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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player, Co-op
Nov 20, 2014 @ 2:03pm
Jun 27, 2015 @ 11:39pm
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Developer Diary 8: Farming Finale (Livestock!)
To the surprise of some who were imagining that an Animal Crossing-like would most certainly not have livestock, we're here to prove you wrong in a wonderful way! Indeed, our Harvest Moon roots are showing in this diary. Let's talk cows and chickens.

You're going to need a barn. When you first start the game, you'll be given two deeds, one for your house and one for a barn. You should probably place these buildings close together, but hey, it's your life. Do what you want, kid! When the barn is placed, you're going to want to start small. What's small? Chickens!

Hit up the adoption catalog pinned to the wall of the barn and, for a price, you can adopt a brand new cow, chicken, or sheep. The adopted animal will be an adult and will start producing immediately! You'll also be able to give them a name.

Any adopted animal is going to start at level 1. Oh yes, this is the fun part!

Should you treat your animals well (which mostly equates to ensuring they're fed and taken care of daily), they will eventually gain a level. However, each animal can only gain 1 level before it caps out. The level of your livestock determine the quality of their products, and thus the money you make by selling them (and the efficacy they have in your cooking).

Livestock can grow 1 level above their base level. Again, an adopted animal will start at level 1. The magic happens when, uh, reproduction happens. Oh dear. If the mommy is level 2, the baby will also be level 2... as its base level. This means the new baby has the potential of being level 3 someday, and so on and so forth.

This generational breeding system, much like genetics for crops, will allow you to truly dig in deep, but only if you want to! Those who choose to devote most of their time to just livestock should find it quite rewarding. Indeed! Yes yes.

There are other cool aspects to the livestock system we can't possibly go over without making this diary crazy long, like the fact that you can feed animals with any food you have on hand and the quality of that food determines its efficacy as feed (well, I guess we had time for that...). It's really cool and allows some interesting crossover gameplay between crops and livestock.

We also wanted to make sure nobody missed it, so we'll say it here as well: we currently intend on having 10 Developer Diaries. As soon as #10 drops, this means we're wrapping things up and probably getting ready for release. Being that we're on #8 right now, you can do some math for yourself! We apologize for the occasionally fuzzy release windows, but this diary serves as a really good meter.

Next time we're going to shift focus to holidays and events you may want to partake in whilst playing SeedScape, but for now here's a WIP picture of cows and chickens coexisting in perfect harmony!

Developer Diary 7: Get in the sea!
Fishing is an important part of SeedScape. After all, many cooking recipes allow the use of fish, and it can be a great supplemental source of income, but even more than that they can be collected (as can bugs!) and there's a whole system associated with it. We've also recently improved the look of the ocean and will be giving a similar treatment to inland bodies of water.

But first, let's talk about lures. If you'd like, you can fish just fine with a bare fishing pole. What fish you get is a mystery, and some fish are rarer than others, but using a lure you can manipulate your fishing luck. Here are just a sampling of the lures you can use.

They're automagically used with each cast as long as they're placed in the hotbar row of your backpack. Basic lures might simply increase your chances of getting rare fish, while others may increase the chances of catching particular fish. Regardless of how you choose to fish, we definitely recommend loading up the ol' tackle box!

Fishing itself is simple and enjoyable. You cast your line, wait for a bite, and then tap quickly to reel in your catch. If you don't fight the fish enough, it might break the line and get away! Rarer fish fight a lot harder, so be on your toes.

Fish, like bugs, can be added to your collection section, and completing a full set of fish will probably be a good thing. Who knows? Nobody knows! (That's a lie; we know.)

Folks, thanks for sticking along with us. We've gotten a lot of work done this year, and for an idea of other things we're completing as we speak, we're currently finishing a lot of work on saving and loading buildings (for example, saving house furniture, and animals in barns). A-animals? Barns? Oh dear. Well it looks like we know what the next developer diary will be...

To hypnotize you in the meantime, take a look at the beautiful, newly designed ocean. And be good, sproutlings!

Release date: Q4 2015
Embark on a farming adventure!
Plant life is withering all across the land. Nature sprites are falling from the sky, but why? Villagers have seen shadows dancing through the forest at night. It's time to find a way to make the world flourish again!

  • Play as one of 3 races - Two nature sprite races, the Sprout and Mushroom, as well as the ability to play as a Human for a more traditional farming sim feel.
  • Online cooperative play - Taming the land yourself is a lot of fun, but doing it with friends is even better! There are a bunch of items to allow you to create your own games to play, too.
  • Never feel boxed in - The entire playable map is yours to construct your house, animal enclosures, and farmland. You're not assigned to a tiny plot of dirt!
  • Light combat similar to games like Rune Factory has you occasionally defending your farm from wither beasts.
  • Catch bugs, go fishing, cut and plant trees, start a garden, raise livestock, collect and grow mushrooms, shake trees, and more; there's always something to do!
  • Place and push furniture around your house in any way you choose! Some furniture even perform special functions, such as refinery machines to take your farming to the next level.
  • When you can't play with friends, SeedConnect lets you convert your items into codes that you can give to friends (or strangers) for out of game item gifting!
  • We've blended the best aspects of various console life and farm sims and are bringing them natively to the PC platform!

Release Information
The current goal is to release the game in full by Q4 2015.

After the game's release, we will continually update the game, provide great post-launch support, and add new furniture and accessories!
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