."). Place the markers with your binocular, either as a squad leader or commander. Don't put artillery in front of objectives to capture. That way you will only kill your own men. Put them behind the target, on the enemy reinforcement line, on enemy spawn points or crowded spots, to get as much damage as possible.
Don't try to destroy tanks with artillery, it's a waste of resources, as the target will probably move by the time you marked and called in the fire support.
Start engagements while the artillery is cutting off the enemy, and capture points.
In general put more focus onto captung the position, than killing the enemy. If certain spots are lost, they can't be recaptured and the enemy will have to retreat. Use that moment to shoot them in the back.
Roles and their Demands
Rifleman (Elite-Rifleman)
Rifleman is possibly the best role for beginners. You get to know the battlefield and practice basic survival. Your tasks are quite simple, you should fight from the distance, kill enemies and provide a base of fire for friendly troups (check the "Basic Combat Guide" above for more information). Of course you can also help capturing points, but a close quarter combat is not too much the recommended thing with the bolt action rifle. Read the "Weapons" section in the "Basic Combat Guide", which is the first part of this guide, to learn more about the handling of the weapon.
If you are Elite-Rifleman the only difference is that you will have automatic rifles or magacine fed ones. Don't hesitate to get close to your foes now. You will have more ammunition capacity and faster shot frequency.

The sniper's job is to assist the team from a distance. Preferably not aim for simple rifleman or regular soldiers. Try to kill enemy machine gunners, mounted guns occupied, or also squad leaders and commanders. Those targets will probably keep back and have essential power for the opposing team ('mission critical roles'). Kill squad leaders and stop enemies from spawning in target areas. You will learn to recognize their uniforms. Eliminate the commander to stop artillery strikes and coordination of the enemy. The machine gunners are of course to stop, to prevent them from killing your team mates (which a mounted MG42 can do really well, if not interrupted).

Elite Assault
As an "elite assault trooper" you're armed with an MP probably. That gives you advantages in close quarter battle. You have more rounds and higher shot frequency, also the reload takes not too long, as you just exchange a magacine. Your main goal here should be to get close to the enemy and give them a hard time. Get into trenches and bunker positions and clear them out, you're on the front line.

Anti-Tank Gunner
Armed with a heavy russian AT gun, your main job is similiar to the one of the machine gunner. Though there's one difference between certain maps: On some the enemy will have tank support, so you should focus to stop those with your armor piercing ammunition. When there are no tanks around on maps, just aim for infantry. One round of your gun will kill a soldier. On the other hand you don't have too much ammunition, so be careful about actually hitting something. Set up far away and provide with the machine gunners a base of fire for the rest of the team. On the front line you're probably useless.

The engineer is not really a technician, as the name may implicates. Rather you're also equipped with an MP - as the elite assault trooper is. Additional you have explosives with you. The movement is a bit slower with this character, due to the weight he's carrying. The engineer is able to blow up barriers, walls, buildings and tanks. He has AT grenades (2x) and is a threat to armored vehicles. Keep that in mind, that is one of your main responsibilites.
One often underestimated point is often the usage of satchels. Don't just use them on objects or walls, also consider using it on enemy infantry. The best situations are when the enemy is crowded on the other side of a wall, or when they are stacked in front of a building. Get satchels out of the window or over the obstacle. Best way is to cook them a bit, because it takes quite a few seconds for them to blow up. Afterwards get into cover, the satchels have a deadly impact on the environment.

Machinegunners should stay back on a good spot, maybe on a high ground and provide covering fire for the rest of the team. You can easily take out multiple enemies in a row, so use that advantage. Watch out, as you will be the first target to kill for the enemy. Change your position after you gave a few rounds and get recognized. Avoid getting to close to the enemy, as they will probably use grenades on machine gun positions.
The machine gunner is the only soldier in the game, who can get ammunition from his team mates! Be sure to give machine gunners on critical spots ammunition with "CTRL". If you are the machine gunner you can shout for ammunition as mentioned above via "V".

Squad Leader
The squad leader is a mission critical role, so not necessarily a good spot for a greenhorn. Your job is to keep close to the front line and stay alive (!). Then your team (you can see who are members of the squad with "T") will spawn on your position. That means: If you make it into the cap zone and let your men spawn in, you can capture points and give the initiative here. It is really important for you to not fight in the first line though, just survive. Also important is the ability to access smoke grenades from crates. Use them to hide your troop movements and allow them to advance without getting shot.

The commander is the most important tactical role in the game. You are responsible for recon planes, artillery support and forced respawns. Recon planes can be called in via radio. They will provide you with information about the enemy's position. You need to stay close to the radio to hear the information though, your team will be able to see the enemy on the map ("M"). Artillery should be called in according to that information, or according to strategic decisions. Look for crowded spots, for their support lines to important points, and plant the artillery strike there. Forced respawns will cut the delay time usually required for respawn and get your team mates back into the game. This role has a lot of tactical value and needs a bit of experience and map knowledge. Stay away from it for the start and definately check the tutorial. You can coordinate the tactical stuff while interacting with the radio or just press "M" to get information how long it will take to get a new fire support in et cetera. Also note that the commander has two smoke grenades, the squad leader just has one. Use them to support your team.

The right usage of smoke grenades has deserved a few last words: Try to not smoke your view on the enemy, try to smoke theirs. So don't throw it in front of your machine gunner. Try to approach the enemy and get really close. Then throw a smoke grenade. They will be blind, not knowing how far your team approaches. They will either stumble blind through the smoke and get shot, or the smoke will cease and you can get into a tactical position and advance, without getting fired at. Either way: USE SMOKE ON THE ENEMY, NOT DISADVANTAGE YOUR OWN FIRE SUPPORT!

I hope that guide was helpful, please rate it up and favorite it, if you liked it.
Thanks for reading and have a great time playing the game!

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