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Citizen Burger Disorder
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Nov 24, 2014 @ 12:24am
Dec 15, 2014 @ 5:16pm
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YEAH! Citizen Burger Disorder has been Greenlit!
Hey duders!

After 20 days and 15,000 votes, Citizen Burger Disorder has been Greenlit on Steam! I want to thank each and every one of you who took the time to vote and post comments, because without help from the community, this could never have happened.

Staying Updated

There's still a long way to go before CBD is ready for Steam, and there's a lot of content I want to add to the game over the coming months. I'm going to be experimenting with different ways of keeping you all updated on development progress, but here's a few starters:

Major news and announcements can be found on my site,!
Where I can, I'll also cross post announcements here on Steam, if that's something that y'all would be interested in. If I get a few comments on this announcement, that's a good way to let me know that they're being read! :D

You can also follow me on twitter, which is almost exclusively used as an avenue for me to post GIFs of CBD's development. @atAmpersatKritz!

Finally, I'm also experimenting with the idea of live streaming game development. I've been streaming once or twice a week at, and while I'm doing this pretty infrequently at the moment, I hope to make it a bit more regular. Because I'm an Australian dev, the times that I go live are probably pretty crazy for some people. If you'd like to be updated when streams go live, hit the 'Follow' button on that page and Hitbox will notify you when I put streams up!
This is a great way for me to talk with people while I'm making the game, and gives you a good look into what the process is like for making a game!

And as always there's the discussions page on this greenlight (which I read, but probably won't comment on), and my forum at where you can post microsoft paint doodles for some reason.

Anyway, I won't make this post any longer! Thanks for voting, and thanks even more to those of you who left comments! Enjoy your holidays! :D

There are a lot of videos!
Release date: Probably 2015
Citizen Burger Disorder is a chaotic multiplayer burger restaurant management game. Try to keep your business afloat and customers content while you scramble to hide numerous occupational health and safety concerns from their prying eyes.

What they don't know can't kill them.

Play the alpha build now!
Head over to and play the free web-based alpha build!
Note that the alpha build is pretty broken, but it gives a good idea of where Citizen Burger Disorder is at the moment.

Development Plans
Citizen Burger Disorder is still a fair way from the finish line. It's a fun concept, but the game has a lot of room to grow before release.
The Steam release primarily consists of the following specific goals I want to meet:

A standalone client removed from the dodgy account system I created on my site.
A stable game that has as few unintentional annoyances as possible
A more acceptable server browser and server creation options
A complete 'gameplay loop' that is fun to play

In addition, there's still lots of room for the game to expand upon its gameplay mechanics and gameplay content. I'm unlikely to go into much detail of these, because it really depends on which systems are fun to play and which aren't and I'd hate to announce features that I later cut. But it's worth noting there's loads of work yet to go into the game, and the game itself has the chance of changing quite drastically the more I get stuck into the development.

Other Stuff
You can follow me on twitter at @atAmpersatKritz
You can play a free web-based alpha build of Citizen Burger Disorder on my site (account required)[]
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Whens the steam release? Browser games are ass.
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Кстати, Сталкер, перестань нести бред!
SynSatany Jun 17 @ 8:24am 
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