Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth

Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth

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Leugi's Caribbean Axis (Sponsor)
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Nov 12, 2014 @ 3:38am
Nov 26, 2014 @ 11:51am
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Leugi's Caribbean Axis (Sponsor)

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Patria Infinita: Leugi's Sponsors
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Adds The Caribbean Axis sponsor to Beyond Earth, an idealist-revolutionry faction from the Caribean. It also adds Revolutionaries as colonists and Ideology Books as cargo.

In the times of the Great Mistake, a new revolutionary movement started in the Caribbean, in hopes of uniting the Caribbean under the flag of idealism and revolution as inspired by José Marti. The revolution was succesful, and now the Caribbean nations stand united as the Caribbean Axis. Hoping to build utopia in the new planet, the Caribbean Axis is now ready for seeding!
The Caribbean Axis Led by Comandante Gonzales III
UA: Revolución Eterna: Earn Affinity Points towards your dominant affinity whenever conquering cities. +2 Production on cities with a garrisoned unit.

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Faction Progress[]
New Colonists:
Revolutionaries: +2 Culture and +1 Production on every city.
New Cargo:
Ideology Books: Start with a free Affinity Level of your choice.

Please note that because of fancy issues with 2D leaderscenes you must play with Leader Quality set to minimun (check on the advanced settings on the Video tab)

Also, given the early stage of the game, balance is not yet fully tested, please try to tell me any particular issue you have with it politely

Leugi's Sponsors thread at CivFanatics![]
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SirCranburry Sep 30 @ 1:30pm 
Doesn't appear in RT, ripperoni
theignorantsloth Aug 14 @ 2:59am 
I'm starting to think this isn't going to be updated for Rising Tide.
Chrisgaming Nov 13, 2015 @ 10:07pm 
Can i see a higher-res pic of the flag icon thing?
Chrisgaming Oct 29, 2015 @ 1:59am 
So where is this faction geographically located?
JJOtterBear Oct 9, 2015 @ 10:33am 
not working as of Rising Tide update
lilgamefreek Jan 2, 2015 @ 11:50pm 
Hi Luegi. There's a widespread issue causing the game to crash when using sponsor mods, including yours. I've opened up a forum topic of CivFanatics to discuss the issue:
Seedy the Hemp Hog Dec 23, 2014 @ 1:20pm 
Luegi how do you actually create mods like this, do you use a certain software or is there some website you can do it on? But otherwise I love your mods.
darthbob88 Dec 6, 2014 @ 3:13pm 
Is it just me, or is anybody else having trouble with the "+Affinity Points when you do a thing" sponsors? I took a city with this sponsor, and my dominant affinity didn't budge. I gain a virtue as the Holy See, and dominant affinity didn't change there either. Is this a problem on my end, or is it conflict with one of the other mods I'm using?
designguy2006 Dec 1, 2014 @ 7:00pm 
Can you make mob sponcer and you will not need to make new colinists because the mod for more colinists you will still need to make UA and cargo if wanted just a thought
Leugi  [author] Nov 26, 2014 @ 8:16am 

- Nerfed the Unique Attribute. Now it only grants Affinity Points rather than a full Affinity Level. The number of points acquired varies from 5 to 15 depending on the conquered city size.
- The Unique Ability bonus from conquer now only happens once per city
- Buffed the Revolutionaries Colonists, increasing its culture yield by 1
- Adapted the lore to better represent the effect of the Great Mistake on the Caribbean Isles, and further increasing the reasoning behind the Caribbean revolutionary movement on the Greater Antilles and Venezuela.

I have left Ideology Books untouched for now. I'm torn whether to nerf them or not. They do grant a whole affinity level and its bonus, but that means your first marines are going to cost more production and that you lose whatever other cargos have to offer to you (like a free Soldier unit or Worker, both of which are very useful when going on conquest spree) [plus, they can be chosen by any sponsor]