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Don't Starve Together

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Nov 18, 2014 @ 3:16pm
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How it works
ALT(+SHIFT)+click parts of the HUD to announce their status ("I'm wounded!", "I have 2 twigs.", "We need more drying racks."). For controllers, the announce buttons show up on the HUD when in Inventory or Crafting mode. (SHIFT is needed for inventory items, because ALT+click already examines them).

Holding CTRL in addition will cause it to whisper (or if you have it set to whisper by default, it will announce it globally). For controllers, hold Menu Misc 3, which by default is left-stick-click.

Each character has their own quotes, and custom characters can define their own quotes (see below).

Also available on the Klei Forums[].

Configuration Options
Whisper by default: If toggled on, then you will whisper unless you hold ctrl.
Show current/max: If toggled on, then you will announce your current/max health, sanity, and hunger.
Custom X Quotes: If toggled off, X (one of the characters) will use default quotes instead of the custom ones written in their voice.

List of things you can announce
  • Current hunger/health/sanity/wetness/log/temperature status. Alt+clicking your health badge will announce "I'm in perfect health!" if your health is full, or "I'm mortally wounded!" if it's very low. Sanity and hunger have different announcements specific to them ("AAAH! Stay back, beasts of darkness!"). Announcing temperature requires Combined Status.
  • Craftable items in the craft tabs. If you know how to build it and you have the supplies, it will announce that you'll make one. If you don't know how to build it, it will ask if someone can make you one (e.g. you have a Wickerbottom and no science machine yet, and you want her to make you a backpack). If you know how to make one, but don't have the supplies for it, it will say "We need more [craftable]s". You can also announce item skins you have.
  • Ingredients for crafted items. Let's say night is falling and you have two twigs and one grass. Alt+clicking the grass in the torch recipe will announce "I need 1 more cut grass for a torch.".
  • Items in your inventory and backpack. Since alt+click already does something for these, you'll have to hold down shift as well. This will announce that you have the item, and how many: "I have 10 dragonpies."
  • Items in chests or other containers. This works the same way as inventory ones, but will announce something like "We have 8 dragonpies here in this icebox".

Custom Announcements for Character Mods
Character mods can add their own quotes if they want. You don't need to worry about mod load order, just add the quotes to GLOBAL.STRINGS._STATUS_ANNOUNCEMENTS (make sure to check if it exists first, and if not, make it an empty table before adding your strings). See announcestrings.lua in the files for this mod on the format of the announcement strings. If you want to see an example of how to do this, look at Elec Man. In addition, it's now possible to add announcements for stats that only your character has. There's a small guide inside the modmain, I recommend looking at that; you may need to refer to some other code there.

I have support for translations. However, I don't know all languages so if you're willing to translate the mod, then here's how to do it. If you're subscribed to the mod, then go to the game in Steam, click Properties, then the Local Files tab, then Browse Local files. Navigate to mods/workshop-343753877. Make a copy of announcestrings_english.lua and open it in a text editor (Notepad, Notepad++, Sublime, whatever). Translate all the strings and update the format and article parts at the top. Feel free to contact me to ask how those work if you need help writing it into the code there. Send me the translated file (for example, by uploading to and sending me the link), and I'll add in support for it-- I look at mods on the workshop that translate into that language, and then have this mod detect them and switch to the provided translations.

Currently supported languages:
  • English (default)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (thanks to Vinicius Araújo for translating!)
  • Chinese (thanks to GoforDream and Shang for translating!)
  • Spanish (thanks to Gum and oPt for translating)
  • Russian, incomplete (thanks to deshkas and Shiro for translating)
  • German (thanks to Redhead for translating)

Requested languages:
  • Let me know if you want one or want to help provide one.
  • French; if you know French and would like to write lines in keeping with the characters, please reach out to me :)

Thanks for SilentDarkness, SuperPsiPower, OSMRhodey, AceMurdock, and Lying Cake for help writing the character-specific strings.

  • Because mods can't directly have their own keybindings, I'm using some of the game bindings to allow you to rebind ALT/SHIFT/CTRL. So if you've rebound any of the following, use those instead:
    • "Force Inspect (mod)" (default ALT) the main announcement key
    • "Force Container (mod)" (default SHIFT) press this as well to announce inventory items
    • "Force Attack (mod)" (default CTRL) press this as well to toggle whispering
  • Sometimes alt gets stuck when alt-tabbing. Pressing alt again should fix it.
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cframe9470 Nov 28 @ 12:14pm 
mine keeps wispering. could i get some help(ist not the wisper by default setting)
AFS Co. Ltd. Oct 18 @ 5:44pm 
Hello, @rezcib, I want to contribute this mod Korean translation. I've sent you an friend invite. Let me know if you're interested.
Cowboy Oct 17 @ 7:14pm 
i got it thanks so much
rezecib  [author] Oct 15 @ 10:38pm 
It should just be subscribing, and then it should show up in the in-game mods menu. There are apparently bugs with how mods get downloaded on GeForce Now though, if that's what you're using.

Worst case, as long as you can access the game files, you can download it from the Klei forums and stick the mod folder in there (so that it goes "Don't Starve Together/mods/Status-Announcements/modmain.lua")
Cowboy Oct 15 @ 9:10am 
i've fav'd, subscribed, added to my collection - how do i download and use it? because it can't use it, what do i have to do
Parusoid Oct 14 @ 4:26am 
thanks for adding clock cooldowns
oPt Oct 13 @ 11:18pm 
@rezecib I'm finally done Pal! Check your DM! :DSTpigman:
rezecib  [author] Oct 13 @ 4:37pm 
Announce the item normally and it'll include the cooldown (if you have the "Announce Durability" option set)
Wash Your Hands Oct 13 @ 8:52am 
How do you announce the cooldown timer for wanda's clocks?
oPt Oct 12 @ 9:53pm 
@rezecib Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity! I have no words to express how happy it makes me! :D tomorrow when I have the 4 ready I'll let you know