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VCMod Handling Editor
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Nov 22, 2014 @ 1:36am
Mar 9 @ 10:46am
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VCMod Handling Editor

This is a single player only addon, it does not work in multiplayer!

This tool allows you to edit any vehicles handling script in real time ingame.

"!vcmod" in chat or from C menu or hold [G] to open the menu

If you have other VCMod addons, they have to be the latest version in order for this to function properly. If you dont have any other VCMod addons, thats fine, this will work fine without them.

This is a developer tool, so it is restricted to only work singleplayer.

Ever thought that its a pain to write a handling script for a vehicle? Figuring out what control does what, restarting each little change, having another file open wtih a notepad?

Well, this tool should make it alot faster by allowing you to just look or sit in a car and adjust any option possible within the game.

This addon only has the features listed bellow, that is it.
* Hover over any control to get a detailed description of what it does and how it affects the vehicle.
* Changelogs, ability to import only parts of the handling (like engine, sound).
* Import by sections, press right click on stuff and you can import only part of a script from other vehicles

I hope this will encourage people to make better scripts for vehicles and be more comfortable with starting developing.

All files are stored at "garrysmod/data/vcmod/handling/", after you hit save the files will be stored there, the vehicles handling file is compiled and fully functional, can be copy pasted to your addon and published.

If some vehicles script fails to open or everything is imported with 0 values, this means that the script you are trying to import is damaged or not written correctly. All TDM vehicles will work with this, but LoneWolfie's cars might cause problems, as an example.

Any problems you have or want some things changed/added feel free to leave a comment here or contact me personally. This tool took me around a month maybe more to build, a few years ago. Thought to fix it up and release it, might be useful.

You do not need any other VCMod addons to run this
08:12 - Heavy Bob: to fix handling
08:12 - freemmaann: Thats free.
08:12 - Heavy Bob: but you need vcmod?
08:12 - freemmaann: Nope, standalone workshop addon.
08:12 - Heavy Bob: ♥♥♥♥ off

You can download VCMod addons here:
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What to do?
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