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Military Industrial Complex II
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Nov 15, 2014 @ 3:01pm
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Military Industrial Complex II

*I am just uploading this campaign to the Steam Workshop. All credit for the creation of this campaign goes to Garbage Boy.

I have not edited any part of this campaign. This is my first upload, so if there happen to be any problems with the download/installation of this addon, then I am, unfortunately, NOT the person you should ask for help.*

From the description of the campaign: V11 Military Industrial Complex II
A Campaign Set in a Military Hot Zone Over run with the Infected (Zombies). All 5 maps are are now complete .They are designed for the more seasoned player (non novice) So expect to play hard. In the finale I introduce Sentry guns to the world of L4D2.

**If the creator of the campaign (Garbage Boy) requests me to take this campaign down, then I will gladly do so. This campaign was originally downloaded from L4Dmaps.com. Here is a link to the original campaign:


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Pak Tito 12 hours ago 
3/5 , Worth to try but kind of frustrating :

1. Bunker PT.1 : Frustrating because a billion of infection keep swarming at us

2. Bunker PT.2 : 2nd Frustrating because hordes keeps swarming in 5 seconds and the BOTS literally like cannot move and can't even shooting so i had to type a "warp survivors" command

3. Inter Vention : Looks 1/2 fine but not fine because, a Scavenge Event thing should be like, has a rounds like from The Passing and Dead Center

4. The other map (Trapment & Decent) looks great and fine though like there's no never-ending hordes.

Note : I know you're not the creator of this and i'm not even tell ya to editing this map.

That's it.
⎛⎝cmy128⎠⎞ 17 hours ago 
nice map
KADI May 3 @ 4:27am 
efsane :steamthumbsup:
Mezu5 Apr 29 @ 2:33pm 
Very obnoxious panic events
Grubhub Rewards

It is bad news, I had no idea that you did not have the rights of the original author, is more here everyone thinks that you were the author and creator of the campaign,

but there are no problems, I don't know why they left such a good project in the void,

thank you anyway and in the same way we enjoy it and I think there will still be many who will continue to enjoy it.

those days were magnificent, GG! :steammocking:
WE ALWAYS BLASFEME :steamthumbsup:
Grubhub Rewards  [author] Apr 20 @ 8:23pm 
@Oscar at the end of the World!

1.) I have neither the knowledge nor the skills to update any facet of this campaign, which is why it has not been edited in any way, shape, or form prior to its upload to the workshop.

2.) This campaign doesn’t belong to me, nor have I ever claimed it to. It is the property of Garbage Boy who, unless something has changed recently, has been absent from the L4D community for years now. I tried to reach out to them a while before I uploaded this campaign to the workshop, but I never got a word back for them.

I didn’t want to do anything distasteful by editing the campaign without permission. It was enough of a stretch for me, in my mind, just to upload this campaign to the workshop, and I didn’t want to push the envelope by making any alterations to what was already there (or wasn’t there, for that matter).
Filipe SALVINO Apr 18 @ 9:16am 
eric.liu94723 Apr 10 @ 2:25am 
這張地圖的bunker part 2有個充滿witch的地方,可不可以放少點,一直死一直過不去
LINF Mar 19 @ 7:20am 
fcmarker Mar 13 @ 10:21am 
After busting ass to get to the finale, the last thing I wanted was a damn job. (Gas cans)