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Achievements guide (100%) - Wasteland 2
By Carrarius
A complete guide for unlocking 100% of the achievements in Wasteland 2, sorted from A to Z.

For a 100% completion in one run: As one location (Ag Center) ir required to get at least one achievement (gorilla costume), you should choose Ag Center questline instead of Highpool's.
A General and a Gentleman
Allow Vargas to detonate the nuke

Location: Ranger Citadel
Spoiler: At the beginning of the final assault of the Ranger Citadel, General Vargas will offer you his help. Accept it and he will follow you. At the end of the game, if he is still alive and no other ally followed your team (you can kill any remaining survivor with friendly fire), he will offer to detonate the nuke.
A Gentle Heart
Save Binh from Tinker

Location: Damonta
Sneak inside the northeast building and use Computer Science on the big computer and then on the closest terminal. This will cause a combat. Kill Tinker and then free Binh.
A Night To Remember
Get an STD

Location: Anywhere with prostitutes (Rodia, Hollywood, etc.)
Pay for sex with a prostitute until you get an STD.
Note: STD stands for Sexually Transmitted Disease.
Back Where It All Began
Return to Arizona

This is a main story related achievement. Unmissable. Just enter the helicopter.
Better Left Buried
Find the hidden cache of extraterrestrial cartridges

Location: Arizona
Blast From The Past
Learn Combat Shooting

Location: inside The Bastion main building
The book where you can learn this ability is located in Church Ecstasy’ room (where Fealty Mayweather is standing), hidden in a bookcase (you need a character with Perception to reveal it).
Call Of The Wild
Use Animal Whisperer to charm 20 animals

The animals affected may be domestic (sheeps, cows, pigs…) or wild fauna (you can use this ability during combat).
Cat Burglar
Steal the Golden Spike from Kekkahbah's fortress without being detected

Location: Rail Nomads Camp
When you enter for first time in Rail Nomads Camp, don't talk to Kekkahbah so he cannot suspect Desert Rangers (if you talk to him first, even if you are not seen during the theft, he will suspect you and order his soldiers to shoot you in sight, so this achievement won't unlock).
You need to break into his fortress. Deactivate the alarm at the generator (outside back), turn it off and then head to a lateral gate. Deactivate the alarm, the trap and pick the lock. Sneak inside the fortress, lockpick the urn that contains the Golden Spike and get out of there to the exterior without being detected. If you have done well, Kekkahbah will announce on the radio that the Atchisons have stolen the Golden Spike.
Convince the Mannerites to stop eating people

Location: Angel Oracle
Spoiler: There is a hobo at the outskirts of Angel Oracle. Talk to him and then to the law officers by the gate. Pay a visit to the hospital and talk to the doctor about hobo’s condition and he will tell you that his sickness is caused by human flesh consumption. Show Mr. Manners this evidence and convince him to abandon this tradition.
Divine Retribution
Help Retribution Jones take over Hollywood

Location: The Bastion
Complete Retribution Jones’ quest line.
Elbow Grease
Repair 10 locks or safes using Mechanical Repair

You can repair a lock when you critically fail while trying to open it. The easiest way to achieve this is with a character with low Lockpicking or Safecracking ability (will critically fail in most cases) and other one with high Mechanical Repair skill.
Embrace The Glow
Send the nuke to the Mad Monks

Location: Silo 7
‘Talk’ to the computer and send the nuke to the Mad Monks.
Ezekiel 18:20
Intervene in a God's Militia execution

Location: Santa Monica (after receiving a distress call from this place)
Defend the civilians by killing all God’s Militia members.
Fateful reunion
Meet Ralphy's dad with Ralphy in tow

Location: Canyon of Titan
Ralphy must be part of the team (recruit him in Rail Nomads Camp after saving his life). Head to Checkpoint 1 (marked on map). In that location a mad monk will reveal himself as Ralphy's father. Just watch the conversation between father and son.
Fight Fire With Fire
Send the nuke to the DBM

Location: Silo 7
‘Talk’ to the computer and send the nuke to the DBM.
Goat Simulator
Get 3 goats following the party at once

Best location: Prison Valley, in the rear of Red’s location (marked on map). There you can find 5 goats gathered.
Use Animal Whisperer on 3 goats (it must be succeed).
Hell Bent For Leather
Help Chris Van Graas Jr. become mayor of Rodia

Location: Rodia
Spoiler:First talk to the former mayor Chris Van Graas (he is imprissoned in a jail, but you can talk to him from the exterior), and he will tell you that you must rescue his son. Talk then to his son, and he will tell you that he wants to rule Rodia, so it is neccesary the elimination of his father (the former mayor) and Dengler (leader of the Leather Jerks). After this the new quest 'Kill Steven Dengler and the Mayor of Rodia' will be added to your jornal. Complete this new quest and Chris Van Graas Jr. will become the new mayor of Rodia.
How Rude
Help Mr. Manners eliminate Tori Robbinson's plot

Location: Angel Oracle
Talk to Elizaveta and get information about Tori’s conspiracy. Tell Mr. Manners about it.
I Am Legend
Complete Matthias' quest to kill in LA

At the end of the main street in Hollywood there is a computer or TV. Talk to it, receive instructions from Matthias and complete the quest line. During the conversation with Matthias, you must always choose the most submissive responses. Otherwise, he will cancel the quest line and you will have to load a game in order to get this achievement.
Know Your Roots
Find a Wasteland 1 disk

Location: Darwin Village’s underground complex.
The disk is located in the computer of the southwest room, in the lower level of the complex (marked on map).
Locked And Loaded
Apply 20 weapon mods

A character must have Weaponsmithing in order to apply mods.
Hint: You can attach and unattach the same mod 20 times.
Moo, I Say
Tip 5 cows

Best location: Damonta, where you can find a group of 5 cows.
Use Brute Force (succeed) on 5 cows.
Not Monkeying Around
Complete the game with a Ranger dressed in a gorilla costume

Location: East Field (Ag Center), inside a safe hidden between rusted bottles (marked on map)
Destroy the vegetal door, reveal the safe with Perception and open it with Lockpicking.
A Ranger must wear the outfit (head, chest and pants) at least during the last moment in final mission in order to get this achievement.
Accidentally kill a party member with friendly fire

You can use explosives or shoot directly over a party member (holding CTRL to activate the aim and then shooting normally).
Peace On The Rails
Make peace between the Atchisons and Topekans

Location: Atchisons Camp and Topekans Camp (Rail Nomads Camp)
There are several ways to solve the conflict. At least you must save Ralphy from the lake and disarm the bomb on the playground. Then talk to Kekkahbah and complete their requests (kill the rail thieves, act as negociator between the two tribes, etc.) until you can talk to him about peace. Then you need Kiss Ass 5 or Smart Ass 6. Follow the new steps he offers you until you convive both tribes to end the conflict and make pace.
Persona Non Grata
Get Ranger Team Delta sent after you

Kill civilians or innocent people from two different places in Arizona region (e.g. from Rail Nomads Camp and Ag Center). General Vargas will send Team Delta to hunt you down.
Pop Idol
Find The Fin's poster

Location: left wing of Central Complex (Ag Center), just on the right wall before crossing the door leading to the antenna.
Pushed The Button
You foolishly pushed the button in the Hollywood Sewers

Location: Hollywood Sewers
Go to the end of the southwest tunnel, break the wall, access the room and activate the machine.
Red Wire, Blue Wire
Disarm the nuke

Location: Silo 7
Use Mechanical Repair (succeed) on the nuke.
Relics Of A Bygone Age
Find all hidden shrines in the game

Mysterious Shrines can be found while traveling through the world map with high Perception skill. Some NPCs can also reveal you some locations if you help them before. In other cases, you have to use a specific computer to find the Shrine.

Shrines in Arizona: 6

Shrines in Los Angeles: 5
Southwest Shrine's location can be found in a computer in Playa del Rey. Use Computer Science on it and then Mechanical Repair (36% success at level 10). After this, the location will be added to your map.
Religious Persecution
Kill all of the God's Militia leadership

Location: The Bastion
Kill Retribution Jones, Ascension McDade, and Malediction Mayweather.
Find all of the world map caches

Note: Some amount of Perception, Outdoorsman or Luck may be needed in order to find certain caches.

Edited: although locations are correct, it seems that 25% of them remain hidden and can only be revealed if certain NPCs tells you the acurate location. Unfortunately, I don't know who they are yet, but I am investigating.

Arizona: 16

Los Angeles: 5
Self Actualized
Put the Robbinsons in power in Angel Oracle

Location: Angel Oracle
During the quest 'Save a condemned man - or not', find Fletcher and bring him back to the stadium, where he is supposed to be executed. During the execution, don't meddle and just observe how Tori Robbinson convince the people of Angel Oracle to cease Mr. Manner from charge.
Sinister Legacy
Use the code from Finster's head to get into Darwin's underground complex

Code’s location: Finster’s head (Ranger Citadel’s museum)
Darwin's underground complex location: Darwin Village.
Examine the Finster's head, memorize the code and introduce it in the terminal at the entrance of Darwin's underground complex.
Note: Rose must not be in the group. Otherwise she will automatically introduce the code, preventing the trigger of the achievement.
Hint: the code is P-R-O-T-E-U-S (7768387)
Sinners And Saints
Make peace between Hollywood and the Bastion

Location: The Bastion and Hollywood
Complete all the quest line from Ascension McDade (The Bastion) and from Veronica (Hollywood).
Spoiler: The Broken Man is Ascension McDade. Examinate him and also the table near him with a perceptive character. Then speak to him about it.
Skin 'O Yer Teeth
Survive a combat encounter with only 1 party member standing

This is easy to achieve in any encounter if you use friendly fire at your advantage.
Son Of A Motherless Goat
Outfit 3 rangers in the amigos hat, jacket, and pants

Best location: Temple of Titan (three complete sets sold by Mr. Taggart)
Note: you can also find additional parts of the set in several locations, inside boxes, safes, etc. However, the fastest (and expensive) way is to buy the 9 clothes (3 hats, 3 jackets and 3 pants) directly from Mr. Taggart. Don't forget to equip three rangers with those clothes.
Sweet, Sweet Squeezins
Scotchmo steals 5 bottles of Snake Squeezins from you

Snake Squeezins’ location: sold by some merchants (Gorkinovich's Distillery, Rail Nomads camp, etc)
Scotchmo must be part of the team (recruit him in Rail Nomads Camp). A character (not follower) must carry 5 bottles of Snake Squeezins in his inventory. Scotchmo will gradually steal them from him.
Give the Night Terror 20 pieces of candy

Night Terror's location: Darwin Village’s underground complex, bottom level
Talk to him and give him 20 organic junk (human hand, cow ear, pickle jar, etc.).
Spoiler: first you have to release it from his prison. You need a code or Computer Science.
They Walk Among Us
Have a party member turn into a pod person

Location: Ag Center
Infect a party member with 'Pod infection' (approach to a pod plant till it explodes) and wait until the timer reaches zero from 14400 seconds (4 hours). After that time, the illness will turn into 'Acute pod infection' with a duration of 7190 seconds (2 hours). When this second timer reaches zero, the ranger will turn into a pod person.

Note: everytime a pod plant explodes near a ranger, the Pod infection timer restarts to 14400 seconds.
Note 2: during the 'Acute pod infection' it is produced -1 CON loss every 30 seconds.
Note 3: the total time to unlock this achievement is 6 hours.
Too Much Time On Yer Hands
Dig up all the holes at Redondo Beach

Location: Redondo Beach
The location of Redondo Beach is revealed by eavesdropping two salt thugs in Hollywood sewers.
  1. Loot the two chest in the southwest area and hide from the two thugs standing near that position. Don’t kill them.
  2. Wait until the thugs walk to the chests and note that they mention something about ‘Bob’. A new location, Redondo Beach, will be added to your map.
  3. Go there and dig every hole in the beach (more than 100). This will take you about 15-20 min.
Under Old Management
Restore Rodia's mayor to office

Location: Rodia
Free Rodia from Steven Dengler or align with him and complete his quest line. In both cases, free Sam van Graas from its jail at the end.
Wasteland Historian
Read every lore entry in the game

There is a specific guide for this achievement:
You have to find and read at least 45 books.
Here is a brief list of some lore included in the game and its locations:
  1. A Brief History of the Watts Towers (¿Rodia?)
  2. Anger Management for Angry Managers (Prison: Random drop from a RSM heavy gunner)
  3. Blood-stained journal (Damonta: Dead body near the entrance)
  4. Blood-stained journal (Donald)
  5. Double Six tragedy report (Damonta: Crate inside Tinker's hangar)
  6. Farmer's diary Part 1 (Prison: Dead body near the entrance)
  7. Farmer's diary Part 2 (Prison: Crate in Auwerter's farm)
  8. Farmer's diary Part 3 (Prison: Crate near Red Baychowski's well)
  9. Farmer's diary Part 4 (Prison: Crate near the Militia blockade)
  10. Farmer's diary Part 5 (Prison: Buried in a mound near the fallen tower)
  11. Garden journal (Ag Center: West Field at the Northwest. Perception required)
  12. History of the Ag Center Part 1 (Ag Center: Matt Forrestal's safe)
  13. History of the Ag Center Part 2 (Ag Center: Found as a pickup in the West Field)
  14. History of the Ag Center Part 3 (Ag Center: Found as a pickup in the Central Basement)
  15. History of the Ag Center Part 4 (Ag Center: Found as a pickup in the East Field)
  16. Intelligence report Part 1 (Ranger Citadel: Shelf next to Cartographer Thrasher)
  17. Intelligence report Part 2 (Ranger Citadel: Shelf in the office)
  18. KPOW playlist for Monday July 21st (Damonta: Wally's radio station)
  19. Lab journal (Ag Center: Rose's office desk or Rose's inventory if she is in your party)
  20. Memories of My Time in the Rangers Part 1 (Ranger Citadel: General Vargas' office)
  21. Memories of My Time in the Rangers Part 2 (Ranger Citadel: General Vargas' office)
  22. Memories of My Time in the Rangers Part 3 (Ranger Citadel: General Vargas' office)
  23. Mr. Manners' Guide to Post-Apocalyptic Etiquette (Angel Oracle: Given by talking to a random Mannerite woman near a bookshelf)
  24. Stolls' Journal (Los Angeles map: body in random encounter between Hollywood and Angel Oracle. Encounter text: "Mannerites on rooftops")
  25. The Ballad of Bobby & Rex (Highpool: crate, ¿only available if you choose to save Highpool?)
  26. The Gospel According to Matthias (Seal Beach: crate in helicopter zone)
  27. The Griffith Observatory: A History (Los Feliz: dirt mound)
  28. The History of the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base (Damonta: Body near the motel)
  29. The History of the Desert Rangers Part 1 (Ranger Citadel)
  30. The History of the Desert Rangers Part 2 (Ranger Citadel)
  31. The History of the Desert Rangers Part 3 (Ranger Citadel: shelf near Cartographer Thrasher)
  32. The History of the Desert Rangers Part 4 (Ranger Citadel: Erik Tidemann when given/sold enough pain killers)
  33. The History of the Desert Rangers Part 5 (Ranger Citadel)
  34. The History of the Desert Rangers Part 6 (Ranger Citadel: shelf near Cartographer Thrasher)
  35. The Legend of the Red Ryder (Highpool: Jess-Belle's House)
  36. The Servants of Titan Part 1 (Canyon of Titan: Random drop)
  37. The Servants of Titan Part 2 (Temple of Titan: crate in underground with locked electronic door)
  38. The Servants of Titan Part 3 (Temple of Titan: Crate in underground)
  39. The Story of John Henry Part 1 (Rail Nomads camp)
  40. The Story of John Henry Part 2 (Rail Nomads camp: dirt mound)
  41. The Story of John Henry Part 3 (Rail Nomads camp: dirt mound)
  42. The Story of Samson Part 1 (Brother Thomas' inventory)
  43. The Story of Samson Part 2 (Brother Thomas' inventory)
  44. The Story of Samson Part 3 (Brother Thomas' inventory)
  45. The Story of Samson Part 4 (Brother Thomas' inventory)
  46. The Ten Commandments of James King (Griffith: crate in penitents' pen)
  47. Welcome to Hollywood! (Hollywood: crate in Swifty's sewer)
  48. Welcome to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (¿Angel Oracle?)
  49. Your Friend The Great Glow (Canyon of Titan)
  50. Your Golden Future (Seal Beach: crate)
Wasteland Justice
Witness Angela kill Samuel Haas

Location: Gorkinovich's bar, Rail Nomads Camp
Angela Deth must be in the party (recruit her in the exterior of Ranger Citadel). Enter the bar, just talk to Samuel Haas and don’t meddle when Angela Deth tries to kill him.
West Of Eden
Go to Los Angeles

Location: Ranger Citadel
This is a main story related achievement. Unmissable. Just enter the helicopter.
What Does This Button Do?
Set off the nuke in Ranger Citadel before going to LA

Location: Ranger Citadel’s museum.
‘Talk’ to the nuke and select the activation during the conversation. Don’t forget to save the game prior.
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Renato Nov 24, 2017 @ 4:23am 
An early way to get "Not Monkeying Around" is to wear it while unlocking "What Does This Button Do?". Simply detonate the nuke in the museum while wearing the gorilla costume and since it gives you a credits ending it will unlock both.
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