NoLimits 2 Roller Coaster Simulation

NoLimits 2 Roller Coaster Simulation

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Park Objects and Scripts
Useful objects for your park like light effects and doors.
Items (24)
Fire Particle Effect
Created by bestdani
A triggered fire effect that can be used either as a standalone effect that triggers every 30s automatically or in combination with a track trigger.

Name the object following the name pattern coaster name:trigger name to trigger it with the specified trig...
97 degrees (custom coaster scripts demo park)
Created by bestdani
A park that was mainly built to test and demonstrate the usage of different scripting features to customize a coaster easily. Many were made possible by the new Scripting API additions that were added with NL, for example such as custom gates, obje...
Sky Fly
Created by bestdani
An interactive Flatride for NL2.

Extract the Package (Editor -> File -> Extract Package) and copy the contained Sky Fly directory to use it in your own park.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Lic...
Nanopulse (texture effects and scripts demonstration)
Created by bestdani
A coaster mainly built to test and demonstrate some texture effects using the material editor and custom shaders and new scripting features introduced with the version update.

Included are light effects realised using many nl2mat features, a scrip...
Effect Set by 3creativeD
Created by bestdani
A package full of easy to use special effects for your park.

Models by Svatlas, scripts by bestdani, trailer by much....
Daniel's Ladder Set
Created by bestdani
+++ Enhance your parks with climbable ladders! +++

In this set you will find various ladder objects:

+++ One click instant ladders +++

-Place them and climb up your coasters without any additional setup!

+++ Building blocks for custom ladders +++

triggered animation
Created by bestdani
Examples of triggered key frame animations which includes various track triggered animations and view mode triggered animations. Extract the package to have a closer look at the usage in the editor. Feel free to use anything for your own work. The blender ...
turnstile v2
Created by bestdani
Revision of my scripted turnstile object that includes optical and technical improvements as well as a new triggered turnstile.

Extract this package and copy the include 'turnstile' directory to your own park to use it there....
Custom Water Splash Particle Effect
Created by bestdani
A custom scripted water splash effect for coasters that dive into water. Extract this package to use the effect in your own park. There are also several values defined at the beginning of the script to customise the look easily. Feel free to extend and mod...
Spinning Coaster Alignment Object
Created by bestdani
A fictional device that makes the spinning car alignment look plausible. Extrackt the package to use it in your own park....
Jet Ponies Ride
Created by bestdani
A curious ride that works with gas driven jet engines. Press ACTION (mouse click by default) to start the ride when you're close to it and click again to stop it or watch it from the distance and it will stop automatically after a few rounds.

EXTRACT the ...
gyro loop
Created by bestdani
A self operated looping ride. Extract the package to use it in your own park....
Created by bestdani
A self operated children "coaster". Extract the package in the editor and copy the directory "butterfly" to your own park to use it....
Ride Cameras Script
Created by bestdani
A demonstration park for a script that allows you to add cameras to keyframed and scripted flat rides or other objects by using a simple configuration structure. See the instructions inside the park and package for further details....
Multi Launch Script
Created by bestdani
Extract the package and copy the "Multi Launch Script" directory to use the script inside for your own coaster.

A rather simple block system script for multi launched boomerang or closed circuit coasters like Premier rides Sky Rocket II coasters. It's req...
A clickable door scenery object and script
Created by bestdani
A simple door that can be opened and closed using the the 'ACTION' button in NL2 (left mouse click by default). Extract this package and follow the readme.txt instructions to use it in your own park....
Turnstile Object
Created by bestdani

A scripted turnstile which can be passed in one direction only.
Extract the package to use it in your own park....
trigerred lights
Created by bestdani
This package includes simple light scripts for a triggered strobe effect, a light that is switched on and off by triggers and a photo flash effect....
sound sphere
Created by bestdani
A set that contains simple but useful object with a script for easily adding and setting up looped sounds and music for your parks.

The object is visible in the Editor only. Enter a sound resource ID in the object's name field to choose which sound it ...
BreakDance Construction Set by Daniel
Created by bestdani
Version 0.1 beta of the BreakDance construction set. EXTRACT this package for further instructions on how to use it in your own park.
The loaded park file is a high quality example. If you experience a performance issues give the high performance example p...
nl2 light effects set BETA
Created by bestdani
This set includes various light effect objects and script for use in your own project.

This is a BETA release!
Please report any bugs, suggestions or feature requests. Don't hestitate to report if something in the manual is not understandable or if you...
Created by bestdani
A water fountain particle effect....
Created by bestdani
NOTE THIS OBJECT IS OUTDATED: I highly recommend to use a new version.

A scripted ladder object. The Blender file is included to create sizes for your own requirements....
instant animations
Created by bestdani
Use this package to add animations to any scenery object in NoLimits 2.

No more just static scenery objects. Use the special made configuration objects to add interactivity and special effects to your parks or coasters.

You don't need any third party...
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SvenyTheFox Apr 10, 2016 @ 4:13am 
For people without the Steam Version of NoLimits 2
[iTG]DoodmetaalmikeNL Feb 18, 2016 @ 8:15am 
can you adjust the size of the water from the fountain?

many thanks
ComicSansMS Nov 4, 2015 @ 4:28am 
where can i find this i didnt buy it trough steam :C
Sirorco Jul 11, 2015 @ 6:20am 
Thank you very much !